Norwich City 2015/16 Preview: The top 5 players to pick in FPL

Norwich City 2015/16 Preview: The top 5 players to pick in FPL

Credit: Pittaya Sroilong A brand new Premier League season is almost upon us, and here at FanFeud HQ we can hardly contain our excitement. We’ve got our Match of the Day ringtones at the ready, the Sky+ box hooked up to the telly and we’ve even taken the liberty of whipping out our old Merlin cards album for the hell of it. On a more serious note, though we’ve been busy studying exactly who we…

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Three Key Republic of Ireland Stars Ahead of World Cup Qualifiers

Three Key Republic of Ireland Stars Ahead of World Cup Qualifiers

Credit: David Pinkney/Flickr With the news that the Republic of Ireland have been dealt quite a favourable hand for their World Cup qualifying group in 14 months, the nation’s attention has been quickly turned towards what the Boys in Green could well achieve in the coming months. No doubt, Martin O’ Neill’s men will face their biggest test against Gareth Bale and his formidable Wales team-mates…

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30 Day Football Challenge: Questions 16 - 30

Day 16 - Which other current players, other than whoever you answered for Day One, are you a fan of?

Wes Hoolahan. It’s mildly amusing someone like Lansbury who has come from Arsenal on loan with all this precocious skill and flair is forced to sit on the bench because of Wes. He’s the Irish Messi. Simon “King of Spain” Lappin, not the best footballer in the world but given this guy was forced to train with the youngsters under Glenn Roeder he’s come in from the cold and really proving Roeder wrong, which in itself adheres himself to the fans. It makes you wonder what some of the other players Roeder didn’t like would of been like. Hell even David Strihavka might of been a decent striker. 

Day 17 - Name a transfer that has broken your heart.

For me the Robert Chase years were pretty much from the ages of 9 through to 17, yes these were arguably the high points in Norwich’s history. Though the turnover of players notably forwards was immense. From Kevin Drinkell (ask your dad) to Ashley Ward I think the ones that really irked me the most was Ruel Fox to Newcastle and Chris Sutton going to Blackburn. Both of which had come through the club as kids and were sold at the wrong time as we should of built on a good season. Chris Sutton’s sale to Blackburn was when Blackburn were the only club in the league with a rich benefactor.(and he was English) How times have changed

Day 18 - Favorite footballer bromance?


Day 19 - Are there any teams you hate with a passion?

Liverpool and Arsenal, reasons before plus these were the “big” teams when I was growing up. Oh and of course Ipswich though that’s a local thing

Day 20 - Who is your favorite player from a team you dislike?
Liverpool – Dani Pacheco , Arsenal – Henri Lansbury (both on loan to Norwich), Ipswich – Jimmy Bullard (I think he’s still there or at least was on loan)

Day 21 - Favorite legendary player i.e. one who is no longer playing

Too many, I remember when players were likeable. Except for Pompey fans I don’t think there’s too many lads my age that didn’t admire the skill of Matt Le Tissier 

Day 22 - Biggest footballing injustice you’re still not over.

Pedro Gomes goal against Manchester United. It’s unlike Lampard’s versus Germany because at least the German keeper Manuel Neuer  wasn’t aware of where the ball was. Roy Carroll actually had it in his hand and lied through his teeth afterwards. Coventry City’s habit of having games in hand or starting a little later to make sure they stayed in the top flight. Though that was back in the 80s they’ve kind of rectified this problem now. Hence why Cov have been in the Championship ever since. 

Day 23 - Favorite young player? (Under 21)
Korey Smith – plays like he’s been in the game a lot longer than he has.

Day 24 - Players you really cannot stand and why.

Jamie Carragher & Steven Gerrard – just don’t like them, they kind of epitomise everything I hate about Liverpool FC.

Kieron Dyer – If anyone has seen that documentary about this guy then you know why, arrogant tosser. According to West Ham they pay him £424,000 a season in image rights. The fact he played for Ipswich is an added bonus

Roy Keane – I understand football needs its hard men but it was the fact he played for United and was perceived as this amazing footballer that had he played for a lesser team would be described as a thug. “Managed” Ipswich even Town fans would agree with the inverted commas.

Gary Neville – Were England really that short of right backs for that long for this guy to get as many caps as he did or was it because he was Beckham’s best mate. Just seems a nasty piece of work. His brother seems OK now he’s at Everton.

Day 25 - Describe your typical matchday routine.
I don’t have one

Day 26 - Favorite WAG?
Susan Gunn – Bryan Gunn’s wife she’s now an internationally renown artist.

Day 27 - Which football shirts do you own?
2002 – centenary Norwich shirt home and away (the blue and white one with the names woven into it)

Day 28 - Most overrated player and most underrated player?

So many over rated players. Very easy to put Wayne Rooney here but he then pulls some piece of brilliance from nowhere. Robin van Persie for me seems highly overrated. Given the pedigree that you expect from a Dutch striker he’s no Bergkamp or van Nistelrooy, let alone van Basten or Cruyff. For underrated player pick any from Norwich’s starting XI last night against Forest .If I was to say one I’d say Russell Martin

Day 29 - Best football advert/commercial?
They’re getting annoying now, I don’t want Ray Winstone going “ ‘old up the latest odds are comin’ through now “ every half time ad break. The Parklife one from a good 15 years ago was good, mind you football was a lot different then, Ian Wright most likely played on Hackney Marshes at some point in his early career.

Day 30 - Which has been your favorite World Cup? And favorite Euros?

I left school in 1994 and my final exam was on the same day World Cup 1994 started in the evening. That was memorable but as England weren’t in it I wouldn’t say it was my favourite. I wasn’t born in 1966 so I’d probably say the 1998 world cup and Euro 96. 


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