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movie 1 is hit or miss for me, but it’s got some GREAT scenes. Like this one, where a cat fight nearly ensues over dead dog-boy. Kagome just has this look the whole time like ‘touch him and die’ and I kinda love it.

Devils Little Princess (Sweet Pea)

Olá! como estão as minhas pessoas? I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, but I am back from the dead with this!!!! I love sweet pea he is my guy my love my KING. There will be a part 2 hey maybe even a part 3 but the request will be forfilled for sure in part 2 the first interactions between the reader and sweets start here.

Happy reading loves

requested:  Sweet pea imagine where you’re a north sider but your dad has a past in the south side and it kinda causes DRAMAAAAAAA

Northside vs Southside. A war which you knew would never come to a halt, would never finish. The bad blood between the two sides were deeper then territory and money, it was something cold, and you felt it in the northside. You sat in the driveway bored one evening. Coming back to riverdale wasnt something you was particulary fond about, but daddy wanted to come back for unfinished business so you had to come back, you was daddys little girl princess. The current events happening in riverdale made the place dead at night. There was no more kids playing outside at night, no parties on a school night, no nothing. The war between sides along with the psycho killer on the loose made northsiders lock themselves in their little perfect houses before cerfew which made you bitter. You decided to take a ride to visit an old friend someone who you knew since you were a little kid.

You pulled up next to the Whyte Wyrm, reving your engine to make it clear of your presence. instantly the door swung open making you grin at the dark haired boy in a leather jacket came out with a taller boy and shorter girl behind him.

“jughead!” You practically screamed

“y/n? is it really you?” Jug asked a little confused to your presence, but not as confused as the boy and girl next to him.

“You know this northsider?” the boy asked making you role your eyes

“Since we were kids cutie” you winked turning his way and you could swear you saw a red hue appear on his cheeks.

“Well its not safe for a pretty girl like you driving alone round a place like this” he replied, instantly kicking himself that he called you pretty, but he wasn’t exactly lying, there was a dangerous spark in your eye that he was instantly drawn to.

“Then maybe you should join me. It would be fun, a cutie like you and a pretty girl like me” you looked the tall boy up and down biting your bottom lip unconciously. You had to admit you was attracted to him and you didn’t care. you was about to ask his name until a familiar voice called the boys name.

“ What the hell are you doing talking to this girl sweet pea. Do you not know who she is?”

Your whole deminor changed when you saw Tall boy come out from the doors pulling sweetpea at the collar of his jacket.

“ She’s just a Northsider, Jug knows her, shes no threat.” he replied, and you could hear the fear in his voice.

“ It’s been a while tall boy.” you spoke up, making him drop his hold of the boy and walked over to yoour car leaning on the roof, looking in from the drivers window. at this point, the whole gang of serpants were outside waiting for a comotion to occur.

“I never expected to see the devils little princess to be roaming round the south side” he spoke darkly “Do you think he will be happy you firting with serpants like that?” He asked looking down at you intimidatingly. You just stared blankly at him not showing any sign of fear.

“ I only came to see my juggie. It’s not my fault I got distracted by your pretty boy sweet pea but clearly I’ve over stayed my welcome,” you smirked “Oh and give my love to FP. I heard the news and I’m sorry” you turned to Jughead. You saw that Sweet pea eyes hadn’t moved from you the whole encounter making you blush. With that you waved goodbye and put your foot down, speeding off back home.

“Who the hell was that” the girl asked

“That Toni” Jughead sighed “ Is the one person we all need on our side right now. If y/n is in town to stay, who knows what could happen.”

“well whoever she is, i wanna know more about her” sweet pea replied  

You didnt expect anyone to know about the encounter you had with the seprants last night to be news but it was. You was sat on the benches outside enjoying the peace when betty came over to you.

 “ A serpant y/n?” she asked arms crossed. you looked up brow cocked in utter confusion.

“What the hell are you talking about cooper?” you ask bankly

“Reggie said he saw you in the southside last night flirting with a serpant. Why would you be out in the south side at night y/n with everything going on, I mean why would you even be flirting with a serpant?” Betty responded

You paused for moment, thinking before you blurted something out you knew you woud regret, but beforeyou could even form a sentence Cheryl replied making you freeze in your seat.

“She’s right. Why would a Ghoulie want to flirt with a serpant. Becuase thats what your dad is isnt he y/n. king of the Ghoulies. So i guess that makes you the Devils little princess.”