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Spotting Brett at your best friend’s lacrosse game and you make it a little too obvious you think he’s hot.

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┏┓ in
┃┃╱╲ this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
▔▏┗┛▕▔ worship
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

┏┓ in
┃┃╱╲ this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
▔▏┗┛▕▔ worship
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

┏┓ in
┃┃╱╲ this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we love
▔▏┗┛▕▔ & appreciate
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

Remember when the big California teams used to push us around? Remember when UFA’s didn’t want to come to Edmonton? Remember when we had Dallas Eakins as a coach? Remember when we were only able to acquire no-name players (yikes that sounds rude af but also its true) to our blue-line? Remember when we had no luck with goalies and ran them out of town? Remember when we barely made it past the bottom five in the season standings? Remember when we were the worst team in the NHL? Remember when fans of other teams said that the Edmonton Oilers will ruin a generational player? because we were the team that ended careers….

I haven’t cried yet but as I remember all of that, and think of the now… 😭😭 holy fuck, we’ve come so far!

The Edmonton Oilers 16-17 season have big bodies in their line up: Kassian, Lucic, Gryba, and Maroon and we beat the Sharks in the first round and brought the ducks to game 7 despite the refs helping them. Andrej Sekera, Milan Lucic, Drake Caggiula all wanted and chose to come to Edmonton. We have Todd McLellen, a coach who has brought us to the playoffs. Oscar Klefbom & Darnell Nurse are now NHL players and no longer in the AHL, Adam Larsson (sorry bby when I was rude af when we got you), and Matt Benning all have bright futures on our backend. And we stole Cam Talbot for picks, and now he’s a brick wall for us and making history. The Oilers finished 8th overall in the standings (!!!!) with 100+ points! We’re no longer the worst team in the NHL (sorry @ avs). OUR GENERATIONAL PLAYER IS CONNOR MCDAVID, there was no way that we’d ruin a player like him. He is the big game changer in our organization, he’s bringing in players, he’s the reason why we now have Sekera, Lucic and Caggiula. They wanted to play with him. And he was the only player in the NHL to finish with 💯 points this season, and is nominated for multiple trophies.

There was no fucking way we’d ruin his career.



It probably hasn’t even been 24 hours since the team exited the framework. How in the actual hell do you expect Fitz to have processed the shit show that was the framework enough to have a coherent conversation about the framework with Jemma.

You guys be pushing at the writers about rushed recoveries in the past and now they aren’t rushing it you be pushing them to rush it.


Next season will continue their road to recovery and we will have a better look at what’s going on with them. Instead of a rushed two minute totally out of place resolution in the middle of an action packed episode.

It would have been choppy, it would have broken the narrative of the episode and it would looked weird.

And I am glad they are giving themselves the time to resolve it in the coming season. We didn’t get a resolution in the end of Maveth but at the end of bouncing back they gave us what we wanted.
In 3x12 they were Fitzsimmonsing
In 3x15 they were Fitzsimmonsing and held hands
In 3x17 they Fitzsimmonsed, flirted over a dead body, made out and agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend.
In 3x18 they went on an undercover date then proceeded to have sex.

They gave them time to heal and time to grow back together in stead of smoshing their faces together at the end of 3x10 and yelling kiss like a bunch of six year olds playing barbie and ken, and we all loved season 3b.

I’ve seen so much anger towards the writers when really they are doing a much better job than the writers of most over cable network shows. They put together a compelling season with twists and turns and magical books and none of us saw anything coming. Jed literally deserves the best director emmy for 4x15. Mallory is the queen of acting and pulled of a jaw dropping performance worthy of an emmy. We had freaking ghost rider, we had the Keonigs, we had Trip back, we had the haig, we had the wonderful Jason O'mara come and slay as Mace who we fell in love with and cried when he died, we had papa Mack with his lil baby Hope, we John Hannah who portrayed a character struggling with the nature of good and evil, we had the best themes behind the content like what it means to be human and the nature of good and evil. We had Coulson making out with a robot, we had the first ever sit down meal in four seasons, we had a proper good tie into doctor strange, he had papa Coulson showing off his award winning dad skills, we had Macks one liners and Daisy’s one liners, we had an inhuman debate that reflected real world issues, we had the flame chain, we had two fire dudes calling into a fireworks shop, we had Jemma black mailing the director, we had a Coulson and may flashback that gave us serious Philinda feels, we had more Talbot than you could shake a stick at and so so so much more. And next season they’re in outer space so that’s gotta be a laugh

Please think realistically before giving the show bad rep online. I know that it sucks about the lack of Fitzsimmons this season. It really was season where we saw them grow as individuals, because before they were Fitzsimmons they were Fitz and Simmons and they were not put on the show only to have romance with eachother.

Have hope because I have a feeling that next season we will see them grow as a couple after the framework. They will get the Perthshire even if the road there is bumpy and the weather is really bad and there a portals to alternative universes left in the middle of the road

dating brett would involve:

- him calling you super late at night and every time you drift to sleep, he wakes you up with “hey baby?”

- sneaking around the pack to be with him

- jumping on him and attacking him with kisses when he wins his lacrosse games

- liam always groaning and asking “but why him?”

- teasing each other in public

- constantly calling him “mine” (/vice versa)

- probably being covered in hickeys all the time

- lots of kisses, most of which are usually at inappropriate times

- holding up your fork and offering “want some?” (/vice versa)

- tons of forehead kisses

- “you look so hot right now”

- him probably cutting you off mid-conversation and licking your cheek or something

- his family loving you and always wanting you around

- meeting the rest of satomi’s pack and being comfortable around them

- him taking you on dates every saturday night

- “i really wanna kiss you”

- “then do it”

Seven Minutes in Heaven | Brett Talbot Imagine

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request: by swhite2209; Could I request brett x reader? They could play a game like truth or dare/seven minutes in heaven. Thank you😄💕

word count: 1263

warnings: kissing (?)

A/N: guys, i’m so sorry that i haven’t been active for so long but i’m back and i hope you like this imagine

Here you were. You were at Lydia’s house where she was giving one of her ‘famous’ parties and since you had joined the pack, you got an invitation too. You can’t say that you hadn’t been excited. Of course you had been, for this being your first party ever. You had spent hours by searching for the perfect outfit and doing your make-up. But now you were sitting in a corner of the room and waited for this whole thing to end. Your head was aching because of the loud music and you felt like you were about to cry because nobody seemed to care about you. Of course you hadn’t a lot of friends because you had moved to Beacon Hills only some weeks ago and that Scott turned you into a werewolf had really been an accident. Before Beacon Hills Highschool, you had been at Devenford Prep. which was why you knew Liam but he didn’t really care. Suddenly someone touched your shoulder. “Y/N? Are you okay?”, Stiles asked. You smiled. “Well, this is my first party and to be honest I hate it”, you murmured and made Stiles laugh. “I know how you feel, Y/N. I’m not really the type for this either which is why we have a secret "club” for us party-haters", he explained and grinned. Stiles took your hand and pulled you up. He led you through a mass of people until you two got to a wooden door. He opened it and you followed him down the stairs.  "Everybody", Stiles began and you looked around the room. There were only two people you knew, Malia and surprisingly Brett Talbot, a former class mate of you, was also sitting on the couch. “Y/N?”, Brett raised an eyebrow before Stiles was able to continue. Stiles looked at you. “You know Brett?”, he wondered. You nodded while blushing. It was more than knowing him, you had always had a crush on Brett Talbot. “We had history, maths and sports together”, you mumbled and Brett smirked. “Uh-huh”, Stiles answered and focused on the others again. “So, um, this is Y/N”, he introduced you to the group. “Danny, Ethan, Cora and Erica”, he pointed at the other people. You nodded. “Sit down”, Brett smiled and you sat down next to him but not without your leg touching his. “Want a drink?”, Stiles asked and held a cup of beer in front of your face. You took it and took a sip. “So, guys, how about a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven?”, Danny asked and winked at Ethan. You smirked, knowing this game too well from your earlier high school slumber parties. “Why not?”, Stiles answered and caressed Malia’s thigh. “Do we even have a dark room here?”, Erica wondered and Malia nodded. “There’s a small storeroom right over there”, Malia explained and pointed to her right. “Well, I guess, let’s get started”, Ethan whispered and put a bottle on the desk. He grinned before spinning the bottle and it pointed at Erica. Ethan sighed, clearly disappointed before he and Erica left the room to spend seven minutes together. You looked at Danny who seemed to be really angry, with confusion. “Danny has a crush on Ethan”, you suddenly heard Brett’s voice whisper into your ear. His warm breath sent down chills your spine. “He’s – gay??”, you said a bit too loud. Danny turned around and laughed. “Yes, Ethan’s my ex-boyfriend”, he explained. “Well, I’m still hoping for him being my boyfriend again”, he added and you smiled at him. “I’m sure, he’ll be”, you tried to cheer Danny up and it actually worked. “That’s too cute, Y/N”, he answered. Suddenly something else got your attention; Malia and Stiles were making out. “I thought he was into Lydia?”, you wondered quietly. All of sudden you felt Brett’s cold hand on your knee. “You changed, Y/N”, he whispered. You blushed and turned your head to face him. “W-Well, I’m a werewolf now”, you answered trying to play cool. “That’s not what I mean, Y/N. You dress in another way and you’re not so shy anymore”, he explained, his lips getting close to your ear. The two of you were interrupted by Erica and Ethan entering the room again. Erica’s hair were tousled and her cheeks were burning. “Couldn’t stand her anymore”, Ethan explained and sat down. You could see Danny sending death glares into Ethan’s direction. “Talbot? It’s your turn”, Erica announced. Brett’s hand left your knee and he spun the bottle. After some seconds the bottle slowed down and suddenly it stopped, pointing right at… YOU. You could feel your heart starting to pound faster inside your chest. Brett got up and offered you his hand to pull you up too. He opened the door and both of you entered the dark storeroom. You sat down on the floor, cross-legged and he got down right next to you. “So, um, we have to spend seven minutes here”, you whispered while Brett lighted a candle. You looked at his face shining from the light. “I have an idea how the time will pass”, Brett said. “But you have to close your eyes, Y/N”, Brett said. “Um, okay”, you mumbled and slowly shut your eyes. You weren’t able to see anything anymore and you couldn’t hear a thing. Well, Brett was doing his job very good. After seconds had passed you could feel Brett’s warm lips against yours but before you could reply to his kiss, he pulled away. “Is this okay with you?”, Brett wanted to know. You smiled. “If you only knew”, you mumbled while nodding. He pressed his lips against yours again but this time it was more passionate. You could feel your own heart pounding like crazy but you could also hear Brett’s heartbeat getting faster. While his hands got to your hips to pull you closer, you could smell his cologne. Your lips started to move in sync. while you were enjoying the feeling of Brett’s smooth lips against yours. You could still taste the beer he had drunk but you didn’t care because there was something else you were tasting – him. He guided you onto his lap and you wrapped your legs around his hips, your lips never leaving each others. Brett slowly licked over your lips and you understood what he wanted. You opened your mouth to let in his tongue. One of your hands flew to his neck while you ran the other one through his hair. Suddenly you could feel his cold hand on your bare skin making you shiver while he was caressing your soft skin. You tried to pull him even closer but it was like the two of you were already melting into each other. Brett passionately bit your lower lip causing you to let out a small moan. But suddenly there was someone knocking on the door. “Um, guys? Time’s up”, Malia stuttered. You slowly pulled away from Brett and looked into his eyes. You smiled before you got up and waited for Brett. “Y/N?”, he murmured hoarsely. You faced him once again. “When I spun the bottle I immediately hoped that it would be you”, he admitted. You laughed. “Guess what? I wanted it to point at me… well, to be honest I have a crush on you since ninth grade”, you whispered. Instead of answering Brett pulled you in for a hug and rubbed your back, before his lips met yours again. “Guys, time’s over”, Stiles called, obviously annoyed.


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Season's Greetings

Summary: Based on this

AU. When the government takes Bucky away to a high security facility, Tony and the rest of the team come up with a rather ingenious plan to keep him safe

Warnings: swearing

Word count: 948

A/N: Well, here’s my belated contribution to all those wonderful Christmas fics. Happy holidays!
I had so much fun writing this. Honestly, thank you to @buckysmusculararm for giving me the idea and to everyone who encouraged me to do it! also a VERY special thank you to @ayanemoonlight who offered to make Bucky’s picture. You’re a sweetheart!

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Getting the former Winter Soldier out of a secret, high security government facility hadn’t been easy. After long weeks full of restless nights and dedicated planning, as well as some help from Nat’s sources in the military, the team had taken off in the quinjet to the secret facility in the middle of the Brazilian jungle.

It had taken them a while, but they’d managed to break Barnes out without too much fuzz, taking him back to the Avenger’s tower in New York.

The tricky part was keeping Barnes hidden. He was a fugitive after all, and it wasn’t like he could go outside as he pleased with some people still being weary of him after the United Nations incident. Nat, particularly, had been trying to come up with a way to reinsert him into society, and even Scott and Pepper had offered him their help.

What no member of the team had anticipated was General Talbot’s surprise visit to the tower until he came barging in with a tactical unit in the middle of a Disney movie marathon.

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Imagine #17 || Request #14

Hope you like this one! and OMG I love you guys! Thanks for all the votes on wattpad on my Brett Talbot imagines! We actually beat my other imagines the Isaac lahey one LOL anyway, enjoy this one!
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“Where is she?” Brett’s booming voice came in the room, startling the people inside to look in his direction. When his eyes landed on the person seated on a chair chained up, he immediately lunged at him with the desire to kill.

The supernaturals in the room immediately stepped in to prevent it happening, pulling and pushing him away from Theo who was only watching the scene in front of him with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Where is she!” Brett barked, his fangs now showing along with his claws already out and his eyes glowing a gold color.

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