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Spotting Brett at your best friend’s lacrosse game and you make it a little too obvious you think he’s hot.

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         “Pinched a kid for breaking and entering last night. He broke into someone’s house. Didn’t want to steal anything — just wanted to pet the dog. At three in the morning. Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in people’s head. You know, what’s wrong with them in there. But then I remember some things are better left untouched.”

dating brett would involve:

- him calling you super late at night and every time you drift to sleep, he wakes you up with “hey baby?”

- sneaking around the pack to be with him

- jumping on him and attacking him with kisses when he wins his lacrosse games

- liam always groaning and asking “but why him?”

- teasing each other in public

- constantly calling him “mine” (/vice versa)

- probably being covered in hickeys all the time

- lots of kisses, most of which are usually at inappropriate times

- holding up your fork and offering “want some?” (/vice versa)

- tons of forehead kisses

- “you look so hot right now”

- him probably cutting you off mid-conversation and licking your cheek or something

- his family loving you and always wanting you around

- meeting the rest of satomi’s pack and being comfortable around them

- him taking you on dates every saturday night

- “i really wanna kiss you”

- “then do it”



As Ariana glanced around, trying to find Brett’s face, a flash of red hair caught Ariana’s eye over on the small couch in the corner, causing her heart to leap a little too high in her chest. She recognised that head of hair, no matter how dark and matted the rain had left it. 

She’d spent several years being the only one allowed to brush it at night because she didn’t tug too hard at the knots. She’d spent almost ten years waking up with that red hair smushed into her face when there weren’t enough beds at their foster homes to fit everyone. She knew that hair anywhere but she certainly hadn’t expected to see it here.



Okay! So last week a text post went around about an Anti-Layden group chat so I thought I could share our “pack” with everyone. 

Stiles: leeyummy-dunbar

Scott: martins–scream

Lydia: kennyskryptonite

Liam: trettbalbot

Theo: lost-girl1996

Allison: lixm-dunbxr

Kira: damndunbar

I felt the need to share this because we have grown so close to each other and I just thought it’d be so worth it to follow these ladies. 

If you think you’re up for it, message us your number. Not on anon so we can check you out and see if you’re a good fit for our exclusive pack.

ALSO!!! If you do join us we decide on your name based off of you!! Our alpha, Nori, will normally give you someone or she’ll have you choose between two characters. It’s fun, it really is. 

Why are we even here Brett Talbot imagine

Brett and Liam were in the woods searching for you because you’ve been missing for two days and just yesterday deputy Parrish found your car abandoned on the side of the woods . When Liam and Brett found out you’ve been missing they immediately teamed up and went looking for you “ why do you think (y/n) will be out here Dunbar ” “ I don’t know I just go this feeling ”

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Imagine what’d happen if I let someone like you loose on a bunch of politicians and scientists. You’d have them brainwashed in three days flat. First, you’d whisper your promises into their ears, getting them interested, and before they knew it, they’d be eating out of your goddamn hand. One of those scientists would say, ‘Hey, this Huey fella, I think he’s a really swell guy. We should talk to him and see what sort of information he might share with us.’ And you can bet your ass by that point his brain would already be dribbling out his ears. Then oh, look, a strap on your straight jacket came loose, and oh, the next day they walk in and find out everyone in the lab is dead, and oh, Huey fucking Laforet is nowhere to be fucking seen! Oh no, oh what ever shall we fucking do Mr. Talbot, please do something even though you told us this exact thing was going to happen and we ignored you like the fucking idiots we are… and then they’ll try and get me to find you, but you know what? I’ll say no! Lemme say that again! No! Once more for good measure! Read my lips! Enn! Oh! No!
—  Victor Talbot, Alice in Jails (1934), Baccano!

Let’s be clear, I’ll get you to medical, to safety. We’ll contact Talbot and have him authorize military force to take back our base. But then I take the Quinjet to intercept the Zephyr on my own. 

  • Me: *takes deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Brett Talbot, we know, you love Brett Talbot so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Brett Talbot, we KNOW, you love Brett Talbot you fucking love Brett Talbot, ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BRETT TALBOT. WE GET