wes schultz

Honestly it's the Pittsburgh Penguins

The cancer survivors. The stroke survivors. The undrafted. The injured. The boys who always come back.

We have Russian bear Geno Malkin who is one of the best players the NHL has ever known (#NHL100).

We have Phil Kessel who is a freaking Stanley Cup champion , a playoff player and one of the best shots in the league.

We have Marc Andre Fleury who is a God.

We have Matt Cullen who is still playing and killing it out there at 40 yo.

We have Jake Guentzel who is the new Rocket Richard of this decade.

We have feisty little unpleasant player Patric Hornqvist.

We have noted Caps killers Nick Bonino (BONINO BONINO BONINO) and Carl Hagelin with their perfect beard and their perfect hair.

We have Maatta, Schultz, Rust, Daley and Dumoulin…

We have the best coach in the league.

We’re going to deal with the Caps and wait for Sid to heal for the next round.

It’s not going to be “fine”. It’s going to be great.

Can we get Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the record?

FBI knew Russians hacked the DNC in September 2015!

Interesting how FBI was worried about perception of influencing the election, yet Comey made Hillary email statement 11 days before the election.