wes latta

rated t for tons of teenage boy swearing
word count: 2,399
tsundere jikook for seasalt-lattae cause we are all jikook trash are we not

Jeon Jungkook runs the fastest. He beats everyone in his grade at races—and he loves it. Jungkook is the smartest, he scores the highest on all his tests and he loves it. Jungkook is the King of the Playground and everyone listens to him, even the Big Kids, and he loves it.

“Hey! No fair!” Park Jimin stomps his feet and curls his fingers into fists. Jungkook sticks out his tongue and tosses the rubber ball up into the air, catching it again.

“Not my fault you weren’t tall enough.”

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“Slap me on the [butt]?” Oshie volunteered. “Nothing. Just getting the boys going.“

“We switch it up, depending on how we played last game,” Latta said. “It depends. If we played good last game, we just give him a little tap, just to get him going a bit.”

“Depending on the day,” Wilson agreed. “If we think he needs it or not.

—  Actual quotes from an actual article from the Washington Post, Why teammates whack T.J. Oshie’s butt, and other Caps mysteries revealed

baseball sports au for tokyun and seasalt-lattae bc we’re the minjoon garbage brigade
rated m for motherlode of minjoon prons
word count: 4,873

Jimin tries not to think about the match today, about how if he had just hit a little harder, they might have won, about how if he’d just run a little faster, they might have, might have, might have—the heat presses in from all sides, pushing into his lungs, forcing him to gasp for breath. He squeezes his eyes together and makes himself breathe. In. Out. In. Out. He repeats truths to himself, simple truths that deter from the more painful, more biased truths that he has long since convinced of himself.

It is 2AM. I am in a sauna in Germany.

We lost today

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