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David Coulthard shares an anecdote with Jenson Button in his autobiography:

“I don’t drink to excess that often, but when I do I like to enjoy myself. I recall one time that might have ruffled a few F1 feathers when I was with Jenson Button

We were on a boat on the way to Corsica to meet a bunch of people, but on the way we basically got pissed. By the time we arrived, I was well oiled, to say the least. I knew there would be some people gathering at the back of the boat to greet us, so I started to take all my clothes off. I wanted to strip off and fling open these curtains at the back of the boat, starkers in front of all these people.

They want a picture, eh? I’ll give them a picture!’ I was saying, sniggering as I stripped off.

Jenson was horrified and kept saying, ‘DC, no! You’ll regret this tomorrow!’ and I was stumbling around laughing, saying, 'Get off! I’ll give them the picture they want!

Thankfully, he rugby tackled me and stopped me getting to the curtains and providing Formula 1’s most revealing photograph.”

Jenson Button: “I do not know if he has a chance to secure one of the few free Formula 1 seats, but Kevin is clearly the best driver on the market, and I would recommend him very strongly to the teams that still have a vacancy for 2016.

"He works so hard to get the best out of himself -  and at the same time he manages to get the best out of the team members, which is quite a rare feature. He is good enough to help a whole team forward. 

"When we were teammates in 2014, I was aware of what type of driver he was: he is extremely talented and extremely quick. He learned a lot during the 12 months we worked together - the Kevin I saw in the beginning of 2014 was very different from the person he was at the end of the year

"Kevin deserves a place in Formula 1!