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Dean - Unreleased Songs
Dean - Unreleased Songs

Among Dean’s unreleased songs are Can’t Say Goodbye (ft. Karina Pasian) and We On (ft. Kevin McCall). I need these to make it on the upcoming EPs! 🙏

time to get fuckin turnt, kids | r&b/hip hop playlist | tracklist

19 tracks | 1 hour & 10 minutes
‘you don’t understand, girl, you’re mean with it’

chill r&b/hip hop tunes by various Korean artists (plus 1 Kris Wu)
artists: beenzino, deantrbl, crush


In his early teens, Styles joined some school friends as the singer in a mostly-covers band, White Eskimo. “We wrote a couple of songs,” he remembers. “One was called ‘Gone in a Week.’ It was about luggage. 'I’ll be gone in a week or two/Trying to find myself someplace new/I don’t need any jackets or shoes/The only luggage I need is you.’” He laughs. “I was like, 'Sick.’”
—  Harry about “White Eskimo” and songwriting for Rolling Stone

In his early teens, Styles joined some school friends as the singer in a mostly-covers band, White Eskimo. “We wrote a couple of songs. One was called ‘Gone in a Week.’ It was about luggage.”

'I’ll be gone in a week or two.
Trying to find myself someplace new.
I don’t need any jackets or shoes. 
The only luggage I need is you.' 

He laughs. “I was like, 'Sick.’”

Swimming Pools

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Artist: Song Minho/ Mino

Group/Crew: WINNER

Genre: Gang!au , Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 1162

Requested: Can you do a smut scenario with Mino based on his mv ‘Body’ please?

WARNING: EXPLICIT! , Slight Daddy! Kink , Strong Language Usage

Standing in front of him, a seductive smirk was painted on my lips and my eyes were hooded. I was a good distance away from him, having that he can’t get me easily if he wanted to. “It’s such a great night.” I looked up, stretching my neck as I stared at the night sky. “The view is amazing, too.” His deep voice stated, having dropped several octaves. Feeling the water shift, my head shifted back to him. A teasing smile was playing on his lips as he leaned back against the edge of the pool. Nodding his head back, he bit his lip at me seductively. A giggle escaped my lips as I began to slowly make my way through the water towards him.

When I got close enough, he reached out and tugged my body to his. A smile was pulled onto my lips as we stared at each other. “You look so gorgeous in the moonlight, my sweet princess.” He cooed softly, pushing a wet curl behind my ear. “You look rather attractive under the light of the moon, too, my dangerous mob leader.” I chuckled, watching as his lips pulled into a small smile and his eyes sparkled in amusement. “You’re so cute, jagi.” He chuckled, rubbing his nose against mine in a gentle eskimo kiss.

We clinked our flutes of champagne together and sipped from them, our eyes locked from above the rim of the glass. Placing mine back on the ledge, beside his head, I leaned back into the water.  Moving away from him, watching as he set his flute down next to mine. His arms spread over the ledge, his head tipped down as he watched me through his eyelashes. I that look all too well, and my body reacted immediately. I moved back towards him, our chests touching as I looked up at him with innocent eyes through my wet lashes. He dipped his head down, brushing his lips against mine. I smirked, dunking myself into the pool as he went to connect our lips. What I didn’t expect was for him to pull his whole body in after mine and grab me. We stared at each other, ignoring the slight tingle from the chlorine, before he pulled me to his body and connected our lips. He gripped my shoulder, holding me closer to him and kissing me deeper.

We finally came up for air, both of us taking a large gulp of air. Soon, he attached his lips onto my neck. Nipping and sucking at the wet skin, marking with blotches of purple and red. Moans slipped from my swollen, parted lips as my head tipped back and my eyes shut. I arched my back, our chests meeting as he held the middle of my back tighter as his lips traveled up my jaw, over my chin and up to brush over my lips. “Minho.” I breathed, my hands gripping his biceps as I looked to him with hooded eyes. He hummed softly in response, his eyes dark and dilated in lust. “I need you…” His lips pulled into a smirk against my cheek as he slowly moved towards my ear. “Tell me how bad you need me, princess.” He nipped at the lobe, chuckling lightly at the whimper that escaped me. “So bad…please, Minho.” I whined, only receiving a disappointed sigh from him. “Tsk tsk tsk… Now, now, now princess you know what my name is…” He whispered, one of his hands sliding down and gripping my thigh, pulling it higher against his hip. I whined again, jutting my bottom lip out in a pout as I stared at him with glazed eyes. “You don’t want me to get angry and frustrated with you, right, princess?” He stated, voice soft as if he was talking to a small child. “No…” “No, what, princess?” He rose an eyebrow at me and I lowered my eyes to the water between us, his twinkling with something I was so used to by now. “No, daddy.” I spoke in a soft voice, eyes flickering up to look at him through my eyelashes. The groan he let was enough of an indication that what I said hit right in his ego, boosting it up much more than it needed to. “Now, tell me again, princess…How much did you want me?” He pushed, his nose rubbing against the base of my neck gently, causing my eyes flutter shut and my head to fall back. “So, so much, daddy.” I sighed, feeling his lips spread into a smile against my collar bones.

Soon enough, I was pinned against the corner of the pool, hands gripping at his wet back as he pounded into me. My mouth was open as silent moans slipped through, with the occasional gasps and whimpers. His forehead was leaned against mine as he watched me intently, a groan leaving him every once in a while, and him placing soft pecks onto my lips. I felt myself clench around his length, a whimper leaving at the feeling. “Daddy, I’m close.” I breathed, my face moving to the crook of his neck and nipping at the skin gently. “I know. Hold off for just a little longer for Daddy. Okay, Princess?” His voice was raspy and strained as his hips started to move faster, rougher, and messier. As he chased his high, his grip on my hip and thigh also tightened, hard enough to bruise. “Alright, Princess, on three I want you to cum for me. Okay? Can you do that for Daddy?” I nodded, whimpering as my grip on his back tightened and my nails dug deeper into his shoulder blades. “One…” He grunted, head falling forward as he groaned out the last two numbers. “Two…Three… Cum for me, Princess.”  He rasped, my orgasm flowing before I was even ready. Like it was just waiting for his okay. It tore through me in strong waves, causing me to scream his name and cry out in ecstasy. Then, just as mine settled down from its pleasurable torture, his hit him. He moaned and grunted softly, his breathing speeding up as he stilled and his body tensed. “Fuck!” He cried out, snapping his hips to mine a few more times before he stopped and slumped against my body slightly.

As our breathing evened out and he slipped out of me, we just sat there in the chilled pool water and stared at the stars.  “Want to go watch a movie inside?” He asked softly, making me look to him and chuckle. His eyes were already trained on me as a boyish grin played on his lips. I sighed softly, nodding as I leaned in to peck his lips. “Sure thing, boss man Minho.” I giggled, watching as he playfully rolled his eyes at me.

When I was your man

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Summary: Calum has lost the love of his life and he writes her one last letter. 

A/N: Right now I’m just posting my old pieces, but If any of you are triggered by angsty one shots, you probably shouldn’t read this…  Also, it’s written over Bruno Mars’ song, if any of you were wondering xx.

Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now

Our song on the radio, but it don’t sound the same

 ”Dear Y/N.

I don’t really know why I’m writing you this letter, or if you’re even going to read this, because even though it was never my intention, I hurt you. And I can’t tell you how sorry I am. And I know that it’s selfish of me, sending you this letter and offering you my heart when all I ever did was breaking yours, but without you I am weak and I don’t know how to be strong again without you by my side. Without waking up to your beautiful sleeping face every morning, because the bed that we bought together when you moved in feels too big now that you’re not here, even though I always complained there wasn’t enough space for two in it.

I just really miss you, you know? I miss your weird laugh, your soft hair between my fingers, the cute little eskimo kisses we shared late at night, the way you nuzzled up to my chest when you were tired after a long day at college and all the times we drove in your old car, our song came on the radio and you started singing on the top of your lungs, even though it sounded really bad, and we just felt so alive. But most of all, I miss the way you made me feel. The calmness that floated through my veins when I was in your presence made me feel at home, no matter where I was. And I know it sounds fucking sappy and cliché, but Y/N you are my home, and now that you’re not mine anymore, it feels like I’m aching for something that will never come my way again: your love. However, missing you for the rest of my life and watching you with another man is better than being with someone else, because no one compares to you. Not even a single bit.”

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Having a kid with Stiles would include...

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  • Him fainting on the spot when you tell him you’re pregnant
  • Followed by an explosion of mixed emotions…
    • Mainly alternating between him freaking out, before smothering you and your tummy in kisses
  • When you go for your ultrasound scans, he constantly asks so many questions
    • “Oh my god…is that it’s head??”
    • “Why is it so tiny and - and adorable, wow!? Look at the little hands…(Y/N) –”
  • He and the pack are so protective of you
  • When you go into labour…he passes out - again…
  • Him holding your baby so gently, like he was scared they would break
  • Them wrapping their little hand around his finger, as he gives the tot a small eskimo kiss
  • “We made this”
  • You can bet that the kid has watched every single Star Wars movie by the time they’re two years old
    • like literally, they basically know all the words and storylines off by heart
  • Him buying them little R2-D2 and Star Wars themed baby grows
  • They inherited his sass, without a doubt
    •  As well as his big brown eyes - the kid can literally get away with murder, due to their cuteness alone!
  • Annoying Uncle Derek when he’s grumpy
  • Movie nights with the pack
  • Pillowforts
  • “Daddy, where do babies come from?”
    • He’s still trying to formulate a reply…
  • Him trying to braid your daughters hair
  • After giving up, he sticks with a simple ponytail - that doesn’t look bad, to be honest
  • Bathtime…is a mess
    • “Stop splashing, you little monkey”
    • “Stiles…how exactly did you manage to get shampoo on the ceiling??”
  • “Let’s have another one!”

I post mostly about my fishes here, but today I want to show you Eskimo.
We adopted him in 2009, he is 15/16 years old now and his health starts to decline a bit since 6 months… He’s suffering from bad osteoarthritis, he’s grumpy and his fur is less fluffy… I love him to the moon and back, he was by my side when I had my depression and now It’s my turn to be here for him ❤️
I don’t want to lose my best friend…
I need to accept that he’ll leave us one day.

A walk down memory lane | Remember when Dean teased We On (ft. Kevin McCall) on his instagram back in July 2015 and captioned: “my next song will be…. 💯 ”. This makes me believe that We On was a strong candidate for a single along with PMHOY.  We On is surprisingly also the intro to two of his “In the Studio” video series on youtube.