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Among Dean’s unreleased songs are Can’t Say Goodbye (ft. Karina Pasian) and We On (ft. Kevin McCall). I need these to make it on the upcoming EPs! 🙏

Asking Alexandria // The Black


01.06.2015 I made friends with this axolotl at the pet section of the hardware store. This lil bud kept striking poses for me when I was taking photos and then he started crawling towards me and I pressed my nose against the glass and we eskimo kissed through the glass. I want one, I want this specific one.

“We lived in Idaho, but our dairy farm went broke when the government dropped the price support for milk. Then I saw an ad in the paper looking for someone to build a library for Alaska’s first Eskimo college. I needed a job, and I’d studied library science in college, so we packed up all our kids and moved to Alaska. We stayed for 17 years, and I started libraries in about a dozen Eskimo villages. We lived for a few years in Barrow, which is the northernmost city in the United States. It was completely dark for several months a year. The temperature would fall below zero in October, and wouldn’t get back above zero until May. We’ve had an interesting life for a couple of farm kids.”