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Emma & Audrey + being compared to canon couples [👀]


Scream | 2x01: I Know What You Did Last Summer

“Movies like Dreamscape and Elm Street…bad dreams. Taking subconscious fears and externalizing them is what horror’s all about. You know, you go to the movies, it ends, the lights come up and then everybody goes home, feeling better.”


ok but can i just say that i think the MOST underrated emrey moment was episode 4 in season 2 when it was kieran’s 30th birthday party and everyone was doped up and hallucinating and when sheriff acosta came to question them and emma kept telling him that she was attacked and NO ONE believed her, sheriff asked everyone else in the room “did you see the person who attacked emma” and they all went around saying no EXCEPT audrey !! audrey said “if emma says someone in a brandon james mask attacked her, than someone in a brandon james mask attacked her” audrey was the ONLY one who actually believed emma and had her back and stood up for her when everyone else just thought she was crazy or hallucinating and i think this scene doesnt get talked about enough .

  • Me at the Season Two finale: I reckon Kevin Duvall was the original killer and killed Kieran.
  • Scream Halloween episode: *strongly hints that Kevin killed Kieran*
  • Me: CALLED IT!!! I mean, I know it's not confirmed, but they are so going that direction and I am so happy cause I CALLED IT!!

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         it’s not something that he expected. in fact, he went into the show absolutely positive that he’d never genuinely like a contestant. yet somehow a certain blonde has pushed her way through his stubbornness. and as cheesy as it is, she feels like a breath of fresh air. not that any of it matters, though. he has to send her home this week. being told the news just before a one on one date was not ideal - outwardly, he remained neutral about it, struggling to give the producers what they wanted. in the beginning he and the crew had an agreement that he’d give them a good show, no matter if the viewers loved or hated him. either way, they’d still watch. but as lorelai approaches him, looking entirely too beautiful for it to be fair, he could feel the guilt slowly creep in. “you look gorgeous,” he says, meeting her halfway and pulling her into a kiss, turning his body so that the cameras could capture what they needed. without turning around, he points back behind him, where the helicopter waits for them. “hope you’re not afraid of heights.”

{ kieran x emma } continued @musebyanyothername

Reaching out, the boy placed his palm against Emma’s cheek, cupping her face in his hand. It made sense why she thought that way. Things had gotten out of their control far too easily and now it felt as though they were all just going day by day waiting for the next one to get picked off. It was enough to drive anyone crazy. Yet, they somehow remained sane – enough. Kieran leaned forward to press a kiss against her forehead before silently nodding in agreement. They all felt like they were losing it. Nothing really made sense when it came to the situation and they weren’t any closer to figuring out who was doing this than they were a month ago, but there had been deaths since then. Friends had been lost and there were just more reasons to lock your door at night, that was all.

Finally, he spoke as Kieran began to run his fingers through Emma’s hair in an attempt to calm her down just a bit. “I know. It will be okay. You just have to keep it together. You’re the strong one of this group, you know that. They would be lost without you. I would be lost without you.”

“Every time I close my eyes I just see that mask and I-” Emma started, taking a deep breath to calm herself down. She’d just gotten yet another series of threatening messages and honestly it was all feeling like too much. They had survived the horror of the last killer, but in the process had apparently only made themselves bigger targets for the second. The first to pay for things had been Jake. Who was next?

Closing her eyes and focusing on Kieran’s voice to keep her mind from wandering, Emma just tried to relax as the male comforted her. He was doing a decent job, but he was wrong about one thing. She had thought that she was strong, especially after everything she’d been through, but one new killing spree and suddenly she was just as lost as before. “What are we supposed to do, Kieran? Jake is dead and we need answers, but every single one of us is in danger.” They had been in danger before, with Piper, but now? Now it was much worse. Seeking out answers in any way would be a high risk for any of them. “I just don’t know how any of us are supposed to deal with this. Piper is dead. This is supposed to be over. Jake should be here.”