wes chan is the best man

Movies that deserve Oscars but won’t get any 2k15:
  • Best Whisper Scream, Jupiter Ascending, Eddie Redmayne
  • Best Detoxification of Masculinity, Magic Mike XXL, Channing Tatum
  • Best Redefinition Of Disability, Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron
  • Best Use Of A Man Staying In His Lane, Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom Hardy
  • Best John Cena, Trainwreck, John Cena
  • Best Butt, Crimson Peak,Tom Hiddleston
  • Best Excuse To Cry While Reexamining The Way You Think About Mental Health, Inside Out
  • Best Replacement Of Straight White Dudes By End Of Movie, Age Of Ultron
  • Best Scene Stealer, Ant-Man, Michael Peña
  • Gayest Movie of the Year that Wasn’t About Gay People, Man from Uncle / Victor Frankenstein
  • Best Modernization Of Existing Mythology To Reflect Modern America, Creed 
  • Best Use Of John Boyega’s Excellence To Shut Down Trolls On The Internet, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Best Movie That No One Saw But Should, Dope
Goofball (DINO)

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do one with Dino and you guys are playing video games and then it turns into a lot of kissing and snuggling???

Summary: my day is always better when I am with you

“No fair! I cal prier dance training!” you yell as Chan had beaten you once more in Just Dance. He gave you a look before laughing “baby I am in the performance unit it’s what I do best” he says proudly. “Nope. The thing you do best is just standing there looking all cute” you coo in a baby voice as you pinch his cheek. His hand quickly grabbed your’s “ah none of that now. I am not cute I am handsome. Don’t use the baby voice on me. I’m a man” he shoots to you.

“One more song and then we’re done” you said looking back at the screen. You picked Animals by Martin Garrix “ooo I like this one” he said instantly getting the perfects. You pouted until you got an idea. You quickly hug him capturing his arms in the locked down position and almost made him lose his balance “Y/N! What are you doing? This is cheating let go!” he called out seeing all the misses he was now getting.

You walked backwards pulling him with you until you both awkwardly landed on the couch “little cheater” he grumbled as the song ended. You turned off the tv and put music on instead. “Nah I was just wanting to cuddle my sweaty boyfriend” you say kissing his cheek. “Say it again” he said with a smile “say what again?” you asked confused “call me your boyfriend again. I just love hearing it” he says with a blush. “Boyfriend” you cooed lightly before kissing the corner of his mouth. 

After the temperature in the room calmed down and neither of you were no longer sweaty, Chan pulled you down so that the two of you were in the spooning position facing each other. “Hi” he whispered before kissing your nose “hello” you said kissing his chin. He calmly rubbed your back while the two of you listened to music. Soon you looked back up at him, leaning up and he leaned down placing a kiss on each other’s lips. When you pulled back he attacked your lips with light pecks before letting out a breathless giggle. “These are my favorite kind of days” he whispered as he stopped “when it’s just me and you, no parent, no other boys, just us” he continues. “Any day with you is amazing Chan” you said burying your head into his chest. He smiled lightly before placing a kiss on the top of your head and the burying his face into your hair. 


She’d be the best mommy ever, I’m sure of it!! But if she finds it too weird or too difficult to handle I can take care of it on my own… I-I mean… We’re not going out or anything and it’s complicated and we’re both still kinda young and…

…Man, I just hope I’m not scaring her off…



Diabolik lover: MTV "My crib"

Reiji: welcome to the sakamaki house hold

Reiji: this is my good for nothing eldest brother Shuu

Shuu: ZzZz….

Ayato: woah.We’re on tv?. Hey camera man.Take a video of my sick basket ball moves

Reiji: enough ayato!

Reiji: Pardon.Now lets go to the rooms shall we?.

Reiji: this is my laboratory. And this is my room

Ayato: HEY CAMERA MAN.Stop filming that four eyes.And take a look on Ore-samas room

Ayato: this is my room. Pretty neat huh?


Ayato: anyways.Im the best around the mansion here and-

Ayato: where did he go?

Laito: oh.What a surprise.nfufu.Are you going to record my room? ..to see all my toys and lingerie? so all the dirty bitch-chans can have a peek of it?.Why dont you have a peek of this-

Reiji: *SHUTS DOOR* any ways…wheres kanato..?

Subaru: who are they? Why are they with cameras? OI DONT ENTER MY ROOM!!!


Reiji: SUBARU! dont dare hit the cameras.!

Kanato: Teddy look…we have a guest…! would you like to see my doll collection?

Kanato: im pretty fond of them.Yes yes..all of them were hand made by me.Arent they pretty?

Kanato: huh? Your faces ..are you scared? Oh…thats an unfinished doll im working on

<<Camera crew runs away>>


Reiji: my..my ..they didnt film the house completle

<<camera crew recording in the forest>>



I still love this wongfu short.

Wes: What the F**k Ted

Why is Wes soo cute?!