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Hiromi Tsuru (鶴 ひろみ) - Bulma’s Voice Actress - passed away yesterday.  

She has voiced Bulma for over 31 years, as well as: Ukyo Kuonji (Ranma ½) Madoka Ayukawa (Kimagure Orange Road), Miyuki Kashima (Miyuki), Mery Strife (Trigun), Naomi Hunter (Metar Gear Solid), Dokin-chan (Anpanman), Asuna Kujou (Maison Ikkoku)
Chameleon Jun, Mermaid Thetis (Saint Seiya), Natsuko Shouno (Kinnikuman), Kim Kabirov (Super Dimension Fortress Macross), Cat’s Eye (Cathy Akiko) and so many more…

Drawing by SUHIO in her memory. Your character gave me so many memories in my childhood. Rest In Peace, Hiromi-chan. T_T We better start searching for Dragon Balls… Yo, brother, remember wakin at 6am to watch this series :’(


“He’s not my student!” Yep, no similarities at all. Totally not related.

Today’s Third Years : Challenge

Kentarou: Hello! 
Everyone: Hi.  Hi!  Hi. 
Kentarou: So… for today!  We thought we’d introduce ourselves in English.

[queue their attempts at English]

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

I just decided to check the whole Jump SQ and just realised there’s a quiz section and this month was Owari no Seraph-themed, and when I checked the questions…
The last question is “Yuuichiro’s ‘family’ and Mikaela’s 'Yuu-chan,’ which one is mentioned more in the series?”

ships the x-men movies pulled out of their asses:

  • rogue and iceman
  • kitty and iceman

better ships they had right in front of them:

  • rogue and gambit
  • kitty and colossus

and jokes on you 20th century fox, iceman is gay.