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30 Day LBD Challenge-
Day 9 Favorite Actor:
I love all the actors, but up until today I favored Wes Amderhold, because it takes effort to make me hate a character that much. I haven’t hated a character this much since Umbridge, thanks to the partnership of Jo Rowling and Joe Walker. So I was happy that I didn’t have to make a difficult decision for once
BUT THEN TODAY’S EPISODE CAME OUT. Daniel Vincent Gordh made me laugh so hard I had to pause the episode. (It’s happened before and it’ll happened again. LBD kicks ass).
So another tie. Even though I still love Maxwell Glick, Christopher Sean, & Craig Frank. I suck at picking favorites.

Note: I tried to find the person who edited this picture but I couldn’t. I’m sorry. Google images on mobile kinda sucks that way.
Lydia Vlog 23. (Spoilers)

Just before I start talking, I do have a lot of Emma thoughts to post, but I’m gonna wait for the new ep to calm down in the tags of LBD.

-“Lizzie and Darcy said some pretty awful things about me. I’m sure they just didn’t want you getting mixed up with bad company”
So, I found this one interesting because Lizzie and Darcy also so said some pretty rotten things about Lydia, but the difference is that Whickham is “forgiving” them. Where as Lydia can’t, and that’s indearing him to her as the better person, while also giving them something in common.

-“I was young, and stupid, and I messed up!”
This is exactly what Lydia is at the moment. She IS young, she IS stupid (in the sense of party hard, alcohol and sleeping round), and she HAS messed up. And that’s what Lizzie sees in her, and I kind of feel as thoughWhickham is playing big brother, and doing a better job then Lizzie, because he’s trying to help, or I feel like he is, even if it’s by accident, in a much BETTER way then what Lizzie tried…

-“I spent all the money on dumb stuff that I thought would make me fit in…”
Hey, oh, what do we have here? Basically exactly what Lydia is doing? Hmmm… Interesting… GUYS, IM STARTING LIKE WHICKHAM AND THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED FROM LIFE.

-“His family was the closest thing to having one of my own… Back when I thought that actualy meant something.”
Again, this is sure to hit a note with Lyida, seeing as she basically just disowned her family (“I finally got my priorities in order! Family! Please!”) and I have a feeling Whickham and Lyida are gonna make there own family… NONONONONONO…. Like bros right? Can they just be besties?

-“I really messed up… But he couldn’t see passed it.”
Again, this is Lyida and Lizzie’s relationship, Lyida so desperately wants Lizzie to see her fore who she really ISP, but she just can’t peel off the mask. Besides, even if she did, Darc-I mean Lizzie- would care. Party!Lydia is all shell ever see… RIGHT!?!?

-“I guess it’s just easier to hate him for stuff, that doesn’t really matter, then thinking about the rest of the stuff.”
Again, Wix being the better person… And maybe Lydia takes this approach, but she can’t see anywhere stuff about Lizzie to think about, that is, at this moment…

-“But, sometimes, loosing people leads you to finding new ones.”
And here we get a shifty little smile… Hey guys! Let’s all go fin broken little kids to impress ourselves upon! Then ruin their lives! That’s a good idea!… I hate you again Whickham… Just for that line… CAUSE I KNOW!!!

Now were done with the quotes, Wes looks like hes been crying and I’m kinda worried…And finally, can we just say in the next episode they look like a newly we’d couple, just the way there dressed, and sitting and stuff… They just look totally chill… Whickham, be good… Be nice to our little bundle of Adorbz!
Dear Mary Kate and Wes,
Stop giving me feels… It hurts
P.S it’s late cause Australia