wes abbott


Okay…..Christmas won HOH apparently. That’s cool. I do not and have not supported her in any way (especially since she showed her ass with Dom) but that’s cool. Only because we’ll finally see what hand she will use in this game based on her moves. She’s been talking with a few people about being anti-Paul and with this new power, we shall see what she is going to do. I’m not going to have amnesia and suddenly stan her just because she’s in charge but I’m definitely watching. 

If she does not target Paul at all and pulls a Jessica by talking big behind closed doors but game-play is nowhere to be found to back up that noise, twinkle toes will forever be seen as joke. And nobody will be able to blame it on her injury neither because she had a whole week. But we’ll see.

Harry Potter Headcanon Ahead

After spending most of the year camped out in the Room of Requirement, the Dumbledore’s Army kids got so used to sleeping in the same room that after the Battle of Hogwarts, they all wind up staying in Neville’s Gran’s sitting room together for at least the whole summer. 

Cue to Hannah Abbott finding Gran brewing tea at 3 am, and thanking her for raising such an amazing man, but then Gran breaks down, because she feels like Neville is who he is in spite of how she raised him, and then Hannah and Gran become bffls and Neville wakes up to find them gushing over pictures of him as a baby. 

Gran teaching Parvati to crochet and knit. 

Gran making them all tea when they have nightmares. 

Everyone calls her Mrs. Longbottom until Seamus starts calling her “Gran,” and then it becomes a thing.