i used to own a don’t starve “puppet-master-wes” ask blog thing and these are a bunch of the many demon!wes art stuff i made for it. 

posting mostly my faves

Powers include:

  • All the dark magic of the puppet master
  • Demon wings, made of shadows
  • Mime routines become real and dangerous (example: strangle victims with an “invisible rope”)
  • Four-fingered claws (real hands btw) that painfully corrupt whatever Wes touches so the red, five-fingered gloves so he wears ensures he doesn’t do that every single time.  With this corruption power he can turn his balloons into monstrous creations.
  • Shapeshifting to his normal, “harmless” looking self, but his demon traits still show up from time to time. 

Literally can’t talk anymore, though, as that ability was painfully taken away once Wes “willingly” took the throne.  He can make demonic hissing noises, tho, and still does the mime routines. 

A father should be...

Every time you meet someone, you always wonder what they see.

It was one of the first things her mother ever taught her. And well she would know. She always saw and knew more about people with a handshake than P.I’s did after a month of background checks.

She guessed when you have a lot of secrets; it’s easy to pick up on others who do too.The biggest one she found about her mother was about her father. She shut the subject off completely making sure Lilly didn’t even know a name. Now Lilah never lied to her by saying something like her father was dead. Since Lilly was three and she’d come home wanting to know why unlike her school mates; she didn’t have a Daddy, Lilah’d just kept saying that it didn’t matter and to stop asking her.

Lilly’d noticed the hurt and angry look in her mother’s eyes and her tone of voice whenever she asked about her father, so she did what any normal 11 year old would do and looked through her mother’s things when she wasn’t home. Once she had a picture and a name she was set.

Of course getting to London from New York City without her mother being able to track her or accompanying her was a different story. She was still a minor after all. Thank goodness for her god given charm and hard cash.

Lilly’d always known she had a father, but that was where the subject ended for her ‘darling’ mother.  She’d been so busy being miss big shot CEO lately she probably didn’t even realize Lilly was gone yet. She had taken a bus and then a plane all the way from New York to London, and had little trouble convincing the nice  bus driver, and then the flight attendant that she had to be allowed on board alone.

After what felt like the longest flight in history the 11 year old finally got off at a grand looking English country estate.  Lilly felt super nervous now that she was here, she gathered up her courage and knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. She had his picture in her bright pink Barbie backpack.

(Open to  Wes and anyone else)