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Werribee Gorge

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River Walk - Werribee Gorge State Park

We tend to organise a camp every 2-3 months, which is fine though I’ve always felt we should try to have more regular adventures in the meantime. It’s quite startling when people come to us and enquire about places they to go and things they could do for daytrips and what not. I mean, it’s flattering don’t get me wrong. But I just feel in comparison to others out there, we’re still newbie’s and there’s still many places we still want to explore as well.

There’s been discussions about doing bi-weekly hikes during the weekends (working full-time does limit your ability to go on random adventures) and find more local ones to do. Lerderderg is one we still want to revisit Brisbane Ranges is another. But that day, we decided to head towards Werribee Gorge.

Stocked up with water, Pringles and our cameras, we made our way to the Gorge. There’s a few tracks that you can do there, though we opted to do the River Walk. The walk wasn’t too bad - you did have to be careful as you were walking along a narrow-ish pathway and if you were to fall… it’d hurt.

We rested along the creek which in some ways felt like a mini beach of sorts. Along the way we’d see areas where we felt ‘Damn, we could totally camp here if we really wanted to’. Further out we reached the rocky area where you literally had to hang from a wire cable in order to continue your journey. In our minds we felt like real rock climbers - which is hardly the case since we were so close to ground level. Still, hanging out in the cave was refreshing and climbing up to the top of the rocky ledge was an experience.

If you’ve got a weekend free and would rather be doing some productive than being on the computer all day, I suggest you go on a walk. Or hiking if you want to sound abit more adventurous. Werribee Gorge isn’t too far from us (30 mins give or take) and it’s definitely a place I’d want to revisit soon.

I just hope we can do the entire circuit this time round.

Parks Victoria: Werribee Gorge State Park 
Ingliston, VIC 3342


Huy Le