werner molders


I 100% believe that the man giving the Knights Cross is Werner Molders but I don’t know who he is giving it to. The Photo had NO caption whatsoever and when I hit search by image it came up with Walter Dahl. There is no way in hell anybody in these photos can be Walter Dahl since 1. Dahl was “bigger” in the face and stomach than Molders & 2. The photo looks about Summer 1941 which would be absolutely correct for Molders , since he died in November, but Dahl only scored his first victory around that time and won his KC in 1944. No I’m not undecided who it is, ITS MOLDERS 100%, but why is it referencing Dahl?? And who is the man being awarded the KC? The photo was on a list of Knights cross winners D-E-F and it was the heading for D with no caption. Any help as usual is appreciated :)