Because werkout twerkout.
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Since I’m injured and boot-ridden, I’ve taken up spin biking in lieu of running to keep up my fitness. I just had the best spin bike workout in a while and wanted to share it with you!

If you like electronic music, listen to this set


while you bike. Start the music while you warm up, and start the workout ~2 minutes into the set/when the first beat drops. The music matches up perfectly with the workout if you do so!!

Here’s the workout:
2 min hard (stand on pedals at high resistance) + 2 min easy (resistance 1-2)

Do this 10 times for a total of 40 minutes of biking. Happy spinning!

Gym To Street Chic

Merge fitness and fashion with this look you can wear straight from the gym to the street. I love the versatility of this look with each piece transforming your workout vibe to a werkout vibe. You don’t have to sacrifice style while you sweat, because there’s nothing that a pair of Celine shades and red lipstick can’t fix. 

Pants: Current Elliot

Top: Lululemon

Shoes: Nike

Sunglasses: Celine