“So sore like you’ve never felt before. ”

“Bottom flutters. ”

“This part is little bit difficult to put between your legs but once it’s there it feels good. ”


Lunchtime workout, almost passed out. Only did 2 rounds if the last part- and did a 20sec handstand hold and 8 wall jumps. 8/27/15

walking lung burpee combo
5-7 burpees, walking lunge to next sign, repeat till u reach sit up station.
6 rounds total

Run to power lines and back to station B

3 rounds
sit ups x 10
Mountain climbers x 20
20 dips

Run to power lines and back to C

3 rounds
10 squats on pyramid ladder, climb over top, 10 squats, climb over top
Long jump to pull up bar
8 handstand push-ups
16 wall jump overs #fitness #workout #werkout #wod #healthy #outside #toodamnhotforthis (at Freedom Park)


The hate is gone there is no wrong you are in paradise! #thewerks #werkout (at Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground)

wut i unlock my fone 2 after a werkout
beautiful reminder of wut i be werking towards
man do we go thru it but we pull thru it cus we meant 2 do it
six3 like no other
loyalty is royalty no matter what coast im on thassall me always all ways
1ofmany reasons u my only queen the rest can only dream
If I’m yo nigga I’m yo nigga past the end cus this physical ain’t our only existence
shouts my homie lover best friend
can’t wait to make more memories again

Things what all I need atm:

  • next paycheck lol
  • new Grindr account ha
  • Halloween/tourist season/holiday season/Sagittarius season/my bday/an entire new year pls
  • my skin 2 b happier as a result of me treating it nicer
  • my first vape and an oz of greens
  • genuine sobriety (v exciting)
  • a goddamnt vacation
  • a better sleep schedule
  • less boys, more men (I think, maybe the reverse, will invesitg8 further)
  • to sell off my busted ass MBAir for the cute new one
  • new music from 1D, Zayn, LM, FrankO, Shaki, Ye, Disclosure, AZbanks, Rih, and Bey
  • film omg
  • did I say a vacay already
  • a bicycle (my sweet coworker is going to sell me his, what a babe)
  • to get back into that werkout routine oops
  • probably less time on this website…


August 8, 2015 Saturday night werkout! After shopping with the family, hubby agreed to let me werkout at the gym while he sat in the car and kids went home, I had gym clothes but no shoes so my daughter had her work shoes on and that’s what I used. Do whatever it takes to get it in! Keeping it 💯
#getfitorgetfat #shapeup2015 #shapeup2015team3 #summer2015 #stayfocus #noexcuses #dontquit #consistencyiskey #exercise #beastmode #gymrat #fitgirlsrock #dedication #motivation #weightlossmotivation #beinspired #determination #encouragement #fitnessaddict #iwantitbad #keepgoing #lifestylechange #mealprep #nsv by nneicy http://ift.tt/1KtCJe3