Super nervous! And excited!

I have my very first photoshoot ever on Saturday!

My friend’s sister is coming out with her own clothing line and she wants me to be one of her models. I had asked if she was sure since I’m on the plus side and was told she needs tall, curvy women and that I’d be perfect for it. I’m very self-conscious about myself and the fact that plenty of people are going to see these photos is freaking me out. But I’m also very excited because it’s something I’ve wanted to do and to finally get a chance at it is awesome. I’m hoping that it all goes well and I give them what they need. Also, I think it’ll be a major confidence booster for me!

Wish me luck, guys!

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Yaas!!!I am so here for honey chocolate girls 😍😍 All shades are beautiful, but we glow something serious honey💁🏾!! Werk sis!

YAAASSS boo we really do 💁🏾 our skin can be magical 😘

#socialbloggers 103 // Blog Newsletters

#socialbloggers 103 // Blog Newsletters

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Hai. Hope you had a nice weekend. WHAT DID YOU GET UP TO? I werked for all of it, boo and hiss. But I have Monday off so make up for it so while everyone else is having the Monday doom, I’m like WOOO DOFF!

One of the most common blog tips around is to build an e-mail list. I can’t believe I’ve never done a #socialbloggers chat on this before!

I have wrote a post in the past about why you should be

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Gifts of love, support and encouragement from my werk boos!! It’s a blessing to have such an awesome circle!! Love you ladies!! 😘👯👑

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