It was the custom that when a man was seeking a girl in marriage and her family looked on him with favour, he would pay a visit to her homestead,bringing gifts. With him would come some of his kinsmen, to add solemnity to the visit and protect him, and the gifts, on the journey. In his youth, Cumar Ostreeliya accompanied his cousin Maxamed on such a journey to the home of Weris, Maxamed’s bride-to-be, and he composed this poem in her honour.

If in these verses, linked by the sound of ‘S’

I were to give a true account, O Weris, of your qualities

Unlocking the coffers of my skill

And opening my breast where clocklike beats my heart,

And were I to describe your appearance

Just as it was first created-

Why,the men who dwell in distant Sirow

Would all come here to seek you out!

But since the evil eye of jealousy

Is not wont to miss its aim,

I shall instead speak simply

Listen, then, to my words tonight,

For this is no time to sleep-

See,we have brought fire and pulled aside

The barrier gate of the thorny fence!

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can two leos work out romantically? bc I was friends with one and it was kind of exhausting- we both wanted the attention and we were both wery dominant in conversations, just wondering

they can, it depends what signs that dominate them


please watch this to the end

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Hi, just wanted to say new BG about Louis is wery interesting. First off why now? They always jump on fresh story and this isn't. So we have 2 months of covered party time (which aperantly L organised all by himself, and it sliped their atention). We have weed pic 2 weeks ago. But the blind came out on the day 1d and specially L got pushed by their fans like never before. So I ask myself why now and by whom. Interesting.

I just said this to Layne. Every time we do something good it’s like they call in blind gossip to counteract it

Yes and no

When Russian speakers answer your questions they often won’t use a straight yes or no. Because there are so many different ways to show your agreement, doubt or disagreement in Russian. I’ll show you the most commonly used expressions which may be appropriate in most of the situations.


Да - yes. Works everywhere with anyone.

Правильно - right. Say it if you agree with a statement.

Ладно - allright, okey. A neutral way of agreeing to do something or supporting somebody else’s actions.

Хорошо - good, ok. If you agree and have nothing against. Can be used as очень хорошо (wery well) to express contentment.

Точно - exactly. Used in the form так точно (yes sir) by military.

Конечно - sure, of course. Use it when you have no doubt.

Я за - I am in favor. The way of expressing your support.

Давай - do it or let’s do it.

Окей / ок - just what it looks like - okey. Can be pronounced in the traditional way or just as the two sounds о and к.

Ага (угу) - yep. This one is difficult to write down because it’s like saying aha without opening a mouth.


Нет - no. Very universal. Used by military as никак нет (no sir).

Никогда - never.

Ни в коем случае - in no case.

Ни за что - never, no way.

Через мой труп - over my dead body. Definite no.

Я против - I’m against.

Неа - nope.

Да нет - well no. Not often used in written form because of the possible confusion.

Почему бы и нет - why not.

When in trouble or in doubt

If there is no certainty but there is need for the answer these expressions can be used.

Может быть, возможно - maybe. The sign of clear uncertainty.

Посмотрим - let’s see.

Это как посмотреть - it’s how you look at it.

И да и нет - yes and no. When the things aren’t that simple.

Всё равно - it does not matter. When you don’t care.

Без разницы - no difference.

Не важно - does not matter.

Не волнует - do not care.

Плевать - a rude way of saying you don’t care (don’t give a damn).

Не мое дело - it’s not my business. Has a more rude form моя хата с краю.

Li­zaki za­mieniły się na pa­piero­sy, niewin­ne stały się dziw­ka­mi. Pra­ca do­mowa umarła śmier­cią na­turalną, a te­lefo­ny są używa­ne w kla­sie. Co­la za­mieniła się w wódkę, a ro­wery w sa­mocho­dy. Niewin­ne po­całun­ki przeis­toczyły się w dzi­ki seks. Pa­miętasz kiedy “za­bez­pie­czać się” znaczyło włożyć na głowę hełm? Kiedy naj­gor­szą rzeczą jaką mogłaś usłyszeć od chłopa­ka było to, że jes­teś głupia. Kiedy ra­miona ta­ty były naj­wyższym miej­scem na ziemi, a ma­ma była naj­większym bo­hate­rem? Twoimi naj­gor­szy­mi wro­gami było Two­je rodzeństwo? Kiedy w wyści­gach chodziło tyl­ko o to, kto po­bieg­nie szyb­ciej? Kiedy woj­na oz­naczała tyl­ko grę kar­cianą. Kiedy wkłada­nie spódniczki nie oz­naczało, że jes­teś suką. Je­dyny­mi “nar­ko­tyka­mi” było le­kar­stwo na kaszel, a zioło oz­naczało piet­ruszkę, którą Two­ja ma­ma wrzu­cała do zu­py? Naj­większy ból ja­ki czułeś to pie­cze­nie zdar­tych ko­lan i łok­ci. I kiedy pożeg­na­nia oz­naczały tyl­ko “do zo­bacze­nia jut­ro”…


mistymountainqwop replied to your post:Oh, and I achieved my goal of hiding from that…

You’re not talking about Mr. Wery are you? He’s my lesson instructor and a wonderful teacher! We learn so much from him in Wind Ensemble. He’s probably the best professor in the school and really cares about his students.

*small spluttering* I just think he’s intimidating and perfcon is scary. Maybe I’ll change my tune once I have him as a teacher, but Dr Hosmer is cooler

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Soł... Ajd lajk łan majonejs, not keczap. Keczap is ble. Keczap łont it. Aj promys ju. Aj łil it onli majonejs, bikos ju dont hew keczap.

Keczup is wery bleeeee. majones de best od de word <3 haahahahah xD