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What it would be like to date Shin Hoseok/ Wonho:

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  • shy smiles whenever you look at him, there is nothing more precious than his shy smile.
  • he flexes his muscles at you, but you call him cute… he melts into a wonho shaped puddle on the floor.
  • the amount of bunny teddies that are around his room makes you wonder if he loves them more than you
  • you never ask for a jumper, he gives you them.

“I always make sure that I buy more than I need when it comes to jumpers, because I know you would steal them”

“but then they wont smell like you”

“Oh, I sleep in them when I buy them and then hide them for you to think that you found them”

“oh, smart”

  • He toys with your fingers when your sat together. Your legs over his lap with your body turned towards his. he’ll lace his fingers in yours and just play with them.
  • hes cringey cute.

“Baby? Have I told you how beautiful you are to me?”

“yeah, at least four or fi-”

“you’re beautiful”

“Six, six times”

  • he likes to work out, when he’s at home with you. But… Depends if you do or not, you’ll help him. either clinging to his back like a koala while he does push ups.
  • you take secret candid  photos of him when he’s laughing. His laugh, a the way he laughs is like watching butterflies fly.
  • You save every single one of his selfies.
  • You sometimes read his fanfiction, while trying to keep a straight face but you can’t. it’s too much and he sits across from you with a werid look on his face.

It’s about to get NSFW:

  • he’s sweet, tentitve to you.
  • but, hot and passionate at the same time
  • surprise Saturdays, maybe freaky Fridays; you know, to keep it interesting.
  • he teases you, leaning into kiss you. slightly brushing his lips against yours, but pulls away to do something else
  • you love how dirty minded he can get when alone

  • You don’t keep pyjamas at his place, you just wear his clothes
  • he plays with your hair
  • he souts NEOYA around the flat because NEOYA
  • you love seeing his bed head on a morning, with his sleep puffy face.
  • whenever your near something with heights, you hold his hand and his grip is deathly.
  • He does cry easily, but to you, it’s sweet. He’s passionate with his emotions.
  • He talks with his emotions, he doesn’t hide them very well and this for you, is easier to be able to decipher him
  • he sulks
  • he sings in the shower, but its off key
  • his singing is more sweet when hes bein cute, it’s soft and barely audible
  • he’s the type who will do anything you want, mainly because he want to do it too
  • you like seeing wonho after he practices or works out because he’s sweaty.
  • he texts you every night before he sleeps. Not the cringey type where he says “I love you baby” with a thousand heart emojis. It’ll be something endearing like, “ I love you, you little nerd” with one heart emoji or something
  • he’s protective, but not overly. He doesn’t mind if you rough house with boys but as soon as he hears you whine with a pain, he’s by your side in an instant babying you
  • he isn’t possessive, he gets a little jealous sometimes; but he trusts you.
  • random compliments for dayss
  • he does the heavy lifting after you have tried and struggled a few times, you know, before you admit defeat.
  • he phones his parents everyday, hour long conversations where you do weird stuff to make him laugh.
  • the man just always smells nice??? he could be sweating profusely and still smell like an angel that wiped their ass on cotton candy
  • hug from behind, his muscular arms enciricling you into a warm embrace.
  • after a long day, he would fall asleep on you. Head on your chest and his arms around your waist.
  • when just chilling together, he lays with his head on your lap.
  • you find it hilarious when he gets cocky or over confident
  • though his confidence does actually give you quite the heart-boner
  • instead of you being the one wanting to adopt, like, a thousand doggos (you do) but he’s the one that never stops talking about it.
  • you join in on his activities, you can do them so why not
  • when crossing the street, he subconsciously grabs your hand.
  • skinship is strong with this one.

you should watch this tho  ( WONHO LAUGHING FOR FIVE MINUTES )

Bad Jokes - Seongwoo Au

- Admin Xion but i feel like this is highkey actually a daniel au but thats okay istg

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Can i request a seongwoo scenario where you both have the same sense of humor? And you are like one of the boys type of girl? Please? Thanks!

- be prepared for shitty puns
- “HEY THIGH SWEEPER,” you yelled at daniel
- daniel turned around as he gasped dramaticlly as seongwoo also turned around
- “ANDD SLATE,” you added on
- they both rolled their eyes as they approached you
- “hey loser,” daniel spoke
- “hEY FLAT CHEST” seongwoo yelled as you flinched hUGELY
- “hEY VIRGIN” you yelled back
- “am i the only one normal-”
- “SHUT UP BUNNY TEETH,” you and seongwoo both yelled at daniel at the same time. daniel slowly backed up as he held up his two hands and gawked his eyes
- “i am offended on different terms,” daniel said as he chuckled
- seongwoo was called over my jihoon as you felt a slight tap on your shoulder from daniel. you looked at him as he slightly scratched the back of his head
- “ugh, look at that couple,” you said as you pouted, looking at the couple holding hands and teasing each other
- “when you’re too ugly to be in a relationship,”
- “nah, i think you’re pretty cute,” daniel spoke as he messed up your hair. the bell rang as you stood there, sorta blushing as daniel cooly walked off
- seogwoo ran up to you as you still stood there blankly
- “oooo is daniel flirting with you?” seongwoo spoke as he faked a smile, but you didnt seem to notice
- “ithinkso,” you mummbled
- seongwoo rolled his eyes, still forcing a pretty natural smile as he took your wrist and began dragging you into school
- “stop gawking over him or else you’ll be late for class idiot,” seongwoo said bluntly
- “seongwoo, we’re not even in the same cla-”
- “sEONGWOOOOOO” you yelled through the halls as seongwoo began running, with him still holding onto your wrist
- as he pushed you throgh the classroom door, you turned around to see seongwoo dASHING OFF TO HIS CLASS
- gotta blast skrt
- midway into math work
- you didnt pay much attention when suddenly you heard the teacher sigh
- you looked up to see daniel standing up in the front with his books and a note on his other hand
- “daniel go sit next to y/n, he’ll be joining us until lunch,” the teacher spoke bluntly as she continued her work
- daniel sat beside you
- “why are you not in class?” you asked
- “seongwoo and i were making bra cup jokes and i laughed too hard,” daniel said as he opened his books
- you chuckled and rolled your eyes
- “what do you call a nanny with breast implants?
- a faux pair,” daniel whispered
- “uHm i suddenly wanna change my seats,” you spoke, slightly chuckling
- “yOU laughed though,”
- “i chuckled, daniel,”
- “same difference,” daniel mummbled
- suddenly, you word a whispering sound as you looked around as daniel followed
- your eyes landed on the open door to see him with a sneaky smirk on his face as he poked his head out
- he also had a hall pass in his hand
- you both rolled your eyes and made up some stupid excuse that you needed to use the washroom and daniel needed to get a book from his locker
- you both were dismissed as you went out of class
- “how’d you get out?” daniel asked
- “washroom excuse,” seongwoo replied
- “oh hi a cup,” seongwoo said as he faced you
- “salttttttttttt,” both seongwoo and daniel spoke at the same time
- “my god you two should just become a couple,” you spoke
- “we are,” seongwoo replies as daniel puts his arm over seongwoos shoulder
- “wOW I LOVE THIRD WHEELING” you yelled as you placed your hand over your heart
- “nahhhh justkidding though. i’m gonna go use the washroom, brbrbrbr” daniel said as he walked off with a slight smirk, but you didnt pay much attention to that
- seongwoo and you continued to make shitty ass jokes as you began dYING SO HARD ONTO THE FLOOR
- its been like 10 minutes and daniel has not yet to come back
- suddenly, seongwoo gets a text on his phone as he takes it out of his pocket
- you lean over to look at his screen
- “ (; ” daniel texted
- “wHAT DOES HE MEAN BY WINKYFACE?” you aggersively yelled
- “IDUNNO,” seongwoo said as he had a smirky look on his face
- ya know
- that
- seongwoo look
- “seongwoo what are you hiding from me?????”
- “nothingggggg,” seongwoo said
- suddenly seongwoo got another text where you see your name on it
- you instantly juMP TO GET HIS PHONE
- you’re on him
- (;
- “wow i love being subdominant,” seongwoo joked
- you looked at seongwoo
- oo boi
- “you know, now that i feel your breasts against my chest i actually think you’re a cup,” seongwoo spoke with a smirk on his face
- the end
- hAH

anonymous asked:

13, 14, 17, 81, 67, 33, 9, 1, 12

Hello there!

1. A selfie?

oh fuck, I was affraid of that one - I don’t make selfies.. i try to put some photo even posted it but I feel so uncomfortable i decided to delete it.. sorry

9. How tall are you?

158 cm (let’s say I’m a really tall hobbit)

12. What was your last dream about?

After dream about 19 days update (here) I don’t remember any. I often don’t remember my dreams.

13. What talents do you have?

Ew, probably I have some drawing skills. And nothing more what you can describe as “talent”.

14. Are you psychic in any way?

Oh, no, I don’t belive in that things. Lately my fav thing to watch is youtubers going to haunted places and speaking with ghosts by spirit box. I have calm, good sleep after this, lol.

17. Who would be your ideal partner? 

Difficult question… probably some quiet and serious type. And calm, I couldn’t live with some drama queen.

33. What do you typically have for breakfast?

Sandwiches! (lol, I’m momo from 19 days) It’s only one type of meal which I can eat early in morning and don’t feel sick after.

67. Can you name all 50 states of America?

I’m from Europe so no, but.. I TRY MY BEST!








new mexico

er, hannah montana?


erm not sure…

btw it’s rude telling people from US that they don’t know where and what countries are in Europe. Why should they know that? Of course it is kinda shame when you don’t know where is france or germany but still…

81. Can you roll your Rs?“

This is question about my “r” pronuciation? It’s funny that you ask about it! In polish we have hard, really clearly sound of “r” and I have speech impediment which make my “r” sound weridly and noisy like some machine. I don’t pronounce “rower” (bicycle in polish) but “rrRRRRRrroweerrRRRRrr”. Some people who don’t know french say that’s “french r” but it isn’t. When I speak eng  my over-power “r” disappears.