The Elite Abilities Force

For however long humans and creatures, preferably monsters, have been roaming Earth, a special unit was created to protect the world.

Vampires, lycanthropes, warlocks and witches, even people with genetic abilities, have come together to keep the humans safe. So when a deadly virus hits, one that spreads quickly through all populations driving them homicidal and insane, these special people are trained into elite forces.

Chief Jonathan Reece, a powerful warlock and Sergeant Alice Carter, the only vampire/werewolf hybrid alive, have hand selected the most skilled team.

James Turner a human, Nicolas Kane a vampire, Tyler Ross a lycanthrope, and Kathryn Williams a witch, are the strongest, most skilled of all species. They are the Special Abilities Unit or SAU for short. Ready to command? Ready to comply? Are you ready to fall or are you ready to fight?


This is just a story idea I’ve had. I may write it, I may not. If any of you know me a little, or know my Wattpad, then you know I haven’t written on my stories in awhile, but I’ll just let y'all decide. If I do write this, I will probably only write it for Tumblr, but I don’t really know yet..

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You should respect your limits (Oneshot)

Prompt #114:  “You should respect your limits, Y/N.”

Characters: Sam, Dean, You

Pairings: Dean x reader

Summary: After you went on a hunt alone, you get hurt seriously but didn’t care, because you wanted to proof Dean and Sam that you can take care of yourself.

Warnings: none, fluff

Word count: 2206

A loud ring tore you out of your sweaty sleep and you flinched, opening your eyes and throwing your arm next to you on the other side of the bed, searching for your phone. As you pushed the blanket away, you felt the arching pain that drove through your whole body.

“He… Hello?”, you muttered into your phone as you picked up.

“Y/N, where the actual hell are you?”, a familiar voice spoke on the other side.

“Yes, I slept well, thanks, my day was great, Dean”, you said and rolled your eyes, trying to lift your upper body from the bed and suppressing a painful wince. “I’m in a motel in North Dakota, the hunt was longer than I thought and I was too tired to drive back”, you then explained and turned on the light on the nightstand next to you. The small room with the yellow walls and the brown furniture was now visible again.

“You mean you were too injured?”, he said, his voice way calmer than before. You remained silence for a second as you stood up from the huge bed, afraid of making another painful sound.

“No, I was just tired. How late is it?”, you then asked and walked across the room to the bathroom, supporting yourself everywhere you could.

“It’s 2:10 AM. I was waiting for you to come back.”

“You mean you watched porn again?”, you answered and grinned a bit, closing the door behind you and immediately seeing the tired, bruised and a bit blood strained reflection of your face in the mirror, before you turned your phone to loudspeakers to lay it down.

“No, I didn’t!”, Dean then said rapidly.

You laughed a bit half hearty. “I’m home in a few hours, honey.”

“Be careful while driving”, his soft voice resounded through the bathroom.

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Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Draco is a werewolf and is in hogwarts. He's in a cage and hermione is his caregiver. They get close and when they "get together" he accidentally bites her. Years pass and he's on the run. Draco brings home a random muggle who's ironically dressed as little red. Hermione finds him after hunting him for years. Finds out she was pregnant but miscarried. The next morning Draco wakes up to a dead and bloodied hermione but it was all a dream. Happy ending. Anyone?


cece2046 said: It’s With Teeth by dulce.de.leche.go, but I’m not sure if it’s still around.

Unfortunately, it was deleted.

Werewolves are stereotyped as ravenous monsters because the transformations burn so many calories that they’re essentially starving afterwords. The more “controlled” werewolves are just the ones who figured this out and loaded up on calories beforehand, whereas the “wild” ones assume it’s part of their wolfish nature to hunt and eat whatever’s nearby.

The transformation back burns calories too, but by that point they’re exhausted from running around in the woods all night, not to mention the physical strain of two transformations. And filthy people showing up at Denny’s in the early morning are assumed to be hungover, so the ravenous beast idea is applied only to the wolf half.

Dear Urban Fantasy fandom,

What I would like to see more of in urban fantasy writing:

- More werecreatures besides werewolves, ie. werebears, werecats, werebirds, etc.

- Transformations for werecreatures that vary from person to person, ie. one person’s might be extremely violent while the other sort of just melds into it

- Werecreatures who have different behaviors while transformed besides “KILL EVERYTHING”

- Werecreatures who don’t have this messed up canon where there can’t be any females, or they can’t give birth, or they’re extremely violent, yadda yadda yadda

- Werecreature loners who were forced to be loners by circumstance rather than chose it and are actually looking for or to form a new pack

- More packs with werecreatures that are positive, supporting places

- Werecreatures with “transformation night” packs so they’re ready for whatever

- People who are friends with werecreatures who knows what’s up and try to help them through the night if they need it

- Werecreatures who are totally cool being werecreatures

- Vampires who are sensitive about their age

- Vampires who aren’t the most beautiful creatures ever to behold in existence UGH

- Vampires with acquired tastes to different blood

- Vampires with different skintones in their own variations of pale

- Vampires who don’t give a flying fatooty about history and are rather annoyed when people start to ask them questions like they should know

- Vampires who can transform into more than just bats

- Vampires who are endlessly frustrated they can’t get drunk but they try anyway

- Vampires who still wear the styles from, like, 20 years ago (70’s vampire guys!)

- Vampires who won’t drink blood without consent

- Vampires that still look like children but are actually well over 200 and swear like sailors

- Vampires in broods

- Vampires who are total geeks and have memorized every line of every Star Trek (or insert your own) movie and quotes them all the time

- Vampires who are totally cool being vampires

- Witches who can’t afford fancy glass vials so they use milk jugs or tupperware

- Witches who make more potions besides liquidy ones, ie. some are really thick and grainy, others slimy, etc

- Witches who specialize in a certain craft, ie. potions, divination, thaumaturgy, etc

- Mass-produced witch items you can find in grocery stores and other witches complaining about how they’re not as powerful as homemade

- More familiars besides cats

- More magical focuses besides wands, ie. a pocketwatch, a favorite old coin, a keychain, etc

- Witches with planters on their windowsill

- Witch magic developing at different times for different people, ie. at birth, puberty, a random age for no reason, etc

- Witches having to LEARN how to use magic properly, not knowing how to do it instantly

- Witch support groups for people having trouble controlling or even using magic

- Wizards who classify as witches and witches who classify as wizards and wizards and witches classifying as neither because that’s who they are

- Witches who summon monsters or demons just to chill or hang out and the monsters and demons are totally chill with it

- Witches who are totally cool being witches

- Other supernatural/mythological creatures besides the regular ones

- Lamias, kelpies, selkies, pischacha, jarita, chimera, xiāo, kui, yōkai, aswang, etc, etc, ETC

- A supernatural society that isn’t hidden from human society and even if they have problems they work together

- Supernatural creatures who run for political office

- Supernatural creatures working as baristas

- Supernaturals creatures who live in specific neighborhoods and identify with different races, classes, religions, etc.

- Supernatural creatures in gangs

- Romances between supernatural creatures, other supernatural creatures, and humans being A-OK and healthy and wonderful

- Romances beyond straight romances

And so much more! Please, guys, we need more variations! We can’t get stuck in an ocean of stale, overused urban fantasy stories! We need to improve upon the genre!

If you have any more ideas, please add on! :)