tag thing

i was tagged by @mystic-messenger-preferences thank you very much!!! :)

Relationship Status: single

Favourite Colours: all pastel colours, atm i especially like mint green

Pets: i have a lil pup named balou. he my son. and then there´s @werewolfen ´s dog sergent, my adopted son. i´m his godmother, and charlie is balous godmother lmfao

Last Song I Listened To: down,down,down to mephisto´s cafe by streetlight manifesto

Favourite TV Show/Series: uuuhhhh, say yes to the dress? pfft, thats the only tv i ever watch… shows tho, steven universe and my favourite series of all time is princess jellyfish!

First Fandom: naruto (kill me lmfao)

Hobbies:i like drawing, painting, writing, uuh does witchcraft count? readin´bout faeries, loong walks in the forest, meditating? and just got my first tarot deck, so i guess that counts as well? also music! 

Worst Thing I’ve Eaten: uuuh like a danish/scandanivan dish called `øllebrød` or øllebrot, and its gross

Favourite Place: uuh i have lots lmfao. theres this place like a good 2 hours walk in the forest, where there´s a really old car just lying there on its back, theres flasks and lightbulbs all around because that´s what was in the car when it….crashed?? in the middle of nowhere?? 

there´s also a particular tree i love sitting in and reading, drawing or writing in the summertime! 

also @werewolfen ´s place 

i´m also a huuuuuge fan of the aquarium, i frickin love sharks, rays and every creature living underwater! also the zoo!!!!! 

People I tag: @ttelesilla @lunish @residentqueerdragon @ohtheclevernessof (ayyy tis is from peter pan, right?) @shirolian @rebeccalerandom @bluecrystallinearabellas 

And anyone else who wants to do this of course!


i was tagged by @residentqueerdragon (thank you babee❤) to post a picture of my lockscreen as well as the last song i listened to!!! ❤

my lockscreen is obv of my lil puppy child and helper, balou 😍❤
also im a huge hamilton fan 👌

im tagging: @werewolfen (ma babeee)
@ilovegiraffes08 @ouransisters @angel0sh @mykie-doll @moonstruckasteroid

also everyone else who wants to do this! (ya’ll can write i tagged you, bc i now officialy did ❤❤)