werewolf's of the forsaken

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Tibetan Guardian Weremastiff

14 x 11 with pencil and white chalk

Took a week to draw. All together maybe 10 hour to draw. Got the idea for a Tibetan Werewolf. Design it base of the Tibetan Mastiff. It design were base on the Tibetan Demon and old gods. there a lot of symbolism there. the necklace are symbol of the cycle of life and the hands are Buddhist symbol. if I remember correctly protection and banish evil. Spirit are gathering around the hand and weapon to allow it to do extra damage against evil and monstrous spirit.

It was big that I there were so cut off when scan.

inspired by werewolf rpg from whitewolf.

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Большой и страшный серый волк… кролик… самый ужасный, самый грызун…

Алисон - персонаж в сетинге Werewolf: The Forsaken. И да она оборотень.

A big and terrible gray wolf … a rabbit…

Alison is a character from Werewolf: The Forsaken. And yes, she’s a werewolf.

The various werewolf forms from World of Darkness.

Homid: The human form, Self explanatory.

Glabro: The second form, somewhere between “Werewolf” and “Human.” The creature grows sharp claws and gains wolf-like features, but grows no fur.

Crinos: The atypical werewolf. Immune to anything that isn’t silver or advanced magic. If you see this thing running at you, make peace with God and see if you have time to update your will from your cellphone.

Hispo: A dire wolf-like form. Even more animal-like than Crinos. This kind has less human features and walks on all fours.

Lupus: Just a regular ass wolf. It’s never lupus.

Dawn Walker (OC)

Art by @lesly-oh for my werewolf Character amazing art, AMAZING, she made it look like she could be part of a professional comic book. 

Art by @kiikiibee The first art I commissioned for my werewolf, it’s really fun to see the evolution of the concept through the art.  This was before she was actually in-play, I already knew I wanted her eyes to be weird. Part of the references used for this was Vegeta powering up XD

@rayeliann just made this for me, and capture the monster-in-human clothing perfectly thank you ♥ 

All the above image are for Dawn Walker, character for @maquila @maquekenzie ‘s online werewolf chronicle. commissioned by me. 

Corrupted Celtic Werewolf Warrior

Did this a few year ago. was inspired from  Werewolf the apocalypse The Black Spiral Dancer. Thought that it it suck that they don’t get any good art for such a cool idea so I try to do one. Did multiple take and redraw. Scan, erase,printed out and drawn that part down again till I got it right. The tag one the Ear say V3-05. It short for the Version 3 of the design and it 5 scan, print and draw. Will update later with more info when I think about them.

Spend months working on it from my count 6 trying to get thing perfect.

Also I was inspired from Ron Spencer and Steve Prescott werewolf drawing.

It also look way better in real life if you look at the eye of the skull you can see maggot on it. They a lot of small detail in it. Had to use .003 Lead.

To view it better look at it at full screen.