werewolf vs vampire


Mike g Bean asked “What are your favorite B horror films”?

OK-Good question! I like BAD movies!

1.BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1955)-starring Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson-directed by Ed Wood!

2.BLOOD FREAK (1972) A biker smokes pot and turns into a blood drinking turkey. No-really.

3.The BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE  (1959) Jan inna Pan!

4.the WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN (1971) Paul Naschy and sexy vampire chicks!

5. DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971) Al Adamson! Lon Chaney Jr! J. Carroll Naish! Angelo Rossitto! Frankenstein shrunkin punkin head monster! Dracula with a Mike Brady perm! Nuff sed!

6.the ASTOUNDING SHE MONSTER (1957) I really don’t know why I really love this movie-is it the drunken moll? Is it  Keene Duncan? Is it the glowing Shirley Kilpatrick in her skin tight one piece? Is it the rubber snake?

7.PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959) You know why

8. ROBOT MONSTER (1953) Because I am a Ro-man

9.EQUINOX (1970) Before there wa the EVIL DEAD-there was EQUINOX!

10.GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (1975) Because it’s Mechagodzilla,man!

and exscuse my spelling errors cuz I’m still drunk from last night!

iwouldbelostwithoutmytimelord  asked:

Vampires and werewolves aus?

i am such a sucker for vampire/werewolf damn i am cheesy as fondue 

  • I tried making blood flavoured food for you but now the kitchen just looks like a tomato juice flood just passed through and how do you like this stuff man euch
  • wow okay I cannot believe you bought me dog toys and treats for my birthday are kidding me-omg is that a squeaky bone?? wait goddamnit
  • it’s a weird experience having physical contact because you’re a super warm furnace and I’ve got terribly cold skin
  • I know you think silver jewelry and piercings looks super cool or whatever but now I can’t even get close to you so please, ditch your lame and lethal fashion
  • out of all the werewolves for me to like, I have to like the werewolf that adores garlic-heavy italian food oh lord I am never coming over for dinner
  • as a werewolf you really like sports and being in the sun whilst I’d rather sit in the dark and not-sports but hey I guess we all need to compromise just give me that spf 50000 first
  • I’ve never seen you transform because you’re afraid you might hurt me in your feral wolf form but um, excuse you I’m a vampire don’t worry I can kick your ass
  • we got into a fight over who would win a werewolf vs vampire battle

- jo

I didn't think I'd ever fine someone ...
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Chapter 1  Chapter 2

Fandom: Searph of the End, Attack on titan

Relationships: Ereri Mikayuu

Summary:  Vampires and Werewolves hate each other … especially if a vampire impregnated a werewolf. Now Eren and Mika have to come up with a plan to save Yuu otherwise they will lose both Yuu and the baby

Series:  I just want to make it with you

i love how matt and alberto were asked which downworlder they would be irl and for a few minutes they do this playful back-and-forth about werewolf vs vampire and then suddenly they’re both like “wait..WARLOCK..duh..”