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Pull of the Moon (9)

Pairing: Ivar x Isabella

Word Count: 4047

Warnings: Angst

Originally posted by kirah34

Isabella opened her eyes to find the sunlight streaming through the windows, bathing her and Ivar’s bare bodies in its golden warmth as they lay entwined on the parlor floor. He’d fallen asleep with his right arm across Isabella’s belly, his hand cupping her left breast protectively, possessively. She sighed with contentment at the weight and heat of his body against hers. A languorous smile spread across her lips. Last night—this morning, really—had been everything she needed, everything she’d dreamed. She’d never been so tired yet so happy. She turned her head carefully, not wanting to disturb him, and watched Ivar’s sleeping face. It was so peaceful now. There was none of the torment, the anger, the wildness, that had made his usually handsome features so strange and startling last night. Even in slumber, he was hyper-vigilant. He seemed to know when he was being watched, for now his eyes fluttered open, sending the full impact of their blue gaze to her. She shivered at the intensity of his stare. Then she lifted a hand to his cheek, the back of her fingers grazing the fine shadow of stubble that prickled her skin.

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Until the Moon Part 4

A Marauders Fic

Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: Reader is Severus Snape’s little sister. There’s drama there of course, but history adds a lot to it.

Word Count: 1517

Warnings: character death, abuse, blood, verbal abuse, angst

Read the Prologue here. Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here.

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me so long to update pretty much anything. Hope you like this! Here comes the angst train!


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Camping Trips - Stiles Stilinski

word count: 1862
warnings: swearing
a/n: you’re scott’s werewolf twin sister and stiles’ gf :)
requested by anon!

“Did we have to leave so early?” You whined, dragging your feet as you wrapped your blanket tighter around yourself.  Your brother rolled his eyes, claiming the backseat of the jeep and laying across it.

“If we wanna get a good spot in the woods, yes” Scott told you, fluffing his pillow on the car seat.  You headed to the passengers side of the vehicle.  Only to find the door already being held open for you by your amazing boyfriend, Stiles.

“Mm thanks” You said, sleepily kissing his cheek before climbing in.

“Who says chivalry’s dead” Stiles said with a wink.  You were too tired to respond, so he just tucked  your blanket around you and found a way to  buckle you in without making you uncomfortable.  “Get some sleep” He reached across and pecked your cheek

He closed the door and quickly walked around the other side.  He got in and turned the key a few times before the engine started.

“Hey wait” Scott said, lifting his head just enough so Stiles could could see him in the rear view mirror.  “You can’t go yet, you didn’t tuck me in and kiss me” He said with a whine and a snicker.

“Fuck off” You muttered, curling up in the seat for better sleep.  “All the stuff’s in the back right?”

“Yep” Stiles answered.  “Scott and I piled all the bags and stuff in last night when you passed out on the recliner” Scott chuckled from the back.

“How much fun can she be camping if she sleeps through everything?”

“Fuck off Scott” You gritted.  A small growl left your lips.  Stiles reached his hand over the console as he rubbed your arm gently.

“Okay okay you two, both of you go to sleep and behave or I’m turning Roscoe around!”

“Stiles, babe, we’re not even out of your neighborhood yet” You said, making both you and Scott laugh.

“For God’s sake just sleep” Stiles groaned.

An hour later, you were eating a pack of Twizzlers while Scott belted out the lyrics to Cool for the Summer.

You looked over to Stiles.  

“I’m your favorite twin, right?” You asked, gesturing to the backseat where your brother was being a dumb ass.  Stiles rolled his eyes.

“What!? She’s your favorite? You were my friend first!” Scott exclaimed.

“Hey hey hey!” Stiles yelled, ready to slam on the horn.  “It changes… here and there” Stiles said, pursing his lips and bopping his head back and forth as he pulled up to a stop light.

“Oh please!” Scott waved his hand dramatically.  “What can she do for you that I can’t do better?” 

You and Stiles turned to look at Scott, silently staring.

“Well, I can think of a few things” Stiles stated.  “But hey if you wanted to test it out man-”

“No, no, just stop” Scott sighed, laying back down along the backseat row.  “I’m going back to sleep.  Don’t wake me till we’re there”

And with that, Scott put in his earbuds, cranked up his music, and closed his eyes.  You looked over at Stiles for a moment, then curled back up in your seat, enjoying the silence that followed.

Another hour passed of you and Stiles making small talks and mini naps.  As well as you insisting on driving so Stiles could rest, but he’d never let another person drive his baby.

“Scott! Scotty hey wake up buddy!” Stiles said as he began the route through the woods.  The alpha jumped up mid snore.

“Wha-what? Are we here?” Stiles chuckled and shook his head.

“Not yet really, but I thought you’d like to help pick out the spot” Stiles said.  Scott turned and looked out the window.

“That clearing right there, with the trees”

“With the trees?” You snorted.  “Scotty, we’re in the woods” 

Leave me alone I’m helping” Scott mumbled.  Stiles pulled over in the spot and parked.  You smiled at him, and got out of the car without a word, already going around the back to open up the trunk.  You grabbed both of the bags containing the tents, as well as as many blankets as you could stack up in your arms.  You were thankful that the boys had seemed to pack all of them.

“Oh hey” You heard Stiles say, and turned to where his voice was.  Not that you could see over the pile of fabrics.  He took a few, enough that you could see.

“Haha, thanks Stiles” You said, and earned a kiss in response.

“Welcome” He said, already heading over to the small clearing, and laing down a bunch of them.  You followed after, and could hear Scott carrying things behind you.

“Hey, uh, guys?” Scott called.

“Yeah buddy?” Stiles replied as you began laying down blankets with Stiles.

“Where’s the other tent?” Scott asked.  You cocked your head to the side.

“What do you mean?” Scott chuckled, setting his things down and settling his hands on his hips.  “Well, one two three..” He pointed at each of you, then looked at the two cases of tents in your arms.  “One… Two” He finished.

“Oh, well y/n and I were just gonna share one” Stiles shrugged, taking one of the tents from you to set it up.  “I mean, we’re past the asking for your blessing to sleep with your sister, right?”

“It’s just… I don’t know I thought we’d all be separate tonight” Scott said with a shrug.

“Oh me too” You said, and walked over to Stiles, who was on his hands and knees setting up the tent.  “But Stiles got too scared” You said in yur best baby voice, pinching his cheeks.

“Ha.  Ha” He monotoned, and you giggled.  Scott went back to setting up the other tent.  Which he finished before Stiles could even understand what the instructions were saying.

“Do we need firewood or something?” Scott asked.

“Oh yeah! That’d be great” Stiles grinned, and Scott high fived him on his way to scavenge in the woods for such.  As soon as he had left, you wandered over to Stiles, and helped him set up the tent.

“Something’s wrong with Scott” You told him, and he stopped trying to set it up.

“What do you mean?”

“I feel like he’s… lonely” You said softly.  Stiles watched you intently as you propped up the tent, locking the pegs in place.

“You think e’s lonely? He just spent two hours in the car with us-”

“Stiles” You said softly as you finished the tent.  “Think of it this way” You walked over and stood in front of him.  “He had, what you and I have now” You gestured between you.  “He had all of the sparks and laughs and random late night ‘let’s stay awake for no reason and talk about the random things’ he had everything in his hands, and then she died” Stiles sighed, already seeing where you were going with this.  “He got it again, took him forever to let it happen but it did” You murmured.  “And she had to leave too” Stiles breathed out heavily, looking at the ground.

“I see” He sighed.  You smiled sadly and took both of his hands.

“He lost this,” You squeezed his hands, staring into his eyes, then placed a quick but soft kiss on his lips.  “Twice, Stiles” You said quietly.  “And I know he’s my brother, and we argue, and fuck, he can be a real stick in my ass, especially with those morals” You and Stiles both laughed quietly.  “But… but maybe tonight we really all stick together?”

“I can agree to that” He said, releasing your hands to pull you in for a hug.  “But now what about that rendez vous?” You chuckled, and tilted your head back to look up at him.  You almost had to do it all the way.

“Well maybe” You murmured lowly.  “If you do this solid for me..” You leaned up, planting a small kiss on his cheek before brushing your lips against his ear.  “Then when we get back to Beacon Hills… I’ll do that thing you like…” You didn’t see Stiles’ brows raise dramatically, but you figured he had some kind of contorted expression right now.  “In a certain Leia costume I ordered a bit back”

“Holy shit you didn’t-” Stiles let go of you to look you in the eye again.

“Thought it’d be a good birthday present” You said with a wink.  Stiles grinned, his hands cupping your face.  “God I love you” He said, pulling your lips against his quickly and passionately.

“Okay guys I- WOAHLY SHIT!” You sprung off of Stiles, spinning around to see your brother with a heap of wood in his arms.  “Jesus, I’m gone for a few minutes and you’re all over each other!” You laughed and shook your head, then walked over to Scott.

“Come on you big dummy, just give me some of that to carry” You took a big stack out of his arms and put it in the ring.

It was late, but you weren’t sure what time it was.  It had been a while since you’d checked your phone.  You were too busy being cuddled into Stiles’ side, playing catch using marshmallows with Scott, except with your mouths instead of your hands.  It was quiet, no one really talked, but that was okay.  You were enjoying the quiet and warmth.

After a while, Scott stood up, and headed for his tent.

“Hey- hey Scott?” You called, and he turned back.

“Yeah?” You bit your lips for a second.  “You okay?”

“Yeah it’s just uh… do you want to stay in our tent tonight? Like a sleepover that we used to?” 

Scott looked between you and Stiles for a moment, then smiled slowly.

“I’d really like that” He said, and Stiles shot up from next to you.

“Sleepover!?” He yelled ecstatically, rushing into the tent to set up all the blankets and sleeping bags.  Scott chuckled, and wandered over to you as you put out the fire.

“Thank you” He said.  You looked at him with a smile.

“No prob, we haven’t had a sleepover since the ninth grade-”

“I mean for earlier” Scott said, and again your head shot up, but faster, bearing an expression of surprise.

“Oh I… I didn’t know you heard that” You said quietly.  Scott chuckled and held his arms out.

“Come ‘mere” He said, and you hugged him tightly.  “And by the way, you’re a wider stick in the ass” 

“Way to ruin the moment” You muttered, pulling out of the embrace.  “But still.  You’re my brother.  And I’m obligated to love you” He laughed.

“Oh yeah, and I’m the moment ruiner” Scott laughed at you.  You smiled softly.

“I know you miss them but you won’t talk about it” You said in a quiet voice.  He gave you a sad smile.

“I don’t have to worry about it.  I have you guys” He assured.  “And you two wackos are all I need”

You hugged him again before you both went into the tent.

And the night ended with a lovely argument over who got to cuddle with Stiles.

no sweet note here but… scott never did really mourn for kira. not that she died but like ??? she just dropped off the show completely.  did he even know they used her sword to get theo back? wouldn’t that arise some kind of feeling of remorse in him? idk it’s 2:15 AM and i’m starving so maybe i’m delusional

xoxo ~ jordie

“Common, Liam…” You whispered, your hands clasped before your lips as you watched intently as your boyfriend of three months stood there, basically paralyzed on the field.  Everyone stood with their hearts in their throats, waiting for the second star player to do something.

You were losing, 6 to 3.  It was getting so bad that people were starting to rely on Stiles, your older brother, to break out his hidden lacrosse talent. You were silently hoping for the same thing.  Just something that would keep you from losing this match.  Not this one.

You totally understood that Liam was a bit nerve wrecked with going up against his old school; he always got like this whenever he did.  Tonight it was different, though.  It was like he wasn’t even trying.  Like he was betting against us.  Like he wanted us to lose.

“Dear God, Liam.  Do something!” Your words were spoken underneath your breath, but the way he cocked his head to the side and glanced up at the stands told you he heard you loud and clear.

You gave him a small smile in hopes that your slight plea was enough to get him to move.  Scott quickly pulled himself from the bench where he had been seated; just moments ago he was knocked down, landing on his arm.  Everyone could literally hear the bone breaking, but considering what he was he was able to heal within minutes and be back on the field to bring the team out of this losing streak.

After shoving his helmet onto his head, he rushed over to where Liam stood. You watched as he mumbled something to him, something that gave him enough motivation to at least move from where he stood.

His eyes searched the crowd once more before they finally landed on yours.  You could see just perfectly his pale blue eyes, which went gold if you touched him the right way.  You liked it best when his eyes were gold.

Scott did what he did best, running up and down the field, doing some of his showoff flips before quickly obtaining the ball.  He didn’t hesitate on passing it to Liam, who caught it in his net with great ease.

Then, finally, he took off running.  Dodging whoever got in his way, doing whatever he possibly could to get that little white ball into the goal.  The swish filled my ears, a loud cheer following after coming from the crowd and from me.

Lydia, who sat beside you, nudged your shoulder slightly a smirk spreading across his lips as she nodded her head in the direction of the field where Liam stood.  You could see that cute little half smile from where you stood, definitely something to make your toes curl.

The game continued on like that, Scott getting the ball and passing it to Liam, Liam going to score.  You were more than happy when the buzzer went off, signaling the end of the game.  Your team had won by two.

Without a thought, you rushed down the steps of the bleachers and onto the field; your body soon colliding into Liam’s my arms circling around his neck.  You were proud of him.  He must have been seeing shit while he was standing there still; you could remember very distinctly that was the exact way he acted when he faced Kate and the berserkers the first time.

Nothing has happened since then; you’ve all been doing pretty well.  Everything was normal.  But, you couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in that pretty little head of his.

That was a problem for later, though.  They won and everyone was ready to celebrate.  With your body tucked protectively under Liam’s arm, you listened to the different ideas coming from the members of your little group on what all of you should do.

“I kind of just wanted to take you home, have you all to myself.” You felt Liam’s hot breath against the shell of your ear, his words sending a tingle down your spine and into your core. You knew exactly what he meant.

“Oh, yeah.  We could do that.” You grinned, slightly tilting your head up to look up into his eyes.  “Let me just tell Stiles.” You mumbled, carefully wiggling yourself out of his grasp and across the way where Stiles stood with his arm draped around Malia’s waist.

“I’m going to go hang out at Liam’s for a bit, you alright with that?” Ever since Stiles found out that you and Liam were seeing each other, he’s been sort of iffy about leaving the two of you alone.

The reasoning behind that could be because he barged in while he was snout deep in your promised land, but in your defense you were sure that nobody was home.  He was supposed to be out with the others doing God knows what.

Not to mention the fact that you were 16 and bound to be getting yourself into these types of things.  Especially when a hottie like Liam Dunbar comes knocking on the door with those alluring eyes and that sinister smile.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.  We’re all going out for pizza and then to Lydia’s. Why don’t you come with us?” The growl that left Malia’s lips after the words left Stiles’ mouth was priceless.  You nearly laughed out loud.

“Let your sister be, Stiles.  She’s 16.  Let her be alone with her boyfriend, for Christ’s sake.” She scolded, her eyes narrowing up at him.

“Did we all of a sudden forget the multiple times I’ve caught them doing things… things that my baby sister shouldn’t be involved in?” Yeah, he’s walked in more than once.  Each time you and Liam are trying something different.  You had inventive minds, what could you say?

“Just let her go, dude.” Scott was speaking now.  After a few seconds of silent gestures and eyes being pawned back and forth from you to the other people standing around, Stiles finally waved you off.

“Just be safe, please.  We don’t need any miniature Liam’s running around.” He scoffed, his eyes trailing up to glare at your boyfriend.  You nearly rolled your eyes, but instead plastered a fake smile on your face before turning around to join Liam again.

“Yeah, I can go.” You mumbled with a nod of my head.  He grinned down at you, cupping your cheeks in his palms before leaning down to press a long open-mouthed kiss to your lips.

“Don’t worry, man.  I’ll take good care of her.” He shouted out towards Stiles upon releasing your lips from his grasp.

The ride to his house took no more than ten minutes.  The two of you were up in his room within seconds.  Your back pressed up against the wall as he left sloppy kisses down the sides of your neck, his hands ravishing over your shamefully covered skin.

You could hear his breaths getting heavier and heavier, soon turning into growls.  “Fuck, this tight little ass is all mines.  Isn’t it, baby?” He grumbled into your ear, using his hands on your ass to push my body closer to his.

“Yes, Liam.  All yours.” You moaned out, wrapping your legs more securely around his waist.  He carefully carried you over to the bed, laying your body down flat on the comfortable mattress.

“Now how should I take you tonight?” He mumbled under his breath as he leaned his body forward to bury his face in the crook of your neck, his tongue gliding against your heated skin.

“I want to be on top,” You groaned, the tips of your fingers sliding underneath the hem of his shirt to brush up against his back.  Out of all the times you and Liam have had sex, he’s been in charge.  It was safe to say he was your alpha when it came to sex, but tonight you wanted a shift in roles.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” He smirked, his single hand holding both of your wrist up and over your head as his free hand unbuckled your jeans, shoving them down your freshly shaven legs to reveal your maroon lace panties.

“Yes, I can handle it.  Can you?” You challenged, your eyes slowly falling shut as his fingers worked against your clit, his tongue continuing its assault on your neck.  You yelped out at the feel of his teeth sinking into your skin.

“You’re not supposed to bite me.” You mumbled, your hands sliding up his chest to push his body off of you until he was laying flat on his back.  You quickly pulled your body up so you were straddling his hips.

Moving your hands down to the hem of your shirt, you quickly removed it from your body tossing it to the side leaving you there in just your panties since you had decided against wearing a bra out tonight.

“Holy… did those get bigger?” He questioned his eyes staying trained on your chest.  A small laugh left your lips as you shook your head from side to side.  His warm hands were covering your breasts within minutes, kneading and stroking them roughly earning a loud moan from you.

You slowly began grinding your crotch against his, your moans growing louder at the friction now being created between your legs.  You could feel his erection forming underneath you and you knew for a fact if you looked up at his face his eyes would be glowing.

He still had trouble controlling that part of him.  This was why he wasn’t supposed to bite you.  He could get too excited and rip your throat out… with his teeth.  Something he swore he’d never do, but you’d rather be safe than sorry.

Quickly bringing your hand down, you cupped his covered shaft in your palm; “This definitely got bigger,” You mumbled, using your free hand to pull down his lacrosse shorts and his boxers leaving him completely naked underneath you.

“I need to be inside of you right now, y/n.” He rasped, his claws digging into your sides earning a hiss from you.  You’ve had a whole lot of chances to get use to his werewolf side coming out each time you had sex, but it wasn’t easy.

Without a word, you lifted your hips just enough to remove your panties before lowering yourself down, allowing his length to enter you.  A loud moan left your lips once he was all the way in.

As usual you needed a few moments to adjust to his size.  This time, though, he didn’t wait for you to be ready.  He quickly began thrusting in and out of you, forcing you to ignore the pain of having him stretch you out like this.

The closer the two of you got to your release, the louder his groans got.  It wasn’t long before he was full out howling, low growls followed after each howl.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

The way his chest heaved up and down, his glowing eyes staring up into your dark green ones and his ears were even starting to get pointed. “Holy fucking shit,” He rasped, his hand moving up to flick against your swollen clit as he sped up his movements.

His thrusts were slowly becoming sloppier and sloppier; you were already nearing your climax.  With a single pinch to the clit, you were coming undone on top of him.  Clawing at his back, the marks you left behind quickly disappearing as you screamed out his name.

His hips pressed up against yours firmly, one last loud howl leaving his lips as he tilted his head back to look up at the ceiling.  You moaned out one last time as you felt the condom growing inside of you due to his cum filling it up.

“That was amazing,” He mumbled out once the both of you had caught your breath.  Cuddling up close to him, you nodded your head in agreement.  Letting your eyes fall shut as he held your naked body close to his.

The both of you soon falling into a deep sleep.

The Jersey

Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could write a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Scott’s sister and one morning she comes down stairs and forgets she is wearing Isaac’s jersey and Scott questions her. Just something cute. Hope this wasn’t confusing 💛”

Ship: Isaac Lahey x Fem!Reader!MCcall x Scott MCcall (siblings) 

Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, yelling, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owner. 

Third P.O.V 

The morning sunlight seeped through (Y/n) Mccall’s glass windows. It’s brightness cascaded across her features. (Y/n) scrunched her face at the brightness of the light, shifting slightly due to the new found warmth. Groaning, she threw the pillow over her head with a huff. Hoping that sleep would take her again, she waited a few seconds, hoping too fall back into her prior comforting slumber. After a few minutes, (Y/n) sighed in defeat and threw her legs over the bed. She threw her hair up into a dirty bun, stretching and yawning as she made her way down-stairs. (Y/n) was quite a forgetful person. But this had to take the cake. As she walked down the steps, the only fabric covering her beautiful body, was her secret boyfriend’s jersey. Now, here’s the thing, Scott is very protective of his sister. Always have been, always will be.

That morning, Scott expected to see his sister, dressed properly and ready for the day. However, what he saw instead, was his baby sister wearing one of his friends jersey. There was a long rooted tradition in Beacon Hills. If a boy asked you to wear his jersey, it was a sign of good luck, a sign of affection. Most of the boys who had done it on the lacrosse team asked their girlfriends to wear their jerseys. The team had been doing this tradition for as long as time itself. Scott gave his jersey to his girlfriend, Kira. It was a symbol of luck and love for her. But for other guys, it was a sign to other boys, to show them that the girl they chose was theirs, as in, a one night-stand. His mind ran with horrible thoughts and pure terror, not to mention that Isaac was one of his good friends. “(Y/n)-” He said, wide eyed. “What the hell is this?!” (Y/n) hadn’t realized it until now. The second the words left her brothers mouth, her heart dropped. 

Shit.. Not to Scott’s knowledge, but Isaac and (Y/n) had been sneaking around for a few months now. They were good at hiding it. It all started with the final game of the season, last year. The two lovers had been crushing on each other for as long as time itself. Isaac made a promise to himself that he would ask you out that night and take you out to dinner if he made the final goal. That was all the motivation that he needed, and before he knew it, the two kids were having dinner and laughing until the sun came up. Ever since then, the two of them were unconditional, absolutely inseparable. After that night, they’ve been happily together. (Y/n) was very good at lying, well, only to Scott. He was easy to trick, all she needed to do was change her perfume and he wouldn’t notice a thing. Scott never knew about the long nights they had spent together. Not until now. 

(Y/n) panicked, glancing at her outfit, which only consisted of her boyfriends jersey and a small pair of under-garments. She was going to tell Scott about it, but the it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. (Y/n) stuttered, growing extremely red from embarrassment. “Scott- it’s not what it looks like, I can explain!!!” He puts his foot down, scoffing while he rests his hands on his hips. “Alright, go ahead then. I’m waiting.” Before, Scott rarely used his werewolf powers on his sister. He thought it was rude to pry in such a disgusting way. He thought that his sister, if she wanted to, had the free will to talk to him about whatever she wanted. But in this moment, he was more than obliged to pluck the secrets from his her. She played with her fingers, heart beating faster as she tried to come up with a good excuse. “You see- I uh- Funny story actually, I- this isn’t- I’m borrowing-” Before she could finish however, the house doorbell went off. Oh, god! Isaac. (Y/n)’s eyes went wide. He planned on taking her out for breakfast around nine, the time Scott wasn’t suppose to be in the house. 

Isaac expected to see his beautiful girlfriend to open the door to the Mccall house. Instead though, her brother, and Isaac’s good friend, swung the door open, growling up at Isaac. “Isaac. What are you doing here?” He says with a bit of a bite. The young boy, despite his height advantage, felt incredibly small against Scott. “Oh, nothing. I just-” He paused, looking over his shoulder to see his girlfriend, (Y/n), shaking her head, motioning to her body. The jersey. Isaac’s jersey. He gave it to her last night after they…oh.. His eyes went wide, glancing back at Scott, who practically growled back at him. “Isaac, I’m gonna ask this nicely. Did you fuck my sister?!” The young boy glanced over his friend’s shoulder, looking at his girlfriend for help, something, anything. However, the only thing he got, instead, was her, mouthing one word. Run. Glancing back at Scott, he laughed fakily before turning to bolt away. Far away. “ISAAC, I’M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH! THAT’S MY BABY SISTER, YOU BASTARD!” 

Scott chased after Isaac, for a few streets. After a few minutes, he finally lost him and made his way back to the Mccall house. There, he climbed up (Y/n)’s ladder, where she sat. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. “D’ya think he’ll be okay with it? With us, I mean?” He asks, slightly out of breath from running. (Y/n) sighs, grinning. “I’m sure he will. You better run though, lover boy. He’ll be back in no time.” Isaac giggled, kissing her again with passion. “You’re worth the chase.” She grabbed his arm. “Hey, I love you.” (Y/n) meant it, with every fiber in her being. She loved him. Isaac smiled from ear to ear, wrapping his long calloused hands around her waist before pulling her closer. “I love you too. By the way, you look sexy as hell in my jersey. You should wear that more often.” After that, he hopped off the ladder, running back to his house. He peered over his shoulder once or twice to look at his beautiful girlfriend. The love of his life. All of a sudden, a warm body tackled him to the ground. “ISAAC, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

Too Close for Comfort (Teen Wolf - Stiles x OC)

Request from anon : Could you do a stiles imagine where you are Scott’s sister and you are secretly dating stiles.

Word count : 7,4k (I feel like I’m making progress, they used to be twice as long!!)

Synopsis : Just the everyday struggles that come with being the twin sister of a true Alpha.

A/N: For the sake of the plot and nothing else, Allison is still alive, although she does not appear in the story (Allison, I’m so sorry for turning you into a plot device). I made Sasha (the OC) Scott’s twin, because it was easier and spared me the trouble of coming up with an age difference. This took me literally ages (read: months), I’m sorry for being such an unreliable writer, I  have little to no sense of priority and I keep postponing everything I’m asked to do. That’s how strong my contradictory spirit is. Here I am, dropping this imagine when everybody least expects it. Surprise!


You know what really sucks when your brother is a werewolf? Everything.

And that doesn’t even come close to reality, Sasha’s life has become so much more difficult since Scott was bitten by Peter. Having an asthmatic twin brother whose main concern in life was to pass his math class was boring, but it was safe and Sasha had the privilege of being the most extra of the two – ah good times ! But then of course Scott’s asthma became a thing of the past, added to his new found super strength and speed, his popularity went from zero to ten real quick, leaving Sasha in the dust, far behind him.

Not that he wanted to leave her behind. Scott was the absolute best brother one could possibly dream of in terms of loyalty and support, but it just happened. He couldn’t exactly fight against the natural course of the events while also learning to control his powers – and trying to win over Allison with his awkward charm. And then Peter happened, which only compelled him to push Sasha farther away for her own safety. At the time, she thought it was the worst thing that could happen, and once Peter was defeated, she thought everything was over and life would go back to normal.

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Wayward Sisters Wishlists

Five Six Female Characters I’d Love to See Recurring on Wayward Sisters:

1. Krissy Chambers

First Appearance: 7x11 “Adventures in Babysitting”.
Last Appearance: 8x18 “Freaks and Geeks”
Status: Hunter

2. Josephine Barnes

Only Appearance: 8x18 “Freaks and Geeks”
Status: Hunter

3. Kate

First Appearance: 8x04 “Bitten”
Last Appearance: 10x04 “Paper Moon”
Status: Werewolf

4. Tracy Bell

Only Appearance: 9x02 “Devil May Care”
Status: Hunter

5. Gwen Hernandez

Only Appearance: 12x15 “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”
Status: Alive, college student

6. Linda Tran

First Appearance: 7x21 “Reading is Fundamental” (portrayed by Khaira Ledeyo)
Last Appearance: 9x14 “Captives”
Status: Alive, unknown

Five Six Female Characters I’d Love to See Brought Back for Wayward Sisters:

1. Charlie Bradbury

First Appearance: 7x20 “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”
Last Appearance:
10x21 “Dark Dynasty”

2. Ellen (and Jo) Harvelle

First Appearance: 2x02 “Everybody Loves a Clown”
Last Appearance (Ellen): 6x17 “My Heart Will Go On” (AU)
Last Appearance (Jo): 7x14 “Defending Your Life” (as a ghost)

3. Eileen Leahy

First Appearance: 11x11 “Into the Mystic”
Last Appearance: 12x21 “There’s Something About Mary”

4. Gwen Campbell

First Appearance: 6x01 “Exile on Main Street”
Last Appearance: 6x16 “…And Then There Were None”

5. Rowena Macleod

First Appearance: 10x03 “Soul Survivor”
Last Appearance:
12x13 “Family Feud”

Five Female Characters I’d Love to Have Happen for Wayward Sisters:

1. Asian hunters

2. A transwoman hunter

3. A witch that isn’t evil

(I suppose that technically, Alicia and Max Banes count for this, but I’m really unhappy with how they handled them and their story. :( )

4. A vampire that doesn’t feed on humans (à la Lenore)

5. A female prophet

Obviously these are just The Dream™, based on my own personal favorites, but I am curious about who other people would like to see return or resurrected for the show, as well as types of characters that they’d like to see.

Update: Netflix recommended Being Human

Short Review: Good

Long Review: Starts off with a Jewish man who’s a werewolf, and his sister, who is a lesbian. There’s a vampire, and the vampire and the werewolf are rooming together. They have a ghost roommate who is a PoC gal and is really admirable. She has feelings and a personality. Anyway I’m in love?

Hell and Silence || Chapter Six


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Drinking

Word Count: 5,002

Authors Note: Chapter Six! Horray! I know this chapter is considerable shorting than the proceeding ones, but it’s action packed. Hope you guys have been enjoying this so far… and what do you think of Derek and Vanessa? What’s going on with them? Well….

Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four     Chapter Five



I can’t believe I fucking brought up Isaac when she was about to go down on me. How stupid am I?

I feel like such a stereotypical horny guy thinking this- it’s selfish, really- but I can’t help thinking about Isaac’s words, telling me how amazing she is with that sarcastic mouth of hers. I was about to know just how good she really is, but I just had to bring up the boyfriend. Is it even about that, though? Cause I would have been perfectly fine just holding her in my arms for just a few minutes more. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any thoughts on WolfCon? :D

Do I?

I adore this trope to death (and you should read the AMAZING GIFT that was crafted for me by the wonder that is @crossroadswrite. Go read it. It’s better than anything I could produce). I’m sorry but I’m now going to rant at you about the thing that I really love about this trope, and that I never read often enough:

Derek Hale, the werewolf.

(with woves pics, because apparently it’s a tradition when I write now)

In fics, Derek often kinda fails at being human. He’s too violent, too silent, too creepy. And sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s heartbreaking, sometimes it’s cute. But I don’t often read fic  acknowledging that Derek isn’t Erica or Scott or Boyd or Isaac. Derek fails at being human because he never was one.

Derek was born a werewolf, grew up with werewolf parents, werewolf brothers and sisters and uncle and grandparents. He was a baby with fangs, a kid who fell asleep to stories of little werewolves saving the world, grew up a teenager fighting with his parents when he had to fake being bad at sports. 

And why would the werewolf world have the same social rules as humans? They have different metabolisms, different hierarchy rules, a different sense of legacy and territory.

I want to read about a world where a lot of sentences are short and to the point, because half the informations is olfactory. Where you don’t have to expand on some subjects, because body language is the norm and the way you will incline your chin, lower your shoulders, raise your eyes will say more than any words.

I want a world where letting your eyes flash or your fangs drop might mean threat or sarcasm or honesty depending on your whole body language. Where jokes are so, so different from human’s because they are based on a lie obvious to your public in your heartbeat, in a ridiculous contradiction between words and body posture. Where personal space is not a polite concept, but similar to humans yelling at somebody from the other side of the room, since so much of the meaning comes with scent. Talking to someone from a few feet away forces him to sniff the air obviously like a pup and it’s rude.

I want werewolf traditions where earth is the more touching gift that can be given to a potential mate, because it represents territory and pack and safety. Where flowers are an insult because the scent is often overpowering and they remind them of wolfsbane.

In their world where bones mend in minutes, pain is a thing that can be taken away and werewolf walk around with extreme strength, violence is not frowned upon so much. Pups fight already to the blood, biting by accident with too sharp fangs. Adults arguing often shove each other roughly. Fighting is something they learn all their life, just in case, and a part of their life they are not ashamed of.

And more than all, the werewolf world would be one where touch is a whole part of communication. Touching strangers is the norm to prove you means no harm. Keeping your scent to yourself can only mean hidden agenda, and being afraid of your actions being traced back to you by scent.

And werewolves are packs before being families. So werewolf kids grow up thinking that touch is something obvious, something they should never beg or ask permission for. If you sit somewhere, other will organically accumulate around you. If you are tired, you can fall asleep on others. Hugs are the norm, kisses too. Pack will touch all the time for comfort, for love, for pack sent.

So, you know. I miss fics where Derek isn’t so much a fail!wolf as a perfect werewolf, just evolving in a world where he can’t handle social clues.

Where a few years in school only means that he learned to imitate human attitudes but doesn’t really understand it, like a second language he can only use clumsily.

Kate the hunter makes so much sense like this. She would have known everything about werewolf behavior and would have played right into it to seduce Derek. On the other hand, when we actually see Derek try to seduce a human in the show, it just so over the top that it looks like he’s trying to imitate something he saw in a TV show…

So you know. Maybe Derek is not silent, but simply surrounded by people unable to understand him. He speaks a dead language in this town now.

Stiles, Allison, Lydia are humans. Scott, Erica, Boyd, Jackson, Isaac are humans that just took on a wolf pelt.

And when Derek jokes, with a terse phrase but a playful raise of his shoulders, they only hear the terse phrase.

When he raises his eyebrows, they can’t read the meaning in his scent. He’s only raising his eyebrows.

When they fight, they only see the violence, they don’t associate with the way pups play fight.

When he sits somewhere in silence, they will not come naturally to touch and Derek will not think of asking because they are pack.

So now, let’s come back to the WolfCon trope.

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  • My sister: are we all on our periods?
  • Me: yeah we're synched.
  • My mom: I'm the alpha though because you're all synched to my period.
  • My sister: you're Scott McCall.
  • My mom: I'm who?
  • My sister: Scott McCall. Teen Wolf. you're the alpha. I'll be Liam. Blair will be Theo.
  • Me: ew no I'm Malia.
  • My sister: is she a werewolf?
  • Me: coyote.
  • My sister: yeah a were-something.
  • My brother: I'm Stiles. Cause he's human.