werewolf of fever swamp

Not gonna lie, I’m super jazzed for the new Goosebumps movie. First Jurassic World, now this? It’s like the year of awesome nostalgia. I also love having a reason to draw werewolves and evil puppets together. They are two of my favorite things. Too bad I still suck at watercolors! The dirty bastards. 

Anyways, enjoy! 

….so I have the werewolf of fever swamp episode on my itunes….

Oh Katie, your taste in boys at age 8 needed some serious work. 

but there you have it, the first “wolfman” I had a crush on. 

I see we’re not quite old/fit enough to just wear the sleeveless checkered shirt with the country overalls. XD

And who the fuck names their child “Grady”?