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Certain Kind of Fool by saraubs

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 36530

Derek, who has been dragged against his will to the same resort his family visits every summer, is determined to spend the next two and a half months sequestered in his room. His only friend, his sister Laura, is preoccupied with her newly-bonded mate, and doesn’t seem to care about anything but making him happy.

When Derek meets Stiles Stilinski, a sharp-tongued waiter, he thinks that this summer might not be a complete waste of time. There are only two problems: First, Stiles is human. Second, he doesn’t believe in mates.

'Til the End of Time (Laura/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Laura/Stiles

Hope you enjoy it, Nonnie! Teeny Fic #37

If you are the desert
I’ll be the sea.
If you ever hunger 
Hunger for me.
Whatever you ask for
That’s what I’ll be.

Father Figure by George Michael

‘Til the End of Time. Laura/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Laura doesn’t expect to find her mate studying for a chemistry test with her baby sister, but that’s just her luck.

“If Mom tells me that I should come home more often one more time, I swear that I’m not visiting again for five years,” Laura mutters into the phone. “Does she do that with you, too?”

“Of course she does,” Derek says, laughing at her misfortune because he’s an awful brother. “The difference is that I’m a mere three hour drive away, whereas you decided to move across the country for school.”

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Author: really-meg

Pairing: Reader X Scott McCall

Warnings: NSFW the usual what u expected

Word Count: 1,195

Requested: “Scott McCall: where the reader is a werewolf and is Scotts mate but he doesn’t want to admit it but then gets jealous when he sees a guy flirting with her and then there’s smutt and fluff? Please and thank you! Love the way you capture Scott!”

A/N: I AM SO SO SO SORRY I’m so sorry this took me so long somehow it got forgotten in my mess of a life and you prob got tired of waiting and blocked me or something but if your reading this please forgive me!!!!!!!!

You and Scott McCall were never one to meet eye to eye. You hadn’t known him for that long, only since Sophomore year and it was because Derek had turned you into a werewolf. Scott was a bit reluctant to let you into his pack finally giving in. The rest of his pack welcomed you with open arms eventually adding more and more people until you looked more like a crazy sci-fi television show than a werewolf pack.

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I Want You- Dean Ambrose/Baron Corbin x Reader

||This will be a love triangle mini-series. I’ll try to make it very wolfy, cause y'all love.||

“Hey Y/N,” Baron quietly said as he took a quick seat beside you. You blushed and put your phone down, “Hey Baron. I don’t know if we can keep this going..” Your eyes hung as you felt a red flush fill your skin. You didn’t want to hear his response but it had to be done.

“Us being a couple? Is that it?” Baron questioned with a confused tone. You nodded in response. Baron wrapped his right arm around your waist to bring you closer, “you know I’m your mate right? We may not be together as a couple thing but we will be a traditional mated couple in the wolf sense.”

Your eyes darted to his, “But Dean said I’m his? Like I wanted to break what we have here off, to you know kinda start something stable with him.”

Baron took a deep breathe, your words cut his esteem a little but he wasn’t about to let you know. “Well, it seems we’re at an impasse. So he told you that you’re going to be his mate? Cause I mean if he did, you’re a special pup in the pack.”

“Special? Like having two mates? Shit that ain’t happening. I can only handle one guy at a time,” you laughed. Baron cocked his head, “Well it looks like you’ve been talking behind my back to the mutt boy. So yes, you can handle the both of us!”

You pried his hand from your waist, “he’s no mutt Baron! And who says I’m really your goddamn mate?” Your gaze was heating up.

“Your scent is so strong, it’s lilacs and gooseberries. It stinks up the room when you’re in it,” Baron chuckled, “did he tell you the same scent?”

You nodded, “yea but he put gooseberries first.”

You traveled back to Dean’s cabin guided by the light of the moon. You knocked hoping he was still there. At first there was no response and you tried peeping through the window to see if anyone was home.

Then the door opened to a naked Ambrose, “Hon, warn a dude before coming.”

Your eyes caught a glimpse of his package before you averted your eyes, “S-sorry Dean. I was just visiting everyone, thought I’d come back here to crash tonight. Can I ask why are you nak-“

“I was wolfing. When you knocked I didn’t have opposable thumbs to open shit with.”

You laughed and made your way in without being invited in, “maybe you should make a pull thing where you can pull it as a wolf and it opens the door.”

Dean slipped his underwear on, “well I’m not a freaking inventor, okay? On the other hand why do you have a fuck boy’s scent on you. I didn’t give you permission to visit his territory.”

You opened the fridge and took a beer, “He knows. He said I’m his mate too. Said I was some special pup,” you put the beer on a table and embraced the bare chested Dean, “I don’t wanna choose between the both of you.”

Dean’s hands traveled up the backside of your tank and rubbed your warm skin, “you really don’t have to. But your heat will trick you. We just gotta lock up the house and have some wolves watching outside. We’ll be fine baby cakes.”

“Why me?” You whimpered.

“Because you’re fucking gorgeous girl. Obviously your scent was meant to be shared with another..less deserving loner,” he pushed you back so he could look into your eyes. Your eyes traced his face, his rough scruff, his messily cared for hair, and his daring blue eyes.

“You’re mine Y/N. And he’s not getting this,” he gave a firm grasp onto your ass, “that’s mine. Your mine. The bastard can stay a lone wolf.”

In a One Shot ...

You were freshly turned not even a month ago, and now your being held in the spare room of Derek Hale. Locked from the outside only to be opened for food and refreshments. 

You were dangerous, and not in control. Feeling the lustful heat course through every inch of your body. Wanting to be bred. Even though you never thought of having children but just the thought of having a mate, drove you completely insane. 

You clawed the walls, growled at anything that moved. Bars on the windows and a little slot in the door. You could never sleep, that when you grew more hungry. For a hunger that Derek or anyone refused to satisfy.

You yelled, howled, trying. Just trying to be heard. 


“Derek let me out!” You growled looking through the slot on the door at him.

“No, as your Alpha I am protecting you from wolves that may take advantage of you. Including me.” He said slowing getting hushed at the thought. 

You were part of the pack, and truthfully a powerful new wolf. You were no beta, but you supposed you would be one. Derek, had feelings for you, you could smell it anytime he looked at you. Now you could sense him doing exactly what you want, losing his strength to hold back his predatory side of him. 

You whined loudly. “Please Derek.” You begged. 

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“Shut up.” He commanded pointing to you seeing Stiles and Scott coming into his loft.

You smirked at him raising his voice. As soon as the two boys entered, their heads snapped towards you. 

“Do not even think about it. You know what happens, they become tricksters. Don’t look at her, or talk to her.” He said walking them into another room out of your view. You purred, it sounded like Derek wanted you all to himself. 

“Oh Alpha.” You moan biting your lip.  Scott was the first to come into view, you smiled through the slot in the door. 

“Let me out.” You mouthed with a fanged grin. 

Scott moved towards the door slowly. He was quiet trying to not make much noise. His eyes changed color and he breathed heavier unlocking the door and letting the door swing. You jumped out and laughed. 

“Good boy.” You pulled Scott into you and kissed him hard, finally releasing some ache you had for contact. Scotts hands traveled all underneath your clothes and started tearing them off when he was pushed aside. 

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Seeing Derek stand in between you, and them. You growled at his interruption, but his reply made you stop. 

“Mine.” He growled at the two boys as you finally realized they were taken under the aroma of your intoxicating pheromone. The boys moved towards you and, you them. 

“Mine!” Derek yelled again. 

This time the boys understood and walked out of the loft. You tried following them whimpering but a hard grasp on your wrist made you roar in pain. 

Derek replied bringing you close to him, you hand already starting to bruise. 

“Leave me go.” You growled low. 

“You are mine.” He said pushing you to the wall facing him. You gasped feeling the hard, carnivorous licks and kisses on your neck. Derek Hale, your alpha, was now showing you seduction, and passion. 

Fuck.”  You mouthed feeling his claws grab you rear and lift you up. 

“Please Derek, make me yours!” You yelped throughout your low moans. 

With that, and a blink, you were naked. He stripped bare and stared at you with deep red eyes. 

Your hands threw his shirt off in one motion, his muscles bulged with power. He pulled his own jeans in boxers off, he was angry with your stalling. 

“I’ll make them see who you belong to.” He said grabbing a fist full of your hair and pulling you into the bed. He cracked his hand across your bum cheeks, you fell onto the bed. You smiled and growled at him, which only fueled his raging lust for you. 

He grabbed both of your wrists and held them on your lower back as he positioned you with your rump up, facing him. 

With one powerful thrust he was inside you. He was pounding the imprint of your body into the sheets. He gave no mercy. 

“Say it.” He yelled stopping completely.

“I’m yours.” You growled. 

“Good and never forget it.” He growled back tightening his grip on your wrists with both hands, using your momentum to proceed deeper into you. 

You were in sync with your climax. You moaned each others names while opening your mouths wide exposing your fangs. 

He pulled away and hit the wall behind you breathing heavy.

“Get back in the room.” He yelled not looking at you. 

“What, why?” You said standing up. Derek looked down at himself seeing his condomless cock. 

“Because I love you and pray that we don’t have a child.” 


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You looked at him sad then. You proceeded to the room, and holding your stomach. 

You were finally satisfied. 

Possesion. (BAEKHYUN, werewolf!au, Mating Season series) *NC-17*

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Possesion.- Baekhyun, werewolf!au, Mating Season *NC-17*
Warning: Smut.


“No, Chanyeol, please~!!” another of your pleas and squeals were interrupted by Chanyeol’s rumbling growl, when he flipped you on the couch and pounced.

Why was Baekhyun getting so mad from this? He wandered himself as he stood in the kitchen, his sharpened senses hearing the entire conversation that lead to the fight.

“Are you still going to call me a floppy-eared parody of a wolf?!” Chanyeol’s voice roared and Baekhyun could easily imagine what he was doing to you at the moment. Deciding this was the time he would reveal himself, he waltzed into the living room almost nonchalantly, as if his inner beast wasn’t already barring his fangs at his best friend and mate, tickling each other on the couch.

Your outfit was definitely not for a roughhousing round with Chanyeol. The short skirt was moved up due to your kicking; showing your innocent white panties that you wore underneath and your tank top was getting pulled to the side, revealing the top of your bra.

Before he could stop it, a snarl was tearing through Baekhyun, loud enough to stop the two of you.

“B-baek?” your confused stutter and uncertain reaching for him had his beast sizzling down, but just a little. Baekhyun forced a smile on his face.

Normally, he wouldn’t really mind- he knows Chanyeol is happily mated and he has eyes for no one else than her, but Baekhyun woke up that morning to an uncomfortable tightening in his body.

Mating season is coming on.

“What are you doing to my mate?!” Baekhyun roared and jumped on Chanyeol, ripping him off you and throwing him on the ground. A feral grin settled on Baekhyun’s face a second before he successfully got the giant werewolf in a headlock while trapping his arms against his body by wrapping his legs around his torso.

“A-ah, no, Baek! She started it, I swear-Jesus fuck, Baek! Ow!”Chanyeol’s pleas for forgiveness were accompanied by your twinkling laughter, to which Baekhyun turned his head.

“She did, huh?” his voice was no more than a honeyed rumble and your laughter died in your throat, because he was wearing that grin again and his eyes flickered red.

Immediately, you sat upright, straightening your skirt over your legs and made sure your shirt was the right way.

You didn’t get why Baekhyun decided to join in on your fighting- usually he stands by the side and cheers you on while you kick Chanyeol’s ass. Yet today was different.

You saw him before he made himself noticeable. The look he had on his face made you shiver under the giant’s fingers. He looked so perfectly pissed, the fire in the pit of your stomach ignited.

You could say you definitely loved when Baekhyun was angry. He looked so hot when his gaze straightened and he pursed his lips, every muscle in his body tightening. You knew that he had a beast inside him that could rip out at any time, but when he was pissed, the only thing you wanted to do was throw yourself at him and let him do whatever he wanted.

“I surrender, I surrender, fuck, Baekhyun!” Chanyeol yipped in defeat, his muscles falling limp in submissiveness against Baekhyun.

Baekhyun chuckled, finally letting go and standing up, stretching out. When he arched his back, his shirt deliciously rolled up and it made your mouth dry. Holy shit, you had a hot werewolf mate.

The flame in the pit of your stomach died however, when he turned to you with the most adorable smile you’ve ever seen on him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be here to save you!” he patted your cheek affectionately before bopping your nose cutely.

“Kyungsoo made dinner, I was to call you two.” he referred to the wincing giant on the floor as well, stretching his arms as well.

“Yah! It’s getting cold!” the cook’s voice called from the kitchen and Baekhyun was out of the room sooner than you could realize, whining and screaming “Nooo~!”, leaving you confused on the couch.

Maybe you just imagined the red angry eyes, and he was being playful after all.


“That was really nice of Kyungsoo that he invited us to dinner.” you commented as you fished for your keys in your purse. Baekhyun hummed in reply and it made you look at him from the corner of your eyes. His hands were shoved down his pockets, shoulders hunched and tense and his posture almost…cautious? As if he was waiting for something.

You shook it off with a shrug, letting out a victorious “Aha!” as you go the keys out.

“I wonder how he knew that I wante-Baek!” you didn’t even have the chance to reach for the light- the ground disappeared from under you before you found yourself on your back in your pitch-black hallway.


“Shh~” he warned you, his lips pressed tightly against yours, in-between spreading your legs and ripping away the panties that had him testing his patience all night long. When his lips trailed downwards, pausing only for a second to bite your breasts lightly before continuing, his tongue giving a firm flick over your clit, your head fell back with a moan.

“Yes~” you mewled, your legs spreading wider apart for him and your hand burying in his hair, pushing him down on you some more.

Your tiny pleas were drowned out by the sudden lewd noises as he started to lick mercilessly up and down your pussy, hitting all the right places to get you wet. A shiver ran through your body when Baekhyun growled, pulling your body closer to his mouth by your thighs, fingers biting hard into your flesh.

The tip of his tongue ghosted over your entrance for a while before he suddenly changed his mind, deciding to wrap his lips around your engorged clit and sucked.

Your body arched with a scream that was muffled when Baekhyun clamped a hand over your mouth. He held it there tightly, before opting to slip two of his fingers inside your mouth, urging you to suck on them. With a broken moan you followed out it silent command, your lips closing around his fingers and tongue playing with the moving digits while his assault on your nether parts continued.

Your back writhed on the carpeted floor and you weren’t quite sure what you wanted to do- move closer or scoot away. In that moment, it didn’t matter because Baekhyun’s fingers were already sliding out of your wet cavern and down your chest. With another accompanying snarl, Baekhyun’s claws ripped through your shirt and bra, leaving you exposed to his teasing fingers.

“Baek, ah~, wai-“ you tried to lift yourself on your elbows, but you couldn’t even see his face. With another sudden movement, he grabbed your thighs and pushed them behind your head, leaving you on your shoulder blades and all opened up for him.

Baek! Hnng~!” your cries fell on deaf ears and Baekhyun growled in warning when one of your legs wanted to move their position. A hard hand fell on the back of your thigh, the slap leaving a stinging sensation in its wake, as he pressed it down even more, until your feet were by your head.

You tried to say something- to plead at him to stop because it was becoming too much, because of the gathering heat in between your legs, because of the pressure it was causing on your chest, because you were currently on your hallway floor and he was eating you out like there was no tomorrow…

That was when he dipped his face a little lower and he thrust his tongue into you . It left you a bit breathless at first, until his tongue started moving in and out of you, mocking the way he would do it with his fingers or cock.

“Oh god! Baek! Ah, Shit, Ahh~!” your stream of curses was interrupted by the two of his hands clamping down on your mouth.

It was coming, oh god, you were so close, just a few more times, please…your hips ground desperately against his mouth and Baek quickened his pace with his tongue and with the last thrust that ended by doing that  thing with his sinful lips and your clit had you screaming, sobbing into his hands.

Oh god, you can’t remember when was the last time you came so aggressively.

It was so pleasurable, almost to the point that it hurt, and so you scrambled in his arms, rolling on your stomach and ripping his mouth form your womanhood.

“No, Baek, please~” you sobbed, mad with pleasure when Baekhyun flipped you on your back again with a snarl before he heaved you up by your waist and pushed your legs back to your head, now closed tightly together. He dove in one last time that had you writhing and sobbing. It was as if he didn’t even care that you were making so much noise anymore, both of his arms holding you upright and tongue flicking in between your folds. Your body shuddered with the unspeakable pleasure that wrecked through you. Baekhyun milked you for the last bits of your orgasm, until you slumped lifelessly in his hold.

His chest rumbled as his hand possessively grabbed at the back of your neck and tilted you to him, kissing your lips deeply. You moaned when you tasted yourself on his tongue, and you feebly reached for him.

Instead of romantically gathering you into his arms, something which Baekhyun’s always did and you loved, he threw you over his shoulder.

“Baekhyun! What are you-“

“Bad girls should be punished, ___-ah.”

“W-what did I do, though?!” his growl was exquisite as he placed you over the dinner table, face down and ass up, knees spread wantonly for him.

“Only I’m allowed to make you squeal.” he grated, mercilessly pushing two fingers into you and ignoring your shrieks of pleasure.

“So I’ll fuck you so hard and make you come so many times, you won’t have a voice for the next fucking week.”

Stiles courts Peter by leaving him the heads/corpses of his enemies - Gerard, Kate, those in the Alpha Pack that dared lay even a claw on Peter, even Meredith for violating Peter’s mind and then dumping all the blame on him for the deadpool business.

Of course, Stiles is always careful, always makes sure Peter has a solid alibi before he goes and deals with whoever has harmed Peter enough to deserve Stiles going after them.

And Peter is confused at first, and understandably suspicious (is someone trying to frame him and get him locked up or killed?), but it doesn’t take long for him to realize what all the bodies mean, that they’re courting gifts meant for him of all people, an archaic tradition even amongst werewolves (most go with flowers and other more socially acceptable customs these days, which is ever so boring in Peter’s opinion), to show that the one doing the courting is both willing and able to protect the one being courted, and Peter soon finds himself flattered and pleased by the attention.  Nobody’s ever courted him before.  It’s an exhilarating novelty.

And when other gifts begin appearing on his doorstep - a delicious cajun chicken pasta one time, a drool-worthy coffee and peanut butter chocolate cake another, and - most memorable - the bloody heart of an Alpha, still warm when Peter lifts it out of its rune-covered container with reverent hands - all to show that Peter’s secret admirer can provide for him as well, Peter decides that it’s high time to figure out who is courting him so that he can start returning the favour.

Inevitably, he realizes that it’s Stiles, which is even better.  He’s always been drawn to Stiles, attracted to his loyalty and cunning and sharp biting wit, and Peter is pleasantly surprised and utterly thrilled to find that Stiles is apparently equally drawn to Peter and also has no qualms about courting him the good old-fashioned way.

It’s impossible for Peter not to reciprocate, to show that he too can and will protect and provide for Stiles, that they can be magnificent and terrifying together, and that the fascination and growing affection and the increasingly powerful pull of mineminemine between them are entirely mutual.

Stiles has his own fair share of enemies now, and it’s infuriating how self-absorbed and neglectful people tend to be when it comes to Stiles, so Peter will rip out the throats of Stiles’ enemies and lay their carcasses at his feet, and he’ll care for Stiles so that the boy will never feel lonely or think himself forgotten again.

Peter can’t wait until they can hunt together.  His mate will look beautiful under the moon, drenched in blood and triumph with Peter at his side.

come run through the woods

Summary: Daesung discovers his mate in the fall of his junior year. (Werewolf!AU)

Rating: Gen. Aud.

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humor, Oneshot, Supernatural.

Length: 3.9k

A/N: Daesung is such a sweetheart. 

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“Hyung. Hyung, I have a problem.”

Just one?” Youngbae throws back, snickering on the other line.

Daesung groans, his head falling back until it hits the hard tiles on the bathroom walls. “Hyung, I’m serious. I need your help.”

He wouldn’t be hiding in the bathroom of the history department building if serious shit wasn’t going down. It smells absolutely rancid in here, the acrid smell of vaporized piss invading his sensitive nose. He stifles a whine of misery in his throat, tugging the collar of his sweater over his nose for a quick breath of his own cologne.

Fine, sorry,” Youngbae concedes, sounding a tinge sheepish. “What’s up?”


Daesung hesitates, embarrassment turning his stomach. “How did you—how did you know Hyorin-noona was your mate?”

The line falls silent, but Daesung can practically hear the delighted smile on Youngbae’s face through the phone. “Ooohhh? Has our innocent little dongsaeng finally discovered his mate? Wait until I tell Ji, he’s going to be so jealous. His D-Lite is growing up~”

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The Book- Roman Reigns x Reader

You followed behind Roman and Seth in the airport. You heaved all of your equipment in suitcase and a backpack. Your eyes narrowed on the zipper on Roman’s suitcase, it was half open. Suddenly a book wiggled it’s way out and you quickly picked it up.

You were about to tell Roman that he dropped a book, but this book was strange. Your eyes kept going over its title, ‘Lycanthropy guide and pack forming.’ You shook your head at the funny title. You decided to keep it for the night; really you just wanted to look up and read it.


You laid on the bed with your laptop, plugged up to charge. You grabbed the book and searched, “Lycanthropy.” The definition you found was, “the supernatural transformation of a person into a wolf, as recounted in folk tales.” Your brows furrowed in question. Either Roman thinks he’s a werewolf or maybe that’s what Creative wanted him to go as for Halloween. He fit the big, hairy type of wolf man.

You opened the book for the first time. And the first thing your eyes are drawn to is some highlighting and writing he put in. “Your mate, when you find the one will smell like the scents you sniff in nature.”

You gave an uncomfortable laugh at the rest of the page. And at the bottom was your name. You flipped through the rest of the book to see a few more times your name is mentioned. Hearts, there were hearts by your name. Obviously he has a high school crush on you.

You continued to read through the guide learning more and more about werewolves before calling it a night.


“Hey Ro, uh is this your book?” You asked holding up the cover. A wide eyed Roman quickly snatched the book from your hands, “where did you get THIS?”

“Well your suitcase’s zipper kinda opened and it dropped out at the airport. And well I didn’t see you anywhere afterwards,” you said lying. Roman flipped through the pages quickly to see if they had been tampered with, “well, thanks Y/N.”

“Yea, anytime. But uh I saw my name written a lot in there. Why?” You had to question before taking your leave. Roman hung his head and gave an uncomfortable chuckle, “Well, didn’t you read the book?”

“Yea I did. My name was all over the mating chapter. So uh, does that mean I’m your-“

“Yes, mate. You’re mine. And I know that sounds fucking creepy but it’s just the wolf. I didn’t have a say in anything,” he slowly explained.

“So what does this mean for us?” You asked. He shifted his weight, “well I mean I’ll give you some time to take this all in. But if you wanna text me we’ll work out a relationship.”

You blushed bright red, “I’d love to be your girl.”

“Mate,” he corrected you, “it means so much more than boyfriend ever could.”

First. (SUHO werewolf!au- Mating Season series) *NC-17*

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First. - Junmyeon werewolf!AU *NC-17*

Warning: Smut


You still questioned if you were ready for this, as you leaned back against the pillows on your bed. The material felt magnificent against your bare back, and the same went for your legs. You crossed your arms over your chest, across the beautiful black bra. The lingerie set you bought along with Kyungsoo’s girlfriend was so beautiful, it intimidated you a little. The black set had a few pink ribbons placed on the right places and your hair had been up in a similar ribbon styled band.

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“Klaus, what I feel for you has nothing to do with the Bond, and everything to do with you. You have been the one person I can always turn to. I used to hate that. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Caroline is a human who suddenly finds herself mated to the most powerful werewolf in existence. The mate Bond is a powerful thing. Caroline knew who Klaus was the moment she laid eyes on him…and the wolf laid eyes on her. Although with the Bond comes many things, love is far from one of them. Love is more than a chemical. Love takes time.

alright i’ve accepted that i always write the kinda weird au’s so HERE WE GO

so, werewolf!eggsy

where no one (’cept his mum, of course) knew about it until one day there’s a mission with him and roxy that goes tits up while harry and merlin are watching from hq. and suddenly, instead of eggsy being there as her back up, there’s a gigantic wolf coming out of nowhere to fuck everyone’s shit up.

and this wolf is huge, like, taller than Harry or Merlin huge, and bullets seem to be doing a whole lot of nothin’ to it while it’s doing a very good job of removing the threats and their limbs.

the wolf gets roxy up on its haunches and then gets the hell outta there and to their pick up point.

the wolf is then shaking itself out and it’s just eggsy again (with a bunch of used bullets being shed out too), stark naked and sharp toothed and not really able to form words yet, just growling at the driver to drive already, the scent of blood is too strong, and when they show up at hq, roxy’s pale but breathing and a naked eggsy is curled up by her feet on the floor.

and everyone gets patched up and looked after and clothed again, except eggsy’s noticing some wary looks and even some fuckin’ pistols aimed his way, and he just looks kinda sheepish and says “my bad, yeah?”.

so they get him locked in the observation room (eggsy’s totally fine with it, he gets it, really, and just sits calmly on the table, not the chair) and looks at the mirror that he knows is a two-way, with harry, merlin, and roxy (her arm in a cast) on the other side.

and they ask him some questions and he answers them all like it’s no big deal, shrugging or scratching behind his neck like “i dunno, been like this all my life? dad had the gene but he was recessive or somethin’, i guess?” and “my mom’s ex had wolfsbane or somethin’ in his cologne, the dirty bastard” and “yeah, tried kibble once, awful stuff, won’t even giv’ it to JB now.”

and he answers everything dutifully until finally twitching his nose and interrupting, saying “you all back there, then?” because since all this fuss, he hasn’t been able to be around his kingsmen, his fam, his pack, and he’s missing them somethin’ awful already, and if he were in his other forms his tail would be waggin’.

and since he hasn’t transformed for a long while, definitely before he knew about kingsman, his abilities hadn’t been working at full speed, particularly his sense of smell, but he can smell them all so much better now, and he’s trying to place a scent to person, eyes shut as his nose twitches.

he starts saying, “there’s someone who’s smellin’ of… real fancy cologne, an’ some expensive cognac or something, a lil’ like cigar and a lot like gun smoke,” eggsy twitches his nose and continues, “smells like.. like, I dunno, like, an ‘alpha’, is what wolves call it? the one who you follow, the leader, ya?”

and they look at harry, who’s preening, of course, because he’s harry, but also really looks quite honoured

eggsy tilts his head and continues, “annnnd someone smellin’ of… wisteria, and roses, an’ lilies and other flowers but also spice but it’s nice,” he smiles contently and continues, “I think, someone who’s like… my other arm, a partner, someone I count on, who I lean on, ya?”

they look at roxy, who looks touched, gaze warm as she watches her friend

“and someone who’s.. who’s…” and eggsy seems to be getting a little lost in the scent, smiling dreamily about it, “someone who smells like… pine, and the sea, a lil’ like whisky, an’ an’, honey? and jus’ like…wow. just smells really really good, I can’t really place it??” and they watch eggsy give a happy sigh, biting at his lip, “like honestly bruv, I don’t think I ever smelt somethin’ like this before, just wow.”

on the other side of the mirror, roxy and harry turn to look at merlin, roxy’s got one prim eyebrow raised and a small smirk, and harry’s grinning at him as if to say “you old dog, you” but instead all he does is clap him on the shoulder with an all too suggestive waggle of eyebrows, and merlin doesn’t get it, what are the other two going on about, he just sounds confused, why are you both smiling, and only thinking about what eggsy said about the others and not about him. What was he to eggsy, other than ‘a good smell’?

and merlin continues to not get it until he wakes up the next night with an inhuman heat pressed against his back and an oddly cold nose nuzzling the back of his neck

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