werewolf mates

Imagine Derek catching Stiles with his hand in the cookie jar, grabbing a handful of cookies with even more in his mouth. Stiles freezes like an animal in headlights and Derek scolds him. Lacking an excuse, Stiles shouts, “I’m pregnant,” and runs off with the jar.

Any other day, Derek wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but taking into consideration a full moon has just passed and ‘conveniently’ was in time with Derek’s heat, Derek starts to worry that it might be true.

In classic Stiles form, it’s not; it was just the first response he had, but because he couldn’t think of anything better he has to put up with a very panicked Derek who’s worried he’s not going to be a good father, crying about how he wants kids but not so soon, etc. And soon those cookies disappear from Derek’s stress eating.

The Pride of a Pack Series: The Accused, Pt.1 - Always on the run

1,993 Words, Rated T: Brief mentions of torture and distress. Blood, injury and mild language.

Everything seemed to be playing at double speed. Wide-eyed and panic-stricken, you ran. Trees blurred as you sped past them, their branches relentlessly whipping the side of your face as if to snap you out of this nightmare-like reality.

The air wrapped around you, suffocating you until your lungs caught up to catch a breath. There was no time, the burning in your chest, making its way up your throat could not be dissuaded. Though your mouth was bone dry, your palms were wet, cold sharp sweat dripped off your brow. The exertion of running and jumping over the forest foliage was too much, far too much for your delicate body.

The deafening sound of angry men and feral dogs became relentless in your ears. The shadows of trees and the dull night sky could not shelter the light of their blazing torches. Fire, air, water & earth. All the elements worked against your bruised, beaten self.

Previous images of your hellish night tumbled through your mind: fire and blood, the smell of smoke and mist. Flashes of faces: people you once knew, they no longer knew you as the innocent young women you once were perceived to be.

Abruptly, your ankle gave way with a sickening crack. You cried out, horrifically. The yelp bouncing off the tree bark and hills of stone. Your eyes stung with tears but the slight sting was nothing compared to your now throbbing ankle.

Panicked and not entirely in control of your racing mind, you were forced to act upon instinct instead of reason. As the intense light from the townsmen’s torches neared, you scrambled on hand and foot, ineffectively caring for your injury, causing bursts of excruciating pain to spread. But you held onto what you predicted was your last reminiscence of life.

You saw thick dark blood marring your skin, you watched, faint-minded as a drop flowed slowly down your calf and fell, painting a blade of grass. What was once green and alive was now tainted and weighted with your blood. It had you nauseous, the threat of bile on your tongue was enough to numb your mind and let your body swing lifelessly to the ground.

Your eyes felt thick and sleepy, the rest of your body followed through. The only thing you could feel was the feeling of warm trickling blood flowing down through your fingers onto the earth’s bed, the coldness of the mossy forest floor made your body numb to anything else. The yells and curses died away in your ears despite the footsteps increasing in pace and nearing your exhausted frame. All that you could hear was white noise and the slowing down of your heart.

Vision blurring and old frozen tears sticking to your pale face, your world drained of colour until it all went black.

That was until you heard an ear-splitting howl coming from behind you and the jarred screams of humans being torn apart from their flesh.

Being sent straight to unconsciousness was a death sentence in itself. The pictures behind your eyelids warped into a landscape of twisted trees and jagged rocks. The sky was black when you looked up yet it melted into a bloody ooze of stark red. Looking behind you, the red of the tainted sky blended and blurred with bursts of flames: all of which were getting closer and closer. You thought you screamed but not a sound came out from your mouth. Instead, a vicious roar sounded from behind you, your head whipped around at the noise but there was nothingness, the world was black and white.

The first thing you felt was the throbbing of your head. Though your eyes were still closed, you inwardly winced as pain seeped through your entire body, rooting to your ankle. You darned move yet you wanted to know what you were lying on. It was soft, not entirely comfortable but it was much more bearable than sleeping on the ground of a prison cell for eight days.

Th sun’s light blared and your eyes attempted to adjust to the new setting.

Sun. Morning. You never thought you would wake to see another.

The nightmare and the events of last night flooded back into your mind and made you all the more shocked and confused as to where you were. Hastily, you sat up, limbs protesting at the movement but you had to see your surroundings. You shouldn’t be in what you could only describe as a room in a blockhouse and in what appeared to feel and look like a bed.

The air was musty and old, dust was dancing around the room and through the sunbeams. It was old and seemed almost unused. On the left side of the bed was a wooden box, small enough to uphold a lamp with a ripped crooked lamp shade exposing a smashed bulb. This place had to be unused.

Your eyes drifted to the wall opposite you on the bed. The wallpaper was old and dirty but what sent your heart rate shooting was the deep monstrous scratch marks covering most of the wall. As your eyes darted in panic, that was when you really woke up. How could you not see the chains and cuffs attached to the wall? Needles and serums were thrown all over the floor with red splatters covering the what before seemed like a light wooden floor.

This had to be a torture chamber. A place where people like you disappeared from the earth where the townsfolk didn’t know of. You had to get out. You could not go through more torture, more pain, more whips and knives being used on whatever skin of yours was smooth and untouched. You were getting out.

Though there was no sign of any living being in the room with you, there was only a door and a small, rectangle window. You must check whether the window could be unlocked. It seems like it could be big enough to fit through.

With a struggle, you manoeuvred your ankle off the thin-soiled sheet. Tears pooled in your eyes at the pain but your brows furrowed in confusion when you looked down to see your injured ankle wrapped up in a bandage. A fresh bandage at that. It still hurt like hell but it was significantly better than how it felt last night, you presumed it was last night unless you had been passed out for days. They wouldn’t have the decency to do that, would they? Being the people, they are? Why would they treat a prisoner’s wounds?

Your unnerved feelings had to be ignored for then, your priority was finding an escape. Holding onto the bars of the bed frame and the small wooden box, you made your way over to the window. It was placed nearly half a metre higher than you, this was going to be a struggle.

The window was in no way barred or looked tampered with but what kind of captures would keep a window unlocked when they were trying to keep someone in?

Though climbing seemed like the only option, it would be impossible with your height and your ankle unless you dragged something to climb on. Defeated, you looked to your right. The only door in the room was brown and worn. Like the wall, it had lingering scratches lining the frame and the centre of it. They couldn’t have been done by a human, could they? There was no way a human would have been able to do that kind of damage to something like that. It didn’t look like a weak, brittle wooden door. From the looks of it, it could have been three times the thickness of your wrist. Looking down at your bruised wrist, you look at how thin it has become. Okay, maybe four times the size of your wrist.

You hadn’t eaten in over a week. But you weren’t hungry. Your body said otherwise but your mind had to keep it together. You have dealt with hunger your entire life, you could live a few more days, but you had to get out of here.

Making up your mind, you hobbled towards the door. The closer you got, the more rapid your breathing got. It was no human that did this, it was an animal. Did they keep animals locked up here too? Did they lock up their victims and let a brainwashed beast tear them to pieces and finish them off? You shuddered at the thought.

Managing to make it to the door, you leant against it, keeping the weight off your ankle. Just until you could get your bearings. Then you knew, you had to run, even if the pain killed you. You had to try.

The door’s handle was almost falling off, the screws and bolts holding it to the door were growing weak and falling out. You counted the locks on the door, but it wasn’t one you had seen before. It looked as if it was made specifically to keep someone in. Or something in.

As if you were struck by lightning, the gears in your mind turned and clicked into place. The handle was in a bad state if you could toggle it enough: it could break, maybe even breaking the locks. You didn’t know how it would have worked but you had to try. They had to be connected somehow.

Wiping your hand against your blood-stained rags to rid of the sweat, you took a deep breath. You would have to use all your strength and all your might. You braced your hand on the door handle and counted to three.

1…2… your grip tightened around the handle…




Brows furrowing, you were confused. It was unlocked. What kind of captures kept the door unlocked? How could they be so careless when they were so malicious and threw you wrongfully into prison?

Your second reaction was excitement. You could be free. You could run, far, far away and start a new life. A fresh start.

Then reality hit you hard. This had to be a trap. There was no way it was this easy. Your ankle was a mess and you had no idea how you would be able to manage out there with such an injury, and it wasn’t the only issue you had. Hundreds of scars marred your body, creating mangled shapes and causing significant pain with just the smallest movement. But this, this couldn’t be it.

Do you run? Or do you wait?

You scoffed at your own thoughts. Wait for what? To be killed? Waiting for some bastard town’s keeper to come and realise he didn’t lock the door? But it’s okay for them because you didn’t move an inch.

After a few long painful moments, you had decided.

This was your last chance. You were not going to wait around to die.

Your new life started today.

You pulled hard, the door swung open.

The sunlight was warm against your face, you could smell the fresh air. You were right, still in the forest.

You didn’t hesitate to take your first step, your first step to freedom.

You were engulfed in your own silence, blissful and free. Then, you ran.

The forest floor was warm from the sun, it felt like stepping on a warm blanket. The grass providing softness. Your ankle screamed and burned, tears of pain and relief brimmed and fell from your eyes.

Looking behind you, the room was getting smaller and smaller. You tasted the freedom on your tongue.

Until you hit something hard and hot, knocking you down completely. You fell with a scream, your ankle throbbing and dread filling you.

As you tried to catch your breath, panting, you looked up seeing what had knocked you down. You only saw a pair of bare feet and then a deep but smooth voice fell upon your ears.

“Leaving so soon?”

His || Jungkook || 0.14

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13 | 0.14

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Night People

Prompt: “Can i request a smutty scenario with werewolf v in heat?”
Word Count: 5,160
Genre: Smut
Summary: Around this time of year, Taehyung always advises you to stay away from him, but there’s nothing you want more than to see what he’s like when he’s turned.
A/N: So this is a werewolf AU obviously, but I just wanted to mention that there are some “violent” parts when it gets smutty. Also I know it’s hella long and I’m sorry. Please go easy on my gentle soul.

Originally posted by jjks

3 Days

When it was around this time of year, Taehyung always said it was best to stay away from him. Though you had been friends for years, he never wanted you to see that side of him. He said he was too dangerous and that it was best for you to not see him when he wasn’t capable of controlling himself. You understood that he was trying to protect you, but a part of you had always been curious to see what he was like when he turned. You had seen all the movies and read billions of books, but you wanted to see what it was really like. Of course, you respected his decision and tried your best to silence the nagging voice in the back of your mind.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you know any fics where Stiles gets turned and on his first full moon instead of being overcome by bloodlust he's overcome by the need to sex up Derek?


wendy-gold said:I was looking for some werewolf Stiles fics where Derek turned him and sterek please =D

I didn’t find exactly want you wanted nonny but here’s a list of explicit, sterek, stiles gets bitten fics. And @wendy-gold, some of these are bitten by Derek some aren’t. - Anastasia

Originally posted by winter-capricorn

Unexpected Mates by Kleineganz

(1/1 I 3,848 )

Derek scents Stiles when they were paralyzed together at the Sheriff’s office, and it sets in motion something in their biology that they cannot control.

Incandescent Happiness by orphan_account

(6/6 I 4,367)

Derek needs to learn how to use his words and Deaton needs to learn how to be blunt.

As it Should Be by KuroKitty (HaleYes)

(1/1 I 7,240 )

Stiles comes home from his 18th birthday party at the bowling alley to find a surprise waiting for him in his room.

Or, the one where Derek has no chill.

Rebuilding Family and Learning to Love by SterekandMcDannoShipr

(2/? I 7,665)

Derek is the Hale family Alpha and a nurse. He meets and saves Stiles from Frontotemporal dementia. Derek begins to rebuild his family’s pack and tries to navigate his “relationship” with Stiles when he realizes Stiles is his mate.

Fading by doomeddean

(6/? I 10,490)

He blinked one last time his eyes becoming frozen staring up at the overcast sky. The pain disappearing. The pressure finally released as his body relaxed and gave in.

“Stiles!” It was far away. So far away.

There was light and then suddenly there was nothing.

Bite to Break Skin by Leela, qafmaniac

(1/1 I 13,351)

Recruited into the Behavioral Science Unit at 23, Stiles was kinda a big deal. Until his youth became more hindrance than help. Then he was kinda a big deal at coffee runs. With werewolves barely out of the closet, a serial killer slaughtering opponents of werewolf equality, and traditional police work coming up short, CIA agent Derek Hale is allowed to return from his post in South America to infiltrate his childhood pack and hunt down the killer. But not without a babysitter. Stiles gets his big break when Derek chooses him–his scent–option 31 of 50, to pose as his mate. Only, Stiles has no idea just how much Derek enjoys his scent. Or how quickly pretending becomes reality.

cast our fevers in stone by nagia

(13/13 I 64,120 )

What if fate twisted the other way?

OR: Stiles’s life has just become an object lesson in “why we do not go out in the woods looking for dead bodies.”

OR: Lycanthropy and ADHD are going to be the suckiest mix.

Stiles and Derek: Destined Lovers and True Mates by aries1972Sterek

(20/? I 52,282)

Well into s3. Deputy Parrish takes a liking to Stiles and asked him out. Stiles accepts since he thinks that Derek will never be asking him, so he settles. The date is planned, but will things go like they think? Will they even make it out on their date? What does fate have in store? Stiles dad sees first hand Dereks reaction that he had hidden from Stiles so well. He has a talk with Derek because now he cannot ignore the way his son has obviously felt about Derek the past year that he thinks he knows about. John now knows they have been oblivious to the way the other has felt for far too long and it’s time to do something about it. He knows how stubborn they both are so it’s going to be up to him and the pack to see if they can put them in the right situation to where it would be almost impossible for the truth not to come out in some form or the other.

isn’t it obvious? I love you* by Alphanimpala92

(20/? I 87,708 )

Derek please don’t do this.“
Derek stood in next to Stiles bedroom window, arms crossed over his chest.
“Why don’t you tell me why your here.”
“i was coming to make sure you were okay”
“But why?”
“because i was worried about you.”
“why are you so worried about me?”
stiles just hung is head for a minute trying to hide the tears forming in his whiskey brown eyes.
“because isn’t it obvious i love you”
Derek was shocked, he replayed those 3 little words in his head i love you, over and over again….. but all he could do was think back to one the girl who he ever really showed his emotions too, the one who died because of him.
“Complete silence i get it.” was all stiles could say, with a swift swipe across his face wiping his falling tears away… he turned and walked out the door, leaving Derek lost and confused and not knowing if there would ever be any hope for them being together. he loved Stiles the feelings were there but he was just to scared to show them, to let Stiles in and break though the lock and chain on his heart….

A Sharpened Tibia To the Heart by reluctant_abandon

(21/? I 115,428)

Recruited into the Behavioral Science Unit at 23, Stiles was kinda a big deal. Until his youth became more hindrance than help. Then he was kinda a big deal at coffee runs. With werewolves barely out of the closet, a serial killer slaughtering opponents of werewolf equality, and traditional police work coming up short, CIA agent Derek Hale is allowed to return from his post in South America to infiltrate his childhood pack and hunt down the killer. But not without a babysitter. Stiles gets his big break when Derek chooses him–his scent–option 31 of 50, to pose as his mate. Only, Stiles has no idea just how much Derek enjoys his scent. Or how quickly pretending becomes reality.

The Pride of a Pack Series: The Wanted, Pt.1 - Visions of a Witch

2,124 Words, Rated T: Mentions of violence and distress. Mild language and slightly steamy.

“Babe, you don’t need to cast a spell. Minseok went for a run around the border this afternoon and said there was nothing going on.” Jongdae reassured. His hair was drenched from his shower, and you could faintly smell the scent of your pear and rosemary soap as he walked out of the joining bathroom.

“I just can’t shake the feeling off that something is going to happen”. You sighed and rubbed at your aching temples.

You pulled another spell book off the small wall shelf situated in the corner of you and Jongdae’s bedroom and skimmed through it. It had a leather cover, protecting the hundreds of pages your grandmother worked so hard to keep safe and pass down through generations. “It’s not like any vision I’ve had but I just get this niggling feeling…”

“I’ve told you, it’s nothing to–“


The Pheonix Protection spell. Finally turning away from your corner of books and scrolls, you walked to your bedroom window and opened it. Jongdae lets out a sigh and attempts to dry his hair. A chuckle and an eye roll escaped from your mate as it was his usual reaction when you became what he called ‘super witchy’ and overly-anxious.

“I wish we had a casting room so I could get it perfect every time,” you talked amongst yourself, never satisfied with the other wolves’ attempts to keep your spell casting contained in one tiny room, which you shared with another. Nothing screamed distraction like Kim Jongdae . “That way I won’t wake you up at the crack of dawn either.” You mumbled loud enough to get the said wolf’s attention.

Fluffing his hair, “It’s a fair point but you know we don’t have much space. Anyways, I wouldn’t mind getting my sleep interrupted if I was getting woken up for another reason.” You craned your neck to see his eyebrow arched and a cheeky smirk on his face.

“Oh, I thought you said didn’t want to be a part of my experiments.” Sighing at your nonchalant expression and tone, Jongdae threw the towel over his shoulder and went to put on a shirt.

Chuckling at his reaction, you averted your attention back to the book and your spell.

You glanced up through the open window and rested your eyes on where the territorial border should be. Letting a slight breeze make its way up your arm, you shift your focus and all your spiritual energy on the border. Once you had your focus point, you calmly raised your voice so your mate could hear.

“Jongdae, bring me the white feathers please.” At the sound of your composed self, Jongdae quietly came out of the bathroom – now dressed – and made his way over to your where you kept your ingredients, in a large chest that slides out from under the bed.

You close your eyes and try to concentrate more. “Here.” He whispers and places a few into your outstretched hand. You feel Jongdae’s chest pressed up innocently against your back but attempt to ignore the feeling of his warmth and focus on your spiritual energy.

Re-opening your eyes you focus on fire and heat whilst staring at the overused candle you keep by the window. Ignite. A small flame made its way up the wick. Pleased with how easily that worked, you let out a steadied breath and brought the feathers up to the flame. As they burned Jongdae watched, intrigued. He hadn’t seen you do this spell before.

As the ashes of the white feathers fall into your brass spell pot, you go back to your focus point and chant the words of the spell in your head.

Performing the spell does drain some of your energy, but the adrenaline of succeeding casting such a spell made up for it.

Once the words are repeated and the ash in the brass pot smokes and sizzles, you let out a large breath. As you let out the oxygen, your head felt heavy and your body weakened. Unable to steady yourself, Jongdae caught you and let you lean against his chest as you try to chase away the dizziness.

When you hum pleasantly against him, Jongdae pressed kisses to the side of your head and your cheek. “Feel better?” He asks with softness in his voice. You nod and lean further into him in response.

As much as wanted to stay lingering in his arms, you had to complete the ritual.

You put your hand inside the pot and took a pinch of the ashes to spread on the window sill. Taking some into the palm of your hand you blow it out of the window, focusing on it to land over three-hundred yards away at the pack’s border.

“All done.” You turned to your mate, satisfied, “Make sure you give this to some of the boys in the morning,” placing some of the ashes in some small, individual pouches you plonk them in Jongdae’s waiting hand, “tell them to place some exactly at the line of the border when they go for their runs. Better to be safe.” Jongdae smiles sadly when you rub your temples and sway slightly on your feet.

“Did it take too much?” Referring to your spiritual energy.

Bringing your hand up to his smooth cheek you reassure, “I’ll be fine, it’s because the border is so far away.” Jongdae leans down to place his forehead against yours, his eyes fluttering shut and his free hand wrapping around you to rest at the small of your back. “I tried to give it enough energy so it could cover the entire territory.”

You watched Jongdae tilt his head to the side to place a gentle kiss on your lips, just the lightest touch. Letting your hands fall to Jongdae’s strong chest, you stroked the skin over his heart through the shirt. Breathing him in was wonderful, he smelt of happiness and soap, a combination which made you head swirl with bliss.

“You’re too good for us.” He mumbled against your mouth, becoming less gentle and sliding his mouth completely over yours. Biting your lip lightly between his teeth his arm tightens around your smaller frame. “Too good for me.” His voice deepens before he places a firm kiss on your mouth, licking his way through the seam of your lips to taste what you were offering to only him.

You smiled when you felt his chest rumble in contentment. “If only you praised me more,” you opened yours and stared deeply into his dark eyes, “I’d give you a reward.” You whispered, moving your lips with his again.

An involuntary growl left your mate, the pouches of ash being long forgotten and dropped next to the still-flickering candle. You let out a small gasp when his head bent swiftly down to your neck. He breathed you in, taking in the change of your scent that drove him wild like nothing else could.

Your stomach clenched at the feel of his rough, burning tongue leaving his mouth to lick and pet a spot at the crook of your neck. He hummed, deliciously. You clenched your knees together at the small relief it provided from the incessant tingling between your legs.

A groan came from the man towering over you, “God, your body’s so sensitive, it’s driving me crazy.” He breathed. Impatiently Jongdae kisses the side of your neck, hands now wandering with a mind of their own to keep you as close as possible. Your mind felt numb and incomprehensible noises came from your mouth when he took a small patch of skin and sucked, most likely leaving a mark.

As you felt the sweet scrape of fangs against your neck, knock sounded at the door followed by a male voice. “Jongdae! Kris needs you down here.” The loud almost musical voice could only mean it was Baekhyun behind your bedroom door.

Regrettably pushing against Jongdae’s chest, you usher him to see what the leader of the pack wanted. He sneered in disapproval before you placed your hands on either side of his face and planted a soft kiss on his pouting lips.

“I’ll still be here when you get back,” you reason. As he draws away – sulkily – you grab his wrist, “don’t forget to give everyone these.” You placed the pouches of ash in his hand when he turns back around and shoo him away.

Watching his broad back as he leaves you thought you heard Baekhyun, “Jeez how close did you get before I came? I could smell the both of you from down the hall.” You sniggered to hide the blush that was flushing your chest.

“What’s–“, Jongdae stopped in his tracks when he noticed his leader stood in the middle of their living room holding between his knuckles what he could only guess was the reason he needed to see him so urgently.

“Is that…?” His eyes drifted up to the sharp ones belonging to Kris.

“Yeah,” Kris’ solemn expression was evident as he held the jewellery up to his face in disgust, “one or more of those bastards are still alive, and close.” He grunted the last words with a troubled tone.

Jongdae looked baffled, one part of him was terrified for his mate who had already been through enough in her short life, and the other part wanted to rip something or someone to shreds.

He panted angrily, “We won’t let one then come anywhere near her.” He advanced up to his leader, determination in his eyes as he spat his next words. “We’ll kill them.”

Kris gave a curt nod and placed a calming hand on his pack member’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry.” His mouth was set in a tight line, “We’ll make them wish they had never been born.”

Fire and blood. Fire and blood. Fire and blood.

You felt her fear before you could hear her screams. The experience pulsed through you, shaking yourself out of another dream. Images – from the other female, not yours – unravelled behind your eyelids. The smell of smoke and mist, scorching metal and whips. Images wrapped around you, making you feel suffocated and constricted, desperate to be free until the rational part of your mind reminded yourself that this wasn’t you – this wasn’t your dream.

You couldn’t wake up. Bands of men and women firing up their torches in hatred and absolute abhorrence. Staring at their blurry faces, the realisation hit you that they were wrong, they had no right to hate, to loathe. Your head was in her shoes, her body. So, as she ran, so did you.

Branches came out from what seemed like nowhere, whipping your face from side to side. Creeping vines wrapping around your ankles until you fell, she fell. Pain shot through you from the abyss which snapped you out of the nauseating vision.

You woke up startled, stands of hair sticking to your neck and your forehead. You were panting, not able to get enough air. You brought your hand up to your neck, you could feel the pulse in your throat.

Jongdae lay next to you, only slightly disrupted at your sudden movements. You bolted out of your side of the bed, letting Jongdae’s arms loosen from where they wrapped around your body and quickly crossing the floor to reach the bathroom.

The sharp, cold water hit your face like a bee sting. Icy water droplets were gliding down your neck, turning your hot body very cold. You shivered – not from the sudden chill of the water – but from the images that replayed in your thoughts.

Fire and blood. The women, the female in the vision. Were you watching someone else’s fate unfold? Or was this already happening?

Out of nowhere, two big hot hands grasped your elbows. You screamed and thrashed at the feel of a body being pressed against you.

“Calm down – it’s me!” Jongdae’s voice rang in your ear and you turned wide-eyed to see his worried face. You let out a shaky breath and let your forehead fall to rest against his collarbone, softly panting.

Jongdae’s voice was gentle, soft like the gliding of his hand over your sweat-slicked shoulder and back. “Are you okay? Did you have a vision?” His hot hands melted away the cold and your body relaxed in his arms.

Your voice shook, “There must be something going on in the village. I saw someone come into the forest from the West.” Jongdae frowned at your glassy eyes and kissed the top of your head lovingly, murmuring words of comfort into your scalp.

After a few moments of standing there in the bathroom trying to slow you heart rate Jongdae pronounced, “We need to talk to Kris.”

Certain Kind of Fool by saraubs

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 36530

Derek, who has been dragged against his will to the same resort his family visits every summer, is determined to spend the next two and a half months sequestered in his room. His only friend, his sister Laura, is preoccupied with her newly-bonded mate, and doesn’t seem to care about anything but making him happy.

When Derek meets Stiles Stilinski, a sharp-tongued waiter, he thinks that this summer might not be a complete waste of time. There are only two problems: First, Stiles is human. Second, he doesn’t believe in mates.

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Rap Monster










  • A - Based on the song A by GOT7


















































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Hey guys

So I thought I should share with y'all my new findings.

You all know classic werewolf fics, with alpha mates and the rebellious MC. Little did you know, there is a whole new level to werewolf stories. I present to you:

Multiple mate stories. Yes, there are people who believe that a girl having multiple mates is a decent plot.

What was that? You think this is bad too? Just wait.

Three mates, because two wasn’t enough. It’s never enough.

Hmmmmmm. I wonder what this one is about.

If having four guys be perfect for you isn’t enough, why not five? I mean, based on the cover it seems like a very diverse bunch.

And I have bleeding eyes!!!!!! Do you think they’re excited about it?

I couldn’t find one with seven, so I guess we must simply settle with having eight fucking soul mates my god. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE MEN ON THE COVER. (In the book it is mentioned that the men on the cover are all the girl’s mates) Look at what a diverse group she has to date from, I mean, one is in shorts and one even has a hat on guys.

If those were all a little too much, here;s a much classier one for those who prefer the fancy font and beach sunset backgrounds. Nothing strange about this one folks, at least, nothing that’s strange anymore.


There was nothing in between, so lets jump straight to







wait, wait, wait.

First off, if you’ve read this far, I just have to say,


Now, let me show my favorite finding.

Not just 100 mates, one hundred and fucking one. She has 101 mates and they all are destined to be with her. This isn’t one where she picks one to be with. No. SHE IS SIMULTANEOUSLY DATING ONE HUNDRED AND ONE MEN.

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Stiles courts Peter by leaving him the heads/corpses of his enemies - Gerard, Kate, those in the Alpha Pack that dared lay even a claw on Peter, even Meredith for violating Peter’s mind and then dumping all the blame on him for the deadpool business.

Of course, Stiles is always careful, always makes sure Peter has a solid alibi before he goes and deals with whoever has harmed Peter enough to deserve Stiles going after them.

And Peter is confused at first, and understandably suspicious (is someone trying to frame him and get him locked up or killed?), but it doesn’t take long for him to realize what all the bodies mean, that they’re courting gifts meant for him of all people, an archaic tradition even amongst werewolves (most go with flowers and other more socially acceptable customs these days, which is ever so boring in Peter’s opinion), to show that the one doing the courting is both willing and able to protect the one being courted, and Peter soon finds himself flattered and pleased by the attention.  Nobody’s ever courted him before.  It’s an exhilarating novelty.

And when other gifts begin appearing on his doorstep - a delicious cajun chicken pasta one time, a drool-worthy coffee and peanut butter chocolate cake another, and - most memorable - the bloody heart of an Alpha, still warm when Peter lifts it out of its rune-covered container with reverent hands - all to show that Peter’s secret admirer can provide for him as well, Peter decides that it’s high time to figure out who is courting him so that he can start returning the favour.

Inevitably, he realizes that it’s Stiles, which is even better.  He’s always been drawn to Stiles, attracted to his loyalty and cunning and sharp biting wit, and Peter is pleasantly surprised and utterly thrilled to find that Stiles is apparently equally drawn to Peter and also has no qualms about courting him the good old-fashioned way.

It’s impossible for Peter not to reciprocate, to show that he too can and will protect and provide for Stiles, that they can be magnificent and terrifying together, and that the fascination and growing affection and the increasingly powerful pull of mineminemine between them are entirely mutual.

Stiles has his own fair share of enemies now, and it’s infuriating how self-absorbed and neglectful people tend to be when it comes to Stiles, so Peter will rip out the throats of Stiles’ enemies and lay their carcasses at his feet, and he’ll care for Stiles so that the boy will never feel lonely or think himself forgotten again.

Peter can’t wait until they can hunt together.  His mate will look beautiful under the moon, drenched in blood and triumph with Peter at his side.

Alpha Mode: Domination - Chapter 1

Hey guys! So here it is! The first chapter of my brand new werewolf fic! I am so sorry it took so long but this is by far the longest chapter I have ever written for any of my fics. I hope that you all love it and enjoy it as much as I did while creating this. 

Warnings: foul language, sexism, under mining and violnce

A/N: My hands are cramping from how much editing I did on this chapter and retyping some things. But it is worth the pain knowing that I hav is cause I worked really hard and long on something so awesome!

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Here is the Midnight Fire packhouse: 

This is Celsi’s office:


Here we go again.

My wolf says. She sounds highly annoyed and I couldn’t agree with her more. Our mate was in front of us demanding we submit to him. Again. We have been over this plenty of times in the last few weeks. He knows that isn’t going to happen.

Why can’t he just accept the fact that we aren’t submissive to him or anyone? Hell, were stronger than him on his best day. You’d think he’d respect us as his mate and equal. I’d hate to kick his ass again.

 I can’t help but laugh and nod my head in agreement.

My wolf, Neve, is my other half. Shes my best friend and confidant. And she’s just like me. Were both stubborn, defiant, loyal and fierce. Oh and utter smartasses. We don’t like or respect anyone who uses a title or position of power to bully or intimidate those under them. The moon goddess gave all her children equal footing. Meaning we all had the same potential and wills. We could choose who and what we wanted to be. We are free to choose.

My mate was an ass. Quinton Gordon. Alpha Quinton Gordon. One of the most powerful alphas in the world. He was known for being dominate, destructive and somewhat charming. But what gave him fame was his looks. Everyone, especially women, couldn’t happen to take notice of his chiseled looks. His bright grey eyes gave everyone pause. They were filled with power and intelligence. His smirk was known to make women and even some men drop their pants and bend over in need of him. The man was fine as fuck. No point in lying. But his attitude could use some work. It made im go from a complete 10 to a 3 real quick.

My mate and I met 5 weeks ago.

*** Flashback to 5 weeks earlier**

Zaire and I were headed to a meeting with alphas from all over the country. I was to take the alpha position in a few months. Zaire was going to be taking over for his father as the next Beta. Due to this my father, the current alpha Lennox Parker, asked me and Zaire to sit in on the meeting to get some experience.

We were going to be discussing rearranging pack borders and cross pack training with our warriors and healers throughout the country. We want them to learn things that aren’t taught her in the pack and experience some other climates, situations and people to better equip them for their positions. As usual Z was with me and we were talking about who would all be attending the meeting. Z and I went to turn a corner and I bumped into a hard and muscled chest.

The person I bumped into smelt like rich dark chocolate. I took a step back and when I did I heard a deep growl. A warning. What the fuck? Why was this person growling at me? I looked up to apologize for whatever I did to set them off and froze. His bright grey eyes were focused on me. He was absolutely gorgeous.

His lips were full and looked so soft. His nose was a bit crooked. It looked as if he had been in a few fights in his life. His hair was dark. It was loose and fell in waves past his shoulders. This man was definitely godly. Not soon after I thought that I my hand was grabbed and I was pulled the opposite direction of Z towards the closest exit. I snapped out of my thoughts and dug my feet into the floor.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” He didn’t even break stride as he kept pulling me. When he spoke his voice was deep and gravely.

“We mate are leaving to my pack. I came for a meeting and ended up with you. I don’t need to stay any longer.” How dare this asshat? He thinks I’m just going to leave right off the bat with him!? I just bumped into him and he never even gave me his name! He is out his rabbit picking mind if he thinks i’ll just go without a say.

Neve chose that moment to speak up.

Our mate is an alpha. I roll my eyes and say Well even I could've figured that out. Hes demanding I leave with him and not giving me say! 

She continues on without acknowledging my comment. On top of that he doesn’t know who he is dealing with. His wolf is calling out to us but with his alpha command. He along with his human want us to submit and leave without a fuss. He refuses to answer me and tell me who they are. He says that they will tell us when they are ready. Typical alpha male. She ends it with a snort.

I can’t help but roll my eyes. Of course our mate is a pig headed alpha neanderthal. I turn my head and see Z walking behind us. He isn’t running. He locks eyes with me and opens our mind link.

“Si I already called your dad and told him that some random has his hands on. I did tell him it is an alpha and that you were about to handle business. He has the warriors guarding the exits and he’s headed over from the conference room.”

I smirk at him and nod my head. Z knows things are about to get fun.

Neve you better tell his mutt that his human has less than a minute to let go or we’re going to put them on their back. 

I cut the link and focus on our mate.

“Uh can you let me go. You might want to leave but I do not. And on top of that we just met, if you wanna call it that!” He immediately stops and turns his head towards me. “I won’t take all that talking back mate. When I say we are doing something it will be done. Now we are going.

Ohhhh HELL NO! Before I kick his ass let’s look at the list of fuckery here shall we?

First he tries to take me against my wishes to his pack.

Secondly he ignores me when I say no.

Third he is talking to me like I am some child who needs a timeout.

Fuck no. Fuck that and him if he thinks he’s going to take me against my wishes. 3 strikes and you’re out!

I can feel my body vibrate with power. I won’t go full out but i’ll do just enough to incapacitate him.

I grip his hand to get a better grip. I walk up beside him and smile. He looks at me for a moment and nods liking that I’m not fighting him anymore. If you only knew. I take a step closer to his right side and wrap my left arm around his back and pull my right hand out of his left to wrap it around his front as well. I lock my hands and pull upwards. He immediately freezes and tries to pry me off. I squeezed tighter and hear him gasp for breath.

“When I told you to let go you should have. Now I have to show you why you don’t touch without permission.”

I lift him a bit higher and lean backwards into a northern lights suplex. He’s around 270 pounds so this is gonna hurt him. Once we head back it’s only down from there. He lands with a sick crunch oh his shoulder and neck. I bridge and flip back unto my feet. My mate growls and leaps at me.

“Oh mate now I have to punish you. Did you really think that would stop an alpha? Especially me? Alpha Quinton Gordon?” He says it like I’m supposed to give a flying fuck.  

I side step him and my claws elongate. “No but this will.” I fuse my powers into my palms and face him. He leaps once again and I do too. I reach out and make like i am reaching for his neck. Tucking his head, he growls low and keeps coming. Fool. I pull my arms completely back and clap them over his temples. He lets out a ferocious growl before collapsing. I hear Z running up to me. He pushes me behind him and checks my mates pulse. “He’s alive and breathing. But he will have a hell of a headache when he wakes up.”

“Celsi!!!” I turn and see my father running towards me. He stoops in front of me and wraps me in a hug. “Did he hurt you?” “No dad. But I hurt him.” He looks over my head before shaking his head.

“Dammit Gordon.” He mutters before addressing me once again. “Let me guess, he thought he could intimidate you?”

I laugh. “Yep. He’s my mate and decided that he was taking me back to his pack without my consent so I decided to kick his ass.”

My dad laughs and turns towards a single man. The man is tall, tan with long dark hair and stubble adorning his cheek. “Riley your alpha is lucky my daughter didn’t kill him. You can take him to our pack doctor to be treated for his injuries. My warriors will escort you. When he wakes up both of you are to leave my pack. I will send a formal address to him asking for him to join myself, my daughter and her Beta for a meeting to address this.”

The other man nods and goes to pick up his alpha.

 ***End of flashback***

Currently my mate and I along with my beta along with my father are in my office discussing our mating and what that entails. Basically mate was saying how I was his Luna and no alpha. He was right about nothing I was never suppose to be alpha but things changed when my brother Drayden left.

My older brother Drayden was supposed to be the next alpha but he took a seat on The Council. The Council was made up of some of the most powerful and intelligent wolves in the entire world. My brother had been scouted by the council for years. On his 23rd birthday they came to ask him to join the council. He spoke with my father for weeks and decided to go. He was needed more there than here. I was then told at 18 I would be the next in line for the alpha title. That was 5 years ago. I am now 23 and completely trained for my Alpha role.

It usually takes a solid year to be trained to take over as alpha. But I am no ordinary wolf. I am a white wolf. White wolves are somewhat special. They are Warrior Wolves to the goddess. We are the first to fight in times of war. We are trained to be absolutely loyal to our alphas and to protect our packs with everything we have. Even if it costs us our lives. We are trained to withstand any and all pain. White wolves are given a unique power or talent by the goddess herself. Our powers are to be used for the good of the pack and to protect our alpha and Luna. We are stronger than any and all alphas. It took me a year to train for the alpha position. But 4 more to train as a warrior.

See ordinary wolves dont shift until they are 18. If you are of Alpha or Beta blood you shift at 16 so that by the time you are 18 you can take over as Alpha or Beta. But if you are a healer or warrior you shift at 18 like an ordinary wolf but then you are sent to train for your role whether it be within the pack or elsewhere. Since I am a warrior I was sent to train with the Royal Army known as ‘Cum Fortis’ or The Strong in Latin. We call them that because they are the strongest army in the world. They are comprised of 1000 of the strongest Warrior Wolves from across the globe.

My mate didn’t know I was a white wolf or he would have realized he was outmatched when we met and backed off. The sad part is if I didn’t deal with him Z would have and he definitely would’ve left with more than a headache. He would be in a full body cast.

Zaire is 4 years older than me making him 27 and one of my best friends. He could’ve taken over as beta under my dad after completing his training but he wanted to wait for me to take my place before he takes his. He wanted us to be together when we took over. And I couldn’t agree more. Me, him and Drayden have always been close. Me being the youngest I used to follow those two around like a lost puppy. But they never seemed to mind. They loved having me tag along and get into trouble with them. That way they had someone to blame when we got caught. And back in those days I was such a mischievous child that no one thought I could be good.

Z has supported me through everything and is super protective over me. He along with his wolf Manu, don’t like anyone messing with me. They know I am more than capable of taking care of myself but they see me as their alpha and therefore they are protective of me and will skin anyone alive who dare messes with me. And Z is just about to his limit with Quinton. He has that look of ‘boredom’ on his face. You know the one? That says i’m absolutely over you and your shit. Yep that one.

“Si I am about to hurt your mate.”

I look over to my left and see Z looking at Quinton with nothing but anger in his dark chocolate eyes.

“I know Z but lets entertain his bs for a bit.” I smirk and focus back on my mate.

Quinton is basically making demands and expects us to do whatever he wants. Me must’ve forgot where he is. My father is the most powerful Alpha on the planet. Alpha Lennox Lopez is 42 years old and Alpha of the Midnight Fire Pack. The strongest pack in the entire world. Quinton is Alpha of the Blod Claw Pack. Dad’s salt and pepper hair and beard are trimmed and styled to perfection. Is dark brown eyes are trained on my mate. Hes looking at him with an impassive look. But those eyes are full of fury. Absolute fury. My dad doesn’t is like being told what to do by anyone. Especially what he calls a pup.

My dad is the strongest alpha for many reasons. His combat skills and speed are out of this world. But of course they’d be considering he was a Royal. Thats right. My father is a member of the royal family. Hes considered a prince since his father and mother are the Alpha King and Luna Queen. My dad will live long past 100 years and will look like he’s in his 40’s for the rest of his life. Royals live long lives and are tougher to kill than most werewolves. Their healing ability is unmatched and they have enhanced stamina and strength.

Anyhoo, here we are sitting in my office listening to Quinton rant about how I am coming with him and going to be his Luna blah blah blah. I can’t believe he thinks he’s going to make us especially me do anything.

“Alpha Lennox your daughter is my mate. And as such she will be coming with me. I know she is supposed to be alpha but she cannot be alpha and Luna simultaneously. And she most certainly cannot be an alpha while I am alpha. That just wouldn’t work.”

I can’t believe he’s undermining me. Fucker.

“Also I know your son is serving on the council so he can’t take over as alpha. Maybe we can work something out where both packs can merge as one and I can serve as alpha and my mate as Luna as it should be. It would be difficult with over 1200 members but it’s possible. We’d have to redo the pack structure and find places for everyone.”

I look at my dad with a shocked look. Zaire growls lowly. He must be out of his damn mind! He must be dizzy from sitting on his high horse. He’s already planning on the packs merging if I leave with him. But in his mind I will be leaving because he says so. Selfish bastard.

My dad stands and places his hands on the table. He looks annoyed and pissed. I’d be pissed too if a man came and told me he would take over my pack and run it while suppressing his daughter to role of submissive Luna.

“Let’s get some things straight. First off my daughter will not be going anywhere if she does not want to. The Moon Goddess gave every one of her children a will and choices. That includes my child. So please don’t think you will be taking her without her consent. Please don’t forget what she did to you a few weeks ago. She is no ordinary she wolf. She is of alpha blood and will be respected as such.” My dad looks at me and winks.

“Secondly if, and I use that loosely, she chooses to leave with you I will find an appropriate replacement. This is still my pack and just because she leaves does not mean my pack falls to you. You might be her mate but you are still a rival alpha. At the end of the day you want to take my top spot by any means necessary. Even if that means using my daughter to do it.” I can feel my father’s power settle over the room.

He’s giving Quinton a warning. Don’t cross him.

Z looks at my dad with a predatory smile on his face. He knows my dad will end Quinton right here. I guess he wants that to happen since he’s pissed at him too.

Si let’s not let dad do that. He might be an ass but he’s still our mate. Let’s give him a chance to recant and act right before we decide to kill him.

Neve is right. Sigh. He might be an ass but he’s our ass of a mate. We need to give not only him, a chance to accept us for who we are and come to terms with it but we need to do the same. If he continues to act up then we kill him. Simple.

At this point in time Neve and I feel the bond. Even if it is weak. And that’s because of the fact that we have not accepted him as our mate and him us. So if he was to die we wouldn’t feel it and we wouldn’t really mourn him. I’d feel sad because he’s my mate, the one who was destined to love me. But i’d survive.

“Celsi what would you like to do?” I snap out of my thoughts to see my dad looking at me.

I look back at him with a smile then turn towards my mate. “I’d like for you to realize I am a grown ass woman and can make my own choices. I am not just going to do what you say because you are a male or alpha. And I damn sure not going to let you come into my pack and talk to my father like you have the upper hand and will take over for him because you think i’ll abandon my pack to play house with yours. You will not being getting this pack. If I decide to leave with you then my father will find a suitable alpha. And as of right now I am not leaving with you so I am still the soon to be alpha of this pack and that is fact. On top of everything I don’t even know you. Stranger danger dude.”

Z busts out laughing at that last part. He knows i’m pissed so my smart ass comments are at their finest at this moment.

Quinton looks at Z and growls low on his chest. A warning. He doesn’t like being made to look like a joke. Too bad he is the joke. Selfish sexist bastard.

“Mate you act as if the mate bond wont bring you to your knees. Your human side might be defiant but your wolf recognizes me as her mate and soon to be alpha. You’ll come with me because you can’t fight the bond forever. You’ll come with me because your wolf will want to be with mine. Once she falls for me you will too.”

THIS SMUG BASTARD! Neve growls in my head. Fuck him and his wolf. They both want to break us and make us submissive. His wolf, Deegan, has already said how they won’t take to us being defiant. They want us to do what they say without hesitation because they call for it. The only thing they will be calling for is the pack doctor if they fuck with us again.

We are on the same page. Neve wanna switch places? I’m sure you’d love to say hello to our mate. I say to her. I want to see the look on his face when he hears her thoughts on that theory of his.

Yep. Let me say hello. I close my eyes and start to retreat to the back of my mind as she comes to the front.

I open my eyes and see my dad smiling at me. He gets up and comes over to me. He gives me a peck on my cheek and ruffles my hair. “Neve. Hi babygirl. Don’t be too hard on him, okay? He doesn’t know what we do. Also he doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up either.” He says that last part while shooting my mate a dirty look.

Neve looks up and smiles at our dad. “I just want to have a discussion with my mate on assumptions.” Neve turns and looks at our mate with a look pure innocence. “You know what they say about making assumptions. It makes an ass outta you and me. And I don’t know about you but I don’t like being made into a fool.”

She sits up straight and continues on while looking at our mate dead in the eyes. A look of challenge. Daring him to say the wrong thing. “Now mate. Since you have decided to assume that I, her wolf, would just fall for you because of the bond let me educate you. Celsi and I agree you and your wolf are asses. Let’s be clear we are not submissive in the least. We are strong. And we will not let you talk down to us as if we do not have a choice but to be with you. We could always reject you. And you know it. There are plenty of males who can see our worth. So get over yourself. The moon goddess made second chance mates for a reason. For times like this when a mate thinks that they are better than the other because of their sex and position. Please try not to piss me off further. I’d hate to embarrass you but on second thought you are doing a pretty good job of that on your own.”

He gets up and growls at me. His eyes are glowing. Well his wolf is mad. He begins to stalk around the table towards me. 

“You think i’d let someone else have what is mine? You’d watch any male who touched you die. You need to understand that I am your mate and you will be mine regardless of what you may feel. So get over this notion of yours. Get it in your head. You. Are. Mine.”

Neve gets up preparing to meet him halfway and fight. Before he can take a step Z is in front of us. His eyes are glowing brightly. He’s taken a fighting stance. He is looking at Quinton with a look of pure fury. His canines have elongated and his hands have turned into claws. Manu is present and most likely pushing to take control. He sees my mate as a threat. I know Z enough to know when Manu sees someone as a threat he won’t stop his wolf from killing them. But Quentin is my mate so he won’t kill him unless pushed.

“Id advise you to take a step back before things get complicated bruh. That is my alpha you are talking to like that. Your mate. I have held my piece the entire time trying not to kick your sorry ass but this right here has me triggered like a mofo. Let me give you a word of advice I know you won’t take. Do not threaten my alpha. You might be powerful and feared in the world but here you are the weak one. Step back. NOW.”

Quinton is seething mad. He stands to his full height and looks down his nose at Z. “Are you challenging me for her? Cause that is what is seems like you’re doing. And If you don’t want to die I suggest you take a step away from me. Let me give you a piece of advice. You don’t come between me and what’s mine. She is MY mate. Therefore when I speak to her you just listen. You don’t speak or move when I address her. Got it pup?”

He really thinks he is the shit huh? Smirking Neve sits back down and smirks. We both know Z is about to take homeboy down a few pegs. He doesn’t need us to get in the way and complicate things. Z is lethal when pissed. Hell he’s lethal even when he’s not pissed. He’s known for his fighting skills and the fact that he moves like a ghost.

Z just looks Quinton directly in his eyes for a moment then disappears. He doesn’t actually disappear he just moves too fast for the regular eye to track. He reappears behind Quinton’s back and kicks out at his left leg. Quinton is taken off guard and falls to one knee. Z’s hands grab Quinton’s arms and yanks them behind his body. The angle makes quinton lean forward in a bowing motion with his arms behind him. Z places a boot clad foot on quinton’s back and pushes quinton to full blown bowing position with his forehead touching the floor.

“What was that you were saying? I couldn’t hear you.” Z’s furry is something to behold. He never raises his voice or acts without thought. He is giving my mate a bit of mercy. Just a bit. Because when that runs out he’s as good as dead.

Z looks at me and nods his head. I get up and come around the table to stand directly in front of my mate. He is visibly shaking with how angry he is. I just chuckle at him. He’s pathetic and this goes to show how full of himself he is. My wolf retreats and gives me back control. I kneel down and put a finger under his chin, lifting his head up to look at me.

“If you ever come at me in anger again I will personally end you. Mate or not. I will not be threatened. I won’t be intimidated and I will not be disrespected. I had hoped you learned this lesson weeks ago but I guess not. Stop being a prick to me and these things wouldn’t happen. I hope you have had enough and learned to stop threatening me. If not life for you will only get more difficult. Now leave.”

I get up and turn my back on him before walking towards the door. I turn and look at him once again. “Oh yeah one more thing. I Celsi Parker Lopez, reject you Alpha Quinton Gordon as my mate and alpha. I hereby relinquish my title of Luna.” I look over to Z and give a sharp nod. He releases Quinton and walks to my side. I turn and notice my dad with a look of pride on his face. He just stood against the wall watching knowing I had this. He smiles at me and nods his head in understanding. I blow him a kiss and turn to walk out the door.

“I reject your rejection.” I stop and turn to see Quinton standing with his eyes glowing. I look at him with a look of boredom. I really am getting sick of this game. He isn’t bringing anything new to the table.

His eyes hands have changed into claws and he looks ready to shift.

“You will learn your place mate. It is with me. Under me. Like it should be. You will be broken.” 

Not even a second later he has me by my throat and has lifted me off of the floor. Z was thrown across the room. He gets up ready to attack but looks at me with knowing eyes before he takes a few steps back against the closest wall. My dad presses closer to the wall behind him and his eyes cloud over. I know hes mindlinking but I can’t be bothered with that right now. I focus and look at my mate dead in his eyes.

“I told you what would happen if you came at me in anger again. Now I have to kill you.” I can feel Neve channeling her strength into me. I let out a earth shattering growl. My canines length to the point of pain and I can feel my control snap. The room begins to drop in temperature. I’m about to end this bastard.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you know of any good fics with Alpha!Peter and Were!Stiles. I'm so into Stiles being Peter's loyal beta/mate you know? Any and all pairings are good (like stetopher etc.) Thanks for this blog btw, I appreciate all the time you put into it! I use it every day for finding new fics, its a lifesaver! :)

I’m glad you like this blog ^_^  It started out as a way for me to keep of steter fics/prompts I like so the number of followers for it kind of surprised me. Anyway, here’s some werewolf/beta/mate!Stiles to alpha!Peter fics I know:

Don’t Fight Me On This by DenaCeleste

Stiles snarled, flashing his brand-new fangs in the moonlight, and lunged toward Peter again.

Glorious. His gawkiness had transformed into a long-limbed grace that Peter wanted to trace with his tongue. Then his claws. And his teeth.

He waited, wanted to see what the boy had in him. A smirk curved his mouth when he thought of what the boy would have in him, once Peter had his way. He shifted, fast and subtle so that Stiles flew by on his next attack.

Tumbling Steter by pprfaith

Chapter 3 +  Chapter 6

Stiles is too clever for her own good. Season one derails.

Werewolf!Stiles verse by Casspiration

Stiles is bitten instead of Scott…and takes a very different turn in accepting the bite. But the plan wasn’t to fall in love with Peter, who also happened to be a mass murderer. And now, Stiles may have blood of his own on his hands. With the hunters closing in on Peter, he has to choose between his pack and his friends.

An Understanding by Force by BelleAmante

The attack was over in seconds, just the sound of pounding feet, a quick intake of breath, a tearing sensation, and more pain than Stiles had ever experienced in his life.

Be Still My Heart (I’m Only A Moment Away) by Ceris_Malfoy

She breaks all bounds that exist between strangers and leans her cheek against his burnt one, breathing steadily, heartbeat as rapid-fire as always. He wants to cry because it’s as close to the act of scenting as a human could get, and it both hurts and feels so damned good. He’s missed being scented, missed being able to scent back, and that makes him want to cry even more, because he can’t.

“If you were mine, I’d stay until the very bitter end,” she murmurs quietly, rapid-fire heartbeat never once giving off that betraying stutter that comes from lying, before pulling back and leaving.

Put On Your War Paint (Our Time is Running Out) by Ceris_Malfoy

Peter said he needed a pack to deal with the Argents, but he doesn’t have one. Yet. Stiles can’t let the man drive off to certain death and/or madness, not if he can help.

Family Expectations by 1001cranes (Steterek)

The One Where Peter Turned Stiles Instead of Scott.

Devil of Mercy by KouriArashi (human!stiles)

Peter’s heard people talk about what it felt like when they saw their mate for the first time, from those who actually believe in the mystical bullshit. Like a magnet, like gravity. Peter just feels… sharply curious.

Lucky Penny (Tastes Like Copper on Your Tongue) by pibroch (littleblackdog)

When Peter woke up, he spent a good fifteen or twenty seconds earnestly wishing that whatever had hit him had the courtesy to kill him outright. Because this? This was bullshit.

AKA the time I decided to give Peter all the nice things, but made him get hit by a car first. Like you do.

The Choice by moonstalker24

“You will be changed, Goscislaw Genim Stilinski. From your bones you will be changed.”
“That we cannot tell you… That is the price.”

He’s made the deal, now he only has fifteen minutes to make a choice and either save or condemn them all. Fifteen minutes and then Stiles will have to live with the consequences.

To Save Them All by Goldenpetal13

AU, FutureFic/Re do of Season 1, Something happens, something bad, and Stiles finds a way to go back in time to change the past and save them all, to give them a future. He finds the way back and then swaps places with Scott and he gets bitten by Peter instead. Now he has to change the events that where set in motion after that event and maybe, just maybe they’ll all get to live.

Possesion. (BAEKHYUN, werewolf!au, Mating Season series) *NC-17*

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Possesion.- Baekhyun, werewolf!au, Mating Season *NC-17*
Warning: Smut.


“No, Chanyeol, please~!!” another of your pleas and squeals were interrupted by Chanyeol’s rumbling growl, when he flipped you on the couch and pounced.

Why was Baekhyun getting so mad from this? He wandered himself as he stood in the kitchen, his sharpened senses hearing the entire conversation that lead to the fight.

“Are you still going to call me a floppy-eared parody of a wolf?!” Chanyeol’s voice roared and Baekhyun could easily imagine what he was doing to you at the moment. Deciding this was the time he would reveal himself, he waltzed into the living room almost nonchalantly, as if his inner beast wasn’t already barring his fangs at his best friend and mate, tickling each other on the couch.

Your outfit was definitely not for a roughhousing round with Chanyeol. The short skirt was moved up due to your kicking; showing your innocent white panties that you wore underneath and your tank top was getting pulled to the side, revealing the top of your bra.

Before he could stop it, a snarl was tearing through Baekhyun, loud enough to stop the two of you.

“B-baek?” your confused stutter and uncertain reaching for him had his beast sizzling down, but just a little. Baekhyun forced a smile on his face.

Normally, he wouldn’t really mind- he knows Chanyeol is happily mated and he has eyes for no one else than her, but Baekhyun woke up that morning to an uncomfortable tightening in his body.

Mating season is coming on.

“What are you doing to my mate?!” Baekhyun roared and jumped on Chanyeol, ripping him off you and throwing him on the ground. A feral grin settled on Baekhyun’s face a second before he successfully got the giant werewolf in a headlock while trapping his arms against his body by wrapping his legs around his torso.

“A-ah, no, Baek! She started it, I swear-Jesus fuck, Baek! Ow!”Chanyeol’s pleas for forgiveness were accompanied by your twinkling laughter, to which Baekhyun turned his head.

“She did, huh?” his voice was no more than a honeyed rumble and your laughter died in your throat, because he was wearing that grin again and his eyes flickered red.

Immediately, you sat upright, straightening your skirt over your legs and made sure your shirt was the right way.

You didn’t get why Baekhyun decided to join in on your fighting- usually he stands by the side and cheers you on while you kick Chanyeol’s ass. Yet today was different.

You saw him before he made himself noticeable. The look he had on his face made you shiver under the giant’s fingers. He looked so perfectly pissed, the fire in the pit of your stomach ignited.

You could say you definitely loved when Baekhyun was angry. He looked so hot when his gaze straightened and he pursed his lips, every muscle in his body tightening. You knew that he had a beast inside him that could rip out at any time, but when he was pissed, the only thing you wanted to do was throw yourself at him and let him do whatever he wanted.

“I surrender, I surrender, fuck, Baekhyun!” Chanyeol yipped in defeat, his muscles falling limp in submissiveness against Baekhyun.

Baekhyun chuckled, finally letting go and standing up, stretching out. When he arched his back, his shirt deliciously rolled up and it made your mouth dry. Holy shit, you had a hot werewolf mate.

The flame in the pit of your stomach died however, when he turned to you with the most adorable smile you’ve ever seen on him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be here to save you!” he patted your cheek affectionately before bopping your nose cutely.

“Kyungsoo made dinner, I was to call you two.” he referred to the wincing giant on the floor as well, stretching his arms as well.

“Yah! It’s getting cold!” the cook’s voice called from the kitchen and Baekhyun was out of the room sooner than you could realize, whining and screaming “Nooo~!”, leaving you confused on the couch.

Maybe you just imagined the red angry eyes, and he was being playful after all.


“That was really nice of Kyungsoo that he invited us to dinner.” you commented as you fished for your keys in your purse. Baekhyun hummed in reply and it made you look at him from the corner of your eyes. His hands were shoved down his pockets, shoulders hunched and tense and his posture almost…cautious? As if he was waiting for something.

You shook it off with a shrug, letting out a victorious “Aha!” as you go the keys out.

“I wonder how he knew that I wante-Baek!” you didn’t even have the chance to reach for the light- the ground disappeared from under you before you found yourself on your back in your pitch-black hallway.


“Shh~” he warned you, his lips pressed tightly against yours, in-between spreading your legs and ripping away the panties that had him testing his patience all night long. When his lips trailed downwards, pausing only for a second to bite your breasts lightly before continuing, his tongue giving a firm flick over your clit, your head fell back with a moan.

“Yes~” you mewled, your legs spreading wider apart for him and your hand burying in his hair, pushing him down on you some more.

Your tiny pleas were drowned out by the sudden lewd noises as he started to lick mercilessly up and down your pussy, hitting all the right places to get you wet. A shiver ran through your body when Baekhyun growled, pulling your body closer to his mouth by your thighs, fingers biting hard into your flesh.

The tip of his tongue ghosted over your entrance for a while before he suddenly changed his mind, deciding to wrap his lips around your engorged clit and sucked.

Your body arched with a scream that was muffled when Baekhyun clamped a hand over your mouth. He held it there tightly, before opting to slip two of his fingers inside your mouth, urging you to suck on them. With a broken moan you followed out it silent command, your lips closing around his fingers and tongue playing with the moving digits while his assault on your nether parts continued.

Your back writhed on the carpeted floor and you weren’t quite sure what you wanted to do- move closer or scoot away. In that moment, it didn’t matter because Baekhyun’s fingers were already sliding out of your wet cavern and down your chest. With another accompanying snarl, Baekhyun’s claws ripped through your shirt and bra, leaving you exposed to his teasing fingers.

“Baek, ah~, wai-“ you tried to lift yourself on your elbows, but you couldn’t even see his face. With another sudden movement, he grabbed your thighs and pushed them behind your head, leaving you on your shoulder blades and all opened up for him.

Baek! Hnng~!” your cries fell on deaf ears and Baekhyun growled in warning when one of your legs wanted to move their position. A hard hand fell on the back of your thigh, the slap leaving a stinging sensation in its wake, as he pressed it down even more, until your feet were by your head.

You tried to say something- to plead at him to stop because it was becoming too much, because of the gathering heat in between your legs, because of the pressure it was causing on your chest, because you were currently on your hallway floor and he was eating you out like there was no tomorrow…

That was when he dipped his face a little lower and he thrust his tongue into you . It left you a bit breathless at first, until his tongue started moving in and out of you, mocking the way he would do it with his fingers or cock.

“Oh god! Baek! Ah, Shit, Ahh~!” your stream of curses was interrupted by the two of his hands clamping down on your mouth.

It was coming, oh god, you were so close, just a few more times, please…your hips ground desperately against his mouth and Baek quickened his pace with his tongue and with the last thrust that ended by doing that  thing with his sinful lips and your clit had you screaming, sobbing into his hands.

Oh god, you can’t remember when was the last time you came so aggressively.

It was so pleasurable, almost to the point that it hurt, and so you scrambled in his arms, rolling on your stomach and ripping his mouth form your womanhood.

“No, Baek, please~” you sobbed, mad with pleasure when Baekhyun flipped you on your back again with a snarl before he heaved you up by your waist and pushed your legs back to your head, now closed tightly together. He dove in one last time that had you writhing and sobbing. It was as if he didn’t even care that you were making so much noise anymore, both of his arms holding you upright and tongue flicking in between your folds. Your body shuddered with the unspeakable pleasure that wrecked through you. Baekhyun milked you for the last bits of your orgasm, until you slumped lifelessly in his hold.

His chest rumbled as his hand possessively grabbed at the back of your neck and tilted you to him, kissing your lips deeply. You moaned when you tasted yourself on his tongue, and you feebly reached for him.

Instead of romantically gathering you into his arms, something which Baekhyun’s always did and you loved, he threw you over his shoulder.

“Baekhyun! What are you-“

“Bad girls should be punished, ___-ah.”

“W-what did I do, though?!” his growl was exquisite as he placed you over the dinner table, face down and ass up, knees spread wantonly for him.

“Only I’m allowed to make you squeal.” he grated, mercilessly pushing two fingers into you and ignoring your shrieks of pleasure.

“So I’ll fuck you so hard and make you come so many times, you won’t have a voice for the next fucking week.”