werewolf ale


More of the same, I know– but these are a… a uh. Family favor.

(If you see these in a public place please, for the love of god don’t say anything. I TRIED SO HARD TO GET OUT OF THIS.)


“This is why you don’t get your nose pierced at a Claire’s.”

Werewolves are the easiest thing in the world to draw, so here’s an AU I haven’t worked with in YEARRRS. My biker asshole PJ would wear fur well, I think, after Al is almost definitely the one to turn him. Cos no matter what universe they’re in, PJ will always be his ickle chew toy.

I drew Vittoria (left) and Ale (right) @toastyhat‘s characters, who I’ve fallen in love within the short time I’ve known about them.  Especially Ale.  Especially Ale.  Also I like to imagine that Vitty’s the type who wears band shirts.  I also like to imagine that she’s the type that blushes ALL OVER when Ale compliments said shirts

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((werewolf-ale)) 'That's messed up.'

“That does not look good.” Renata eyed the bite mark on Robert’s shoulder. He had defeated Brandt, but the Hyde had managed to bite him. Robert asked: “Do you think it will affect me somehow?”

“I don’t know”, admitted Renata, “Brandt usually always kills another person. That you survived is bad. Especially because Hyde could not heal your wound completely. I guess, you should prepared for getting a fur or something.”