werewolf!will graham


Hannigram- Did someone say werewolves au?

Werewolves are a unique and secretive species co-residing with humanity, not much is know about them aside that they prefer living close to woodland and function better in large packs. A lone werewolf is almost unheard of, almost. It seems like Will Graham finds himself the exception of a lot of things in society, being a werewolf who lives alone with his seven dogs is just another thing to add to the list, along with pure empathy and profiling killers for a living. Dr Lecter is a man who admires the beauty in oddities, and Will Graham is, in every sense of the word, an oddity. Anyone would be foolish to pass up an opportunity to observe and carefully manipulate a man who teeters so close to the edge of pure animal instinct. Push the teacup off the ledge, watch it fall, and see if it gathers itself up again.

And another Will Graham for you guys :) Thank you so much for all the notes and comments on the last one also I always read all the tags so thank you very much for all of them <3 They are so encouraging to paint more!

Anyway, this one is also old but hopefully soon I will have more new stuff to upload :)


a pureblood and a werewolf… step into a bar

◊ Hannigram AU ◊
The respected vampire Count Hannibal Lecter VIII loves to throw his anual masquerade ball where supernatural creatures of all kind meet and come together for a feast.
The young werewolf Will Graham is there for the first time and Hannibal becomes infatuated with him. The two begin a courtship, even at the disapproval of their peers.