I don’t care how many “started from the bottom, now we’re here” posts there are for Stydia. I don’t care how many variations of it there are, how many versions with different scenes, how many times these gif-sets pop up onto my dash. Every. Freaking. Time I see that meme associated with Stydia, I lose my fucking shit. They are my favorite gif-sets and I love every single version to bits and pieces. 

Guys. We started from the bottom. And now we’re here

Can you fucking believe that?


Lydia: Why do you have women’s jewelry? 

Stiles: Oh. Uh, nothing, it’s just some stuff I bought, you know, for your birthday. 

Lydia: For me? 

Stiles: Yeah, I just - I kind of didn’t know what to get you, so I just bought you, like, a bunch of stuff. Like, a lot of stuff. You know, I was gonna return anything that I didn’t give you. 

Lydia: A flat screen TV? Stiles: Yeah, that I’m definitely returning.