Jealous - Derek Imagine

Jealous – Derek Hale Imagine

Request: Hello! Could you please write a Derek imagine where you two are best friends & the guys in the pack hit on you & it makes Derek mad? Smut/fluff whatever you’d like!

Warnings READ THIS: For make the story a little bit “easy” for me to write, I put Derek as the alpha of the pack.

You are at Derek’s loft waiting for the pack to arrive. Derek is with you, and you two are talking about random stuff as always. You two always take free time to talk, make sports… because you are best friends, and the weirdest thing is that he never hit you or anything like that. After some minutes, the pack enters.

“Where have you guys been? “ Asks Derek with an angry tone, then Scott says “sorry, Liam had a problem at school and we needed to go pick him.” Derek crosses his arms and walks towards the guys. “Liam, the next time you have an anger attack, I’ll rip your head with my hands okay?” “Common Derek, it’s not his fault! Maybe the guy who had a problem with made something before…” Derek turns around to look at you and he stares at you. He putted a sad dog face and said “yeah, sure…”

The boys of the pack were staring at you with a weird face. Derek looks at them and says “She is Y/N, my best friend. She will help us with some stuff” after saying that you present yourself to the pack and the pack start practicing some fight. After, you are drinking water and you see AGAIN the guys looking at you. Derek is at the other area if the room and he sees that the boys of the pack are hitting on you. He immediately goes towards the guys and his eyes start flashing red and he says “were you guys staring at Y/N?” Scott stops staring at you and says “what? No!” “Do you guys now that she has a boyfriend right? And I can now when you lie.” Says Derek with an angry tone. You didn’t have boyfriend, but he just said that so the guys stopped hitting on you.

The pack leaves and you ask Derek “why did you said to them that I have a boyfriend?” and then, with the “serious” face, Derek says “because I want you just for me”


Hope you liked it!  and sorry for posting this  bit late…

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