Time does not heal all wounds
Not when it comes to you and me
With us, time is the dagger
And distance is the wound

The more that time goes by
The more distance there is between us
And the deeper
I am hurt

Your absence hurts the most
When I wake up knowing
I have dreamed of you
But cannot remember the dream

I try to recall the slightest detail
Where we were
What happened between us
Even a single word you spoke to me

But it is always in vain
And I am never able to grasp
The fragments before they fall
Out of my reach forever

Perhaps you were here
Perhaps we are together in our dreams
And the moment we wake
Is the moment you leave

I wonder if you ever
Feel like I abandoned you
The truth is, I never left
I’m still here

And I do fight for you
Every single day
Not to win you back
But for your happiness.

Industrial shaman

there were some I could heal

just by looking at them

recognising who they were

what had gone wrong

on their paths

others took longer

taking time

asking the questions

they’d never been asked

or by answering honestly

the burning question

they’d never dare ask before

some as ever

the dangerous ones

never want to be healed

their illness being their identity

who they are now

who they were

will always be in the world

& there

I’d just say hello

share the recognition

shake hands & go

leave as soon as possible

for these

are those

who will kill you

to take away distinction

invites the murder in

these are the poisoners

of the well

will tell

anybody who listens

that shaman

is but a sham

neil benbow

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've done this senario before, but RFA + V and Saeran learing that mc has depression? (Maybe they figure out because they starts dropping hobbies, smiling less, or they just tell them strait out)



  • He realized you started having more and more ‘off’ days
  • You had explained to him a while back that some days you just didn’t have energy to do much of anything; you just called those days your off days
  • But it used to be that you only had them once or twice a month
  • it seemed like they were almost every day now
  • He started getting worried when you stopped getting out of bed. He would leave in the morning and when he came back from school you would still be in the same exact position, and there was no sign around the apartment that you had moved
  • He doesn’t quite know what to do, he just shakes your shoulder to wake you, and he pulls the curtains open to give you some sunlight
  • He also makes your favorite food, because you were definitely hungry after not eating all day
  • You definitely didn’t want to wake up, let alone move, but he tells you that you have to
  • Even though he doesn’t realize it, he’s doing probably everything right to getting you better. He even cleaned up the house to help clear your thoughts, and  he didn’t prod or try to get you to talk. Just seeing you eating and being slightly healthier was enough for him


  • The moment you didn’t send him off to work with a “good luck! Stay safe!” He knew something was off
  • You had been quiet that morning at the table, but you weren’t a morning person. You had been staring vacant eyed into your cup of coffee for a frighteningly long amount of time, though
  • He asks a trusted coworker what might be up, and they give some insight on what might be depression
  • He proceeds to do research on how to help you
  • He’s excellent at motivating you, which wasn’t an easy feat. But somehow he knows how to make menial tasks seem much more fun than they really were
  • What affects him the most about your depression is that he can’t cure it for you
  • Seeing you upset is the hardest thing for him, so he tries his best to make you smile every day.


  • You had mentioned to her at the beginning of your relationship that you had depression
  • At first, she didn’t pay it much mind. You seemed very happy and chipper most of the time, so she decided not to worry about it
  • But with every up came an even worse down, and she realized really what you meant when you told her about your depression
  • You ave her one word answers to everything, and sometimes not even a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ just a small groan in response.
  • You moved around the house like you were in slow motion, and your eyes looked dead.
  • The only emotion she saw you express that week was guilt when you had refused her offer to go out on a date
  • “I-I’m sorry…I just…I wouldn’t be much fun…”
  • She Was Gonna Help You As Much As She Could
  • She cleaned up the entire apartment until it was sparkling and constantly made you healthy food that she knew you loved
  • She even baked you a cake
  • Every day when she left for work she would tell you how much she loved you, and how you two could get through this together with some time


  • He freaked out internally when you did’t give him a goodbye kiss on his way to work
  • The whole day he was so worried???? You always sent him off on a happy note
  • And you were usually a morning person, but it seemed especially hard for you to get up today
  • He called you to ask if you were feeling well, if he needed to get a doctor, etc
  • You told him no, you weren’t sick per se, but you explained in as few words as possible that you’ve had clinical depression all your life, this was just it flaring up
  • He immediately went home, and all the way there, he was researching how to help you as much as possible
  • “I read that sunlight is very good for preventing depression. Should we go on a walk?”
  • “Jumin, it’s fine. Really. It’ll go away soon”
  • “How long does it usually last?”
  • “…my shortest was a month..”
  • “Come. We’re going on a walk. I know a place nearby with a lovely garden”
  • He lets you slowly open up about your depression; he’s literally so accepting and comforting it makes you want to cry


  • When you don’t laugh at a shitty joke he told you, he knows something’s up
  • He kinda noticed that something was Off with your for the past couple of days, but he realized it had started getting a lot worse
  • You spent three hours in the shower (”wasn’t it cold???” “Yeah but i didn’t really mind)
  • Your speech is really slow and just flat, like you didn’t have the energy to put any emotion back into it
  • He knows what’s wrong and he want’s to cry bc you have to go through it
  • He may have unhealthy methods of coping with his depression, but he isn’t gonna let you do any of that
  • he encourages you to talk about it, “But Seven I sound like an angsty teenager when I do” “I’ll talk about mine, we can be emo teens together”
  • The most attentive; when ever you say how you’re feeling he can always relate


  • He gets really worried and kinda upset when you say you’d rather not come along with him when he goes to take photos
  • You usually are happy to go; you especially loved taking some yourself even if they weren’t very good per se but he cherishes them
  • So he goes on his own, and comes home to find you just. staring at your blank computer screen.
  • “MC…? MC are you doing alright?”
  • You jump, “Oh, yeah. I’m fine. just tired”
  • He doesn’t want to make any assumptions so he waits a couple days and observes
  • He finds what he had hoped it wouldn’t be
  • You’re constantly zoning out, you’re incredibly lethargic, you sleep all day or not at all, and he can tell you wish your room was cleaner but every time you try and clean it you just,,can’t
  • So he helps you along; he helps you clean up, he makes you come outside with him (you’re extremely grateful, even if you don’t tell him how much he’s helping) and he lets you know there’s nothing inherently wrong about you being depressed. Its just a matter of finding a balance, and how to cope with the bad times


  • You start acting different, he asks what ‘s wrong, and you carefully tell him you have depression, and what you were going through was just a thing that happened
  • he’s just like no NONO nO HE JUST WANTS TO HELP
  • but you tell him it’s okay; you’ve dealt with this on your own for years, he doesn’t need to stress himself out by trying to pull you out of it
  • He’s not dealing with that answer at all
  • He invites you to talk about how your feeling…a bit awkwardly but it’s the thought that counts
  • sometimes you two just end up having 2 am chats and deep conversations about your depression and he can always relate and you never realized how incredibly nice it felt to have someone who knew what you were going through
  • You also never realized you could get through one of you down periods so quickly
  • like it only took two weeks for you to start feeling less shitty??? that’s amazing it usually takes month
Hero (Primary Mix)

So, it’s not done - not my a long shot. Day one mix, and a basic mastering job so i could hear it on my laptop.


One stop to see the horizon
A never ending fantasy
One man, he sees something in you
With little clue what it could be

No idea of who you are
What compelled you to come this far
Close your eyes forever now
You’ll find your way somehow

Put all your faith in the monsters
Who take you where you need to go
Almost unreal, yet you feel
Like it so close to your soul

No idea of what you were
What once was is now a blur
Fight the doubts and face your fears
No going back now, hear?

Do you want to be a hero?
Try to close your eyes,
Dreams will come alive
Feel the power brewing in you
A different point of view
Of what you thought you knew
Do you want to be a hero?
Let your tears cascade
The property of fate
Listen up, you’ve got it in you
Try to stay alive
In this afterlife!

No idea of who you are
What compelled you to come this far
Close your eyes forever now
You’ll find your way somehow

Do you want to be a hero?
Try to close your eyes,
Dreams will come alive
Feel the power brewing in you
A different point of view
Of what you thought you knew
Do you want to be a hero?
Let your tears cascade
The property of hate
Listen up, you’ve got it in you
Try to stay alive
In this afterlife!



Girl That magic girl
You’re so amazing
You’re like a clear flower baby
My heart flies over and follows you

I don’t even wanna blink my eyes
I try to hold my breath
Baby She’s alright

The sexy girl I’ve seen on TV when I was young
Next to her is a magician
I stared but I still couldn’t believe it
So shocked but it kept going

After I became an adult
I knew it was all just a trick on the eyes
But then you appeared

She’s so hot She’s on fire
You definitely have tricks up
Somewhere in your sleeve
She’s so cool Beautiful
I try so hard to find it but I can’t
I’m flying to you
Two of us Two of us
I’m falling into you again
Two of us
She’s so hot She’s on fire
This ecstatic Magic Magic Magic

Let’s Go
She’s so mysterious
I’m delirious
It’s different from the circus, a Mobius I can’t figure out
It’s like looking at fireworks
All the things I’ve imagined keep going on

This girl is magic
and I’m I’m so ecstatic
What do I do?
Then you come closer

She’s all that
A Rabbit in a hat
I’m curious what’s inside

Out of the three cards that are hidden
Which one should I pick?
I can’t stop thinking

She’s so hot She’s on fire
You definitely have tricks up
Somewhere in your sleeve
She’s so cool Beautiful
I try so hard to find it but I can’t
I’m flying to you
Two of us Two of us
I’m falling into you again
Two of us
She’s so hot She’s on fire
This ecstatic Magic Magic Magic

Magic tricks
I’m getting turned on
Girl, you’re all the audience I need
You lead me, you trap me inside your name
Slow mo
Now try to escape
Try to escape me tonight
It won’t be easy
All around the world
I’m addicted to you magic magic girl

She’s so hot She’s on fire
Try to find my
Tricks up
Somewhere in this heart
She’s so cool Beautiful
Only you can make this stage shine more

The moment you come into my arms
The moment I get shocked and fall into it
She’s so hot She’s on fire
You and I
Magic Magic Magic Girl

She’s so hot
Sexy girl I’m your magician
Everyone looks but can’t believe it
So hot So hot
Everyone shouts
She’s so cool girl
Hey it has just begun
The show is magic and it so amazing

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1. Last kiss

Too long ago

2. Last phone call

My boss at about 3pm

3. Last text message

“Fuck yeah, home slice” - To my mother 5 mins ago

4. Last song you listened to

London Calling - The Clash

5. Last time you cried

Last night, but not for a sad reason


6. Dated someone twice


7. Been cheated on


8. Self harmed


9. Lost someone special


10. Been depressed

My life

11. Been drunk and threw up

Been drunk, but never thrown up because of it


12. had sex

Ha! yes.

13. How many people have you had sex with this year?

How about we don’t answer this one?

15. Made a new friend


17. Laughed until you cried


18. Met someone who changed you

Yet to be determinded

19. Found out who your true friends were

What does this even mean?

20. Found out someone was talking about you

Aren’t they always? *hair flip*

26. What did you do for your last Birthday

Got totally wasted because i was upset and broke up with my boyfriend….

27. What time did you wake up today

Ha! you don’t wanna know

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for


30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time

This past spring break before all hell broke loose

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life

The ability to travel more.

32. What are you listening to right now

The sound of chinese food being made.

33. When is the last time you had sex?


34. Who’s getting on your nerves right now


35. Most visited webpage


36. Favorite colour


37. Nicknames

Chocolate muffin, stud muffin, ANDY FUCKING GRAY, bitch, hoe, pads, chicken nugget ( ;) ) etc.

38. Relationship Status


39. Zodiac sign


40. Male or female


41. Primary school

I went to a new school every year and twice in 5th grade

42. Secondary School


43. High school/college


44. Eye color


46. Height


47. Do you have a crush on someone


48. What do you like about yourself

I like me.

49. Piercings

Septum, 2 in each ear, and bellybutton 

50. Tattoos

I have scarification on my back right shoulder

51. Righty or lefty



53. First piercing

My ears when I was a baby

54. First best friend


55. First hookup

Jason and Eliza

56. First Bestfriend

….. uh…. 


59. Eating

Veggie Fried Rice

60. Drinking

Tequila…. just kidding. It’s coke

61. I’m about to

Eat more fried rice

62. Listening to

Chinese food. Jesus i feel like ive answered this already

63. Waiting for

My time off


64. Want kids?

Not opposed to the idea of sprog, just not yet.

65. Get married?


66. Career

Porn star


67. Lips or eyes


68. Hugs or kisses


69. Shorter or taller

either one

70. Older or Younger

Generally older, depends on maturity.

71. Romantic or spontaneous

Why not both?

72. Nice stomach or nice arms


73. Sensitive or loud


74. Hook-up or relationship

Both are good.


76. Kissed a stranger


77. Drank hard liquor


78. Lost glasses/contacts

Yes -_-

79. Had sex

Y E S 

80. Broken someone’s heart


82. Been arrested

*sigh* I’ve been detained.

83. Turned someone down


84. Cried when someone died

Not at that moment. I generally don’t cry in front of people.

85. Fallen for a friend

Yep! I prefer it.


86. Yourself

Most of the time

87. Miracles

Why not

88. Love at first sight

Could happen?

89. Heaven


90. Santa Clause

what do you mean do I believe? He’s real… right?

91. Kiss on the first date


92. Angels

Sure, why not

93. How would you label yourself?

Too sexy for my shirt.

94. Someone You Pray Everyday For

I don’t pray…. is that bad?

95. Did you sing today


96. Who From All Your Ex’s have You Cared The Most About?

what Does that even mean?

97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?


98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For

To eat as much as i want without gaining weight

99. Are you afraid of falling in love?


100. Do you like the way you look?


Actually ask me something. Anon or not.



Are you dreaming of something else after letting go of my hand?
Are you looking up at a higher happiness?
It’s like a tornado swallowed you up
Because it was jealous of our peaceful relationship
Day or night, I can’t fall asleep

Wouldn’t you get lost alone, without me?
Wouldn’t you bite your lips and cry?
Even if I turn the hands of the clock and change the world
My heart for you won’t change

My love, my sky
My Dorothy
Now come back from your strange journey
Before our picturesque memories get stained
Get on my tears and come back to me

I can’t believe the rumors
Because I know you so well, I could go blind
If only I could cast a spell with love
I’d fly over to you with the strength of my heart
I’d go get you, wherever you were

What if you fearlessly go too far and disappear?
What if you forget all about me?
If you look around, as if you’ve awakened from a long dream
You wouldn’t be able to let go of our dazzling days

My love, my sky
My Dorothy
Now come back from your strange journey
Before our picturesque memories get stained
Get on my tears and come back to me

If you can’t come
I’ll go to you instead
I’ll find you even to the ends of the earth

Before our picturesque memories get stained
Get on my tears and come back to me
Come back to me

My love, my wish
My Dorothy
With your courage to leave
Have more greed for me
I can live forever for you
The one place you can rest in forever
My heart is your home
Please come back

Transed by:POPGASA