OT3 Ideas
  •  So the two of us are having this lovely lunch date at a cafe when some asshole on rollerblades crashes into our table and we all tumble to the ground together in a sprawl of limbs and bodies
  • We all like to sleep in the same bed at night, but somehow one of us always ends up pushing the other two off the fucking bed
  • I’m having this epic paintball fight and I’m recruiting team mates randomly so here you two take these guns and try not to get shot don’t ask questions oH SHIT HERE THEY COME
  • I’m sitting on a toilet in a public restroom and I’ve been singing because I thought I was by myself but all of a sudden two other people join in from the stalls around me and now we have this epic three part harmony going on, so this has to be the best poop break I have ever taken
  • You’ve been studying for this really tough test that’s coming up and the two of us know you need a break so we started a pillow fight but holy shit do you take this seriously oH MY GOD NO
  • So we’re on this long ass 12 hour flight and we’re sitting in a three seat setup in coach, and the person in the middle has fallen asleep so now us two on the end have made a game of how many things we can put on the middle person’s sleeping body/face before they wake up
  • Ok one of you two flatfoots stole my wallet and I’m going to pat both of you down and helloooo I failed to realize how hot you two were
  • We all wore the same shirt today, and I so wore it better you copycat bitches
  • How did all three of us decide to rob the same fucking house on the same fucking night oh my fucking god
Mapmaking Part 1(b) - Civilization

This is part 1b of the mapmaking tutorials. If you missed steps 1-5, go HERE. 

This is where we add in evidence of civilization to your world maps. Cities, towns, roads, ruins, anything at all.


Finally, actual civilization. Throw those suckers down wherever you want, BUT always keep the major land features in mind. Is it economically better for the capital city to be on the coast, or near the desert? If your country makes a lot of money from the ocean, there’s gonna be a lot of coastal cities. If you’re making a world map, don’t bother with anything other than the most important locations, but if this is a country/region important to your setting, fill it out.

Consider: Your story. Are your characters traveling a lot through named cities? If you’re making a map after you’ve already written things down, be careful not to contradict yourself. If a city is, say, a week’s ride on horseback from the capital city, don’t put it super close to the capital, or all the way across the country.

Also consider: Did larger cities change the landscape at all? If a city is near a forest, did they clear a large portion of it out? Are there certain parts of the land that are completely unsuitable for settling? What’s the population distribution?


Time to link all those cities and towns together. Again, keep the land features in mind.

Consider: Both the capital and the most economically powerful city in the nation (they don’t have to be the same) will have many more roads leading to/from them than a village. Cities/towns that are conveniently in the middle of many others will also get a lot of roads. Isolated villages might only be connected to their nearest neighbors and the nearest large city.

Roads merge and branch fairly often. Countries will have roads leading out of their border to major cities in neighboring countries. I would link all the major (or the oldest) cities/towns first, then connect the smaller settlements to the system (this better emulates how the roads would have actually formed over the years). Once more, be a little random, unless paved highways are involved that efficiently cut through the landscape.

Also consider: The landscape will decide where roads are laid. A road probably won’t cut through the forest if it’s easier to go around the edge. Don’t put too many roads through a huge mountain range. Chances are there’s only a few passes where a road can be put.

Note how the roads go around the thick forest, and there’s only one mountain pass. Larger settlements (and towns conveniently in-between others) have more traffic. Roads merge and cross to make shorter paths between settlements. The city of Onaris in the middle has TONS of roads because it’s a convenient central hub for traffic.


Another fun part. Name all relevant cities, major towns, big land features, neighboring seas, etc. If the part of the world you’re focusing on has a unique language or spelling conventions, show them off here. If you’re making a world map, don’t feel the need to name every little thing. Focus on the important areas. You can always add to your map later.


Things that aren’t TOO vital, but will certainly give your map a sense of realism:

  • A paper texture, if you’re using an art program. If you’re looking for parchment but can’t find any, a grunge texture might do if you recolor it brown/yellow.
  • Ink bleed (if you’re using an art program). This can be accomplished with a very small “outer glow” layer effect colored the same as your ink, set to either “multiply” or “overlay” or whatever looks best to you.
  • A compass (people will assume the top is north, but still)
  • A map border
  • A map key, if needed
  • Meridians and parallels (depending on your projection, getting this clean will be HARD unless you have special tools for drawing curves, or maybe use vectors to get them just right) [Note by Werew: If you have meridians and parallels AND a compass/scale bar, there’s a really good chance the compass and scale bar are actually inaccurate because it’s impossible to represent the entirety of a round world on a flat surface and have everything be to scale. An alternative might be to mark the north pole if it’s visible. Another alternative is not to care too much, because it’s your map and nobody is going to sue you if it’s not 100% accurate]
  • A scale bar
  • Fancy corner designs
  • Different colors for different neighboring countries
  • Slightly curved title text to better adhere to the things they’re naming. In the final image below, I curved basically everything except for “Vinera Forest” and “Bradad Tundras.” Even the continent name has a very slight arc to it.
  • Different fonts to signify importance. Again, see final result below.
  • Sea monsters in the ocean, if that’s your gig.

If you REALLY want some advanced stuff to make your maps stand out, try for these things as well. To get them to look realistic and reasonable, reference reference reference! And remember to include map keys!:

  • A topographical overlay to indicate elevation
  • A climate overlay to indicate different biomes
  • A population density/distribution overlay (helpful if you have multiple races/species going on)
  • Temperature map overlay
  • Political map overlay with clear borders between countries. Color it all in if you want. Add capital cities.

Please note that this world map is a really old first iteration of mine and doesn’t have a proper map projection! Note the compass, border, corner art, and (frankly bad) meridians and parallels.

Also note how the mountain rangess in Thoan and Janting are actually part of one long chain.

And that’s it for the world and regional map tutorial! Coming up next is the tutorial for making maps of towns!

The RFA + V + Saeran comforting insecure, chubby!MC

this is inspired by the douchebag that told me on the bus station today that i “would’ve been hot if i was skinny, but big boobs and ass don’t matter when you’re fat”, such a nice thing to say to a stranger!!1! :)) so here you go, here’s all my insecurities bc i needed to rant


  • He thought you were really pretty! And you were great to cuddle with!
  • Would probably blush every time you hugged because your boobs were pressing against him he loved it 
  • The cutest thing ever was when you wore oversized clothes because you looked so tiny, making him feel big and manly
  • He lowkey really wanted you to steal his clothes, as that would confirm you were his possessive Yoosung is my favorite Yoosung, but you never did
  • A few weeks after you started dating, you went out stargazing
  • Because he had his arm around you, he could feel you start to shiver in the cold night air
  • “Baby girl, are you cold? Do you wanna borrow my hoodie?”
  • You wanted to say yes, but knew it wouldn’t really fit you as Yoosung was a lot smaller than you, so you declined
  • “Are you sure? I don’t want you to get sick”
  • You cuddled closer to him, burried your face into his chest and mumbled that it wouldn’t fit anyways, so he would just have to heat you up
  • He looked at you confused before he realized that you were calling yourself too fat for his clothes, when he held you even tighter
  • “You know I love you, right? I really don’t mind how you look, I-I honestly think you’re really really attractive, and I want you to feel comfortable…”
  • To prove his point, he gave your butt a light squeeze, blushed and kissed you
  • After that, he bought lots of big hoodies you could steal from him!


  • Zen had an extra long rehersal, and you had accidently fallen asleep while you watched tv and waited for him to come home
  • When he saw you sprawled out on the couch, he smiled because of how cute you were
  • Wanting cuddles and trying to avoid that you slept in a weird position and locked a joint, he kissed your forehead and scooped you up in his arms to carry you to bed
  • You woke up and instantly panicked, never having been picked up like that before
  • “No Zenny, put me down! I’m too heavy, you’re gonna drop me!”
  • He put you down in the hallway, confused because no one had ever complained when he had picked them up
  • “Do you really think I would drop my princess? I’m more than strong enough to carry you, it’s not like I’ve never picked you up before! You’re really not that heavy anyways”
  • When you didn’t seem to believe him, he put his hands on your hips and pulled you close 
  • “Want me to prove to you how perfect I think you are, hm? I would gladly show you, you know”


  • You already knew that she was skinny because she never had the time to eat enough, but it was unfair that she still looked amazing while you looked like a potato
  • When the two of you opened the café she was always the ones to make the pastries while you took care of the counter, as you didn’t want to get tempted, “taste” the sweet treats and gain more weight
  • At first she just thought you didn’t like baking, but when you told her over a dinner how much you liked to make food, she didn’t understand
  • “Why don’t you help me with the pastries, then?”
  • You hesitated, but told her that you were scared to gain weight, especially because she looked so perfect and a customer had told you last week that your dress was too short as no one wanted to see your fat and nasty legs, and that you “needed to cover up your fat arms”
  • Shocked, she took your hand and kissed it
  • “How could someone say that to someone as nice and pretty as you? MC, please don’t think badly of yourself. They don’t know you, and have no right to judge you! You’re beautiful as well, I actually quite like your legs”
  • She blushed and grinned cheekily, making you laugh


  • Having quite a lot of extra weight, you definitely had above averagely sized breasts
  • Jumin loved them and bought you clothes that would show them off (not trashy though, just classy and sexy), but he noticed that you never wore them
  • Actually, you usually just wore oversized clothes
  • He had read in some magazine that women always took of their bras at the end of the day and that it was their highlight, but you never did?? You even slept with both a bra and a shirt?? Even though you complained about them being uncomfortable??
  • He hadn’t even seen you without a bra yet, shirt or not - he of course respected your wish to not go all of the way yet, but you had already been dating for over two months and he was getting worried that he had done anything wrong
  • The next time your kisses got hot and heavy and he slid his hands under your shirt only to get stopped, he finally asked why
  • Did you not find him attractive? Had someone hurt you in the past? Did you even like him that way?
  • You felt guilty that he felt like that just because you were insecure that your boobs were saggy, and you admitted it to him
  • He assured you that he didn’t mind! It wasn’t like he was expecting your e cups to be that perky anyways, he understood basic anatomy enough to know that natural boobs would sag
  • “Kitten, I love you, but you are honestly being a bit silly. You have absolutely nothing to be insecure about. If it bothers you that much I can of course pay for you to get surgery, but I can assure you that you’re the most attractive person I’ve ever seen. More to bounce around is never a bad thing”
  • He winked, making you blush, before he kissed you neck in hopes of continuing where you had left off


  • As soon as he told you about the security cameras he had installed in Rika’s appartment, you asked him which rooms were safe from his spying eyes
  • You wanted to make sure that he didn’t see you change, so he wouldn’t see your embarassing stretch marks that covered your hips, belly, back and thighs, the very ones that had made people ask you at severel occations if you had been pregnant (actually the most embarassing thing ever)
  • Even though you managed to hide them from him when you stayed in that damned appartment, you knew he would notice when you had to stay at his house
  • The first few days were easy enough as he ignored you anyways and wouldn’t even let you into his room where he was working, leaving you with no other choice than to sleep at his couch to wait for him
  • That’s exactly where he found you when he decided that he probably needed some fresh air, and that he should check on you
  • Feeling slightly perverted by checking you out when you were at your most vulnerable, he noticed that your shirt had riled up and showed the stretchmarks on your tummy
  • He made a mental note to remember them before taking a short walk outside, having enough insecurities to know that they probably bothered you
  • As soon as he cut his tsundere crap and showed you some love, you noticed that he liked to rest his hands on your hips and rub small circles with his thumbs
  • “You’re so beautiful, you know? Good god, I love you so much”
  • You blushed hard as he slowly took of your shirt off, tracing the bumps from your marks with his hands
  • He thought they made you unique! He made sure to ask you for permission to kiss them as every part of you deserved love, and if you weren’t willing to give it, he would!


  • This nerd would take pictures of you whenever he could
  • His favorites were the ones where you didn’t pay attention to him - laughing, talking to someone, dancing around
  • But despite being an amazing photographer, not even he could change the fact that you had extra fat that showed from every angle
  • Double chin, back rolls, belly and thighs
  • Sometimes he would show you the pictures he had taken during the day and tell you his exact thoughts about you when he took them, how pretty you were in that dress, how cute your giggle was, but it didn’t make the fat less obvious
  • “Do I… Do I really look that fat?”
  • “What do you mean, angel?”
  • You pointed out all your flaws, and you could see his frown become more prominent with everything you mentioned
  • “This is what you look like, why would you want to change that? You’re beautiful and I know that you don’t really eat unhealthy, you just have unlucky genes. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re really pretty, and that I’m super lucky to have you! The world needs more plus size models anyways, don’t you agree?”
  • He kissed your head when he finished his short speech, and you looked at your blue haired boyfriend in awe
  • “If it means anything, just know that I really like how you look. I think you’re hot”
  • He started laughing when you jokingly nudged him in the shoulder, telling him to shut up and kiss you


  • As weeks passed and he got more comfortable with you, he gradually became more clingy
  • He really enjoyed holding and leaning on you/you leaning on him, as everthing about you was soft and comfortable!
  • Eventually he would become comfortable enough for kisses, and before you knew it he would have plopped you down on his lap
  • Insecure about your weight you tried to get off, explaining that you were a lot heavier than you looked and therefore was afraid of crushing his legs
  • He held you closer and refused to let you go or listen to you, as he knew far too well what it was like to have your insecurities take over
  • “MC, stop being ridiculous, you’re perfect. And you look really good seated in my lap, you know? I want you right here”
  • You saw a faint blush spread across his cheeks and felt your own face match
  • “O-okay…”
  • He would of course respect you if you wasn’t into it, but trust me when I say that this guy would not hesitate to leave hickies all over your neck just to remind you that you were his, and that he loved you

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It’s Okay

  • weiss: ruby, right now i am a large dogbeast.
  • weiss: im not some common dog,
  • weiss: i am a werew-
  • weiss: ruby, stop waving that ball in my face
  • weiss: ahem.
  • weiss: as i was saying. im not some common dog. every full moon, i am a dangerous-
  • weiss: stop it with the ball, ruby!
  • weiss: this is serious!
  • weiss: oh you threw it.
  • weiss: good, that means i can finally...
  • weiss: ugh. where did it go? ill be right back.
Guide to TV Tropes, Part 1: Tropes are Not Bad

Pylon @constablewrites here! You may know me as the one who likes sending people to TV Tropes. The site is a fantastic resource and can really help writers develop their understanding of story–but it can also be intimidating and frankly dangerous. So I’m here to share some wisdom not just about the site, but about the idea of tropes in the first place.

What is a trope?

Let’s start by defining terms here. For our purposes, a trope is a specific storytelling element that is recognizable in multiple works. The concept of having characters, of stories having acts like plays, of multiple plotlines, all those basic, fundamental concepts are technically tropes.

This is a very broad definition, but that’s on purpose. It’s difficult to discuss something that doesn’t have a name, so that’s what tropes are: a way to give names to those concepts and elements we recognize so we can talk about them, and so that we can be clear that we’re talking about the same thing.

But people talk about tropes like they’re a bad thing.

When someone uses “trope” in a pejorative way, they’re usually talking about a trope that is deployed uncritically, without new context. Tropes can very easily become cliches when they get regurgitated wholesale, but that does not make a trope inherently bad, and that doesn’t mean that new life can’t be breathed into tired tropes.

So why is it important to know tropes?

Essentially, it’s hard to break the rules effectively if you don’t know what they are. Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum; your story is in conversation with everything that came before and everything that will come after. You know that guy who tries to hide that he came to class late, until he smugly makes a point that was already thoroughly discussed 20 minutes ago? Don’t be that guy. (Want to know how many people are out there hawking Hunger Games clones who genuinely have no idea that franchise exists? It’s a much higher number than you just thought of, I promise you.)

What about originality? If it’s been done before it’s not original!

Think of tropes like Lego bricks. It’s not about what bits you have, it’s about how you put them together. That’s how you can take most of the same pieces from this:

…and end up with this:

Take a bunch of spy tropes that have been overused to the point of parody and give them to superheroes, and you have something that feels fresh. A stock character that’s usually male might look very different as a female, even if they otherwise fulfill the same role. Throwing film noir and detective tropes into a setting with magic and monsters invented a whole new genre. And so on. You don’t have to reinvent or twist every element to have something new; you can get just as much mileage out of turning a single trope on its head and thoroughly exploring the implications of that.

Ultimately, you can’t mess with audience expectations if you don’t know what they are. That one death in Avengers: Age of Ultron completely shocked me because the movie is screaming at the top of its lungs that it’s gonna kill a different character. (Worth noting is that I saw it with a friend who didn’t pick up on those cues at all, and thus had a completely different reaction. Knowing those expectations can cut both ways.) Tropes represent the shared language of storytelling that your readers have learned, consciously and subconsciously, and are bringing to the table. You need to understand that language if you want to speak to them effectively.

Hopefully now you understand why it might be beneficial to spend some time on TV Tropes. But don’t dive in just yet! Otherwise you’ll emerge blinking into the light a week later, muttering about egregious sliding scales and realizing that no one’s been feeding your cat and you probably don’t have a job anymore. Tune in next time where we’ll discuss how to use the site effectively and avoid the black hole.

Edit by Werew: Here is the next part of this post! Happy Troping!

To This Day

by Shane Koyczan

When I was a kid
I used to think that pork chops and karate chops
were the same thing
I thought they were both pork chops
and because my grandmother thought it was cute
and because they were my favourite
she let me keep doing it

not really a big deal

one day
before I realized fat kids are not designed to climb trees
I fell out of a tree
and bruised the right side of my body

I didn’t want to tell my grandmother about it
because I was afraid I’d get in trouble
for playing somewhere that I shouldn’t have been

a few days later the gym teacher noticed the bruise
and I got sent to the principal’s office
from there I was sent to another small room
with a really nice lady
who asked me all kinds of questions
about my life at home

I saw no reason to lie
as far as I was concerned
life was pretty good
I told her “whenever I’m sad
my grandmother gives me karate chops”

this led to a full scale investigation
and I was removed from the house for three days
until they finally decided to ask how I got the bruises

news of this silly little story quickly spread through the school
and I earned my first nickname

pork chop

to this day
I hate pork chops

I’m not the only kid
who grew up this way
surrounded by people who used to say
that rhyme about sticks and stones
as if broken bones
hurt more than the names we got called
and we got called them all
so we grew up believing no one
would ever fall in love with us
that we’d be lonely forever
that we’d never meet someone
to make us feel like the sun
was something they built for us
in their tool shed
so broken heart strings bled the blues
as we tried to empty ourselves
so we would feel nothing
don’t tell me that hurts less than a broken bone
that an ingrown life
is something surgeons can cut away
that there’s no way for it to metastasize

it does

she was eight years old
our first day of grade three
when she got called ugly
we both got moved to the back of the class
so we would stop get bombarded by spit balls
but the school halls were a battleground
where we found ourselves outnumbered day after wretched day
we used to stay inside for recess
because outside was worse
outside we’d have to rehearse running away
or learn to stay still like statues giving no clues that we were there
in grade five they taped a sign to her desk
that read beware of dog

to this day
despite a loving husband
she doesn’t think she’s beautiful
because of a birthmark
that takes up a little less than half of her face
kids used to say she looks like a wrong answer
that someone tried to erase
but couldn’t quite get the job done
and they’ll never understand
that she’s raising two kids
whose definition of beauty
begins with the word mom
because they see her heart
before they see her skin
that she’s only ever always been amazing

was a broken branch
grafted onto a different family tree
but not because his parents opted for a different destiny
he was three when he became a mixed drink
of one part left alone
and two parts tragedy
started therapy in 8th grade
had a personality made up of tests and pills
lived like the uphills were mountains
and the downhills were cliffs
four fifths suicidal
a tidal wave of anti depressants
and an adolescence of being called popper
one part because of the pills
and ninety nine parts because of the cruelty
he tried to kill himself in grade ten
when a kid who still had his mom and dad
had the audacity to tell him “get over it” as if depression
is something that can be remedied
by any of the contents found in a first aid kit

to this day
he is a stick on TNT lit from both ends
could describe to you in detail the way the sky bends
in the moments before it’s about to fall
and despite an army of friends
who all call him an inspiration
he remains a conversation piece between people
who can’t understand
sometimes becoming drug free
has less to do with addiction
and more to do with sanity

we weren’t the only kids who grew up this way
to this day
kids are still being called names
the classics were
hey stupid
hey spaz
seems like each school has an arsenal of names
getting updated every year
and if a kid breaks in a school
and no one around chooses to hear
do they make a sound?
are they just the background noise
of a soundtrack stuck on repeat
when people say things like
kids can be cruel?
every school was a big top circus tent
and the pecking order went
from acrobats to lion tamers
from clowns to carnies
all of these were miles ahead of who we were
we were freaks
lobster claw boys and bearded ladies
juggling depression and loneliness playing solitaire spin the bottle
trying to kiss the wounded parts of ourselves and heal
but at night
while the others slept
we kept walking the tightrope
it was practice
and yeah
some of us fell

but I want to tell them
that all of this shit
is just debris
leftover when we finally decide to smash all the things we thought
we used to be
and if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself
get a better mirror
look a little closer
stare a little longer
because there’s something inside you
that made you keep trying
despite everyone who told you to quit
you built a cast around your broken heart
and signed it yourself
you signed it
“they were wrong”
because maybe you didn’t belong to a group or a click
maybe they decided to pick you last for basketball or everything
maybe you used to bring bruises and broken teeth
to show and tell but never told
because how can you hold your ground
if everyone around you wants to bury you beneath it
you have to believe that they were wrong

they have to be wrong

why else would we still be here?
we grew up learning to cheer on the underdog
because we see ourselves in them
we stem from a root planted in the belief
that we are not what we were called we are not abandoned cars stalled out and sitting empty on a highway
and if in some way we are
don’t worry
we only got out to walk and get gas
we are graduating members from the class of
fuck off we made it
not the faded echoes of voices crying out
names will never hurt me

of course
they did

but our lives will only ever always
continue to be
a balancing act
that has less to do with pain

Slowly falling in love chapter 14- Yoongi

Y/N - your name,    Y/F/N- your friend name

Genere: Romance, Angst, Smut (in next parts)

chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, kiss scene- Yoongi pov, chapter 4,chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7,chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13

WC: 2021

Summary:  He’s the worst guy in school, everyone is scared of him, he don’t give a shit about his grades or classes, still all the girls are in love with him. That’s how you would describe him- MIN YOONGI. You’re the only one that’s not into him, you are more scared of him then in love. And after that one stupid thing you did it was only worse… well that’s what you thought at first.

Part: 14/15

She does. But anyways here’s my plan on how to get her back to you…- Jimin started.

After 4 hours of sitting, drinking and talking Jimin and Yoongi fell alseep. Jimin explained his plan to his hyung with every detail. Yoongi wasn’t sure if it will work but he stil wanted to try. Now he just had to wait until prom night. It was still almost a month away but Yoongi was already feeling uneasy about it. 

On Saturday morning you woke up pretty early. It was 9 am and you were ready to start your day.  You decided to call yoongi and ask him if you can meet and work on your project. You hardly believed he would pick up because he’s not a morning person. 

He’s probably still sleeping.- You thought to yourself before clicking “call”.

Hello?- You heard Yoongi’s voice.

Hi Yoongi. Did I wake you up?- You asked concerned.

No no you didn’t.- He answered.

Oh okay. i just wanted to ask if we can meet today and work on our project?- You informed.

Yeah of course we can. I’ll be at your place in 15 minutes, if it’s cool with you?- Yoongi stated.

Ok no problem. See you- You informed and hung up.

You were surprised. Yoongi never wakes up tihs early and he’s never so eager to work on school stuff. You smiled to yourself thinking how hard he’s working on this. Just like he said he was at your place after 15 minutes.

Hi.- Yoongi said when he came inside.

Hi. Do you want someting to drink or eat?- You asked right after he sat down on the sofa.

You know I actually didn’t eat breakfast yet and I’m kinda hungry.- He started.

Okay what do you want to eat? Sandwich or eggs or maybe something else. I actually didn’t eat too so I’m starving.- You said after asking him.

You know maybe we can go out and eat something and then come back and work on the project. It will take less time and you won’t have to prepar anything. Of course only if you want to.- He suggested.

That sounds perfect. Let me just go get change and we can go.- You said smiling while going to your room.

After 5 minutes you were ready and you and Yoongi could go out to eat. After next 15 minutex of driving Yoongi stopped in front of small coffe shop that you used to go to when you were dating. This place was perfect. It’s located away from all the noise and cars and it has really good coffe and amzing breakfasts. When you sat down Yoongi went to order for both of you. He came back with black coffe for him and with Cappuchino for you.

I ordered French Toasts with cinnamon and apples for you and grilled sandwich with chesse and ham for me.- He informed you with slight smile.

Thanks.- You returned the smile and took a sip from your coffe.

You still remember?- You laughed slightly.

Huh?- He asked.

Cappuchino and French Toasts.- He said.

Ohhh this. Of course I do. You always orderd the same thing everytime we came here. And I mean excatly the same thing. French Toasts with cinnamon and apples and Cappuchino.- He laughed.

Hey and you? You ordered the same thing too. Each time we were here.- You both started laughing..

After you both finished eating Yoongi paid even thoug you told him you can split and you will pay your half. As soon as you came home you started working on the project. Yoongi was working really hard. He was looking for all the information that you guys needed and when he founf them he gave them to you so you can put it all togethet for your presentation. You guys spent like all day working on the project and also just laughing and talking.

Ughhh I’m so tired. - Yoongi said as he stretched.

Uhhh me too. We spent all day working on this project and I’m really tired and my butt hurts from sitting for so long.- You laughed.

At least we are done with our project.- You added.

Yeah, I think we did a really good job.Okay it’s alredy 6 pm. time really went by fast- He said.

Yeah it did.- You agreed with him and you heared your phine ringing.

Sorry I will just answer.- You said and went to another room.

After 5 minutes you came backe to the living room.

Sorry it was my mom. She just called to…- You didn’t finish because you saw that Yoong felli asleep on the sofa.

You went to get a blanket and a pillow. You covered Yoongi and put his head on the pillow.

You look cute when you’re sleeping. You look so peaceful.- you said to yourself as you werew stroking his black hair gently.

You gave him soft kiss on the forehead and stood up but you felt his hand on you arm. He was holding it and didn’t wanted to let go. You decided to stay little longer but ended up fall asleep on the floor with your head on the sofa and your hand holding Yoongi’s.

When you woke up you saw Yoongi staring at you. You quickly stood up and relised that you were in your bed. You were wondering how you got there because it wasn’t the position you fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw you sleeping on the floor so I decided to just lay you down in your bed. And then I went back to sleep. - Yoongi explained.

Oh thank you.- You said.

What time is it?- You asked.

It’s 10 am- Yoongi answered.

I’ll get going. See you tomorrow- Min said as he went out of your room.

Bye.- You said as you went downstairs after him.

You spent the rest of the day looking for a dress for the prom. As you were in one of the shops you noticed Namjoon and Jungkook. You figured that they were looking for a suit. You heared them talking.

Don’t you think it’s great that Yoongi and Jimin finlally made up hyung?- Jungkook asked.

Yeah it’s great. Now it finally feels like before.- Namjoon smiled and they went out.

It was little surprising to you when you heard that. Neither Jimin or Yoongi told you about this. You wanted to call Jimin and ask him about it but you just decided to wait till tomorrow.

Next day when you met Jimin in school you asked him right away.

Why didn’t you tell me huh?- You were acting like you’re mad.

Didn’t tell you what?- Jimin asked.

That you and Yoongi made up.- You answered him.

Ohhh this. I don’t know I just didn’t know it’s that important.- He laughed.

Whatever. So did you find you mask for prom?- You asked him changing the subject.

No and how about you? Did you find you dress and mask?- He asked you the same question.

Nope still looking.- You answered sadly.

No worries I’m sure you’ll find it soon.- Jimin smiled as you two went inside the classroom.

It’s been almost two weeks and you still didn’t find the dress or the mask. But it wasn’t important right now. It was Thursday and it was the day of the presentation. You were nervous and so was Yoongi but he told you not to worry and that everything will be okay. You watched how other groups were talking and presenting their projects. It was time for you and Yoongi. You went to the center of the classroom and looked at Yoongi.

It’s gonna be fine.- He said and smiled at you.

Told you we’re gonna do great.- After you two finished Yoongi looked at you and whispered.

After couple of minutes Ms. Kim told us the results. 

There was one group that did amzing job, and their presentation was really good. And this group is Yoongi and Y/N. You guys did really good and both of you are getting A+.- Ma. Kim inforemd.

After the class was finished you went to  Yoongi and hugged him tightly.

Hey see I was right.- He hugghed you back.

Yeah yeah you were.- You laughed and looked at him.

Thank you Y/N.- Yoongi looked into your eyes.

For what?- You asked.

Just… Thank you.- He said and went to the door.

Hey Yoongi… Thank you too.- You said and looked at him.

He smiled and went out. It was happening agian. To you heart. Whebn you saw him smile and when he hugged you. There was this feeling in your heart, this warmth you feel when he’s around. You smiled to yourself and went out. 

You decided to go shopping after school. You wanted to fing the dress and the mask for prom. After 3 hours of looking you finally found the perfect dress and perfect mask. 

You bought black heels and you had everything you needed for your prom night. You were excited for the prom night. It was less than two weeks away. Yo and your classmates were already rehearsing the half-time dance. Your partner was Jimin. So far it was going all good. There was still 8 more rehearsals to do. And only 2 weeks left. 

1 week until prom night. each day you were getting more excited. Prom is the best thing and it willbe your last one because you are graduating. Everyone was super happy about prom especially girls but so was Yoongi.

Hyung, come on we need to talk.- Jimin took Yoongi at the rooftop.

Okay Yoongi do you remember the plan?- Jimin aksed.

Yeah I do.- Yoongi answered.

Good. I called guys so that we will tell them about our plan.- Park informed.

Okay.- Yoongi said.

After 5 minutes they were all there.

Okay guyts listen, me and Yoongi hyung have a plan how to get hyun and Y/n back together. It’s all gonna happen at prom night of course.- Jimin started.

So wht’s the plan?- Hoseok asked curiously.

It will all start at the half-time dance. Me and Yoongi will have same masks on and when it’s time for the dance we’ll switch partners and so Yoongi hyung will be dancing with Y/N and not me. And then you Jungkook will go in amd dance with my partner. So that Y/N won’t suspect anything weird. The dance is easy after going back to your original partner we are doing normal ballroom dance with our partners and then Y/N is dancing with hyung and you Jungkook will change places with me agian so I’m gonna be dancing. As the dancing goes on hyung will be charminjust do what he will need to do, what his heart will tell him to. And then when it’s time to take off our mask Y/N’s find out that she’s dancing with Yoongi. Easy isn’t it?- Jimin finished explaning their plan to the guys.

But don’t you think that Y/N noona will think she’s dancing with Jimin and she will think that you are trying to hit on her?- Jungkook asked confused.

No.- Jimin answered confidently.

How do you know that?- Jungkook kep on asking.

I just do. Trust me- Jimin asured him.

Okay.- They all said.

After they all knew the plan they decided to go to Yoongi’s place and just drink and play games. 

By the way how aare you so sure Y/N’ not going to mistake Yoongi as you?- Taehyung asked Jimin on their way to Yoongi’s place

Come on Tae, she loves him. And she knows him, he can wear any mask he wants and Y/N will still recogise him. By his lips, by his moves, by his touch, and by his eyes.- Jimin explained.

Hah you’re right. Sometimes you’re a genius Jimin.- They both laughed.

Of course I am.- Jimin added.

Oh but does hyung know?- Tae asked.

Nope and it will stay this way. Now let’s go have fun with guys.- Jimin grabbed Taehyung and went inside.

They spent all night playing games and drinking. And also talking about the plan, they were talking about every detail. Prom was only 3 days away. 

[LYRICS] Move (이사) by BTS


3년 전 여기 첨 왔던 때 기억해
왠지 형이랑 나랑 막
치고박고 했던 때
벽지도 화장실도
베란다도 다 파란 집
그 때 난 여기가 막 되게
넓은 집인 줄 알았지
But 내 야망이 너무 커졌어
그리 넓어 보이던 새 집도
이제는 너무 좁아졌어
17평 아홉 연습생 코찔찔이 시절
엊그제 같은데 그래
우리도 꽤 많이 컸어
좋은 건 언제나 다
남들의 몫이었고
불투명한 미래 걱정에
항상 목 쉬었고
연말 시상식
선배 가수들 보며 목 메였고
했던 꾸질한 기억
잊진 말고 딱 넣어두자고
우리의 냄새가 나 여기선
이 향기 잊지 말자
우리가 어디 있건
울기도 웃기도 많이 했지만
모두 꽤나 아름다웠어
논현동 3층 고마웠어

이사 가자
정들었던 이곳과는 안녕
이사 가자
이제는 더 높은 곳으로

텅 빈 방에서
마지막 짐을 들고 나가려다가
잠시 돌아본다
울고 웃던 시간들아
이젠 안녕 

3년의 삶 참 짧고도 길었지
많은 일들이 있고
많은 추억의 기억이
막 떠오르곤 해
떠날 때가 되니까
사용의 흔적들 like
통장내역 크레딧카드
좁은 평수만큼
더 뭉친 점도 있었고
Fight right here
치고 받기도 몇번
그래서인지 고운 정 미운 정
쌓이고 쌓였어
먼지 마냥 이젠 치워지겠지
처음보단 짐도 늘고
처음보단 내 스스로
가진 것도 늘었어
이젠 자부심을 딱 들고
더 큰 세상 큰 꿈을 나 바라보겠어
새 출발 새 시작
어떤 식으로 또 꾸밀 지
기대되는 시간
짐 날라 위치 잡아 먼지 닦아
끝나고서는 수고의
짜장면 하나 that’s right

이사 가자
정들었던 이곳과는 안녕
이사 가자
이제는 더 높은 곳으로

텅 빈 방에서
마지막 짐을 들고 나가려다가
잠시 돌아본다
울고 웃던 시간들아
이젠 안녕

난생 처음 엄마의 뱃속에서
나의 첫 이사 날을 세곤 했어
희미한 기억 나의 이사의 대가는
엄마 심장의 기계와
광활한 흉터였어
2010년 그 해 겨울 대구에서
철없던 내가
이 세상의 크기를 재곤 했어
상업적이란 집으로
이사간 대가는
욕 바가지 돈따라기 라며
날 향한 손가락질
이처럼 이사는 내게
참 많은 걸 남겼지
그게 좋던 싫던
내 삶 속에서 많은 걸 바꿨지
내 삶은 월세 나도 매달려 알어
내 자존심은 보증금 다 건 채
하루를 살어 uh
그래서 다시 이사 가려고 해
아이돌에서 한 단계 위로
꿈이 잡히려 해
이번 이사의 손 없는 날은 언제일까
빠른 시일이면 좋겠다

이사 가자
정들었던 이곳과는 안녕
이사 가자
이제는 더 높은 곳으로

텅 빈 방에서
마지막 짐 들고 나가려다가
잠시 돌아본다
울고 웃던 시간들아
이젠 안녕

이사 가자
정들었던 이곳과는 안녕
이사 가자
이제는 더 높은 곳으로

텅 빈 방에서
마지막 짐을 들고 나가려다가
잠시 돌아본다
울고 웃던 시간들아
이젠 안녕


I remember when I first came here
The time when you (Suga) and I
The house with the blue wallpaper and the toilet
And the veranda
During that time I thought
This was a really big house
But my ambitions have became too big
The new house which looked so big
Is now too small
The 17 pyeong* with 9 trainee, those snotty nosed kid times
Seem like yesterday
We’ve grown a lot too
The good things were always
For others
With the worries of the unclear future
Our voices would become hoarse**
The annual prize giving ceremonies
We would cry while watching our senior singers
These stupid memories
Let’s not forget and put them right back in
It smells like us in this apartment
Let’s not forget this fragrance
Wherever we were
We cried and laughed a lot
But it was all beautiful
Thanks to 3rd floor in Nonhyeon-dong 

Let’s move out
Of this place which we became friendly with
Let’s move out
To a higher place***

In the empty room
While I was going to take out my last piece of luggage
I look back for a second
The times when we both cried and also laughed
Bye now

The 3 years were short and long
Let’s move out
And eventful
I think of our memories
Now it’s time to leave
The marks of use
Account information credit cards
Because it was small
There were more fights
Fight right here
The amount of times we’ve fought
So good love and bad love
Have built up over time
Will be brushed away like dust
I have more stuff than before
I have myself
More stuff than before
Now with pride
I’m going to look at the bigger world and the bigger dream
A new start a new start
How i will decorate this
A time I look forward to
Move our luggage, take our place, wipe the dust
After we finish
Black bean noodles for our work that’s right

Let’s move out
Of this place which we became friendly with 
Let’s move out  
To a higher place

In the empty room
While I was going to take out my last piece of luggage
I look back for a second
the times when we both cried and also laughed
bye now

When I was first alive in my mother’s womb
I counted the days until my first move
In my unclear memories the price I paid for my moving out of our house
Was a heart machine to my mother
With a gaping wide scar
In the year 2010 that winter in Daegu
The immature me
Tried to weigh up the world
Moving to a business-owned house
The price for it was
Swearing and names calling me a money follower
The fingers pointing at me
Like this moving
Left lots of things
It doesn’t matter if I liked it or not
It changed many things in my life
My life is monthly rent I depend on it I know
My pride is on my saved up money
And i live like this uh
So I want to move again
A level above idols
That dream is about to be caught
When will the day when we don’t need to do anything about moving come
I wish it could be a little quicker

Let’s move out
Of this place which we became friendly with
Let’s move out
To a higher place 

In the empty room
While i was going to take out my last piece of luggage
I look back for a second
The times when we both cried and also laughed
Bye now

Let’s move out
Of this place which we became friendly with
Let’s move out
To a higher place

In the empty room
While I was going to take out my last piece of luggage
I look back for a second
The times when we both cried and also laughed
Bye now

T/N:  * 1 pyeong = approximately 3.3m² 
         ** Voice hoarse from crying
         ***  This means both literally as in going up to higher floors and also
               figuratively as in they’ve debuted now and want to go higher)

Trans cr; Sevina @ bts-trans

Saturation (Unmastered)
John Frusciante
Saturation (Unmastered)

I feel that wheels are turning
I feel that wheels are turning round, ooh

We made you
We made you
We made you what you were
We brought them up that hill
We brought them up to roll them down

In the morning light must clean you
In the morning light must clean you o-o-out

I’m sad that time escapes me
It pushes ahead of me all day

Remind me
Remind me
Remind me what I could’ve been
I feel the faster I’m going
The more I am slowing down, aah
I’m the focus of the bring down
I’m the one who captures what he lost
And turns it around

Some Worldbuilding Thoughts

Recently, I had a fun conversation with @sansjoshiki, who sent us a question on anon but then followed up with my request for more information. (Thanks for doing that!) It’s exciting to be able to answer questions to the best of our ability because we have all the information! 

Anyway, a lot of the stuff I said was not specific to their world, and I think that some of you may enjoy and benefit from it, so here’s some general advice on putting worlds together and incorporating details into your stories!

So, having a single concept (or a few unrelated concepts) and building a world and story from it is completely doable, and can be a lot of fun! But it can also be totally overwhelming and difficult to decide just how much to build, what to focus on, and how to incorporate all of it. 

This process is easier if you have a plot or a character in mind, because you can use that as a lens to decide what parts of the world are important to focus on. For instance, if your character is royalty, do they care how the peasants get water? Will that factoid ever show up? Probably not. With that in mind, it’s fine to have no detail or vaguery in regards to things that aren’t relevant, so don’t strain yourself trying to explain every little thing.

Using guides to help you come up with your world can be extremely helpful to cover all the relevant bases, but no guide will ever match exactly what you need for your story in particular. I think that possibly the best thing for you to do is to start thinking about your character and/or plot. If you don’t have a plot, think about elements in the world that are especially interesting to you and contemplate ways to get those involved in your plot. If you do have a plot, then start thinking about particular aspects of your world that will definitely be involved. If your plot/character(s) are involved with the government, you’ll need to have a pretty solid idea of how that government functions, but if not, that’s a detail you can probably gloss over with only basic details.

If your plot is detailed, start thinking of particular scenes that you want to write in it. For instance, if you want a scene to take place in a store or market, you’ll need to think about how that’s laid out. Is there just one store that sells almost everything? Do most shops specify? Is there an open-forum market with lots of small vendors, or large department stores? How does the currency work? (Actually, “how does the currency work” is a question you should probably answer regardless of whether economics will be a focus, unless the average person on your world doesn’t use currency).

With this in mind, build the parts of the world that pertain to a scene until you can get a sense of what it would be like to be there. Think about real-world situations that are similar; what does it feel like to be in a government building? In a bank? In a convenience store? In a high-priced and specialized boutique? On a farm? How would these things change based on the ways your world works? For instance, if your world no longer employs people to run cash registers and instead uses something like Walmart’s self-checkout, how does that change the experience of going to the store?

Once you have a basic sense for the scene, start writing! You don’t need to know every detail by this step; in fact, don’t try to know every detail. Just place yourself with your character in the scene, and think about what you’d notice and what’s important.

However, be careful about glossing over “unimportant” things, or at least keep in mind that you did. If a detail is irrelevant in an early scene, but then becomes important later, you don’t want to contradict what you’ve said before. I’m guilty of this; I write along willy-nilly, and sometimes when I’m rereading, I realized that a detail I develop well in chapter 5 is contradicted by something I handwaved in chapter 2. This is fixable, of course, but you might save yourself a little headache by thinking about it beforehand. Having to rewrite what used to be the perfect scene because one detail changes everything is annoying.

Also, don’t be tempted to start from the very beginning with this method of worldbuilding a single scene; think of scenes that are critical to your story and what they’ll entail, and work backwards to the ones that are less critical.

Ultimately, don’t forget that worldbuilding shouldn’t get wholly in the way of your writing. It can be lots of fun and create a great story, but if you find yourself never starting because you don’t have all the details in place, relax.

Sometimes, “Just start writing” can be the best thing when you’re stuck with worldbuilding. If a detail is needed to make the story work, or to make the world believable, you’ll realize that as you go, and then you can pause, figure it out, and then carry on.

As for putting an adequate amount of world detail in, we’ve done a few posts about that in past. I’ll say a few words about that:

Putting detail in can be tricky, because you know all these things about your world and many of them might be working together to create a scene. However, you don’t want to annoy or bore your reader, so you have to limit yourself. Having a beta reader can be great for that, because they can let you know when you have too much or too little detail. Personally, I think that erring on the side of too little and then having your beta reader tell you so is best. If you’re confusing your readers, you’ll need to put more detail in, but people are less likely to tell you when you have too much detail. Try to keep in mind what’s essential for the world, and also what’s abnormal. Your character isn’t likely to be thinking about how the space-age toilet works (unless they work in the sci-fi equivalent of plumbing), and even though knowing what happens to the waste can be important to the author, it is unlikely to come up in a story. Put yourself in that situation, remind yourself that everything you’ve built is the norm for that world, and then think about what you’d actually notice.

If you have abnormal things going on, those are easier to explain and make it make sense that you are explaining them. This can also be used to show what the norm is: “Instead of just going into the vaporizer like it always did, [character]’s urine was sitting in the receptacle, making the bathroom smell bad.” Bam, now we know that toilets have vaporizers and that this one is malfunctioning.

Thanks for reading, and happy building! -Werew

Ethereal || Vamp! Coups

Prologue // Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 ( Final)

Word Count: 1945

“Are you sure?”

You nodded. “I’m positive that the witch is staying at the Seventeen mansion.”

Namjoon nodded slowly. “Mm…well, that’s simple then.”

You raised an eyebrow, “What? How’s this simple. We can’t just storm the mansi—“

“Of course we can.”

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dxncinggirl  asked:

Mincia was exhausted, she and the others had been separated from the assassins and haven't seen them in months. Fearing they would be captured the girls fled town to town taking small jobs to make sure they all ate and werew healthy. She rests her head down just to hear Henny gasp as she looked out the window. "They found us! Sasha they found us!" Just like that the girls were grabbing their shawls and racing out of the small cabin they were staying in towards their companions.

The four men in question were wearing their plain disguises, which were their usual sailing cloaks and the bulky armor that Hammer was often wearing. Leading ahead was Andes who glad to see that they were doing alright after they were separated. Raskin was more than glad to see Sasha, same with Sienna towards Henny. Hammer’s expression couldn’t be more unreadable under his helmet however.


calculatedmadness  asked:

So, I have trouble doing world building for short stories, especially when it comes to places/cultures. I don't want to burn through word count doing expository stuff, either. What are some suggestions you have for subtly working in world building details without overloading the story with exposition?

Werew: My favorite method is to come up with the scene, the details, the weirdness, etc, and then put yourself in the place of the character and think about what they’d actually notice about the scene. For example, I have a short story where the main character talks to people of a non-human race that have very sharp teeth, and their teeth make it hard to pronounce some sounds in the english language. However, anyone who knows anything about that race in the world knows that their teeth make it hard for them to speak english, so why would my character mentally comment on it? So what I did was to include the difficulty with sounds in the dialogue, and then throw in the sharp teeth in separately; the character mentally remarks about their sharp teeth when one of them smiles. I left it to the reader to draw the connection.

If the detail isn’t relevant, don’t bend over backwards to fit it in. Including too many details can make stories harder to read. If something is common knowledge, treat it as common knowledge and don’t bother explaining it. Unless it seems to conflict with something else in the world, most readers will just go “oh okay, so apples are poisonous if picked on Tuesday, got it” and go on reading, and you don’t need to explain the story about the fickle sorcerer hundreds of years ago who bit into a worm and had a fit about it. (This is a ridiculous example, but often readers will accept even ridiculous things as just being part of the world if they are presented correctly)

Bina: In addition to Werew’s point, readers will fill in any worldbuilding gaps with their own imaginations. They’ll make their own background exposition for something if it makes them stop and wonder ‘that’s cool, but why is that?’ So scattering tidbits around has the bonus of a potentially richer imaginative experience for your reader! I know that wasn’t really related to your question, but I wanted to add in an extra bonus for your decision to avoid expositing.

constablewrites: It can help to read other short stories to get a feel for the level of detail that readers expect. Some publications that specialize in SFF short stories:
Uncanny Magazine
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Strange Horizons

constablewrites: There are also loads of anthologies you can check out as well. One of the best ways to place a story in one of these venues is to read the stuff they acquire so you know the sort of thing they look for, so it’s a good habit to cultivate if you’re interested in the form.

Mirintala: I primarily write flash fiction and short story, and definitely stick to only including important facts as they come up. When you grab a short story, you aren’t expecting to read the Silmarillion. “Just the facts, ma'am.” A lot of my characters don’t even have a description until/unless a fact about it is needed to progress the story.  A short story is a single photograph out of an album.

MareeB: it can help to think about what your goal is when you write a short story. It’s not a narrative so much as a moment in time. Focus on the details that are relevant to that single moment and ignore everything else. The reader doesn’t need to know

MareeB: Now if you are really loving the world you’ve created and want to explore it more, think about either writing more stories in it,  or writing a longer work. Some stories don’t fit in short form, and that’s okay. Others are like pieces you can use to build up a larger world view.

Drunk in Love - Steve Rogers

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Hello, I saw bday anons requested their stuff, so I thought I’d also try :) A Steve imagine where Nat drags you to Tony’s Party cause she knows you have a crush on Cap. Then you see him talking to some woman and you decide to get drunk. Later at night you’re pretty drunk but Steve is with you, helping you and trying to take care of you (he also has a crush on you). Then he carries you to his Apartment in his bed & you blurt out your Feelings for him. In the morning he tells you he feels the same


You were wondering why the hell you had agreed to go to that party or why you had allowed Natasha to get you dressed that way. You didn’t feel sexy that moment, not while you were watching Steve flirt with a blonde woman on the other side of the room. Fuck it your crush on Captain America. Fuck it Natasha and her habit of thinking she knew everything. Fuck it being sober and suffering for someone who didn’t see you with the same eyes. You would drink until you wake up the next day in Natasha’s sofa.

“Give me that bottle of tequila, please.” You tapped on the bar counter and pointed to the bottle you wanted, the bartender looked confused but shrugging he gave you the tequila without question “Thank you.”

You passed the sofa where Natasha and the rest of the Avengers were, she looked at you with a raised eyebrow and you just nodded. Ignoring the eyes of everyone who knew you and were surprised to see you with a closed bottle in hand passing through the party going to the emergency exit. You’d get drunk, but no one needed to see it and you knew very well that your redheaded friend would go after you as soon as the party was over. Going down the stairs, you found yourself on the side of the facility which had a huge garden, you sat on a bench and opened the bottle. Looking at the starry sky and the party music playing in the distance, you began to drink alone the strong net of tequila, a stupid attempt to forget for a while Steve Rogers.

“Where are you, (Y / N)?” was the first thing that Natasha spoke when you finally managed to answer the call, you giggled trying to get up but fell against the bench, sitting.

“In the garden!” you crooned groggy, you didn’t know how much time had passed, you pouted “Nat, the tequila is over!”

“Great, Clint’s going to get you there, sweetie” and then Natasha ended the call.

Snorting impatient, you stuck the phone in your small bag and laid on the bench, ignoring the fact that you werew wearing a dress. You stared at the sky in silence, already feeling a slight drowsiness when finally heard hurried footsteps coming toward you.

“You’re late! I hope you brought the tequila!” you muttered sly, without getting up, but then who stopped beside you leaned his face over you, and was not who you expected “Steve? What are you doing here? Where’s my tequila?”

“Hello, shorty, I came to get you.” the super soldier smiled warmly, offering a hand to help you up, you accepted without thinking twice and rose from the seat quickly, but soon felt all run toward the ground “Wow, I think someone can’t walk.”

“I can, just give me a minute!” you squealed while being caught in Steve’s arms, he was holding you as if you weighed nothing.

“Shh, don’t worry, okay?”

Steve quietly walked the flights of stairs to reach the rooms floor, going toward his own room. He felt his heart beating fast and eager as he opened the door with you still in his arms, almost asleep. He put you in bed with care before closing the door, turning to take off your shoes and then cover you with the sheets.

“I love you, Steve. I know this is just a dream, but I love you.” you whispered sleepily, making Steve stop what he was doing and look at you with wide eyes.

"I love you too, (Y / N).” he muttered after a few seconds, taking a hand to your face to caress your cheek.

The super soldier came around the bed, removing his shoes and opening some buttons of his shirt before lie down in the empty side of the mattress. He smiled sheepishly, not believing what was happening that night. Steve was fond of you for months and know that he knew that you felt the same, it was a sweet relief. Without contain himself, Steve turned in your direction, pulling you gently and snuggling you against his body protectively. Surely the first thing he would do in the morning would to tell you more appropriately the feelings he had for you. And give you the lovely kiss he had imagined for so long.

(part 2)

Scott McCall Imagine

This is my first imagine, and it’s kind of boring and not well thought of. But I’d love it if you guys requested some!

You bounded down the stairs of your home upon hearing the sound of your doorbell constantly ringing.

“I’m coming!” You shout for the third time since the ringing began.

You had been lounging around for the day, watching Netflix and eating junk food when the doorbell had rung. Expecting it to be the pizza guy—who you’d ordered pizza from—you hadn’t really changed out of your sweat pants and tank top, also deciding to leave your hair in its messy bun.

You were shocked when you opened the door and two familiar boys from your Econ class-who, might I add, are also on the lacrosse team-were on the otherside.

You watched as both boys’ furrowed their eyebrows in confusion. You were just as confused, after all, why would two boys from your class show up at your door step on a random Saturday afternoon?

“Um, hey, is Liam here?” Scott asks.

“Yeah, he’s upstairs showering. Do you guys need to talk to him or something?” You ask shyly.

“Yeah, but since he’s busy we could-”

“Oh! No, it’s fine. You can come in, he should be out in a few minutes anyways,” You shrug, stepping aside to let the two boys in.

“Thanks,” He says as he and Stiles step in.

You lead them into your living room to wait for Liam to finish his shower. An awkward silence filled the air the moment the three of you set foot in the room.

“Do you guys want anything? Water? Soda? I ordered pizza so it should be here any minute if you guys want some.”

“No thanks,” Scott replies almost immediately, “You know, you look really familiar.”

“I’m Y/N, I’m in your Econ class. I usually sit in the back of the class, so I can’t blame you for not recognizing me.” You smiled awkwardly which caused Scott to break out into a small smile as well.

The two of you spent a good minute smiling at each other like idiots before Stiles spoke up.

“I’m Stiles in case you wanted to know,” He interjects.

You turn to him with an embarrassed, apologetic look on your face, “Sorry, Stiles, it’s…um nice to meet you.”

“It’s fine, it’s—”

“So,” Scott says, interrupting his friend, “Are you related to Liam?”

“Im his sister. Well, step-sister actually. That’s what he prefers to call me,” You admit just in time to hear Liam’s heavy footsteps pounding down the stairs.

“Y/N, who was at the-” He cuts himself off when Scott and Stiles come into view. “Hey, guys. Sorry if Y/N was bothering you. She’ll be leaving now,” Liam states.

“Okay, okay,” You sigh, “I can take a hint, Liam.” Before you can one step towards the door, a hand tugs you back by your wrist.

“It’s fine. She can stay,” Scott’s voice rings through your ears. You turn around to see him giving you a small smile, hand still loosely gripping your wrist.

Liam looks at Scott in disbelief, “But I thought we were going to—”

“Talk about lacrosse? We still are,” Scott finishes.

“Lacrosse?” Stiles speaks, “I thought we were going to talk about werew—”

Scott’s grip on my hand disappears as he roughy elbows Stiles in the chest, cutting Stiles off.

Stiles let out a cough, “W-where we were going to meet up before the game.”

It sounded suspicious to you, but you let it go.

“Thanks, but I can tell Liam doesn’t want me to,” You say, glancing at the younger boy.

“I’ll see you at school then,” says Scott.

You nod before making yor way towards the stairs. As you begin to climb the long, you can hear Scott mutter out a muffled sentence, one you can just barely make out.

“Wow, your step-sister’s hot.”

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Sorry if you've answered anything similar before but I can't find anything. In a world like Marvel/DC, where superheroes and villains exist & are a regularly seen thing, how do you think society would adapt? E.g., would there be certain drills in schools for when a villain attacks, would there be places people know they can go to if they get powers, would there be specialised agencies for finding out the supers real identities, etc.? Any more ideas you have would be very helpful :)

Werew: this question made me very excited because the first thing that occurred to me was Agents of Shield, and I LOVE that show. If you don’t already watch it, I would definitely suggest it. It deals with a lot of the same events from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the uninitiated) movies, along with many other power-related things, and I think it shows, much better than the associated movies do, just how much fallout there can be when powers are a part of the world, and just how hard it is to approach such things with ethics in mind. This is doubly hard if there are other factions working without ethics, or with different ones. This is even harder if the potentially dangerous person you’re trying to help and/or subdue skips the country and suddenly is out of reach. AoS deals with a LOT of this. 

Okay, rant about that aside. Agents of Shield, even though it is on a much more personal level than the movies, doesn’t really deal with common people much. I think you have some great ideas here. 

Insurance is sure to be a shitstorm, particularly in places that villains/destructive conflicts are known to happen often. Your car gets stepped on by a monster, the insurance doesn’t cover it, what are you going to do? I imagine that specialized insurance intended to cover power-related accidents would be ungodly expensive. 

Synth:  Marvel did a series back in ‘89/'90 called Damage Control, about a construction company whose job it was to rebuild things after superhero/villain fights trashed the place. Might be a source of ideas if you can find an issue or two to read. http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_Control_(Earth-616) http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/ComicBook/DamageControl

The TVTropes link contains a bit more info than the Marvel wiki does.Another thing to maybe check out is DC’s new show, Powerless, about an R&D lab that creates products for civilians to protect them against superpowered shenanigans. http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Powerless_(TV_Series) http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Series/Powerless2017 It’s a very new show, so of course TVTropes has more info than the DC wiki.

See also the examples under Hero Insurance: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HeroInsurance

Bina:  This reminds me of an anime I never watched called Tiger And Bunny, where superhero battles were televised as an incredibly popular TV show. I’m assuming that televised damages were covered by the show itself, which makes plenty of money to cover for it.

Superheroes and villains had endorsements from companies and were paid to star in televised fights.

Synth:  Building on Werew’s observation that dealing with insurance is going to become hellaciously complicated, I’m going to hop over to the world of Pacific Rim. It’s not exactly a superpowers universe, but giant robots and giant monsters beating the crap out of each other on the regular is kind of the same thing as a superhero/villain brawl. In our here-and-now, waterfront property is highly desired, and having your own private island is a big status symbol. But what happens if living along a shoreline now comes with a high probablility of being stomped by a monster? Property values are going to do a major flip now that the most sought-after living space is way inland, and the rich/poor demographics are likely to follow suit as those who can afford to move to safer areas do so, and those who can’t get shunted out to the more dangerous zones.