An adorable little WereWally from Dott’s awesome little ficlet, Secrets of the Valley!

Omg, I had so much fun with thiiiiiiiiis! AFndsjfbjgbdjgdjf, I’ve actually wanted to draw Wally as a werewolf ever since he dressed as Teen Wolf in Secrets, so this was a great excuse! :3 

I gave him reddish-brown fur, as I was told by Dott that while Wally is indeed a ginger when he’s human, his hair, as it turns to fur, becomes a more brown color the further he is changed. (I kept his eyebrows ginger though, because it amused me to think they stay the same, teehee!)


anonymous asked:

if you were the person i needed to say this too i dont even know where i would start. "you need to know that im in love with you, the way we werew as like nothing before, of course im happy with the new guy, but we were perfect for eachother. you were my prince charming and i need you, but it never works out and i dont want to waste my time anymore... but i love you"

Personally I think you should tell him and explain everything to him, he’ll understand and you’s can work it out hopefully! Either both of you decide to just leave it or you guys try again.

He would appreciate being told as he’d think you’re doing just fine with the new guy, instead of still loving your ex.