Sansan werestarks shortstory

I was fascinated by the idea of werestarks so I wrote a short alternative scene to the scene in the show where Sandor rescues Sansa from the mob. Hope you enjoy. Tell me what you think :3


Sansa ran as fast as she was able to. Her long salmon gown shuffled around her ankles. She could hear the men behind her, their fast panting and the continuous patter of their feet.
It would not be long until they caught up with her and it seemed as if the entrance Sansa ran into lead to a dead end. Her panic threatened to strangle her and a sudden shock drove through her when the fabric of her dresses’ seam tangled around one of the irregular stones in the floor. She struggled for a few steps to keep upright, but eventually fell next to some empty horse stalls with sharp spikes atop their doors to prevent the horses from jumping.

Quickly she tried to get up, but failed, turning around to get her hands free instead, when she heard the footsteps of the men right behind her. The loose straw pricked into her palms as she tried to push herself back, away from the men, only to feel a wall against her shoulders.

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