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A terrifying weekend for Europe

ADVANCE OF THE FLANKS Populists may make themselves count in Italy and Austia. Europe looks on in fear.”

Yeah because the repeated bombings, shootings, assaults, rapes, and so on aren’t nearly as concerning as right-wing politicians responding to these events in an attempt to create security for their own people before others. God forbid we feel safe in our own countries.

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okay so this has probably been said to you before, but like...WHAT IF. The king pushes Coran into the cyro-pod after he placed Allura away and the last thing Coran see's is the King dying while the computer's static is like "Cyro instigated in 3...2...1..." and Coran is just pounding on the glass screaming empty "NO,NO,NO." before slumping against the glass in a deep slumber. WHAT DO YOU THINK FRIEND? feelings be real.

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Burr, let’s be reasonable here

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incorrect catfish and the bottlemen quotes #150
  • <p> <b>interviewer:</b> how do i begin to describe ryan evan mccann?<p/><b>bondy:</b> van mccann is flawless.<p/><b>bob:</b> i hear his hands are insured for 10,000 pounds.<p/><b>benji:</b> i hear he does tea commercials... in japan.<p/><b>bob:</b> his favorite food is tgi friday's.<p/><b>benji:</b> one time he met ewan mcgregor on an elevator, and he told him he was hot.<p/><b>larry:</b> one time, he punched me in the face<p/><b>larry:</b> it was awesome.<p/></p>
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Nightingale and Tears (Y). 

When he’s in hospital, after Ettersberg, after that long, slow journey back across enemy lines, the doctors have a strange dual set of opinions about tears. The men who don’t cry at all are considered to be in very bad shape, but so are the ones who can’t stop. Apparently there’s some happy medium to be achieved. Thomas isn’t sure how, exactly. He still feels like everything stopped back in that winter forest and he’s just stumbling around in frozen time, even if the year has turned towards summer. 

He ends up doing most of his weeping over carving the names, in the echoing silence of the hall at Casterbrook, more than three years later. Probably some of the doctors would call it a relapse, but they’re not here to pass judgement and neither is anybody else. It’s just him and the honoured dead. 

Seiga :

Seiga is a terrible person.  But she’s also a great example of how messed up the celestial order is.  When her father abandoned her to become a hermit, he taught her that obsessively seeking your own desires is valued more then family or duty, so long as those desires can be considered holy.  Seiga didn’t realize the unspoken ‘for men,’ attached to that.  The double standard turned her from mildly selfish to incredibly selfish and it was off to the races from there.

As such she doesn’t really have deep connections in Gensoukyo.  Or anywhere.  She works with the other Taoists because she recognizes Miko as a masterful leader, but she has no loyalty to them.  She has a distaste for Byakuren and Ichirin because their religion is at odd with her, but no real other rivalries.  She has issues getting to know people, not only because she’s selfish, but because she’s too old to get along with the people she’d be best suited to be friends with.  Yoshika is something of her imaginary friend, with the jiang-shi’s programmed personality covering her need for companionship.

The one thing she really does love is the Tao.  In fact she’s as obsessed with Taoism as Marisa is with magic.  The two would get along swimmingly if not for their habit of stealing each other’s stuff.  Marisa takes it more personally then Seiga, but then she’s young and hotheaded.

She’s actually one of the least powerful magicians in Gensoukyo.  Marisa’s stronger then her even without the Hakkero boost.  She makes up for it with a lot of enchanted items that she’s built up over the years and experience.