Tips On How to Write a Shape-Shifting Character (For both fanfic writers and original content writers)

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There are a lot of shape-shifting fics and stories out there. Like. A lot. Whether they be about were-creatures or about characters that just have the ability to shape-shift, a lot of the times- like with winged characters- these shape-shifters are not written very well.

They may be unoriginal, or they may be super Mary-Sues/Gary Stus when it comes to the fact that they have an infinite amount of power or whatever. So I decided to tackle the issues that come with creating a shape-shifting OC or making a canon character into a shape-shifter.

1. Decide what your character’s shape-shifting will be mainly used for

Shape-shifting can be used for a variety of reasons, and that’s why it’s critical for you to figure out what your shape-shifter will mostly be using their powers for.

Here are some reasons why shape-shifters can use their powers:

-Battle (transforming into a bigger creature to overpower enemies)

-Disguise (transforming into something that blends in with the environment around them to hide from enemies)

-Forced to shift (AKA werewolves)

-Spy work (transforming into antagonist’s lackeys to infiltrate the base or even vice versa)

2. Set Limits Right Off the Bat

Shape-shifters are incredibly powerful, and in theory, they can be practically invincible when it comes to battle and hiding from enemies.

However, that should ONLY be in theory. Your shape-shifters CANNOT be all-powerful like their abilities can call for them to be. Here’s where Mary Sue/Gary Stu elements come in, because many writers just state that their characters can shape-shift and leave it at that.

That brings up questions like:

“If he was running from the Big Bad™, then why didn’t he just shift into a wall or a chair and disguise himself?”

“If she had to fight the Big Bad™, why didn’t she just transform into a dragon and deep fry him?”

“Couldn’t they just masquerade as the Big Bad™’s minions and get inside the secret lair?”

Then, the author tries to make up for the lack of rules by giving us some half-assed explanation halfway through the third book.

As soon as the reader finds out that the main character is a shape-shifter, you have to lay down the groundwork for the limits.

Can they only transform into animals?

Can they only transform a certain amount of times at any given point?

Is there something that distinguishes them from the object/person/animal that they’ve transformed into?

Can they only transform into inanimate objects?

Can they only transform into other people?

Does transforming take a lot of energy and therefore they don’t do it often?

Is transforming painful?

Take Beast Boy from Young Justice/ Teen Titans/ various other things as an example:

He can transform into a lot of animals, yes, but they’re all obviously green and unnatural, making it difficult for him to blend in with other animals. his means that his shapeshifting would be most used for attack than for disguise.

You need to set limits, or else your character will be all-powerful and the plot won’t be all that intriguing to the readers; they know that the protagonist will win, so they won’t bother to really get invested in the story.

3. There are many forms of shape-shifters. Just because the mainstream media is all about werewolves with sixteen packs that can cut glass doesn’t mean that you have to make werewolves only

Did you know that technically, a werewolf is just a subdivision of were-creatures?

The prefix “were/wer” means “man” and is usually followed by the name of an animal, ANY animal, to imply that the man (or woman) is transforming into it.

Therefore, there could be werecats, weretigers, werelions, wereunicorns, and were[insert plural name of creature here].

You should really look up the different kinds of shifters from all different cultures and regions of the world. They’re actually quite amazing!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite shapeshifter creatures (Note that these are not all of the shapeshifters, just my personal favorites some of which I feel needed to be represented more in literature):

-Were[insert name of big cat here]



-Animaguses(Animagi?) (don’t use these they’re JK Rowling’s I just really like Animagi)

-Generic, run-of-the-mill shapeshifters

-Were creatures that are actually just the creature trying to masquerade as a human/ a creature that has a human form

-Transforming into huge gruesome monsters (it’s good shit 10/10)

4. You don’t have to describe the full transformation every single time. The first time is enough.

Readers don’t want to have to go through long, agonizing paragraphs of description every time your character changes, especially if they change during a battle. They don’t want the bloody, gory action to be disrupted by a description of a transformation that they’ve read a hundred times before.

If you truly want to describe the transformation more than once, though I highly advise against it, never describe it more than three times, and make sure to make it unique every single time. If you don’t think you can do that, just describe it once.

You should, however, describe the symptoms that come with transforming. Is it painful? Is it uncomfortable? Does it feel incredible because it makes the character feel a rush of power? Gimme the deets, but not all of them.

Things that happen during transformation that you can describe:


- Fur/scales growing (stinging and itchy)

- Bones breaking and reorganizing, as well as new ones appearing and old ones transforming

- Muscles ripping and elongating/shrinking

- Fingernails/toenails turning into claws


- Heightened sense of sight/smell/hearing

- Adrenaline rush

- More power/strength/speed

Hope this helped!


There are rumors that the sixth installment of the Elder Scrolls Series is going to take place either in Valenwood, the wooded forest lands and homeland of the Wood Elves, or Argonia, the Black Marsh and home of the Argonians.

Sounds cool as fuck, right? Of course it does. Exploring the endless reaches of the deep forests or mapping out the unexplored swamps of Black Marsh sounds fucking awesome.

But here’s the thing.

There’s one thing in particular we need to see from this game, if it ends up taking place in Valenwood or Argonia.

If you even passively played Skyrim (Specifically the Companions questline), you probably know all about lycanthropy. Lycanthropy is a condition which causes Men, Mer, and occasionally the Beast races to take on the form of an animal at certain times, gaining animalistic instinct, intent, and killing skill.

The first type of lycanthropy we ever saw in the Elder Scrolls series was way back in Daggerfall, the second Elder Scrolls game, with the introduction of Wereboars.

Wereboars are a strain of lycanthropy found only in High Rock. The wereboars appeared in Daggerfall, were generally cool and badass as fuck, then they were never seen again due to no other games taking place in High Rock afterward.

However, they weren’t the only type of lycanthropy introduced in Daggerfall. Along with these tusked motherfuckers, we also got the most common kind of Lycanthrope: Werewolves.

You can become a lycanthrope if infected by another lycanthrope during combat. A person transforms into their bestial form every full moon and must quench their thirst for blood by killing or they will suffer a massive reduction in hitpoints.

Come the next installment, TES III: Morrowind, Lycanthropes stuck around, this time in glorious early 3-D. However, there were only werewolves in the third game, and what’s worse, they only appeared in the Bloodmoon expansion back. Nonetheless, they were still awesome as anything and would shred your shit, this time with no pesky requirement to murdelize innocent peeps to avoid the hitpoint reduction. Get this: There IS no hitpoint reduction to becoming a werewolf in Morrowind. Fucking sweet. And if that’s not enough, we also got added bonus quests for the Daedric Lord Hircine. Completing the quests made you into an even stronger werewolf.

Then, come Oblivion, we got glorious, beautiful fuckall. Absolutely no lycanthropes in the fourth game. Sure, there were mentions, but you couldn’t actually see any or become one.

Luckily, when Skyrim came around, Bethesda rectified this matter and put lycanthropes back in, in the form of, you guessed it, werewolves. This time, instead of just being an added random bonus thing, there was an entire questline devoted to them. Spoiler Alert:The Companions questline is all about werewolves. There’s a bunch of story behind it that I won’t spoil, but I don’t even want to talk about it much because almost all of it is about curing your fellow werewolves. Fuck the what? Why would you ever NOT want to be an insanely badass throat-ripping beast? Because of some stupid moral about ‘more to life’ than the thrill of the hunt or whatever, apparently. Luckily, you aren’t required to cure yourself. 

The werewolves in Skyrim were your standard flair. Incredibly fast, tough, and damaging. This time around you weren’t forced to become one every full moon, which was cool, and if you were sick of losing your beast form you could do a quest to get a special ring called the Ring of Hircine that gives you unlimited beast form transformations per day. No, not awesome enough for you? Hold onto your butts, then, because shit got even MORE intense when Dawnguard hit the scene.

Dawnguard was a DLC that added a bunch of new shit to vampires and werewolves. Most notably AN ENTIRE SKILL TREE.

Oh. My. God.

This was the best thing ever. You could gain skill points by feeding on enough corpses, something you already were supposed to do to extend how long your beast form lasted so you could continue wrecking shit. If you had already been a badass werewolf for a long time by the time you got the Dawnguard DLC, you basically immediately had enough perks to max out your tree and become Werewolf Prime, destroyer of all weaklings before you.

Then shit got EVEN BETTER with the Dragonborn DLC, and the addition of Werebears.

Yes, you heard me right. Werebears. For all of you out there pissing your pants and going GIMME GIMME GIMME, there’s a catch: You can’t become one. Lame. You are forced to only observe their intense, terrifying beauty, or test your lycanthrope skills against them.

Then TES: Online happened, blah blah blah, it was sort of a step down for the Elder Scrolls series, whatever. It still had werewolves, at least.

By now you’re probably sick of reading about lycanthropy. You’re wondering why I’m telling you all of this shit. Well, here’s the reason: There are other types of lycanthropes.

First, there’s Werelions. They’re found in the jungles of Elsewyr, and possibly have some kind of significant connection to the Khajiit cat folk. Then there’s the Weresharks, which have only been mentioned a few times and may or may not be a joke entirely.

Then there’s the two important ones: Werevultures, and Werecrocodiles.

Here’s the thing: Nobody has ever seen a Werevulture or a Werecrocodile. There’s no official concept art, no significant information, nothing. All we know is that only Argonians can become werecrocodiles, the tracks of a werecrocodile are indistinguishable from the tracks of a regular crocodile, and they’re found in Black Marsh. As for Werevultures, we know literally nothing aside from the fact that they’re only found in Valenwood. Aside from that, nothing, except for the extreme elusiveness of both species.


This is the Elder Scrolls. A series which prides itself on extremely long, confusing and convoluted lore. Lore on species. Lore on places. Lore on events. Lore on the very fabric of reality.

And for most lycanthropes, we get… nothing?

I won’t stand for that.

I want biology of these lycanthropes. I want culture. I want combat. I want abilities. I want to know shit about these mysterious bestial bastards. NOTHING in the Elder Scrolls series has a right to be this unknown.

I want to be able to soar like a fucking eagle when I become a bird of prey and rip people’s eyeballs out with my talons and beak. I want to be able to do a trademark crocodile death roll and crush my opponents like the weaklings they are beneath my unforgiving spiked hide.

So, that’s the main point. If you’re as curious as me about what these lycanthropes are like, let’s make it a movement. Let’s let our voices ring loud and clear. Let’s make it absolutely obvious what we want from the next Elder Scrolls game.

Let’s tell Bethesda, come Argonia or Valenwood, we want more lycanthropes.

Oooh, good question! Thank you, @equineporcupine (mwah)!

What about you? Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about the world of Lion Soul: its cultures, its histories, its legends and tales? Questions about the characters (though we reserve the right not to answer if it’s too spoilery)? Please Ask! (so long as it’s not about the Bucket Incident).

We’re running out of questions here, so please do ask anything you’ve wondered about! Next answer will go up Wednesday, November 15!!

For now…

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isadoras-archive  asked:

Hi! I know there are issues with making Muslim characters magical/etc. but I was wondering if the same is true for Jewish characters? I have a Jewish character who's a werewolf and I was wondering if that's okay, or if I should change the character to not be Jewish if there would be too many issues surrounding it? Thanks :)

Jewish Werewolves 

Here’s my post from the last time someone asked if it was okay to write Jews and magic: [Link] - short answer: for many of us yes, despite it technically being “against the rules” under many circumstances – remember, we have a unique relationship with our own rules. And of course there are going to be people who say no, which is also totally fine, but it’s not inherently offensive to Jewishness in general if that’s what you mean. One of the main characters of my Jewish fantasy series is a hunky older wizard, and writing him is very meaningful for me.

As far as werewolves specifically, I’m okay with it, but I feel like some people might be a little uncomfortable with how close wolves are to dogs (in other words, if you have the opportunity to make him a werelion that might work better? No biggies if not and I know if I try to find the “sometimes Jews are uncomfortable with dogs because of our history” conversation I’ll find a lot of upsetting things first. And my dad totally had dogs his whole life!)  

On the other hand, @kayla-bird is about to publish some Jewish lesbian werewolf fiction (“Like A Bell Through the Night” in Into the Mystic, a f/f paranormal collection coming from NineStar Press on July 31, 2017) so as usual, your mileage may vary.

A special note about Jewish observance and werewolves specifically: the phase of the moon matters to our religious calendar, so it might be slightly easier for an observant Jewish werewolf to keep track of their wolf calendar than a gentile (or even a secular Jewish) werewolf. Passover starts on the night of a full moon, for example, as do Purim and Sukkot – opening up interesting plot possibilities since all three of those holidays have colorful celebration customs that are also social events. (“Oh, hi! Great Purim costume! You’re supposed to be a werewolf?” “…uhhhhhhh….yes. Sure. Costume. Just like you said.”) Anyway, that’s the reason our holidays are always moving around and there’s literally a Tumblr called @istodayajewishholiday .

Final note: please stay away from anything that sounds like blood libel. We do not eat the blood of Christian babies, and it grosses me out that I even had to type that, but you’d be in pretty bad company if you perpetuated that trope by having your Jewish werewolf doing anything even close to it.


seichanumi  asked:

So, how did Marcurio find out that Mei is a werewolf and how did he react to it?

Thank you so much for the ask!  *^_^*      (btw, who else thinks that a khajiit’s fur pattern would transfer over into their werecreature form?)

Marcurio was actually too clever for his own good and figured it out on his own.

(the picture above just depicts the 1st time he sees her transform.)

Warning! My attempt at writing a little story in response went a little overboard and now includes how they became friends & partners. lol read at your own risk:

     After Daro’Mei hired him again Marcurio waited until they had walked far enough away from Riften before asking her a question, so that others wouldn’t hear. “So, what’s it like being a werewolf?”
     Mei stumbled. “Wh-wha… Pfff I- I’m not a werewolf, what gave you that idea?”
     Marc pulled a smug grin. “Your eyes are paled over, you look tired as Oblivian, and your carrying a silver sword.  … Had a few run-ins with some werewolf hunters?”
     Mei stopped on the trail, mouth agape. “How … wha … How did you?”
     Marc shrugged. “I’m just observant.” 
     His smug face was starting to annoy the Companion.
     “Come to think of it, I’ve seen the same signs in your shield siblings. Did they…”
     Daro’Mei swiftly punched Marcurio’s arm, surprising the mage with her bony knuckles hidden beneath her fur.

     “Did you really think that it was a good idea to agitate a werewolf by blowing her secrets?” Mei watched him curse and try to rub the pain from his arm. “Or were you too busy being a show off that you forgot to worry about your own safety?”
     “A minor miscalculation.” Then a playful grin returned to his face. “But I knew that you would never harm such a fine specimen of intellect and, rugged good looks.” He teased with an exaggerated smolder.
     Mei scoffed before finally laughing at his joke. She paused in thought before resting her hands behind her neck. “I will have to admit though. It does feel good to have a friend to share this secret with.”
     Marc’s humorous face fell at the word friend.
     “Which, by the way. I was thinking that perhaps, instead of continuing as employee and employer.” Mei gave a shrug. “What if we were equal partners instead?”

     Mei continued, to break the silence. “If I bring you along on more of my jobs, and we split the income fifty fifty, both from the bounties and the money we earn by selling the loot. It may help you raise money to satisfy your debts faster.”

       A genuine smile slipped onto his face. “I- I would really appreciate that.” He offered a handshake. “…Thank you.”
     Daro’Mei grasps his hand, excited that he accepted her offer. “Partners!”

… extra comic doodle!

We Make the Kingdom

Image by silverdagger865

Pairing: Yongguk x OC
Genre: Fantasy, with Angst and Smut to come
Summary:  After a vampire attack leaves you almost dead, you are rescued by a group of werelions, powers long thought to be extinct. Upon discovering the same magic flows in your blood, you join their fight against encroaching vampires and another, very human monster, to save the kingdom.
Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,  8, 9(M), 1011, 12, 13

Limbo between life and death is dark and numb and quiet. A perfect place to hide from probing memories of a haunting nightmare. It’s too good to last. The thud of booted feet and cold clink of metal on metal disturb your peaceful oblivion. The sounds drag you unwilling towards the threshold of consciousness. You don’t want to wake up. You don’t remember why, but waking is bad. Very bad.

The boots come closer, kicking wood aside. “I think this one’s still alive.”

“Is there a bite?”

Calloused skin and leather brush your cheek as someone pushes your head aside with a sniff and a sigh. “Yes. About a day or two ago from the smell.”

Hooves rattle the loose stone beneath your scraped feet. A saddle creaks and someone else takes another deep sniff. “She’ll turn soon. Kill her,” the second, deeper voice commands.

“Seems a pity. Looks pretty beneath the muck.”

“She will not be so pretty when she goes for your throat,” the voice replies with an irony-laden half laugh. His tone softens as he adds, “No on can survive a bite like we can, let alone this girl. You’ll-”

“Be saving her. I know, I know. I’ll be quick.”

Despite his words, the knife that suddenly presses against your heart hesitates. Its deadly tip doesn’t even break skin. Your remaining strength rallies to force your eyes open. If you’re going to die, you’re as sure as hell going to at least look the beasts killing you in the eyes. They had everything else far too easy.

The wide eyes that look back at you seem too deep to belong to a monster. The face too handsome too. At least what you can make out as your vision blurs.


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Werecritters and Names

So many people know the term Lycanthrope, a fancy term for Werewolf, a person who turns into a wolf and/or a wolf-human hybrid.

Some RPGs (like Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder) use “Lycanthrope” to refer to all such types of shapechangers, regardless of which animal it is.  Problem is, this is linguistically incorrect.

Lycanthrope comes from two Greek words, Lykos (“wolf”) and Anthropos (“human”), which works fine for werewolves but not other werecreatures.  Using the Greek word for whatever animal it is they turn into as the prefix would be more appropriate.

With that in mind, here’s what I’ve cobbled together:

A more correct proper term for such shapechangers as a whole would be Therianthrope, from Therion (“beast” or “wild animal”) + Anthropos – a term I first encountered in the AD&D 2nd Ed. Monster Manual – or Zoanthrope, from Zoion (“animal” or “living being”) + Anthropos.

  • Wereape = Pithekanthrope, from Pithekos (“Ape”) + Anthropos
  • Werebat = Chiropteranthrope, from Chiroptera (from Cheir “Hand” + Pteron “Wing”) + Anthropos
  • Werebear = Arktanthrope, from Arktos (“Bear”) + Anthropos
  • Wereboar = Kapranthrope, form Kapros (“Boar”) + Anthropos
  • Werecat = Ailouranthrope, from Ailouros (Greek name for Bast & for Egyptian cats) + Anthropos
  • Werecow = Bouanthrope, from Bous (“Cow”) + Anthropos
  • Werecrocodile = Souchanthrope, from Souchos (“Crocodile”) + Anthropos
  • Weredeer = Elefanthrope, from Elafi (“Deer”) + Anthropos
  • Weredog = Kyontanthrope, from Kyon, Kyontos (“Dog/Hound”) + Anthropos
  • Weredolphin = Delphanthrope, from Delphis (“Dolphin”) + Anthropos
  • Weredonkey = Gaidaranthrope, from Gaidaros (“Donkey”) + Anthropos
  • Wereeagle = Ornanthrope, from Ornis (“Bird/Eagle”) + Anthropos
  • Wereelephant = Elephanthrope, from Elephas (“Elephant”) + Anthropos
  • Weregiraffe = Kamelopardanthrope, from Kamelopard (from Kamelos “Camel” + Pardos “Leopard”) + Anthropos
  • Weregoat = Traganthrope, from Tragos (“Goat”) + Anthropos
  • Werehorse = Hippanthrope, from Hippos (“Horse”) + Anthropos
  • Werelion = Leanthrope, from Leon (“Lion”) + Anthropos
  • Werelizard = Crocodilanthrope, from Crocodilos (“Lizard”) + Anthropos
  • Weremouse = Musanthrope, from Mus (“Mouse”) + Anthropos
  • Werepig = Khoiranthrope, from Khoiros (“Pig”) + Anthropos
  • Wererat = Arouraianthrope, from  Arouraios (“Rat”) + Anthropos
  • Wereshark = Karcharianthrope, from Karcharias (“Sharp-Tooth”) + Anthropos
  • Wereserpent = Drakontanthrope, from Drakon, Drakontos (“Serpent”) + Anthropos
  • Weresquid = Kalamoanthrope, from Kalamos (the Grerek word for squid, literally meaning “reed/tube/pen”) + Anthropos
  • Wereswan = Kyknanthrope, from Kyknos (“Swan”) + Anthropos
  • Weretiger = Tigranthrope, from Tigris (“Tiger”) + Anthropos
  • Werevulture = Aegypianthrope, from Aegypius (“Vulture”) + Anthropos
  • Werewhale = Falenanthrope, from Falena (“Whale”) + Anthropos


Greek did of course have its own words for many things, but some were borrowed from other cultures, and some things were named by combining the names of two or more things.

  • Cats & Big Cats: These are really tricky, since for one thing the Ancient Greeks didn’t really have cats until they met the Egyptians.  (What was the most common housepet for the Ancient Greeks?  Weasels!)  Ailuros was what they called the Egyptian cats (and was itself the Greek word for the Egyptian goddess Bast, whom they likened to Artemis), but after interacting with those and other breeds of cats for a while they adapted the Latin word for cats, cattus.  As for the big cats… things get confusing.  The word “leopard” comes from Leon (Greek word for lion) + Pardos (Greek for panther), since it was believed leopards were the offspring of a lion and a panther.  But the word “panther” itself is a folk etymology stemming from the Greek words Pan (“all”) + Therion (”beast”).  Tigris is the Greek word for tiger, but that came from either Latin or Persian.

  • (Pantherianthrope could refer not to a werepanther but to someone who could shift into any animal form!)

  • Giraffe: Supposedly, when the Greeks first saw giraffes, they thought they looked like camels with the spots of a leopard, so the called them camel-leopards, or camelopards.  (The Ancient Greek term for baboons?  Khoiropithekos, from Khoiros + Pithekos, since they were thought to look like monkeys with pig snouts.) “Cameleopard” was a not uncommon term for giraffes in some parts of the world on up to the 19th century!

If I’ve gotten anything wrong, or you know of a better word, please let me know!

EDIT: Another thing about the word “werewolf” is that the “were” part means “adult male”; “werewolf” is literally “man-wolf.”  The word “woman” is derived from wifman, a combination of “man” and wif, meaning an adult female and surviving with an altered meaning in the form “wife.”  If you wanted to construct an etymologically accurate term for a female lycanthrope, it’d be something like wifwolf (wifshark, wiftigress, et cetera).

Shklancelot Prompts

Shklancelot is another voltron paring that doesn’t get the attention that it deserve. Why let Lance have only 1 or 2 lovers when he can have 3 lovers! That’s why I’m contributing with my own prompts for this rare otp4. Here we go.

1. College soulmate au. Lance have 3 soulmate marks. One for Keith, one for Shiro, and one for Lotor, who he haven’t meant yet. Lance think his soulmate marks for Keith and Shiro are unrequited since they fell in love without him. When Lotor move to campus and reveal to Lance that they’re soulmates, Lance decide to forget Keith and Shiro and the two start a relationship. As the relationship grow, Lance’s marks for Keith and Shiro start to fade away. However, Keith and Shiro confront the couple to reveal that Lance is their soulmate as well.

2. Amnesia mermaid au. Merman Lance is lost at sea during a storm and is gravely injure. Luckily, he’s save by marine biologist Lotor and is nurse back to health. Lance doesn’t remember anything from the last couple of months. Feeling graceful for Lotor and starting to like him, Lance decide to hang out with him more and the two start a relationship. However, 2 sharkmen named Keith and Shiro had come to take Lance back home. They reveal that Lance was in a relationship with them and that he got lost after storming off after the trio had a fight.

3. Werecreatures au. Newly turned werelion omega Lance, who’s also transgender, struggle with his new abilities. Druing one of his change, he’s attack by hunters. Luckily he’s save by alpha werepanther Lotor and alpha werewolves Keith and Shiro. The trio decide to teach Lance and they all start to develop feelings for him.

4. Fae au where the fae world is hidden and can only be seen by other fae or humans with the sight. Shiro is one of those humans. He had been a caregiver for magical creatures for years. One day, he found an injured water nymph named Lance and nurse him back to health. The two start to hang out ever since. When Shiro is targeting by dark forces, Lance take him to the fae world to take refuge in the home of him and his two lovers, a phoenix named Keith and a half fae named Lotor.

5. Harpy Lance leave his flock to go explore the world. During one of his adventures, his wings get damaged. Luckily he’s found by 3 dragons named Keith, Shiro, and Lotor. The trio heal him. Unfortunately, he has to stay grounded for awhile , so he hang out with the trio. However, dragon mating season begin and the trio all have their eyes on Lance.

6. College au. To earn extra credits, Lance become a nude model for art classes. However, he doesn’t know that his friends Keith, Shiro, and Lotor all attend different art classes until Lance spot them. And that fluster all three of them because they’re all pinning after him and seeing him naked doesn’t ease down their pinning.

And that’s all I got so far. Feel free to use them!