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Hello! Me and my wolfkin friend started a fb group for otherkin, and its doing fine, but I also wanted to start a blog strictly for Vampirekin. I am vampirekin myself and although I am still exploring I really wanted to create a safe space for people like me. What advice would you give?

I would make your blog as friendly as possible. This means allowing anons, no discriminating supernaturals (This means allowing non-vampires to view your blog, but making it clear that you only post about vampirekin). I would advise to try to post every day, but I know that can be hard. What I did was post a lot when it was starting out, then I slowed down. This helps you gain followers and it puts you on a more relaxed schedule.

Ignore anon hate. When/If you get it, literally just block them/ip address and delete it. I’ve found that replying to it only adds kindling to the flame. If a blog is hating on you such as biologyweeps has done to me, ignore it. By ignoring it, you ultimately become the bigger person. People will read their hate-filled posts and think, “?? Thats not very nice, and it’s a bit immature.” And go on your blog, and see nothing hateful.

Don’t succumb to any pressure you may receive. If you get asks asking you to turn them, do so ONLY if you want to (I’m not sure if vampires are the same as vampirekin, so forgive me if I’m incorrect there). Post sources when or if you can! It adds credibility. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself if you want. Doing so humanizes the blog and makes sending asks a little less scary.

Having a good blog look is important. I would immediately go and get a free layout when you edit your blog.

I hope I helped you, and I look forward to seeing another supernatural blog! (Your Facebook group sounds awesome, by the way)




And here! A collection of notes of shapeshifty tidbits about my fictional Chalkurite species in the Anova universe, concerning the atavistic ‘wereform’ shift. Part of the promised 'revamp’ of my chalkurite addendum 

A lot of new terminology has been implemented, as well as whole new concepts and what not, chalkurites have undergone a massive retcon in the past month and I hope to illustrate the energy form soon enough to help people catch up (you get some peeks at the new changes in the shapeshifting chart). By the way, a bunch of the weird words are based off real things, though I figure I might as well link what ’Hopeful Monster’ stands for, (I really had a blast researching for this)

Most of the notes in there explain what’s up, but in case something’s not understood please PM me. It STILL uses cancer as a method of shapeshifting, but on a controlled scale (that doesn’t mean of course that horrible cancerous growths don’t happen)  These guys are basically the sapient horror-version embodiment of Henrietta Lacks cells, but yeah, no longer just 'because’. The abstract of the retcon is essentially, that the shapeshift’s based off ’atavism’ in that instead of random mutations, it kind of 'runs back in time’ genetic-wise and browses DNA of other ancient species throughout evolution eras, reaching as far as the cambrian period.  The further the shift, the more monstrous and primitive they will get from tapping into the gene bank–they DO NOT choose what to pick, mind you, each wereform has its own bauplan (or body plan) and is unique from the rest. 

In Pint’s case, he leaned towards picking off from species such as the Anisodon (he’s actually more ant-eater like than gorilla), the Gorgonopsid and the devonian-period super predator Dunkleosteus  the last of which becomes most apparent in his atavotenic phase (massive wereform shift). (thanks to pythosblaze for giving inspiration on the dunkleosteus)      

It is possible to go further than the devonic era, but that’d mean such a degradation in intelligence and heightened instincts that it’d be EXTREMELY risky to control oneself, not to mention that returning to human form would be practically impossible or require of an impulse shift to drive the chalkurite comatose (plus it’d be unnerving to have Pint there getting trilobite compound stone eyes and a tentacle face).  **Chalkurites are tied to the most carnal of instincts, these two being feeding/reproducing which makes them overall, rather dangerous and unpredictable individuals. Accessing wereform drives up these two instincts to frightening levels 

Exaptations or alternate shifts are indefinite, and could go from the two shown there (flying/armor) to swimming, being capable of water-breathing and whatever things they can learn from their gene bank.  

I don’t cover all the information in these sketches, a lot of it can be found under my worldbuilding and wereform/chalkurite tag. I have in fact, a prototype post that shows off a lot of biological aspects 

External image

It is slightly outdated, but completes information with this. Fertility, regeneration, and differences between were and energy form (a bit outdated) to name a few can help provide more insight

*also worth mentioning that adult’s pint lotta adipose is due to old animal hibernation instincts kicking in. that part of his story takes place during Frontier’s 4-year long winter period, and it has this effect on him that’ll demand a lot of fatty tissue to counter the cold. This is a subtle extent of shapeshifting from the 'adaptive atavism’ chalkurites have–can also include behaviors and other physical changes

and, on a note about shapeshifting, I think the 'return to your former self’ should be just as, or far more painful than turning into a big mean monster. Cropping yourself sounds less fun than shaping out.  turns out Pint’s worst moments involve going back from a mammoth-sized thing to his liddle’ kid self…that’s a lot of self-mutilation there

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What happens if someone transformed into, say, a mouse? How small could they possibly become?

That’s a good question, and I honestly don’t know. Some people argue that it’s impossible to become such a small animal, given that humans are much larger. Some use the argument that the supernatural doesn’t follow the rules of science, so they can shift into tiny animals.

Cue a loud roar to be heard as a rather huge Chimera chased a Chespin with Giratina features around. Run away, I made him angry!!!

As for what the chimera looked like, considering that the only thing not close to pitch black are his eyes and Xerneas antlers[and some red markings?], that might be a bit hard to see. Speaking of the antlers, they are curling in….. That tail is a Black Mamba! How about nope! And Xerneas hindquaters and back legs? Check. Panther torso and front legs? Check. Dragoon wings and head. CHECK. Also, a dragon with cat eyes. Neat.


Ayyy so my drawing hand just is not cooperating at all, but I found some lovely free lines on DA from someone I’ve known and followed for years (Sugarpoultry) so what better to do than throw together a little sheet for Were-Oskar? :U 

Also a size comparison between Oskar and Ida when he’s in wereform. He big. She smol. When he’s human he’s about 6ft though. 

He’s a very plain bby but I love him.

October 2015 Postcard

Halloween is coming up and as usual, here’s a WereTavi! He went through a bit of a redesign from when I last drew him. You can see the previous drawings of him here and here.

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So, since werewolves do not suffer from clinical lycanthropy, what do you think would happen if someone went to a therapist or psychologist, and mentioned that they were a werewolf? Like, let's say that they mentioned that they also believed in physical transformation, but that's not what they came there to treat. Would it go over well? I'm asking because I've heard of therians and otherkin being accepted by psychologists as they are. Do you think the same would go over well with a werewolf?

I’m just gonna be frank with you, Anon: I do not think it would end well. The thing with therians and otherkin is that that is a spiritual belief. Psychologists know that it’s not an illness or anything bad, so it’s okay to tell them about that.

However, if a werewolf were to go to a psychologist, claim to physically shift, and all that, I have no doubt that the psychologist would suspect clinical lycanthropy. Since clinical lycanthropy is so uncommon, it would be hard to tell if the werewolf had it, but the psychologist would definitely suspect it, if not act on that suspicion.

I’ve never been to a psychologist- I’ve never needed to go. However, unless you’re willing to prove it, I would not tell a psychologist if you’re a werewolf.


red pencil sketches. i’ll prolly color some of these

think I finally got down Jericho’s face design. no less inspired by Spoony’s bird people. not too sure about his hair yet, he prolly has a tuft of…feathery mohawkthing

Oh yeah, and his wereform’s got another set of limbs. or…pseudo-limbs, just for hack and slashing. he’s also double jointed, so can basically turn direction immediately, not to mention hyper flexible (owl neck and can just move as easily if he were doing the exorcist spider-walk no problem) 

sorry for the butts