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Man I really did get my laptop charger back at the best time ever UMMMMMM uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OKAY YES Kozmotis/Jack from either the werewolf AU or some sort of vampire AU where Koz just won't shut up talking about how amazing Jack smells (could be to Jack or to some poor unimpressed bystander I just basically want him Edward Cullening about HE SMELLS LIKE HEROIN AND LILIES AND EVERYTHING AMAZING GUYS I WANT TO RUB HIS FACE ON MY FACE)

Having a big werewolf boyfriend is a guaranteed way to make sure you never have a dull life.

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Belong (Goldenfrost werewolf AU fic)

Title: Belong 4/4

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Life on the streets as a werewolf isn’t very easy for Jack. Turns out that living with a family pretending to be their dog is even harder. Some secrets are just impossible to keep.

Note: Based on this prompt from linddzz’s werewolf AU.

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after figuring it out that koz is the dog that keeps coming and geting him he looks up every dog joke he can and tells them to koz for weeks he even gets koz’s cellphone number and starts texting him the jokes (sera so gave him the number too) and then there are lots of doge jokes (so many doge jokes) and when koz gets excited about stuff jack looks back at koz’s butt and (everytime) koz askes why and its always the same reason “im checking to see if your tail is wagging”

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Were!Koz: I'm assuming you wear a collar whenever things get furry (for ID purposes). Tell me, do you have to wear a license and leash as well?

Koz: a collar!?

Jack: Nah not outside the bedroom.

Koz: Not IN the bedroom. I’m not a pet. And it had never been an issue because I would just stay at home during full moons and when I shifted any other night I would go running through the woods. You know. As a wolf.

Jack: I kind of want to take you around town on a leash now though. Can you imagine? People would be flipping their shit.

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Were!AU Sera: So. What do you think of Jack?

Sera: Honestly? At first I wanted him fucking gone. I may not be a wolf myself, but I was raised by one, and despite Dad’s little crush, as far as I was concerned Jack wasn’t pack. It had always been just dad and I ever since I could remember. We had a secret and it was us versus everyone else, and then Dad’s wolf side decides that he’s just going to bring this twink into our home and instantly make him part of the pack? Yeah, I wasn’t really happy about it.

It got…better though. Jack was kind of let in on what was happening after a….misshap one full moon, and Dad started actually dating him like a normal person and was more careful about acclimating Jack in. And look, you won’t get me to admit this to THEM anytime soon, but the twink…fits. He fits in here. As Pack.

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Were!Jack: How did you first meet Pitch? In human and wolf form.

Jack: Well human form was like, a WHILE ago, when him and Sera started coming by the shop I work at a lot and I quickly got to know him as “that hot but really cranky dad.”  I found out he was some kinda work-at-home contractor for the military and started calling him “General DILF” when he wasn’t around to hear it. I still call him that, but it’s to his face now.

I now know that I had seen his wolf form a few times in the woods, and he’s told me that on regular nights when he’s more in control he’ll patrol the area to kind of keep an eye on things. I officially met his wolfy self when it scratched at my door and nearly scared the shit out of me when I thought some fucking bear was on my porch.

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WeredadAU. Jack how did you know who owned the big dog chasing you if Koz wasn't wearing a collar at the time?

Jack: I didn’t. Like this huge mutt just showed up on my porch and he seemed really friendly so I didn’t want him to wander off again, but he wouldn’t come inside. But he wouldn’t leave until I came and walked with him. Then we ended up on the Pitchiner’s porch and I assumed that meant the monster belonged to those weirdos.

Truth || Weredad AU || mischiefinthesnow

Koz sat on his haunches, tail wagging. He waited in the bushes for his Jack to come along as he always did. He saw the spiky white hair before he saw Jack himself, and bounded out if the bushes. He bowled the teen over and tried to groom him, but gave up after a moment. He whined and let Jack up. His tail stopped wagging for a second. Tonight is the night he was going to tell, or rather show him the truth. That he was a werewolf.

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Were!Koz & Jack: So if werewolves are a thing, does that mean there's other mythological creatures out there too? Like nixes, huldras, sprites and vampires? Have you ever run into one before? How'd that go? lol

“I’ve never run into anything else and honestly, am all the happier for it. If there is anything else out there I’d rather it stay a mystery.”

“Besides, we don’t want to accidentally rekindle the epic vampire and werewolf wars again, DO WE ANON?”

jack finds out about koz being a werewolf, one night when koz in his were-form and he goes and grabs him and brings him home but insted of just sitting near him with his tail wraped around him he lays on top of him so sera cant get koz off or pull jack out from under him and so sera sits next to them and talks to jack, and when jack askes how she plans on geting him out she tells him her dad will be back in the morning and he can get him out, the two play board games while koz trys to groom jack even though jack keeps pushing his face away eventually koz goes to sleep.  come morning koz transforms back and jack frecks out cuz know he has a very naked koz laying on top of him and cuddling him jack starts yelling and cussing while sera covers her eyes koz wakes up and jumps off of jack and runs to the bathroom and wont leave the bathroom and jack runs and hides under the coffee table and sera is forced to tell jack herself about koz being a werewolf and try to get her dad out of the bathroom eventually she gets koz out and koz has to lift the table up and way becouse everytime sera trys to grab it and pull jack grabs a leg and holds on