Teen Wolf 5x16

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On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before they ever see graduation; new villains that use a combination of science and the supernatural for a malevolent and mysterious purpose that will eventually pit Scott and his friends against their greatest enemy yet

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                                                   I’m an atom in a sea of nothing
                                                   Looking for another to combine
                                          Maybe we could be the start of something
                                                   Be together at the start of time.   ♡

saving lydia martin

thank you mason. for attempting to crash your car into a wall. for being human, but still trying to help your supernatural friends. for looking at a useless map and still being able to save your friends. for saving lydia martin

thank you hayden romero. for paralyzing an alpha werewolf because mason needed your help. for disobeying theo, and leaving to help anyways. for jumping over a sixteen foot wall and doing whatever it took to help your friends escape. for saving lydia martin. 

thank you liam dunbar. for going into eichen house to help get your friend lydia. for letting scott punch you in the face multiple times in order to break down the door. for beating up several guards in order to keep scott, meredith, and lydia safe. for saving lydia martin

thank you theo raeken. for, despite being a total ass hole, was helpful by finding her in the tunnels. for saving lydia martin.

thank you natalie martin. for always doing whatever you could to protect your daughter. for never being aware of the supernatural world, but not freaking out when you found out. for taking a taser off of a lifeless corpse and waiting outside of eichen. for tasing that tracy bitch and getting your little girl away from her. for hugging your daughter in her time of need. for saving lydia martin.

thank you deaton. for always being ready to help scotts pack. for giving lydia a shot of mistletoe. for saving lydia martin.

thank you meredith. for teaching lydia how to use her banshee power. for allowing scott to enter your subconscious. for telling him that the hell hound could find her. for saving lydia martin.

thank you jordan parrish. for using your badge to help a bunch of teenagers illegally enter eichen house. for allowing yourself to be lit on fire to find lydia. for using your supernatural abilities to protect everyone from lydias scream. for saving lydia martin.

thank you malia tate. for growing so much as a person that you are now ready to risk your life for your pack. for helping kira with her abilities. for not leaving kira behind. for using your claws to break the wires casing. for driving the jeep to lydias side. for saving lydia martin.

thank you kira yukimura. for straggling with your abilities but focusing and pulling through when it came down to saving lydia. for creating a brown out. for literally collapsing on the floor, overwhelmed by your abilities. for saving lydia martin.

thank you scott mccall. for always doing whatever it takes to save your pack. for punching liam against your nature. for breaking down that door. for going into merediths mind to get any information possible on how to find lydia. for driving that jeep faster than the speed of light to get her to a safe place. for saving lydia martin.

thank you lydia martin. for waking up when you saw that malia was in danger. for kicking some major ass and almost escaping on your own. for surviving with a hole in your head. for worrying about your friends even when your near death yourself. for fighting every scream that you felt coming. for melting a guys head off. for standing and walking in your weakest moment. for allowing stiles to help you. for allowing everyone to help you. for saving yourself.

and finally, thank you stiles stilinski. for visiting lydia, holding her hand, and letting her know that her friends need her. for noticing the shaved area of her scalp, and noticing that it was something to be concerned about. for stealing a key card. for creating an elaborate plan to get lydia out of there. for knowing that you were the only one who could get passed the mountain ash and being okay with it  for running into lydias room and immediately looking to make sure she was okay. for being told that you would die if you stayed but staying anyway. for pounding with every once of your being on that door and yelling for her. for tolerating theo because you knew he needed to find her. for telling theo to break the pipe. for finding lydia. for running into that room, holding lydias face, and asking her to let you help her. for coming back. for holding her and running through the hall way. for not running when she told you to run. for catching her when she stumbled. for holding her in the car. for letting yourself bleed out of your ears rather than let her go. for telling her she was going to make it. for once again staying despite the fact that you could die. for lifting her up onto the table. for covering her body when she broke the glass, even while she was screaming. for begging her to come back to you. for holding her. for loving her. for the way you looked at her when she woke up. for always being willing to risk your life for the strawberry blonde girl. for saving lydia martin.

they saved me, mom. stiles saved me.


During this scene, I honestly thought that Lydia had died, and the only thing that was running through my head was just a montage of Stiles and Lydia’s relationship. From the very first moment we saw them together, to every significant and insignificant interaction after that, I honestly saw all of it circling around in my head, and the fact that it had all (seemingly) ended right at that moment, was just too much. The rest of the episode leading up to this gave them so much hope as friends and a potential couple, and to have it all just vanish when they were so close was heartbreaking. 

So in sum, thank god Lydia woke the fuck up. 

luna-nitro asked:

Hi! I was just wondering how much of a bad-ass Shadowhunter!Stiles and Warlock!Derek would be. All of the Malec/Sterek. All of it.

Oh oh oh, but I am thinking maybe Derek would be the Shadowhunter and Stiles the Warlock. Just think about it. Derek as Alec, with his sisters Laura and Cora (instead of Izzie and Jace.) Clary could be Lydia- and we would get to keep my love of red heads as main characters because hot damn- and then we also get Cordia (sorry, I am always going to go there.) 

Think about this though, warlock!Stiles (psssst spark!Stiles in canon) who has had many lovers throughout the centuries and when he first lays eyes on Derek is quite prepared to forgo all bad thoughts he ever had about Shadowhunters because he is a cutie with a booty and Stiles is in love. He tries desperately to flirt with Derek, using all his best moves and jokes, and he is pretty sure it’s working too. Derek is smiling and blushing so HE’S GONNA GET DINNER WITH HIM AT SOME POINT RIGHT??? (To ensure the deal though- Stiles isn’t going to let this one get away without being clear- he makes sure to point out he slept with none other than the Michaelangelo because fun fact: Stiles went by the name David back in the day and he gave it to that glorious artist so good the guy made a statue of him. I mean, talk about being good in bed.)

Okay, and then you have Derek. Bad-ass, I have no time for emotions but melts every single time Stiles so much as glances at him, Derek. Derek who has never been kissed. Derek who has struggled so hard with his sexuality, but finds himself feeling good about himself for the first time in years when Stiles leans in to him and whispers “there’s nothing to be ashamed of, Derek.” Derek who grins and is more than a little confused when Stiles calls him up for a date. Derek who wears nothing but black even though you know he would probably love nothing more than the feeling of being wrapped up in a fizzy warm blanket. Derek who is usually a by the book kind of guy, all about hating change and the world in general, but becomes a puppy around Stiles and would basically kind of follow him anywhere Stiles asked him to go.

I mean, just…

@stereka, @wreckstiles, anything to add?




Our banshee is back where she belongs — in Scott’s pack, Stiles’ arms and Parrish’s thoughts

MTV on a matters called “Who Was Lydia’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Savior: Parrish Or Stiles” which you can check here (x).

but of course with “Stiles’ arms” they mean in his arms as friends, is not it? lol.