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Sab I feel like I can vent to you a bit about this: I had the honor of being there last night and honestly I’ve realized that I’m really glad the boys didn’t do a grandiose elaborate stage like some ppl were expecting. I know we love powerhouses like their MAMA stages but.. last night was still so groundbreaking. They didn’t do any cray effects, any elaborate sets or mixes. They did an amazing, powerful performance of their current title track exactly how it was meant to be, you know? (Pt1)

And that’s part of what helped make it so legendary. People won’t talk about it or post online about it because of any insane costumes or stunts or stage effects - they’re talking about their dances, their energy, the song itself, and the fans’ energy. That’s what I think the boys want the most, what they’ve worked so hard to impress upon people. It was a surprisingly humble performance the more I think on it and I’m just so proud of them. They’re legends! It’s unforgettable exactly as is (Pt2)


Your name fell from his lips so naturally. It threw me back in time to when the three of us went on road trips all the time. I could still feel your rough hand in mine. The memory stung. I had to bite my lip to force back tears. It’s been two years since I’ve seen you and I wish I could say I didn’t still love you.
—  K.N.B.
Kaidan Appreciation Week: Day 7

A day late and I’m not gonna lie, I was distracted making the Shepard-Alenko household in Sims4. It was amazing, it was totally all consuming, I should probably never play it again.

Day 7: Creators Choice

“So he’s going to be ok?” Shepard asked? The anxiety in his voice made Kaidan’s heart patter and he had to resist the nearly overwhelming urge to pull the man into his arms. There were times when Shepard loved the coddling and there were times he did not. Sitting side by side at the vet, Murphy snoozing at their feet was probably not a good time.

“Murphy is a perfectly healthy dog for his age John. Golden’s are known for having poor joint health as they age. I’ll write up a prescription and he should be good to go in no time.” Their veterinarian, a Dr. Remeth, was a compassionate old woman, her dark skin weathered but her brown eyes clear and kind. They had been going to her for Murphy’s care since he was just a little pup.

Kaidan glanced at the dog in question, Shepard’s steadfast companion during the nightmares and the times when Kaidan couldn’t be there. He was as cute as ever, even with the white showing around his eyes and snout, even with the stiff joints and the slow mornings, Murphy was there for Shepard in a way that Kaidan couldn’t be. There were times, back in the beginning that he had felt jealous of the dog, able to comfort Shepard or bring him back from a PTSD episode far better than Kaidan could. Now he was just so damned appreciative and fond of the dog that it didn’t matter.

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I save you (Eric Coulter X reader)

Word count: 929

You and Eric barely ever got along. It was a love-hate relationship. You loved to hate each other and hated to love each other. It was complicated, to say the least. You argued and bickered back and forth. You guys told each other you hated each other all of the time. Everyone thought you guys were in love. It was weird. The other leaders thought you guys were in love, while the initiates thought you guys actually hated each other.

You guys went through the initiation process together. He’s still upset that you got a higher rank, then he did. It also didn’t help that you guys happened to be neighbors. You guys have still gotten pretty close over time. As much as both of you guys hated to admit it. The walls were thin, you have heard him angrily yelling or talking to himself all the time. What you didn’t know was that he listens too. The nights you found yourself crying in bed he laid there wishing he could help, or when you’d be laughing with a friend he wished he was the cause of the laughter.

Everything changed after the war with Abnegation started, well more like the war against Abnegation. You were also working for Jeanine but usually stayed in the Dauntless compound. One day when everyone was going over to Candor due to Tris and Four’s escape you decided to go. You didn’t know Eric was already there though. He was supposed to be at the Amity compound to check for Divergents.

You and your best friend Alex caught the train for the Candor compound. You guys talked about everything going on lately, but the ride was pretty quick and short, so it wasn’t a long conversation. You guys jumped out and ran for the compound.

“Search the bottom floor. I’ll get the top.” You instructed. Alex nodded and ran down the hall of the building. You ran up the stairs, slowly getting suspicious. It was quiet, too quiet. You walked into the main meeting hall to see a crowd gathering around. There were a few whispers and mumbling coming through. You had a gut feeling that something was wrong. You ran up and pushed people aside. In the middle of the room, you saw Eric sitting there. Handcuffed. Four and Tris stood in front of him. Four had a gun pointed at Eric’s head.

You pulled your gun out from the waistband of your pants and pointed it at Four.

“Back the hell off, Four.” You hissed.

“Y/N, go away before you get hurt.” Four said giving you a warning look.

“If you shot him the only person getting hurt is you.” You warned. Despite Tris and Four being good friends of yours. You still had your priorities set. You walked over and stood in between Eric and Four.

“Don’t do this, Four. If you stop now I’ll let you leave in one piece. You shot him and you’ll be dragged out of here.” You threatened.

“Y/N, Please. I don’t want to hurt you.” Four pleaded with you.

“So you’re going to shot the man I am in love with? Is that how this works?” You asked not really realizing what you said, until after you said it.

Four’s face dropped, “Y/N, no you shouldn’t be in love with him. He’s. He’s a-”

“You say monster and I’ll shoot you. He is no monster, Four. The only monster here is you. So, do me a favor and back the hell off. You are testing my patience right now and you know me well enough to know that I don’t have much of that.” You said heatedly.

“Fine, Y/N. Take him and leave. Don’t come back. Next time I see him or you. I won’t hesitate to shoot. You hear me?” Four asked.

“Loud and Clear.” You said in a low threatening voice.

“Good, now leave.” He muttered.

You didn’t take your eyes off of Four, as you walked behind Eric. You grabbed his arm and helped him up, then cut the ties that held his hands together. “Let’s go.” You muttered pushing Eric out the door making sure to keep yourself between him and Four. Four and Tris watched as you guys walked out.

Neither you or Eric said anything until you guys caught the train. You stood there looking out the opened door of the train watching everything pass.

“Is it true?” He asked walking up next to you.

“Is what true?” You asked not taking your eyes off of the passing field.

“You said that you were in love with me. Is it true?” He asked.

“Eric, I just said that in order to keep you from getting killed in there. Why?” You pretended that it didn’t mean anything.

“I was just wondering, because if so I would tell you that-” He started before you cut him off.

“What that I’m crazy?” You asked.

“No, I was going to say I would tell you that, I’m in love with you, too.” He confessed.

You turned to look up at him. “What?” You asked. Clearly, you heard him wrong.

“I’m in love with you, Y/N.” He said looking outside the train door.

“Eric.” You whispered.

“I get it. You just said that to save me.” He said with his usual cold expression. You turned him towards you and pressed your lips to his. It took him a second before he kissed back. It was a passionate kiss and you felt more than just sparks. You felt fireworks.


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Do you think Stefano is a "Love At First sight" type of person?

Before his accident while being in war, no, I honestly don’t think so. Stefano was  a bit too young and too determined to find inspiration to even think of such an emotion as love, and relationships were a no no.

But after his ‘transformation’ I think he would have to start having tendencies to being a “Love At First sight” type of person.

Of course everything changed when he saw you for the first time, his beautiful (Y/N). 

In that moment he knew, Stefano knew that you were the one, his muse, his love, his everything, and in that moment only one thing was on Stefano’s mind:

“This has to be love at first sight~.”

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I believe there are only two realistic ways for a Tomstar breakup in the future: Tom gets sloppy and slowly reverts to his older self, or Star and Tom having very different views about the Monster-equality thing.

I can also imagine other scenarios that would be less bad for Tom’s character. Like, could Star and or Tom (better if both of them) realize that they were in love with the idea of a relationship, more than with the other person? Tom put a lot of his self worth in being able to get back with Star, it was what first pushed him to change, and something he could never get over; Star was hurt by all the events with Marco and wanted to change her life as soon as possible, and might have seen more appeal in the idea of a relationship with Tom, something that would “occupy” her feelings, rather than in Tom himself?

Obviously I’m speculating hard here, the show is nowhere near to implying things like this yet, but Monster Bash did show that they’re not exactly on the same page, relationship wise: Tom is very focused on the physical aspect of dating, Star seems to just consider Tom as her boyfriend because that’s who he is. “Sorry feelings, I can’t think about Marco right now, I’m with Tom!”.

I don’t want to offend any Tomstar shipper with this, just saying what I think the show MIGHT be building up to.

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on a scale of 1-420 (420 being the most) how goddamn gay are you for allmight????

Well when we were together I loved him very very much, so the highest number I suppose? That was some time ago though

Forever Never Lasts // E.D. Imagine


A/N: Ethan is 23 in this. 

WARNING(S): Cursing and cheating 

The tension between the two of you has grown into thick vines that neither of you had bothered to trim. It’s been weeks since the two of you slept in the same bed. Ethan chose the couch over the large king sized mattress in the bedroom you two once shared. 

The flickering flame was slowly dwindling down into just a small stub. The media saw a different side. They saw smiling, laughing, happy people who were oh so in love. It didn’t help that the two of you were both big on social platforms and attended the same events meaning you two had to fake a love that was once there. 

The arguing had went from normal couple fights to full on screaming matches. Why they had started was beyond you, but from the moment they escalated things haven’t died down. 

One of the biggest reasons the two of you fought all the time was because he would always come home at the crack of dawn smelling like another girl’s perfume. You knew he was fucking another girl behind your back. You have been knowing about it for weeks now and you hate yourself for staying with him but you wanted for him to tell you and be honest about him cheating on you. You knew that the moment he came home with lipstick stains all of his white hoodie that he was with someone who wasn’t you. 

 Currently you were wondering where your boyfriend of five years was at. The clock read 12:23 in the morning as you dialed his number wondering if he was going to come home at some point in the night. 

“Hello?” An unfamiliar voice spoke into the phone catching you completely off guard. 

“Umm hi, is this Ethan’s phone?” You asked wondering if he had changed his number or if you dialed the wrong one. 

“Yes this is his phone. He’s currently taking a shower right now. Um, who are you?” The girl asked you as your fist clenched against the red bed sheets. 

“Can you please tell him to give me a call back when he’s out of the shower? Tell him that what I need to tell him is urgent.” You angrily said before hanging up the phone not wanting to hear her voice any longer. 

“UGH!” You yell out as you throw your phone across the bedroom letting out a loud ugly sob. Pulling up your knees up to your chest you feel your body shake and your face grow wet from tears. Your heart felt tight as you felt yourself slowly breaking down. The breath in your lungs felt like someone was sucking it out of you. Everything around you felt like it was spinning. Your head felt lightheaded and you knew that you were having an anxiety attack. 

Your body felt frozen as your body went into full panic. After what felt like an eternity you felt your body begin to un-tense and your tears stopped rolling down your face. 

Staring at the floor in a numb state you ignored your ringing phone. Your arms tightened around your legs and your eyes continued to spill out silent tears. The phone continued to ring but your mind tuned it out not wanting to talk to anyone at the moment. 

Your eyes soon wandered up to the pictures of Ethan and you through out the five years of you dating. All the smiles and laughs that the two of you once shared. The loving looks and expression you gave one another that made you want to cry all over again because you missed it. 

You missed Ethan. 

Getting up from the bed you used the back of your hand to wipe your wet face. Your hand gently grabbed the pictures while the other one traced the outline of your happy expressions. 

“Ahh!” You yell angrily as you flung the picture to the other side of your room creating a mess on the floor. Frame and frame you watched every single one shatter down to the ground creating tiny shards of glass. You panted in anger and exhaustion creating a tightness in your chest. 

The long hand moved changing the time to 2 in the morning, and Ethan had yet to show up. 

You woke up the next morning to find yourself in bed. The last thing you remembered was falling asleep on the floor waiting for Ethan to come home. This confused you. 

You knew Ethan rarely went inside the bedroom that was converted into just yours. He wouldn’t even touch you unless you two were out in public. 

Getting up from bed you went into the bathroom and quickly did your morning routine. Once you were done you quietly walked down the small hall into the living room where you heard Ethan snoring. Looking down at him you saw that he was still in yesterday’s clothes and didn’t even bother to take his shoes off. 

Sighing you ran your fingers through your hair and walked over to the kitchen. You made yourself some pancakes and eggs and poured yourself a glass of orange juice. You silently ate your food trying to make as minimal noise as you possibly could. 

Once you finished eating you set the dishes in the sink and walked back over to the bedroom. As you passed by the living room you gave Ethan a quick glance and your heart knew that what you were about to do next was the correct thing to do. 

Walking back into your bedroom you pulled out your luggage and started throwing in all your clothes. You worked fast and before you knew it everything in the room that was yours was packed. Grabbing all the bags you packed you rolled the down the hall and went to set them in the front of the door of the apartment. 

“Ethan wake up,” you sighed while shaking his legs. 

“Wake up Ethan,” you said with an aggravated tone as he didn’t budge. 

“Ethan wake up!” You yelled feeling fed up with him. 

“I’m up,” he groaned while rubbing his eyes and sitting up on the couch. 

“I’m leaving.” You bluntly spoke while crossing your arms under your chest. 

Ethan looked at you with a confused expression wondering why all of a sudden you were telling him you were going out. 

“Okay?” He asked just wanting to go back to sleep. 

“I’m leaving you Ethan. I’m moving out.” You bluntly explained while running your hands through you hair feeling annoyed with him. He didn’t get what you mean until he saw all of your bags packed by the door. When he noticed them he quickly woke up and looked up at you with wide eyes. 

“Whoa, what? Why are you leaving?” He asked you feeling confused as to why you were suddenly leaving him. You stared at him with a look of disbelief, you couldn’t believe he was asking you such a stupid question. 

“Because I deserve better than living with a boy who goes out every single night to fuck another girl. Because I don’t want to waste my time with someone who forgot our anniversary, my birthday, and the dates that we planned.” You angrily spoke feeling aggravated with him. Your body shook in anger as Ethan’‘s mouth opened and closed trying to form words that would just be empty filled promises. When you noticed he wasn’t going to speak anytime soon you decided to continue. 

“I thought you were my one and only Ethan. The one who I would love forever and get my happily ever after. I was so stupid to believe that you would be different from all the other boys but you turned out exactly like them. A pathetic. cheating bastard. I don’t want to hurt myself anymore. I’m tired of coming here to this apartment that we bought together a year ago. A place we both said would be our home for a long time. This was the place I remember being so excited to come home to because the love of my life would be waiting for me so we could hang out and ignore the world for the rest of the night.” You spoke pouring your heart out to the silent boy who was breaking at every word. 

He looked up at you with tears rolling down his face and his tan skin turned a blotchy red. 

“I’m so sorry I made you go through that. I love y-” Ethan started but you cut him off. 

“But you don’t Ethan! That’s the point! You don’t love me. I’m sure at some point you probably did, but you fell out of love with me a long time ago. We both know that’s the honest truth.” You cried out while harshly rubbing off the tears that kept sliding down your face. 

“I’m sorry,” He sobbed out while trying to reach a hand out to grab you, but you stepped back away from him. You watched as hurt flashed in his eyes but at this point you didn’t care. You had much more respect for yourself and you knew you deserved better. 

“Why did you do it?” You asked him while staring at him with sad eyes. 

Ethan looked at you in the eyes before looking back down at the ground hanging his head in shame. 

“I was being a selfish ass. I let myself get lured in by girls who aren’t half of what you are. I guess I was just trying to prove to myself that I could still get any girl I wanted, which now that I do I don’t care for it. All I care about is having you in my life and knowing that you are mine. I guess now I fucked that up too,” Ethan chuckled dryly as tears continued to flow down his face. 

Your heart broke at his confession, but you weren’t going to break down in front of him. Instead you swallowed back the lump that was beginning to grow in your throat. 

“Goodbye Ethan,” You whispered to the boy you once would take a bullet for. You took one last look into his eyes but regretted it the moment you saw guilt, regret, and sadness swimming through his hazel eyes. 

“Please don’t go,” Ethan cried out looking like pathetic. His face was blotchy, his nose was running, hair was sticking in all different directions, and he was on his knees begging for you to stay with him. 

Closing your eyes you took in a sharp breath before opening them again and looking down at the twenty three year old male. 

Kneeling down next to him you cupped his soft stubbly face and softly pressed your lips against his. Ethan’s chapped lips moved against yours as if he were trying so hard to savor the moment. His hands gripped the back of your head pulling you closer to him. 

Pulling away you leaned your forehead against his before getting up from the floor and walking towards the door. 

Resting your hand around the door knob you let out a soft sigh, and pulled the door open. Grabbing your bags you turned back to look at Ethan who was still on the floor watching you walk away from him. 

“Bye Ethan,” you smile softly before stepping out of the apartment the two of you had shared for a year now. 

“Bye,” you heard his soft raspy voice speak behind you. Closing the door behind you, you held your head up high and walked over to the elevators. 

The minute the metal doors slid open you felt every single ounce of stress on your body release off into the world away from you. Your body felt light again and your heart half filled. 

It was a new beginning. A beginning filled with new love, hope, and destinations without a boy who only dragged you down. 

Okay since my opinion on Kali is probably confusing as hell (since I’ve reblogged posts with different opinions) I’ll make it clear here

I liked kali. A lot. From the first time she appeared on screen. I think she’s a fascinating character and I hope we’ll get more of her in s3.

I don’t believe she’s a bad person. I think she has the full right to hunt after the people that have abused her and other kids. I think those people deserved it. I might not be like the fondest of killing people but you can’t deny that. Those people electrocuted her and took away her family - and did probably way worse things.

Now on to her relationship with El. I truly believe she cared about her. She didn’t just fake that emotion when she saw her again. And her completely shaken and upset face when she left? That was real.

But she also knew that El would be useful for them, and that probably had a lot of impact on her decision to let her stay.

And, she never forced el to stay. She told her it was her own decision to stay and kill - even before the scene where she literally said it. ‘We can’t all be fighters’ - eleven was the one that said she could do it.

She also taught her that she shouldn’t be ashamed of her powers and how she could use them. She probably saved her life in the long run, because without that help, El would probably not have been able to close the gate.

But that all doesn’t erase the fact that she used her abuser against her. That scene was heart breaking and not okay.

But that doesn’t make Kali the worst monster on this show. We have Brenner and all those other assholes from Hawkins lab. They literally abused children. And we have Billy and troy, an abuser and a bully. And we have those mean former best friends of Steve that were just straight up assholes.

Out of all of them, Kali is in no way the worst person and she definitely doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets. She’s not perfect and she’s done wrong things, but she is not the worst and doesn’t deserve all this hate.

there’s a tear in my heart (but somehow you mended it)


(pic creds to @lqday6!!! this is an angst/fluff scenario so I hope you like it,,, please check out my masterlist and send in suggestions in my ask box for improvements I can make in my writing and and ideas for scenarios!!!)


Jealousy is one hell of a drug. You always told yourself you wouldn’t be jealous, Sungjin was famous and you couldn’t afford to be jealous of the thousands of other people who were as in love with him as you were. You couldn’t be jealous and you wouldn’t be jealous, you always told yourself that. So why now were you sitting at home, alone, wondering how on earth you managed to get into this situation.

Sungjin was out, as he usually was in the evening. If he wasn’t at the studio then he was out for a company dinner or meeting with fans. He was always busy and you guessed that was where it started. It started with him being out once, maybe twice, a week. He’d still make it up to you and spend the other days with you, you had no reason to be jealous or upset then. Sungjin used to always make time for you, that’s why your relationship used to work and that’s why you didn’t have a grey cloud hanging over your vision each time you thought of him out with someone else. Someone that wasn’t you.

You knew it was your fault. There was really no need to become so jealous and nervous and just plain upset. Sungjin was famous, he was known around the country and every corner you turned there could be a fan waiting for his autograph. But that wasn’t your problem, your problem was that he didn’t seem to notice. It felt selfish to think, but you missed the attention he would give you. You needed some sort of attention and reassurance that he was still yours and you were still his, the occasional hug and kiss on the cheek each morning always left you longing for him to rush back inside, cancel his plans for the day and just spend it with you. Your jealousy purely stemmed from loneliness, and it wasn’t your fault. It was never your fault and it was never his fault, it just happened to be that there was never enough hours in the day for Sungjin to fit you in.

That was the problem. He didn’t fit you into his day, he didn’t cancel a meeting to spend the evening with you and he sure enough spent more time with his manager each week than he had spent with you in the past month. That was your problem.

“Y/n-ah, I won’t be home for dinner tonight. Me and Younghyun have a meeting about next months promotions. I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you.” You pressed delete as soon as the voicemail ended, not even bothering to check the time he sent it. He always left it until the last minute to cancel plans with you, almost in an afterthought as if you were the last thing on his mind. Which you were starting to believe you were.

You finished up the pasta dish you were cooking, and served yourself a portion. You put the rest into a container and placed it in the fridge, a note on the top telling Sungjin to eat it when he came home. If you got a thank you for it then you would be amazed, he didn’t seem to even acknowledge your efforts anymore and you were starting to wonder if he was really worth it.

“Sungjin, why do you make me like this?” You sighed, twirling some pasta around your fork before letting it fall back into your bowl. Your appetite had been spoiled once again.

Throwing the untouched meal away, you left the bowl by the sink, not in the mood to wash up right at that moment. In the past Sungjin would’ve helped to clear up after dinner, but now it was left to you and you really didn’t have the energy. Maybe he’d come home and do it. But probably not.

You picked up your phone, calling the number of a close friend and fellow jyp trainee who you had met through Sungjin. You had been with Sungjin since his trainee days and you were starting to wonder if he should’ve left you behind after his debut, maybe he’d feel much happier without the extra baggage. Chan picked up the phone after only two rings.

“Y/n? You haven’t called in a while.” His chirpy voice sounded down the phone and you started to well up, the sound of a familiar voice was almost foreign to you. It was comforting to talk to someone for once.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that,” you strained to keep the tears at bay and to keep your voice unwavering, “I just needed to talk to someone and you were always so good at giving advice.”

“I do give good advice.”

“What do I do, Chan? How can I-“ you took a deep breathe and shook your head with your eyes squeezed shut, “how can I keep going like this? I don’t know how long it’s been since I even saw Sungjin properly, he hardly comes home and when he does he hardly acknowledges I’m here. I’m jealous, I’m so jealous of every single person who gets to see him every day. I’m jealous of every fan he tells he loves because I haven’t heard that phrase in months. And I hate it. I hate being jealous and I hate missing him so much that I can’t deal with it anymore. I love him so much but I can’t be with someone when I doubt that they love me back.”

“Woah, y/n, are you really saying what I think you are?” Chan asked, you nodded to yourself.

“Yeah, I am,” pulling off the promise ring he’d given you years ago when you first moved in together, a promise that one day he’d give you a real ring, “I don’t know what to do or where I’m going to go but I really can’t stay here.”

“Right, ok. Well you should come here for a while, we have some spare rooms and you can stay as long as you like until you decide what to do.”

“I’ll be there in about an hour.” You hung up on Chan, you knew there would be questions but you really didn’t want to answer them right then. You left the ring on the side in the kitchen with a small note. All that you wrote on the note was ‘your food is in the fridge’ because the ring was an explanation enough. You really didn’t have the heart to write him a long and emotional letter. He probably wouldn’t read it.

You took as many clothes and possessions as you could, throwing them all into a bag whilst the tears streamed down your face. Your phone chimed with a text from Chan, he promised to pick you up and that he would only be a few minutes so you waited for him outside, rushing into his car and out of the cold.

“You’re really stupid, you know?” He commented, breaking the silence in the car.

“I know,” you didn’t care, “I just can’t stay there anymore, Chan. I tried so hard but I can’t do it anymore, not unless he changes which I doubt will happen. His job is far too important.”

“I understand.” He leant a hand on your knee and squeezed it reassuringly. You felt like you were going to cry again.

“Thank you.”

“It doesn’t mean you’re not stupid though.” He giggled, looking over at you with a toothy smile that had one spreading across your lips almost instantly. It felt good to be happy again, it felt good to smile. Of course Sungjin made you happy, he hadn’t done anything wrong. You were just lonely and jealous and it was getting so toxic that you were starting to feel sick just thinking about the way you were living. You deserved to be happy and Sungjin could only give you so much happiness when he was never around.

Hours later you’d almost forgotten about Sungjin, his face still lingered in the back of your mind but Chan and the others were doing a good job of occupying you. You sat in their living room with empty takeaway boxes scattered around the floor, a movie was playing quietly in the back group but no one was watching it, all too emerged in their own conversations. Your phone lit up beside you, a text from Sungjin.

“Can you read it for me?” You asked Chan, not really wanting to look at your phone in fear of crying purely because of the picture of you and Sungjin on your lock screen, smiling happily together.

“Y/n? Where are you, please let me come and bring you home, we need to talk about this properly. Don’t end something so great this quickly.” He handed you back your phone, the whole room quieting down. You wanted to reply, Sungjin would know that you had read the message, but you really didn’t know what to say.

“Y/n,” Jeongin pulled you out of your thoughts and tapped on your shoulder, the young boy pointed down at your phone, “he’s calling you.”

“Answer it.” Chan said, pointing out to the empty corridor. You pressed the accept button and rushed out alone, mumbling a quiet hello into the receiver.

“Thank goodness you answered,” Sungjin sounded breathless and you almost cried at the sound of his voice again, you just wanted to hear him in real life rather than over the phone, “where are you? Let me come and get you, you can’t leave like this! You can’t just throw away everything we have!”

“And what do we have, Sungjin?” You retorted angrily, there was still a red band around your finger where your promise ring sat and you unconsciously rubbed the skin there.

“What do you mean? Y/n, we’ve been together for years! Does that not count for anything?”

“Of course it counts, it all counts and it’s all amazing and, for fucks sake Sungjin don’t you understand? I can’t deal with this anymore, I can’t deal with the jealousy and the insecurity that comes with this relationship. Do you know how it feels to be neglected? Do you know how it feels to plan a short date in an evening after not even speaking to your boyfriend for weeks for it to just get cancelled five minutes before? I can’t live like this, I don’t want to live like this. I want to be loved and to be happy, I want what we used to have but that will never happen. You’re busy, I get that I really do, but I’m human too and I just can’t deal with this level of jealousy anymore.” You were crying now, you said you wouldn’t but you couldn’t help yourself.

“We can work that out! I promise we can, I’ll cancel plans and clear my schedule. I’ll do that for you, you know I will,” his voice wavered and you couldn’t tell if he was crying or not, you really hoped he wasn’t, “I’ll make time for you, as much time as you need. I love you y/n, I love you so much and I don’t want to end this because of something that I can fix.”

“You love me?”

“Of course I do! I’ve always loved you.” His voice raised a little and you didn’t know if he was angry or just frustrated. You hoped it was neither.

“I just, you haven’t said that in a while and I was starting to doubt myself. People can fall out of love. And you’ve been spending so much time with your manager that I was starting to think you were sick of me, I mean, you’re young and you should be having fun. I don’t want to be the lonely partner waiting at home for you.” You replied, your hand was fiddling with the bottom of your jumper and pulling at the loose threads. A nervous habit you needed to break.

“Shit, fuck y/n. Of course I love you and I’m a terrible boyfriend for making you doubt it. Whatever you think about me and my manager is completely wrong, we’re just sorting out plans for next year and planning concerts takes a lot of time. I promise you, that is purely a professional relationship. You have no need to be jealous, I’ve never loved anyone as much as you. Just, just please let me pick you up. Come home and we can talk about it.” Your heart broke a little, as much as you wanted to hate him you still loved him more than anything. You hated yourself more for being jealous and creating the problem in the first place.

“Can you pick me up?” You mumbled into the phone, your voice growing quiet and weak. You hated yourself for giving in so easily but you just needed to feel his arms around you again.

“Of course, where are you?”

“I’m at Chan’s dorm,” you cut him off before he could speak again, “it’s going to be different this time, right?”

“I’m not loosing you again y/n, I can’t loose you and I promise to treat you right. You’re the love of my life,” he took a small strangled gasp and you really hoped he wasn’t crying again, “I love you so much, I really honestly do and I can’t wait until this promise ring can turn into a real wedding ring.”

“Come quickly. Oh, and Sungjin,” he hummed into the phone, “I still love you.”

“Really?” You could hear him starting the car and you needed to end the call so that he could drive safely.

“Definitely. Drive safe.” You hung up the phone and held it close to your chest, a dumb smile spreading across your face at the thought of getting your boyfriend back.

You ran back into the living room, a smile adorning your face for the first time in weeks as you informed the boys that you would be going back home. Chan have you a quick hug and helped you get ready to leave again, leaving the dorm to wait at the front door. Sungjin’s car soon came into view and, when he stepped out, you rushed towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I missed this,” he mumbled into your neck, his nose buried into your hair and his arms tightly wrapped around your waist, “I’m never letting you go again.”

“I won’t let you,” you kissed his cheek, “I’m sorry for being so jealous. I should’ve told you how I was feeling instead of just leaving.”

“Don’t be sorry, I’m sorry for not realising and I promise it will all change. I’ve booked all of tomorrow off, it’s going to be our day and,” he pulled the promise ring out of his pocket, “I’ll get you a real engagement ring as soon as I can.”

“I love you,” you kissed his nose and then his cheek before you finally gave his lips a small peck, “I really do love you.”

“I love you too, fiancé.” Sungjin held you closer, slipping the ring back onto your finger before kissing over the top of the silver band.

“I don’t remember you asking me to marry you?” You giggled, looking down at your old and battered ring, now seeming to hold so much more meaning to you.

“Well, will you?” He cocked one eyebrow, a smile spreading from cheek to cheek.


Heartstrings - Chapter 17 - Weevilo707 - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 17/?
Fandom: The Adventure Zone (Podcast)
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Relationships: Barry Bluejeans/Lup, Kravitz/Taako, Angus McDonald & Taako
Characters: Taako (The Adventure Zone), Angus McDonald, Barry Bluejeans, Lup (The Adventure Zone), IPRE Crew, The Director | Lucretia
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Team as Family, Angus is lup and barry’s kid, Uncle Taako, eventual taakitz, Fluff and Angst, like mostly fluff, but some canon flavor angst for sure

Taako was not one for kids, holy shit no. Lup and Barry were different from him though. They were responsible and in love and if anyone deserved to have a happily ever after with a family it was fucking them. So of course he supported their decision. They were his family, and now this kid was too.

There’s a little half-elf kid on the train, in a fancy suit with a fancy hat and a fancy voice. Taako doesn’t pay him much mind at first, he’s not one for kids after all.

Fuck though, if something about him doesn’t pull at heartstrings that Taako hadn’t even realize were still there.

new chapter up!

Journal : Tea and a Cake thief!

Last sun I bought some tea leaves from a lovely lady who told me their place would be open this sun. The tea and cookies I had were lovely so I decided to pay the place a visit!

I came a bit early so I decided to to sketch some of the pretty flowers outside the fence of their establishment–one was even glowing! Flowers like these always bring a smile to my face, being natural and enjoyed outside the hustle and bustle of city-states. I was so hypnotized in the view I lost track of time and ended up entering a little late…

Upon entry I was greeted by the pretty woman from the markets and the miqo’te man who was there with her as well. Well… He more stood there keeping a watchful eye–or maybe staring intimidatingly… Come to think of it I think he had shades on… He could have been sleeping standing straight up for all I knew… Ah–but anyways I ordered three slices of different cakes, a cup of Moonfire Night, and a freshly baked rolanberry tart–that was calling for me not long after I stepped into the building. Such tasty aromas… I actually forgot to doodle one of my cakes, for when I got to the table I could not wait and started eating one…

I took a seat to enjoy my treats and tea when a familiar face decided to join me. It was a Xaela man dressed in all white with a firey gaze. He tried to flirt with the waitress who eventually came to check up on us. I actually thought the place was self-serve, with her visiting I was able to continue my doodling and enjoying my sweets while asking for some milk! She came back with a nice mug of milk!

As I got to finishing my treats and tea the Xaela man dressed in white–whom calls himself Haru–left his pay on the table and went off first. I simply shrugged it off–until I looked over to see him buying some tea on his way out–well, ‘buying’… He asked the lady to get some of the rarest tea they’ve got to bring home and so she wandered into the back to get some–once she turned her back the fiend snatched one of the whole chocolate cakes on the counter and bolted out! I will admit the guard’s reaction when he noticed a white blob holding a smaller brown blob blurring pass was slightly funny. Though stealing cake is bad! Now there’s a whole bunch of people who won’t be able to try it!

On my way out I told the nice lady who sold me tea at the market and told me of this establishment that I’d find him and beat him up and bring him back one day to apologize! She said not to fret though–and if anything that if the guard caught up to him he might be needing healing instead… What an eventful night, can’t wait for the next opening!

@tea-ffxiv @fair-fae

Pairing: Thor x Reader

Fandom: Marvel

Warnings: Nearly death, Fluff, Love

Words: 1,240

Requested: Can you please do a Thor x reader where they have been best friends since they were young and they fall in love

A/N: Hey, Lovelies. A short sweet one-shot requested, sorry if it’s short I’ve been really busy with life lol and sorry for any misspelled or errors, but I hope you enjoy!! :)

Growing up with Thor as your best friend was amazing, you were more important to the royal family than most of the regular citizens. Your parents and King Odin & Queen Frigga were bestest friends since they were kids. And when you’re parents and Frigga and Odin find out they were both having children at same time, it was bestest gift to the kingdom.

As the years went by Frigga and Odin adopted another child, who Odin find named Loki, Loki grew on you as well, but not as much with Thor. Odin, Frigga, Loki and Thor had been like your second family, you felt like you were part of the royal family and you cherished it. The boys had always been there for you, always protecting you.

You were bullied a lot during your early teens as you were different. Thor and Loki, Well mostly Thor, He had always had your back and fend off the bullies, who usually bolted away when they saw that you were friends with the princes.

As You and Thor grow into your adult states and you both fought in battles together, never left each other side. You and Thor were two pieces in a pot. Over following years, your closeness with the golden prince grew, and your platonic love turned into romantic love. You both were deeply in love with each other but never admit it to each other.

Well that all change today, You, Thor, The Warriors Three and Lady Sif were fighting in battle in a another realm today. When Thor was finishing the last warrior “THOR!!!” Lady Sif yelled, Thor turn around making sure you were okay but what he saw scared him. You are on the ground breathing slowly, Lady Sif and The Warriors three were around you’re lifeless body.

The girl of his dreams, the girl that he deeply fall in love with, that same girl was now near the gates of death. So without thinking twice he picks you up and he holds Mjolnir up and shouts to the skies and in less than five seconds the light involves both of you a takes you to the other side.

When he arrives, he tightens his hold on your body and says. “Heimdall, notify the Asgard healer that I need their services.” Heimdall nods his head and Thor started swings his Mjolnir and flew to castle when your salvation waits for you.

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