The entire writers’ room thought a lot about this and part of it was actors’ availability. When you don’t own certain actors and they’re not series regulars, you never know if they’re going to be available to you. There were times when I loved the idea of Wren being A.D., Melissa being A.D., a combination of those two, but ultimately we never knew if we were going to get those people in these last 10 episodes and that sort of started discussion that A.D. really needs to be someone who’s a series regular and fans were always wanting it to be one of the girls … which makes no sense to me because they really would be torturing themselves — the mythology would never work. So that’s when we thought, well we love twins on this show and making it a twin of a PLL is sort of having your cake and getting to eat it too, so it’s almost a “pretty little liar.
—  Marlene on choosing A.D. (AKA WE could have had WREN/ MELISSA AS A.D! OMFG.)

Listen to me Sk8er Boi is an absolutely brilliant piece of bait-and-switch media listen to me.

Avril starts the song off with “look at these two. They are the song’s Heterosexuals” like that’s the first line she’s saying “look you’re not stupid you know this is a love story”

And if you’ve never heard the song before that’s where you think it’s going. “She turns him down but then years later he’s made it big and her friends finally approve of him and they can be together!”


“And also were dating–me and Sk8er Boi here. You thought I was just the narrator well guess the fuck what. were in love and you missed your chance so FUUUUUUUCK YOU ahahahhahahghhff.”

Then she shimmies off screen flipping both birds talking about how she’ll be busy being happily in love with Sk8er Boi if you need her. That ultimate level of Petty.

It’s genius.

GOT7 Jackson Show Ep.14 with markjae aka CoCo parents

I totally love today episode as my favorite OTP, markjae were the guest. I really really love how Jackson instantly introduced them as CoCo parents and love the way they shared stories about CoCo…when one told something about CoCo and the other added to the story. They really like a couple who raise child together..So sweet. 

Basically, these what happened on tonight’s episode. Tweets are taken from my fanbase account^^ @.MYSunshineYJ

  • CoCo parents are the cutest. I love how Jackson introduced Mark & Youngjae as CoCo parents 
  • Jackson asked CoCo parents when the last time they saw her? Mark then asked Youngjae ‘4 days ago?’ YJ said 4 days ago
  • While asking markjae Jackson accidentally called Youngjae 'hyung’ then YJ said to JS 'Call me hyungx2’
  • Then Jackson said 'Youngjae hyung of the GOT Jackson Show’  while Mark just smiled sweetly at them
  • Youngjae said he sees CoCo everyday since he took her with him when he moved out. Also cuz he can take good care of her
  • Oh our sunshine Youngjae is planning to get another puppy!! It’s either poodle or similar breed like CoCo, maltese
  • Jackson brought the plant topic again & Youngjae said 'You threw away all my plants’
  • Mark said he didn’t want to get a pet cuz the pet mighy get lonely stay alone in his room when he’s working
  • Youngjae suggested to Mark to raise a cat and Mark asked YJ 'Should I raise a cat?’ aww mark is so sweet
  • Jackson asked Mark if he misses CoCo & Mark said he got to see her at least 2 or 3 times in a week
  • Mark said he sees CoCo cuz he misses her & also a mission to which Jackson replied that it’s a responsibility as parent
  • Mark said CoCo is noisy in the morning esp when he key in password she will bark & stops after the door open
  • Youngjae agreed & said that’s the only time CoCo is noisy..mark said this while looking at Youngjae
  • Jackson asked markjae to make promise to CoCo & Youngjae said he’ll take care of her even after he dies
  • Jackson asked Mark to make 3 promise to CoCo since he lives apart from CoCo
  • Mark asked Youngjae how many times he should come over & Youngjae said he doesn’t care.. awww my markjae
  • When deciding the visitation time, Mark felt he was going through divorce
  • Youngjae made Mark promise to buy him a dog pads every month
  • Youngjae also decides for Mark 2nd promise 'Buy dog food’ YJ said dog food & pads are the only things he needs
  • Youngjae said CoCo can shake hand now.He trained her using her food but instead of shake hands she asked for food when YJ asked for hand
  • Mark said he thought CoCo to 'sit’ using English & it’s amazing how she can understand that
  • Aww Youngjae backup Mark when JS said Mk actually force CoCo to sit while teaching her. YJ said it’s not really force but a positive reinforcement treatment
  • CoCo understand both English & Korean word for sit  JS suggests to teach her Chinese words as well
  • Jackson ask how they come up with CoCo for a name.It was Mark’s idea. Youngjae want to name her 'Ssal-teok’ rice cake cuz she’s white
  • Jackson said rice cake is a horrible name cuz hard to pronounce
  • Mark said there’s no reason why he decided on CoCo cuz to him CoCo looks like CoCo
  • Aww Mark wants to name Youngjae’s new dog as well  oh wait are they going to adopt another puppy together? aww
  • Jackson ask Youngjae if he has English name & YJ asked JS if he has one then JS asnwer 'Jackson’ and JS asked 'is Jackson a korean name?’ LOL
  • Jackson tried to give Youngjae an English name 'Gibberish’ 'Jimmy’ Eric’ but settles for Italian name 'Lorenzo’
  • Mark actually liked how 'YoungJae’ was pronounced in English
  • Mark was on board with Jackson with 'Lorenzo’ for Youngjae Englih name&they even made YJ introduced himself as Lorenzo Choi in English
  • Markjae mission is the same mission with 2jae where they need to compliment each other & reply 'I love you’
  • They decided to play Tomato game instead since they both played that mission before
  • They decided on punishment- winner get to hit loser for 3 seconds & at the end markjae decided to hit Jackson

I really really love markjae so much. I kept saying this over & over again that they started off as awkward with each other but now being so close with each other & even own a puppy together..I can’t get enough, I love how Mark constantly asked Youngjae when it comes to CoCo because CoCo is theirs…I love how similar their stories were when it comes to CoCo.. I wish markjae will do another V app with CoCo when Mark goes visit CoCo at Youngjae’s home~  

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Morgan Rielly - One Big Happy Family

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OK this one was really fun to write and I made it super kid oriented so I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it! 

Request from @gally-lehky : Hi can you write a cute fluffy one with Mo rielly where you guys and your kids just have a cute cuddly day

The house was silent as you headed downstairs to make breakfast for the family before everyone woke up. It was a rare moment that it was ever quiet in the house seeing as there were three kids constantly running all over the place.

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I think that’s really fun. They’re obviously my favorite couple. Keegan [Allen] and I were joking about how the finale is the literal embodiment of that line in that Drake and Rihanna song: “If you had a twin, I would still choose you.” We were obsessive. It’s true love because even though she had a twin, he still chose her.
—  Troian Bellisario on the finale alluding to Spoby getting back together 
The entire writers’ room thought a lot about this and part of it was actors’ availability. When you don’t own certain actors and they’re not series regulars, you never know if they’re going to be available to you. There were times when I loved the idea of Wren being A.D., Melissa being A.D., a combination of those two, but ultimately we never knew if we were going to get those people in these last 10 episodes and that sort of started discussion that A.D. really needs to be someone who’s a series regular and fans were always wanting it to be one of the girls … which makes no sense to me because they really would be torturing themselves — the mythology would never work. So that’s when we thought, well we love twins on this show and making it a twin of a PLL is sort of having your cake and getting to eat it too, so it’s almost a “pretty little liar.”

Like a very good person once say to me here ( they weren’t a Darren fan, sometimes they were very critical but they loved to observe the cc Fandom and pointing some things) being observant it’s most of the times the key for everything. Emotionally I would like to kick some ass, because being a Darren fan for years means now I’m able to understand with the kind of tics he shows the emotion behind what he says. And what I see the most, almost well covered, it’s anger. It was the same of the Wendy Williams show of 2014, the one that says: geez we are still talking about this stuff? Not the protection of the lgbtqa+ rights but where I allegedly put my penis at the end of the day if I want to f*** someone. And we are talking about March and the computer games promo so beard related stuff . I remember very well the kind of interviews made by Wentworth Miller…the tone and the shit said were the same. I’m a “ straigh dude”. mmh well it was the sentence that made me angry because of what I saw on his face but made me totally laugh because of the words chosen at the same time. Dear Michael and Ricky: shame on you because it’s not a dude, he’s a man of 30yo not a frat boy and it is starting to being creepy the way you wanna still present him to the audience. He’s a valid artist who deserves to live his life as the person he is. There’ s nothing that can’t erase NYC pride of 2015 you jerks! Not a Darren with tics and uneasy. Trying to validate an heterosexuality that doesn’t exist you are making him look like a jerk towards his community the same that he always supported without all this shit. Good is that there isn’t maybe a person in Broadway and Los Angeles who doesn’t know that Darren is all but an het. So as usual you have accomplished nothing but make him uncomfortable for the 4848474 times in his life and make us angry that I know that means more talking and activities from us and so more attention, I studied some pr too. But it’s unacceptable keep on playing with Darren’s life after all this years. I hope you gave him something in return , I swear to God.

We got married, now what?

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing June 3, 2017 was for both of us. We were surrounded by everyone we love and we got to declare our love for each other in front of those people. It was utterly overwhelming and I am pretty sure I spent two days straight crying. With each speech, tears flowed. Each time I tried to put into words my love for Victoria, tears flowed. The entire weekend was honestly a dream come true. Nothing could have prepared me for all of the warmth we would be surrounded by.

It has been almost a month and we have somewhat settled into the routine of married life. People often ask us how married life is and we both kind of struggle to answer that question because it is not like anything has changed. We still don’t know what to do for dinner, we still bicker over where to park, and we still fight for space in our Queen-sized bed. Honestly, the only things that changed are that I got a new last name and Victoria got better health insurance.

But I wouldn&;t have it any other way. I have always said that the mundane moments with Vic are what I love most. She makes the mundane feel anything but. I can only hope that will continue in the years to come.

We leave on Friday for our annual family vacation in St. John, USVI. It will feel somewhat like a honeymoon. Our true honeymoon will occur in December in Costa Rica. Once we get around to planning it…

After that, it is onto the rest of forever and looking toward the future. We have started casually looking for homes with more bedrooms and in a better school district. I know I have complained about people already asking if we are going to have kids but yes, we are.

We don’t have a definite timeline or plan but we know it is something we are working toward. Sometimes the thought of being responsible for another human life scares the living daylights out of me. But I know I have the best partner in Victoria. She was born to be a mother and I know with her encouragement and maybe a few mistakes along the way, we will be just fine.

I know I have also complained about people asking really personal questions about our family planning process. And what I said still stands true, you really can’t just ask people about how they plan to create a family. Lez be real, you wouldn’t ask a straight couple so the same rules apply to an LGBTQ couple.

That being said, Victoria and I have already decided to be really open about our process. For the very fact that people don’t talk about it often. Our hope is that in sharing our story, our loved ones can share in our joy and maybe other LGBTQ couples will learn more about the various options to create a family.

So consider this the start of giving you a glimpse into our lives as a newly married lesbian couple and the very very beginning of our family planning process.


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okay I'm not sure if ive completey missed the point but where does Riverdale glorify any of that??

Incest: Polly and Jason were cousins, and their love story was still portrayed at this Romeo and Juliet type of deal
If I found out I was going to be having my cousins babies I would physically feel sick and consider giving the kids away or if early enough, abortion.
Statutory Rape: the forbidden Grundy x Archie relationship, where after Grundy leaves there is no counseling or help given to Archie. It is almost like it didn’t even happen
Queerbaiting: do I really need to explain this one

Home is where the Beast is

The trip to Ireland was almost a blur. Since Finn had found you everything was going a million miles an hour. The private jet wasn’t something you were expecting…of course you were expecting the old old ways. Like the Lord of the Rings style. But this was the modern day era and everything would go that much faster because of it. Finn sat next to you, he tried discussing the whole situation with you and how things would work, and all you could do was nod and look out the window. Terror and confusion were the only things you could think about. The idea of losing your freedom to a demon wasn’t something you ever thought would happen to you, but here you were being whisked away by a handsome stranger and being told you were going to marry him. “Love…love…” you hadn’t heard him calling to you..“(y/n)…darling…we are about to land.” Finns voice snapped you out of your trance. You looked at him and nodded. Your nervous hands folded in your lap as you glanced out the window again, taking in the scenery. Once the jet had landed, Finn took your hand in his and guided you towards the front of a huge modernized looking castle. For a moment you stood in place and gazed up at it, your new home..Finn watched you stare up at place you’d call home and gave your hand a small tug. “Cmon, let’s get you settled. You’re probably exhausted.” He gave your hand a squeeze before pulling you beside him. Once you had entered the castle, it finally hit you that now there was no way you’d be going back to a normal life. Normal was never going to be a thing now that you are going to marry a demon.. Finn brought you to your new bedroom and shut the door quietly behind him. You stared at the bed you would be sharing with him and felt a shiver go down your spine. The thought of sharing a bed with him and well…the activities that would be occurring there didn’t cross your mind until now. As if he could read your thoughts, Finn stepped behind you and placed his hands on your hips. He frowned a bit feeling your body tense up and kissed the back of your head. “I need you to understand something (y/n)…he murmured softly. "The last thing I’m going to do is hurt you.” He turned you around to face him. Those beautiful blue eyes of his made your breath hitch. “I’ve waited a very very long time to have you and yes, the things they’ve said about me are true, I’m am the Demon King..master of pain and suffering.” He slid his warm hands up to cup your face. “You are much too precious for me to lose..so, you don’t need to be scared of me.” Your eyes closed as he placed another gentle kiss on your forehead. Finn stepped back a little and smiled at you. “So…” you began looking around the room. “When does this all begin exactly..” you watched him cringe a little at that question. “Well unfortunately it begins tomorrow..I tried delaying it as much as I could, but I’ve been advised to continue as scheduled.” He replied. The look on your face could only be described as disbelief. “I know..so please get some rest and I’ll be in shortly.” With that he was gone and left you alone in the dead silence. All you wanted to do was cry. (Next chapter will have a semi noncon smut scene so that’s the warning)

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I found myself today looking through what we used to be. The pictures, the videos, and the moments I captured between us, only showing clips of what we were. In the months that I loved you, the way you looked at me changed. I saw the light fade out in your eyes, the spark you once had looking at me only dimmed. Yet in the days where you no longer looked at me as your future, I ignored it. I ignored the way you stopped smiling at me in pictures. I pushed away the fact that you looked out of love. I held on to the little hope I had left for us, and exaggerated it to the point to in believing you loved me the same in that March that you did in the previous summer.
You were never capable of loving me the way I needed you to. I no longer believe that’s my fault. I loved you in a way that you couldn’t reciprocate. I don’t disbelieve that you loved me. But I do question how real it was when I remember how many times you chose to kiss another pair of lips other than the ones you claimed to fall for. I will probably get to a point in my life where I realize you never truly loved me if you hurt me the way that you did. But right now, even after the months I have been out of love with you, I don’t want to believe that.
I still hate myself for not seeing it earlier. I hate that I let you put me through the months of pain that you did just because I loved you too much to let go. I should’ve let go so many times, so many times that you proved you didn’t deserve what I gave you. But I gripped on tightly. I clawed on to a hand that I thought was molded for me, when in the back of my mind I knew our fingers were no longer meant to be intertwined.
Maybe we were meant for each other when I was 17 and you had just turned 18, when we were so naïve to what love felt like. I still believe our paths crossed exactly when the world wanted them to. As much as you damaged me, I still thank you for kissing my scars. I still remember the way you picked me up off my bathroom floor as I laid heavily on the tile, convinced I couldn’t get up. I still thank you for showing me what happiness felt like, how it felt like to love someone so much I could’ve screamed it on roof tops and claimed it to every passing stranger.
I thank you for letting me love you too much; to show myself that I deserve a love just as strong, just as deep and pure, as I give.


“The thing we have in common, even though so many things in our life may be different, is that we turn to music when we feel pain or joy, and that’s the thing that bonds us. That’s the one reason I’m here. It’s the one reason that you’re here. It’s that music helps us cope, not only with the most beautiful, incredible moments of our lives, but also the most terrible, unexpected and confusing moments of our lives. I’ll bet that every single one of you has a song that you correlate with your first heartbreak, or the days when you didn’t really want to get up, or go to school, or go to work because you didn’t fit in. Or a song that reminds you of that perfect first kiss that you had when you were at school, or the person that you were in love with but you were afraid to tell them. I just want to tell you that if any of those songs that you correlate with your memories are mine, I consider it the highest honor, so thank you.”

P I P A ♥ L A I N G

B I O 

Pippa Laing City inhabitant since birth.  Pippa was raised between the clouds in one of the most sought after Landgraab apartments in Uptown, San Myshuno. Life was good, no it was wonderful, and her parents were loving and attentive. Plus Pippa never had to want for anything and from outside the high shinny windows of their penthouse her future looked bright and promising.  Then just before she turned 18 Pippa lost both of her parents under suspicious circumstances.  

Before she could wrap her head around what happened she found herself amongst a busy crowd of people in downtown San Myshuno, Spice District. With only a backpack, limiting the number of her belongings and pretty much summing up her new future, Bare.  What now.

Standing looking miserable and lost between a hundred moving feet, all her senses on high alert, trying to make sense of all the noise, the many different smells entering her nose, searching for some sign, she really needed a sign that everything is going to be okay.  Amidst all of this chaos there was one thing she did recognized, it was a huge sign reading Starbucks.  

Adrenaline kicked in and without thinking twice her feet started to move towards the huge building and the familiar smell which she loves, Coffee. Upon entering she almost fell down on the first chair.  She sat at the table lost in the smell of coffee and sweet treats. When looking up there was an angry old face speaking down at her a moving of hands, its words lost in translation.  When she snapped out of her “coffee aroma induces coma” she caught its last words “…..not a bus stop sunshine, if you want to sit you need to go order something or LEAVE!”

She started to speak but no words came out, and just as she was about to turn up her volume a young girl interrupted them, telling the man to chill the fuck out and that she Pippa ordered from the secret menu. The girl winked at Pippa, placed a cup of coffee and a donut in front of her, and quickly disappeared along with the angry old face.

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Headcannons for Bokuto and Goshiki with a s/o who's a cheerleader??

HI SWEETUMS! I HOPE YOU LIKE THESE HCS!!! these were cute hihihi

(i literally have such a long day tomorrow and i’m feeling like craaaaaaap thanks ‘friend’)


Bokuto Koutarou


- “Kou you have a game!”

- “but you loOK SO BEAUTIFUL?!”

- lots of compliments from this guy

- when he would be in the game, he would always glance at you

- whenever he got a successful spike he would look up at you expectantly bc he knew you were cheering for him

- he loves how you look in the uniform and everyone knows it

- whenever other people would compliment you, he would be v v v proud

- proud because he knows you’re cheering for HIM and not them

- he’d help you warm and cool down after and before practice when you’re home

- He’s secretly a sucker for how flexible you are

- You using the pom pom to cover your lips when you kiss Bokuto in public


- please love and support him in all his games cheerleader-chan

Goshiki Tsutomu

- he would be lowkey excited and highkey blushy

- his teammates would tease him about it and start complimenting you like

- “Wow Goshiki-kun your girl loks so hot in her uniform!” or something like that

- and he would be really shocked bc thATS MY GIRL

- so he would blurt out how the others shouldn’t look at his girlfriend like that

- v v v proud of you and how amazing you are

- lowkey wants you in all his games and will be extremely needy when you say you can’t go

- please let him carry you when you kiss him bc he can hold your legs

- he loves how you look in the uniform??? But theyre only clothes???

- one time he walked in on you doing a split or something and he got a nosebleed

- “You’re like a tube of rubber _____!”

- laughing really loudly bc hes an idiot

- expect a lot of blurted out compliments!!!