i had this headcanon that aside from her parents the only other person that could call her Maxine is chloe and i was right fuk this shit im getting emotional over names

YUSSS. Thank you Clamp. 

I read the first few lyrics and was going to make a joke about this being overly relevant to the Kurogane + Fai situation going on here, but then it kept going and I realised it’s already supposed to be super relevant to Fai. So I don’t get any points for that. 

But I also can’t stop laughing because I see Kurogane’s face and all I can think of is:


Europe, 2015 by Driesvano

Shot on an iPhone 6

I’m really loving the period themed clothes and hairstyles of all the people in the background. It’s one of those tiny details that they technically didn’t even need to add if they didn’t want to. Clamp could have framed it differently and saved themselves the trouble, but nope, they went all the way here. There are people and backgrounds and even little enigmatic butterfly patterns on the lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It’s just constant world building, and it’s one of the things that I’m constantly impressed by with Tsubasa (and one of the things that led to me not enjoying Clover as much by contrast. Ironically. Considering where we are right now).

I also really like the confirmation from Caldina that “No throwing darts was at oni was a terrible idea why would you even do that” because Fai. Fai you are supposed to be the smart one. Kind of. 

And there are about a thousand different tangents I could go on here but GREEN DRINKS? YES PLEASE. How quirky is that. It seemed a little too on-the-nose at first but I imagine it’s also the bar’s signature drink, so it makes sense to have it completely in theme with the name of the place. I’m a little mystified by the four leaf clover just floating on the surface of the drink though. Those are hard to find, or so I’ve been lead to believe. I don’t imagine they taste good either. Do they just have a wealth of them growing in this world (which would kind of defeat the novelty of naming the bar after them in the first place) or are they imported from another world? Or, even better, are they made of jelly or something? I think that would be the best case scenario. I would eat those so fast. 

Fai also mentions that Caldina is talking in the same way as the people from Hanshin, which is VERY EXCITING and has a lot of implications, but I’m also a little confused about exactly what he means. My first thought was that he’s hinting that she’s using the Osaka dialect, the same one that Sorata used? But the problem with that is that Sorata was the only person who used that dialect and specifically told us that no-one spoke that way anymore, so it doesn’t really fit the way he seems to be phrasing it. Then again I’m sure it’s perfectly clear in Japanese, so I’m probably pointing this out for nothing. But still, I kind of want to know if Fai is specifically associating that dialect with Hanshin in his mind or if there’s another language thing going on here.






So it dawned on me that I never shared any of my pictures from SDCC.  Because I was exhausted and then I jumped right back into work.