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This Woman Came Back From the Dead to Spite the Husband Who Paid to Have Her Murdered

Noela Rukundo lived happily in Australia with her husband Balenga Kalala until she left to visit the country of Burundi where she grew up for her stepmother’s funeral.

In Burundi, she stepped out for some air after finishing a phone call with her loving husband to meet a man with a gun pointed at her.  Under the threat of death, she did what he told her to do and was taken to a secluded place where her kidnappers met with other gang members. Fortunately for her, the hitmen her husband sent to kill her were principled.

They told her they don’t kill women and children so after some theatrics over the phone, during which she heard her own husband command them to “Kill her” and the hitmen demanded more money and told him that she was dead.

With evidence from her would-be killers she headed home to crash her own funeral. She showed up right as mourning friends and family were leaving her husband’s home.

What kind of thing would you say to the person you love who tried to have you murdered?  Rukundo just said, “Surprise! I’m still alive!”


Callie had not known who she was going to be spending the evening with. What she did know, was where she was going and what she was supposed to where. The dress he had sent her was lovely and so were the jewelry. This was clearly someone with a good taste. A car brought her over to the stranger’s home, where she was supposed to discuss the details. She rang the doorbell, waiting for the stranger to open up.

camping retreat || nico & amy

The Bridgewood executives arranged for Nico and Amy to be partners for a bonding event. This event required for them to be in close quarters, go camping, and participate in everything outside. Amy wasn’t fond of the outside, but she didn’t mind it either. However, Amy didn’t know how she felt about being with Nico for that long. She didn’t know if it was pure chance or by purpose. Amy wasn’t sure if she was ready to spend that much time with someone, but she was excited nonetheless. She was starting to really like him, and this would just prove if her feelings were correct. The girl took out her phone and sent a text to Nico telling him to meet her in the woods.  Amy packed a bag with the essentials and went down to the woods. The tent and firewood were sitting in a small area not far from the area where everyone was. She walked over to the instructions by the tent and began reading them. Amy heard noise coming from the leaves, only to turn and see Nico. “There you are. Do you know anything about tents?” She handed him the instructions. “I might not be much help, but I am an expert smore making.”


Xiaolin OC Appreciation Week, Day Six: Draw a version of your OC from the past.

“Master Monk Eon was one of my ancestors, y’know!”

Coming from a fairly rich household, Nuwa grew up both vain and spoiled. When she was a child, the Xiaolin temple was open to any ordinary students willing to learn, though no Chosen Ones were present. When Nuwa’s parents sent her to the temple, about 15-20 years before XS canon, Master Fung took it upon himself to gently teach her some humility. Eager to learn, she absorbed every lesson he offered her.

Years later, when Chase Young learned of his distant relative at the temple, he tracked her down to investigate. He found her terribly unimpressive, but upon discovering that she fit the description of a child in a prophecy foretelling the end of the world, he supposed that maybe there was more to her than met the eye and tried to persuade her to the side of evil. His attempts backfired; Nuwa became absolutely terrified of Chase Young and the prophecy. In a desperate attempt to escape both, she faked her death and fled the temple. To this day, neither Master Fung nor her own parents know that she’s still alive.

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OR Yui is sent back into time when they were around her age in vampire years!! They have vampires and demons surely time travel isn't THAT impossible.

anon I….I had just finished typing up this long post about time travel but I deleted it bc I thought everyone would think it was dumb

and now here you are, in my askbox,

“You said this ring was gold. STAINLESS FUCKING STEEL. All I’m getting out of letting you fuck me is 25 bucks. Small dick, fat bastard. Expect to see your nudes online :)”

We were together about five months. She had to move so I sent her with my class ring–350 when I bought it. I can’t afford to replace it. She texted me this two days after she moved. My birthday.

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What's happening with Alycia???

Okay so I’m a bit out of the loop but yesterday she was apparently unhappy about something (idk what) and during Colman and Mercedes’s periscopes people were pressuring her to be more present on the social media (which is so unfair, because she’s a private person, not everyone has to be super twitter-y) and someone called her their mom (which wtf?) and she didn’t like it. Add that to one too many drinks and you had Alycia saying she’d personally had a difficult night and thanking all the fans’ love with an emotional expression.

Other than that, I’m completely in the dark. Some people are saying there were hate and death threats being sent her way, which I find frankly disturbing. If you confuse an actor with the fictional character they play because it’s their job then you’re in serious need of a reality check.


F A K E H A U S + R T L A D I E S 

⤑ barbelyse

FakeHaus and the RT Ladies joined together for the heist of the century. Elyse and Barbara were sent to seduce Brandon Jones of Gangtrailers. When realizing this was her former boss and, more importantly, her friend, Elyse grabbed Barb and they ran for it. On the back of Barb’s motorcycle, Elyse had snaked her arms around Barbara’s waist. She buried her face in the blonde’s slim shoulders and explained everything over the roaring wind. When they arrived back at the safe house, Elyse again explained why they couldn’t enact the heist. FakeHaus easily accepted her explanation, but Barb had to calm the RT Ladies.

Standing out on the balcony of the two gangs’ safe house–which became SafeHaus at James’ insistence–Elyse looked over the quiet farmland. It was different from the city, all the little people always hustling and bustling about. 

“Hi Barbara.” Elyse threw back over her shoulder when she heard the door slide open.

“How’d you know it was me?” Barb laughed.

Elyse smiled. “You’re my girlfriend, dummy. I always know.”

*Gets extremely emotional over Neopets*

So, I’ve wanted a Maraquan Kacheek on Neopets since they were released. The other day I made a post on the PC saying I was seeking one and to NeoMail offers. 

So a bit later I got a mail, and I gave her my offer and she declined- but we kept talking and became friends.

A bit ago we were messaging and she sent me a mail apologizing because she sent her Mara Kacheek to his new owner today.

His new owner happened to be me. She sent him to the side I wanted him on and played it off so well and now I’m sitting here with tears running down my face because that was seriously so sweet of her and she didn’t have to do that at all. 

Seriously the people I’ve met on this stupid kids site are some of the most genuine, sweet, selfless people I’ve ever known.

coworker!luke au

heres a coworker!luke au for @complicashton and @hopelukes coworker blurb night

You and Luke would have met when there was a new corner office that both of you wanted, so of course the two of you were competing for it. What he didn’t know is the spot was already yours and your boss just wanted him to actually do his work. So you boss wold tell him to do something and he would immediately get to work doing it. He was kissing her ass for the spot he couldn’t have. You almost felt bad for it but the you remembered if you hadn’t already been given the office you would be doing the same. 

And you also really hated Luke, just because when you started he was supposed to show you around before you started working as the bosses PA. You were sent to get her coffee on your second day and Luke gave you the wrong order. You almost lost your job that day. Now you and Luke have a rivalry when it comes to literally everything. It was like a love-hate relationship in the way you thrived off beating the other, but still hated working with them.

There were a few times a year that the boss would hold a holiday party, and every year Luke would dress up as Sexy Santa, or Cupid, or Sexy whatever holiday it was. But this year your boss had asked you to dress up for Valentines Day. Luke was absolutely pissed when your boss told him he doesn’t need to dress up and when he asks why you tell him that you’re the new Cupid, “It’s time for a change, Luke.” and winked at him.

The next two weeks he couldn’t get the thought of you biting your lip and winking at him, and every night he wakes up in a light sweat, thinking about you dressed in white lingerie. The night of the party he almost doesn’t go, but he’s not going to let you think he won, so he shows up in almost all black, except the white button up shirt, the first few unbuttoned revealing his chest. 

The first thing he sees is you in all white, and there isn’t a ton of it. Your upper thighs are covered by the satin robe covering up most of what you’re wearing underneath. The outfit compliments your skin tone perfectly and he can see glitter on your chest and some on your legs, and he swears to God that you’re actually one of his angels. The wings on your back are covered in shimmery feathers, and the curls in your hair are brushing against them, some being tangled into them. 

He can’t help but think that you belong in some magazine catalog or in heaven with all the other angels. You belong right next to God with the way you’re looking right now. One of his coworkers, and the only other male he works with actually, Calum nudges him out of his daze with a knowing look.

“Stop staring at her, you’re about to bust a goddamn nut.” He says playfully toward where she’s perched on a bar stool by the food and drinks. Before Luke is even ten feet away from her shes aiming one of her toy arrows at him and letting go, before shooting one straight at Calum. He picks my arrow up from the ground and moves so he’s in front of her.

“What the hell was that, (Y/N)?” He demands. She can’t keep a straight face as she sips her drink.

“You’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow, silly. Now you’ve got to kiss Cal-Pal.” Her voice is giggly the entire time and he can’t help but want to do as she says just to please her. Luke would do anything she asked with her dressed like this. An idea pop into Lukes head and he take two arrows from her quiver, and gently jabs her with one, and then himself with the other. The surprise on her face is evident as he moves even closer to her, his warm breath over taking her senses.

“Now you’ve got to kiss me, Angel.” Luke’s voice is soft and meant for no one but her to hear, but everyone around them starts chanting for them to kiss. Before (Y/N) can object Luke is pushing his lips onto her red ones and kissing her harshly.

Sick Day - Yikes!

Thursday morning I woke up to a very fussy and lethargic Bekah. She was pulling on her ear, and when I picked her up to soothe her I discovered that she was very warm. I took her temperature and was immediately very worried. 101.3f is high for a baby, so I immediately called my mom. Yeah, I probably should have called her doctor, but it’s my first instinct to call my mom…

Mom met us at the emergency, and we spent the day there with a very uncomfortable baby. Bekah was diagnosed with an ear infection and we were sent home with antibiotics and instructions to give her baby Motrin or Tylenol to lower her fever.

The next day, she was feeling a little better, enough to play, so I set her up with a couple of her favorites; a xylophone from Bebe Organicos in her Baby Snug from Lovely Baby.

We were also sent a Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo from our friend for Christmas, and Bekah played with that for the first time. She’s still a little bit too young for it, but she did like the bright colors and music! She started wobbling, so I had to abandon the camera to catch her. After that she was done playing for the day.

After another dose of her medicine she cuddled up in her Little Monster blanket by Greyhound. Her temperature is back down to her normal 98.6f, and she’s ready for sleep!

She’s with her Daddy today, so hopefully she doesn’t give him too much trouble.

Title: the retrieval of fallen stars

Summary: She is the fallen star, and he is the man who will collect her.

Warnings: blood mention

Pairing: Reylo

a/n: Requested by @amberleighkoch, who asked for a ‘Rey crashes and Kylo’s responsible for finding her’ fic. I hope you enjoy!

The last thing she remembers before falling is his face.

“Her ship has crashed on a nearby planet, sir.”

From behind his mask, Kylo Ren glares at the woman on the controls, as if she were the one who’d sent Rey’s pod spiraling. “Get me her coordinates. I’m going to retrieve her.”

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hayden wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting on the park bench or even what time of the day it was, considering her phone had died a long time ago. after a while, she had drifted away to a nap. her mind traveled and it wasn’t long before she was right back in the dread doctors’ lair. she heard the muffled clicking and ticking and before she could react, the doctors were hovering over her. her condition is terminal. the words sent hayden into a frenzy. she felt like she was dying all over again. her fingers moved to her nose and when they pulled away, she saw silver. she opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. she felt her fingers twitch and hands gripped her shoulder. her eyes shot open and she was greeted by a concerned face. she sat up straight, looking back and forth panickedly. h-how long was i out ??

Stars // Anakin x Reader

Anon requested: Could you do please one where the reader is jealous of Padme when they protected her on Naboo because she has this huge crush on Ani so at night she stays awake to watch the stars and Ani notices she’s upset and his only way to cheer her up is kissing her tenderly ☺️

I really liked this request! I just want to thank you for all you your guys’ requests. Thank you so much. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

The way he looked her made you jealous. The way he made her laugh made your blood boil. The way she touched him made your fists clench.

You were on a mission with Anakin, the man who have had a crush on for a while now. Five months to be exact. You were sent to protect Padame Amidala, former queen of Naboo.

Anakin and her spent the majority of the day together, talking and laughing while you kept to yourself.

You could see why. She was gorgeous. Her long, dark hair was perfectly curled and her make up was beautiful. Her body was slim, but not in an unhealthy way. She was a goddess.

You on the other hand were the opposite. Your hair was straight and pulled back into a ponytail. You never wore make up, simply because it felt like an unnecessary step in your morning routine. Your body wasn’t that bad. You were in shape because well you had to be, you were a Jedi.

The sight of the two of them together made you sick and you wanted to just run over there and pull him away and tell him how you really feel.

When night rolled around, you checked to see where Anakin was. There he was still with her, laughing.

You were sick of it, so you went outside to watch the stars.

The stars always seemed to amaze you. They were so bright and whenever you were down, they always seemed to cheer you up.

You lay down on the balcony and watch them shine.

“Hey, are you alright?” a voice asks from behind you. You turn around to see the man you didn’t want to talk to moments ago, but now your heart fluttered at the sight of him.

“I’m okay,” you say, looking back up at the stars.

“May I join you?” he asks. You nod and he sits down next to you. “Aren’t they beautiful?” You remain silent and Anakin looks at you. “What’s wrong? You have barely said anything.”

You don’t know what to tell him. Seeing you with Padame makes me feel like I’m going to fucking rip my heart out of my chest and smash it? Doesn’t seem fitting for the situation.

“(Y/N), come on. Tell me what’s wrong. I know you are mad at something.”

You exhale and just spit it out.

“Fine. You want to know what the matter is? That you don’t see how in love I am with you. I try to damn hard for you to notice me. But when we come here you completely ignore me and start talking to Padame. It makes me so angry to see you talking to her because she can woo you with no effort while I’m here for five months waiting for you to talk to me lik-”

You are cut off by a pair of lips on yours. You immediately kiss back, him pulling you onto his lap. You tangle your fingers in his hair at the nape of his neck. His lips are exhilarating and you crave more. He pulls away, but you don’t want him to talk. Just to continue kissing him.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that,” he breathes.

“Then why did you stop?” you laugh. He smiles and reconnects your lips in another kiss.

Lack of Faith

Sugar really hadn’t meant to upset Sam with hers words. Her heart had ached as she felt his distance even over the phone after she had. They were so close and so in tune with one another that she was able to tell instantly that he wasn’t happy with her. The lack of conversation and his ‘meeting’  were proof. Even if he did have a meeting, he usually sent her the odd text and if not, he always did afterwards. She got nothing for the rest of the day.

His parenting skills were no issue. Sugar truly thought he was an incredible dad, wholly and completely. He was hands on and all three of their children adored him. Even the girls got excited in their babbling when he arrived home and Ethan went crazy. Her issue was that he wasn’t used to be home alone with them for such a long period of time like she was. She did it every single day and it was stressful. Some days were a damn nightmare. Some days all she wanted to do was scream and stop parenting but it wasn’t possible. 

Maybe her worries were unwarranted but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t even explain them other than the fierce protection of a mother, even against the babies’ father. It made her grab a bottle of wine as she set the table, serving up dinner once the kids were in bed and Sam was home. It was more than awkward. ‘’Is that some ice over there? I’m gonna go break it.’’ Sugar tried to joke, guilt weighing down on her as they sat opposite, dinner in front of them even if she hadn’t touched hers yet.

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“ You left me and my people to die!
   I did what it took to keep them alive
   and now people want to KILL me. Even
   you sent people after me! Why should I
   listen to y o u?


Jim was only halfway the first of two orientation days, and already he’d decided they were not his thing. Sure, he knew he couldn’t risk breaking more rules than he could get away with, but did they have to have all these… workshop things? 

For this one, he was sitting next to a slight kid about his own age, maybe a little older - most of the freshman cadet class was a couple years older than Jim., He’d been told a majority of Starfleet cadets did a year or two of civilian college first; it was hardly required, but it was common. Just out of high school like him not so much. 

“Am I the only one who wishes someone would pull a fire alarm and get us out of this crap for ten minutes?” he said quietly to his neighbor. 

I understand where Octavia is coming from...

She sees Lincoln in the guard jacket and sees everything that oppressed her. She sees Lincoln in the guard jacket and remembers hiding under the floorboards, remembers her mother being floated, and remembers being arrested and sentenced without trial for the crime of being born. I can’t fault her for a reaction that’s less-than-rational when she suffered a lot of psychological trauma from the men in uniform and the regime they stood for from the day she was born. Also, she’s technically still a kid and up until the 100 were sent to earth, her social interaction was limited to her brother and her mother. Has anyone considered that she’s doing the best she can with social and coping skills that are only minimally developed?