were you trying to scratch your nose or


when you finally get out of bed to put a face mask on to try and feel better but while it’s on u look at urself for a good minute and realize ur prob gonna feel the same after it’s all washed off. then it’s off and your nose feels so smooth and face is a little tighter but u were right bc somehow now you feel worse that the one thing you wanted to use to feel good with is over and now you’re back to square 1 and alone in your head feeling like breaking a lot of glass on a hard wood floor and scratching off your entire nail or even just crying a little but you can’t bc then you’ll realize that you’re not in as good of a place mentally than you’ve been making urself think…anywhosies🙂 I love living a life of very quiet pushed down internal suffering out of no where. but soon it will pass..i hope!(it will)