were you going to pinch hit for someone

How exactly does the Vulcan Nerve Pinch work? Can anyone do it? Honestly, I had always assumed that it was something Vulcans were able to do because they were touch telepaths and that they used that telepathy to render the person unconscious. That just always made the most sense to me, because how else are you going to render someone instantly unconscious like that? I mean, if it were about precisely hitting a nerve or a pressure point would it work on every species in the same way? However, if Data is able to do it, then it obviously isn’t because of touch telepathy. 

I don’t know. I still want to believe it has something to do with the Vulcan touch telepathy though and Data just used his super strength to knock Sela unconscious here. I mean, Data is strong enough that he could probably apply enough pressure that she’d be in enough pain to lose consciousness. 

I don’t know. Just something that I always found out. What do my other Trekkies think? Do we ever see anyone of another species doing the Vulcan Nerve Pinch?

And yes, I did use this as an excuse to make a GIF.