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BTS Reaction To You Sitting/Laying in Their Lap

A/N: This is a re-upload form the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! None of the gifs are mine and all credit goes to the original owners. Enjoy my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane 

Jin: Jin would be laying in the bathtub, enjoying the relaxing water after a long day of practice. You would accidentally walk in on him and blush bright red as you turned away. You were bored and looking for your boyfriend, hoping that he’d entertain you somehow. Jin chuckled slightly.

“Hey, jagi, are you bored?” Jin asked, sitting up in the tub. You’d look back timidly and nod your head slightly.

“Do you want to join me?” he asked, a small smirk playing on his lips. Jin offered his hand out to you as an invitation to join him. You’d quickly strip and take Jins hand, helping you into the bubbly water and placing you in his lap. He’d lay the both of you back into the water slowly, the two of you relaxing in the warm water together.

Suga: Suga would be sitting on the couch, his laptop in his lap as he worked on a new song. You would walk into the living room, bored out of your mind when you saw Suga sitting all alone on the couch. You sat down next to him, but he didn’t notice you since he was so focused on his work. You would pout and throw your legs over his lap, which would make him look up from his work to stare at you blankly. Suga would wrap one arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him as he offered you one of his ear buds without a word so you could listen to the song he was working on.

J-Hope: J-Hope would be taking a break from his dancing, sitting on the floor while gulping down water. He’d be trying to regain his breath when you moved from your spot on the floor to sit on his lap, making him smile widely as he wrapped his arms around your middle, pulling you closer to him.

“Jagi, why did you move?” he would ask playfully.

“Because you looked really comfy Hobi. Besides I was bored” you would answer back, pecking his lips gently.

Rap Monster: You would walk into the bedroom after finishing the daily chores and would see Rap Mon laying against the headboard of the bed, reading a book. You would purse your lips and pout silently to yourself. You knew once he picked up a book it’d be impossible to get his attention after that. Never the less you crawled onto the bed and laid across his lap anyways, your stomach against his legs. Rap Mon would glance down at you briefly before returning to his reading. He’d rub your back as he read, occasionally roaming his hands over your ass as well.

Jimin: You would be at the dorm with Jimin, V, and Jungkook, watching the guys play video games. Needless to say you were bored and wanted to mess around with your boyfriend. The three boys would be on the floor as you sat on the couch. You’d move from your sitting spot to squeeze yourself between Jimin and V. You’d try to move into Jimin’s lap, but he’d push you away gently.

“Not now jagi.” he would tell you absent mindedly. You would pout and instead turn to V, who would quickly glance at you with the same mischievous look in his eyes that you had in your own. V would quickly pull you into his lap, making you squeal in shock as he never took his eyes off the game. Jimin would most definitely be paying attention now as he pulled you away from V, dropping his controller to place you in his lap where you rightfully belonged. His character would die, but he wouldn’t care as he buried his head in your neck.

“I’m sorry for ignoring you jagi. But you’re mine Y/N, I don’t want you to be like that with anyone else besides me, okay?”

V: V would be sprawled out along the couch, watching anime intently. You’d walk into the room after washing up for bed and see V hogging up the couch. To avoid a pointless argument about him hogging up the whole couch, you decided just to sprawl yourself against his body. He’d look up from his anime to see your head resting on his chest, with one of his legs being wrapped up with one of yours. He’d smile his box smile at you before kissing the crown of your head affectionately, running his fingers through your hair as the two of you watched the anime together peacefully.

Jungkook: Jungkook would be sitting crossed legged on your bed, playing around with his phone as he waited for you to come out of the bathroom. He heard the door open and looked up from his phone screen to see you in one of his shirts, your hair dripping wet from the shower. You’d make eye contact with him and smile when he’d open his arms out for you, asking you to come cuddle with him. You would move into his lap as he wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your lips gently. The two of you would just enjoy the intimacy of the moment for a while before actually going to sleep, happy to be held by the other.

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May I request Thorin and Library?

You were extremely bored one Saturday afternoon so you decided to venture into Erebor’s library. It was smaller than expected, but there were still lots of books to choose from. It was a dream come true. You had loved books ever since you were a little girl.

You grabbed a book from the nearest shelf and began flipping through the pages. It was a book about all of the kings who had ever ruled in Erebor up to Thorin Oakenshield. Speaking of Thorin, you heard his footsteps enter the library and you froze in place.

   “Um, hi Thorin. I uh…I was just…”

He smiled. “No worries. You are more than welcome to the library at any time. Anything in particular you were looking for?”

You shook your head. “No not really. I was just curious about it. I did find a book of Erebor’s kings.”

   “Oh yes. That is actually what I was coming down here for. I’m going to give it to Fili to read since he is heir to the throne. Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.”

   “Indeed.”, you chuckled.

You were very grateful to Thorin that he would allow you to spend time in his library.

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50-Hold my hand so he gets jealous. Hannigram? Hannibal seeing an ex??? Let your inspiration run loose

50. Hold my hand so he gets jealous. 

It wasn’t often he could talk Will into coming to one of his dinner parties. As a matter of fact, this was the first time, but Hannibal planned for many more times after this. But given Will was coming, the guest list had to be thoroughly scrutinized. He cut down the attendance by half, rearranged the seating to ensure Will wouldn’t be stuck next to anyone too curious, and then turned his mind to how best to make himself sparkle and gleam in Will’s eyes. Appear as more than just his therapist.

And it was in this frame of mind that Hannibal put in a call to an old acquaintance.

“Hannibal Lecter!” Jeremy’s beaming, honeyed voice streamed over the telephone, “It’s been quite some time, I had the feeling you were growing bored with me.”

That would be an astute feeling. Hannibal smiled to himself, “Of course not, Jeremy. You know the beautiful has always been of keen interest to me.”

Jeremy laughed in what he thought passed as casual intensity, instead of terribly flattered. “You haven’t seen me in years, Hannibal, you don’t know how true that is,” he smirked, “But you never start a conversation without a purpose, who can I thank for your dulcet tones in my ear today?”

“I’m hosting one of my dinner parties a week on Friday and I was very much hoping I might request you to accompany me,” Hannibal forced the words through an empty grin.

Jeremy inhaled, taking a moderately long pause to consider the bait before snapping it up. “Well, I can’t say I’m not surprised, Hannibal, since it’s been so long, but…” Jeremy licked his lips, “I would be more than happy to attend, especially for you.”

Hannibal’s lips twitched, “I can’t tell you how gratified I am to hear that. It will be my pleasure to receive you in a week then.”

Perfect. A little jealousy never hurt either.

“Hannibal!” Jeremy’s smile entered the room first, followed by his sharply tailored midnight suit and a gift of Hannibal’s favorite Chianti, “What’s all this about? I feel like I’m the only one here.”

“I just wanted you all to myself,” his lips thinned as he smiled, taking the Chianti straight the kitchen. A slightly dangerous ploy with Jeremy, who was apt to take things too seriously, but melting him down, perhaps getting him a little tipsy, would only be to Hannibal’s advantage when Will came.

Will stood at Hannibal’s step over an hour later, a small wrapped box in one hand, his coat in the other.

“I was almost afraid you’d decide not to come,” Hannibal smiled, opening the door.

“Miss an appointment with you, Dr. Lecter?” Will smiled weakly, “I can’t afford to anger my therapist. The cancellation fees alone…”

Hannibal chuckled, taking his coat and hanging it up with care, “Not Dr. Lecter, I’m only Hannibal tonight.”

“Is this uh… strictly ethical? Me seeing you socially?” Will straightened his glasses, surveying the already gathered crowd and surmising he was close to the last to arrive.

“Strictly, you are not my patient and I see nothing unethical about asking a friend to my dinner table,” Hannibal came to stand next to him, cocking his head approvingly. Something gold glittered in Will’s hand. Hannibal bent to inspect it.

“Oh! Here,” Will thrust it out suddenly, face contorting with embarrassment. “I didn’t want to come empty handed so uh… I didn’t know what to get so… it’s fudge,” he ducked his head, mumbling, “There’s a little shop out in Wolf Trap that I like so I got you some. Hope you’re not allergic.”

Hannibal tenderly accepted the gift, “Will, it’s-”

“Hannibal!” Jeremy swept in, flinging an arm around Hannibal’s shoulders, curling a little too close to his neck, “Surely it’s nearly time to eat, we’re all starving!” His fingers just brushed Hannibal’s collar, “Who is this? I don’t believe we’ve met before.”

Will stood stock still, eyes narrow behind his glasses.

Hannibal cleared his throat, pocketing the fudge, “Jeremy, yes of course, this is Will Graham, a friend of mine from wildlife conservation. Will, this is Jeremy, an old friend of mine.”

“And perhaps I will be a new friend again soon,” Jeremy winked, then held a hand out to Will, “So glad you could come.”

Will shook it, hesitating, “Me too.”

“I apologize for my timing, but I’m afraid Jeremy is quite correct, the feast is long overdue, Will,” Hannibal paused to nod to him, “please excuse me, and do be seated.”

Hannibal wound through the crowd into the kitchen, Jeremy behind him, wondering, “Since when are you for protecting wildlife…?”

Hannibal tried not to watch Will too carefully at dinner, not to completely ignore his other guests, or let too much on to Jeremy, who was apt to pout and dramatize if he felt slighted. Still, even when looking at Jeremy just to his right, Will was still in his line of sight, over Jeremy’s head and down several chairs, Will’s thick brown curls absorbed in his plate, his eyes occasionally slipping over his glasses to mutter a cutting remark to his neighbors. Hannibal’s mouth twitched at every half-heard comment and correction.

His eyes reluctantly returned to Jeremy who was holding court on recent literary criticism and the latest trends of the American novel. Not that it wasn’t fascinating in its own way, but Jeremy was such a different cut than Will, loud, flashy, stylish. His hands flew through the air as he talked, his eyes sparkled, clear and uncomplicated. His hair was an unfortunately over-refined mimicry of Will’s, Jeremy’s black curls, oiled and combed, falling over his face just so, in the most attractive way possible, and yet… it was all so dull, so styled, so… deliberate. Hannibal found himself disaffected by the comparison, stupefied by Jeremy’s vapid vacancy. Whatever personality he’d had had been mined out long ago to make room for all that wealth and beauty.

Will glanced towards them and Hannibal broke into a wide smile, laughing at Jeremy’s witticism that he hadn’t been listening to. He took up Jeremy’s hand, lacing their fingers together, abruptly cutting him off short. Jeremy turned to him in pleased befuddlement and Hannibal bent close, “Don’t turn, he’s watching.”

Hannibal pressed his lips to the back to Jeremy’s hand, smiling just so, and whispered in his ear. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Will turn back sharply, lifting his cutlery once again. Hannibal sighed and turned away from Jeremy.

“Wh-what was…?” Jeremy murmured, confusion brewing between his eyebrows.

“Nothing, my dear Jeremy, nothing at all,” Hannibal returned to his own plate, gently slipping his fingers out of Jeremy’s.

Hannibal cleared the dishes for the first course and started to prepare the second. The door to the kitchen swung open and his head lifted, eyes widening to see Will walking through, a determined look on his face.

“Will?” Hannibal stepped back from the oven, wiping his hands on a towel.

“I was just getting a refill of water,” he explained, shaking the glass in his hand and making for the tap.

“No no, please,” Hannibal stepped forward to unscrew a new bottle for Will.

“That’s really not-”

“I insist,” Hannibal explained, taking the glass from Will and pouring him a refill, “the minerals from the tap will change your palate and throw off the flavors of the next course. I really must insist you cleanse with this.”

Will humpfed but accepted the glass. “So you and Jeremy are close.”

Hannibal raised an eyebrow, returning the bottle to the refrigerator, “We have been, in the past.”

“He seems to think it’s the present,” Will turned to him, tapping his fingers against the glass.

“He is… very pleasant company, sometimes,” Hannibal smiled slowly.

“If you mean he’s as uninteresting as he is pretty, then yes,” Will snapped, gulping some of his refill reflexively, “He can’t really interest you.”

Hannibal swallowed, “He might.”

Will looked up at him and met his eyes, shaking his head, “No. He doesn’t. Whatever you see in him, it’s not his mind you’re attracted to.”

“How can you tell?” Hannibal murmured, eyes dilating.

“Because you…” Will stopped, flushing. His eyes shot to the floor and he stepped back, “Not that it’s any business of mine who you invite to your parties, Dr. Lecter.” Taking his glass, Will turned out of the kitchen.

Hannibal deflated, but his heart still pounded. Jealousy did work wonders.

Broken Record (M - Taehyung)

*The ending is something???*

Request:  Can I request a rough Taehyung smut scenario + recording ^_^ plz and thank you ❤❤❤❤

Word Count: 1,653 words

You were bored. Really bored. It was only Wednesday, the middle of the workweek, which meant you still have work but tonight you had nothing to do. Your boss wouldn’t let you work overtime as you usually do when you had nothing else to do, claiming young people should go out and party, not work all day.

You were simply listening to music while reading a book your best friend Namjoon recommended when you heard a knock on the door. You were about to ignore it, your crazy neighbour bothered you with “noise complaints” every day.

Although it wasn’t baseless, especially when your boyfriend Taehyung decided to stay the night. You wouldn’t be surprised if your neighbour knew his name by now.

“Baby, open up.” You got to the sound of his sonorous voice coaxing you to the door and there he was, donned in black and leather.


“Your one and only.” He squeezed you into a hug, your ear resting against his chest and listening to his erratic heartbeat. He was holding something in his hand and you pulled back to examine the plastic bag.

“I brought you food, Jin hyung made extra.”

“Is that so? Take a seat, I’ll get some plates.” You went into the kitchen, cursing Taehyung for putting his favourite plates on the high shelf but taking the ones you could reach. You scour the fridge for his favourite drink, knowing you had bought some recently when you feel hands snake up your hips and press against your sides.


“Hm, is something wrong baby?”

“Nothing.” Of course, there was something wrong. You could feel his erection pressing against you as you straightened up and closed the fridge. He carried the plates back to the living room and you tried not to let what happened psych you out. You give him his drink, earning yourself a kiss on the cheek and he sat close to you.

“Oh, I have a story. So basically, me, Hobi hyung and Kookie were going to find a place to eat..” He spoke with such joy but his hands had other plans. He kept rubbing your thigh, his fingertips brushing your pelvis and squeezing the skin of your thigh.

“Isn’t that funny, baby?”


“I would have brought you back some but you were at work.”

“I have to pay the bills somehow.”

“You work too hard. Take some time off and let me take care of you. ”

“Taehyung. You’re my boyfriend, not my sugar daddy.”

“I could be your daddy.”


“Don’t hide it, I’ve heard you before.”


“When you’re in the shower, touching yourself and moaning my name. Do you think I could sleep through that, baby?”


“Say it.”

“T-The food’s getting cold.” It was a weak excuse and you knew that but he let it stand, sighing as he silently ate some food. You were embarrassed, knowing that he’s heard you before and cursed yourself for being loud.

He was silent, his hand resting on your waist and he wouldn’t look at you. He understood that there are times when you would reject him but when you made up excuses, it bothers him.



“Look at me.”


“Look at me~”

“What-” You kissed him, melting away whatever angry or frustration he had in him and leaving him to be consumed by lust. He lied down with you on top of him and his hands press to your ass. He squeezes hard, making you gasp and his tongue entered your mouth. The kiss was concupiscent, his lust fuelling his lips and the rest of his actions.

“Fuck, baby.” You moved your hips slowly, purposely causing friction in his jeans. He slid your shirt up, revealing your underwear and he smiled. You looked down, seeing they were covered in ice cream cones and almost stopping out of embarrassment.

“They’re cute, babe.”

“Shut up.”

“If you could scream loud enough for the both of us, then I will.” You tugged at his jacket, tossing it on the floor, his shirt following suit before your hands reached for the zipper of his jeans.

“Slow down there, baby.” He held you, his hand pressing against your back as he sat up. You were dipping into the couch before his lips takes yours hungrily and he’s on top of you. His hand sneaked between your legs, rubbing against you through your panties and you moan in his mouth. He continues this until you feel his hand slip into your underwear and begin to touch you directly. He pulled away, wanting to hear you moaning his name, sliding his fingers into you and you rolled your head back on a pillow.

“Does Daddy make you feel good, baby?”

“F-Fuck yes..ah..”

“What was that?”

“F-Fuck yes..daddy.”

“That’s right, baby.” You bit your lip shortly before your moans began to slip out of your mouth again. You could see his ears catching every incoherent syllable of words that left your lips and he feasted upon this. He pressed his lips against your jaw, sloppy kisses trailing wherever his lips brushed upon and you could only shamefully moan.

“Fuck-k..” He pulled out his fingers, moving back to hold up your legs and slip your panties off. You whimpered when you felt his finger brush against you again, wanting him to push his fingers back inside you and he caught your eyes.  

“What do you want, baby?”


“What was that, baby? Bend over my knee.”

“I miss-”

“Don’t fucking talk. Just bend over my knee like a good girl.” You did as he said, his hands massaging your ass before you hear a hard slap. You bit your lip, wincing but he plunged a finger into you and you moaned.


“Count it.” You whimpered out every number, wincing every few numbers until he stopped at 10.

“What’s my name again, baby?”


“Right, and what do you want daddy to do for you?”

“F-Fuck me please.”

“As you wish.” You got up, sitting on the couch and biting your finger while he stripped off the rest of his clothes except for his boxers.

“Make me hard, baby.” You stroked him through his boxers, him being semi-hard so you had to put in effort. You licked him through his boxers, maintaining eye contact with him and he bit his lip.

“So dirty, baby.”

“You like that, daddy?”

“I’d like my cock buried down your throat, baby.” You slipped his boxers down, your hand gripping his length and slowly pumping him. He pulled up your chin and you gulped nervously.

“Be a good girl and suck my fucking cock.” You licked his tip shortly before taking him fully. He groaned your name when you tried to take him whole, his tip tickling the back of your throat as he wanted.

“Shit, that’s a good fucking girl.” You hummed against him, earning yourself a deep moan and continued bobbing your head. He placed his hands in your hair, wanting to take over and he fucked your face.

“Keep the tongue out for me, baby.”

“Fuck, right there.” He slipped out of your mouth, your mouth have a string of saliva connected to his cock.

“Bend over the couch, look into the hallway.” You obliged, waiting while you listened to the latex slipping over him. He teased you with his tip before pushing into you.

“Oh my f-fuck.”

“Even after my fingers, you’re still so fucking tight, huh?” He wanted until you wiggled your ass to signal that he could move, a slap to your ass meant he understood. You moaned his name, the word that could say besides fuck and shit. His hips eased into yours at first, wanting you to feel him with every thrust until he let loose. His thrust were still calculated, each time he slammed into you his tip always hit your G-spot. You cried out his name, unable to do anything unless and he pressed kisses to your back.

“You like how daddy fucks you, right?”

“F-Fuck, d-daddy.”

“Tell me how much you love it.”

“I fucking love daddy’s cock stretching me out.”

“You’re so dirty, baby. Moaning loud, I bet the whole neighbourhood knows my fucking name.” You hung your head, his hands on your hips so he doesn’t push you forward into the couch and you desperately grip the back of the sofa. Your voice was hoarse from moaning his name but you couldn’t stop. He just felt so good.


“What is it, baby?”

“C-Can I come?”

“That’s not how we ask, now do we baby?” His question accompanied a slap on the ass and you bit your lip.

“Please let me come, daddy.”

“Was that so hard?” He thrusted into you faster, you feeling like he was going to break the couch and send you flying at that pace but you didn’t want him to stop. In few thrusts, he send you to your climax and he rode it out until his own high.



“Let’s get you cleaned up.” He lifted you up and took a shower with you, claiming he just wanted to save water. You snuggled into his chest before drifting off to peaceful slumber in his arms.

You woke up the morning after to catch him staring at his phone..



“Is it one of your games again? I’m telling you, Kookie won’t send you lives.”

“No, Yoongi hyung is letting me show you a new song.”

“Really?” Yoongi was protective over his work and rarely let you listen.

“Listen.” The sounds of you two last night blared through his speaker and you kicked him.


“Shit, wrong recording. Baby, I know you’re mad but…”

“Kim Taehyung, you have 3 seconds to run before I end you.”

“I love you, bye!” He ran out in his boxers and you sprinted after him, ready to get him for recording you like that.

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Just As Blind//Barry Allen Imagine

‘’Barry what happened?It’s 3am in the morning.’’i said with a sleepy voice to my bestfriend who just showed up at my door for no reason.

‘’Yeah i know.’’he said rubbing his neck.’’But you’re the only person who gets me,i didn’t know who to go other than you.’’

I nodded.’’Come in.’’i said smiling.

‘’Thank you.’’he said with a grateful face.

‘’So what’s up?’’I sat on the couch next to him,trying to get comfy

‘’Iris is getting married.’’he said and that made you speechless.You were bored of this situation  going on with Iris.You tried to give a signal that you loved him since the first time you met but he was all over Iris.

‘’Oh.’’That was all i could say.

‘’I lost all of my chances now.’’he said looking at me almost crying.’’That dude do what i tried to do for 10 years in a year.’’

‘’You deserve so much beter than this.’’i mumbled.

‘’What?’’he said giving me a confused look.

‘’I said,you deserve so much better.’’i said.That was it.I was gonna stand up for what i thought.’’So stop being miserable about it.And move on with someone who actually deserves you.’’

‘’I’m not miserable.’’he said standing up.I stood up with him fastly.

‘’Yeah you are.’’

‘’I thought that you would get me.’’he said with a tough voice.’’Like you usually do.’’

‘’I’m doing this because care about you.’’I was shocked by his reaction.

‘’If insulting your best friend is caring about them ?I don’t want your cheer.’’

‘’You’re so blind.’’I finally yelled at him.’’You always complain about Iris not noticing you or Iris always talking about Eddie,but you are just as blind as her.’’

‘’What?’’he said.I could say that he was confused.

I closed my eyes and take deep breath.’’I love you,Barry.’’i said looking to the floor.’’This is what you don’t see.’’I whispered before i looked at him.


Tae had been gone for about an hour and you were bored. You had rolled your way to the office and from the degrees hung on the wall with your name on them, you assumed it was yours. 

Booting up the computer, it prompted you for a password. Fuck! You looked around the desk but to no avail. there were no clues. When you rested your hands on the keyboard, your fingers just started to move. Okay, this is fucking weird. Muscle memory, I guess? 

You looked through your computer. Files from work. Pictures upon pictures of the dogs. You were looking through as little bits of memories came about, it was tiny little stories. 

When you would remember it was almost as if you were having an out of body experience. 

The moments were there and you seemed to watch them go by, you experienced the emotion. It was coming back to you. 

What’s this? There was a file. Tae’s Love Letter? You read the title and double clicked. 

The program opened and you completely froze. 

Scott Summers x reader

Summary:  40 with Scott summers

Prompt: 40.  “I’ll start crying.”


“Scott” You whined trying to get your boyfriends attention “Scoooootttttt.” 

He was currently focused on a video game that him and Peter were playing together.

They had been playing since they woke up this morning and you were bored out of your mind, having opted out of going to the mall with Jean, Kurt, and Jubilee. 

Big mistake.

“Scottttttt” You whined again laying your head on his shoulder.

“What (Y/N)? What do you want?” He asked shrugging you off his shoulder.

“I just want a kiss.” You pouted at his rude behavior “And maybe not to be treated second to a video game.”

Scott quickly turned around to give you a quick sloppy kiss that didn’t even hit your mouth but nose.

“Scott. That wasn’t a kiss.” You huffed.

“(Y/N) this rounds almost over, give me a sec.”

You looked at were he was on the screen, and you knew they weren’t even close to done with this level.

“Scott” You purred, smiling as you noticed him tense up “If you don’t kiss me” You whispered into his ear nibbling on it  “I’ll start crying.” You said as you hit the back of his head with your hand.

“Fine! FIne, okay.” He said as he set down the remote, grabbed you, and kissed you.

“Thank you. That’s all I wanted.” You said as you pushed him away, and left the room.

You were already out of the room when you heard him yelling for you to wait up for him.

Constellations part 2 of 2 - Sam Drake x Reader

Title: Constellations part 2
Words: 1,013
Warning: English isn’t my first language. Just that

“Maybe I’m just crazy

Maybe I’m just high

You could kiss my lips a thousand times

And they would never dry

I don’t know where you’re going

Hey, never stray too far

Cause I’ll tell you now, I’ll tell you now

I like you just the way you are”

It was your day off and you were watching TV when you got a call from Elena asking you to come over to the office.

You did not mind it, you loved your job and even though you really needed some time off, you were quite bored already at home with nothing to do.

You got dressed and grabbed your keys, leaving the house as fast as you could.

These last days had been different from what you had expected them to be, you thought you would see Sam frequently but after the welcome dinner, he was distant and you tried to play back everything that had happened to see what you had done wrong.

Every time you called him he was somewhere with Sully and after the third call to him, you had decided to just stop as he was clearly avoiding you.

You reached the little beach house you used as an office and you opened it but it was empty, you walked around looking for Elena and Nathan but they were nowhere to be found.

Before you could call them you heard a noise outside and you looked through the window, seeing Sam playing with the family dog.

You were about to walk away and just go home but instead you opened the back door and got out of the house.

Sam heard you and turned around, he was serious and you had never seen him like that before.

“Hey, there…” You said, putting your hands into the pockets of your jacket, not sure of what to do with them

“Hi, (Y/N)” He answered, still watching you and you realized that for the first time in ages he hadn’t called you “baby”

“Is everything alright?…Elena called me to come over but I can’t find her anywhere” You said
“They’re not here” He got the stick from the ground and threw it back to the dog again, not looking at you now

“Have I done anything? I mean…I would like to know if I offended you in any way I just…”

“You didn’t do anything wrong” He cut you off harshly

“I didn’t mean to bother you, I should probably get going” You said, feeling a sudden urge to cry, you hated that he was acting like that.

You turned and entered the house again, you wanted to leave that place as fast as you could, you didn’t want him to see you crying like a teenage girl over something you two had never had.

Before you could reach the front door you felt Sam pulling you by the arm. You didn’t even have the time to process what was going on when you felt his lips against yours.

He let go of your arm and cupped your face instead, kissing you slowly and you did not fight it, you knew he would stop if you did and the last thing you wanted was to stop kissing him.

You ran your fingers through his hair, you had always wanted to do that. Sam moved a little and you felt the wall behind you, he pressed his body against yours.

His hands moved down, touching every inch of your body and you moaned a little, the thoughts of what he would do to you made you deepened the kiss, bringing him closer to you by his T-shirt.

He smiled, aware of his effects on you, and he stopped kissing you. That was not a good time to go back to his smiling self, you hadn’t had enough of him.

Sam touched your face again, making you look at him and he pressed his thumb against your lower lip, you stared at him and your heart had never beaten so fast.

“You’re so beautiful, baby” He said, looking at your lips

“You’re back to calling me baby again?” You smiled at him and he kissed you, shutting you up before you could say anything else but you pushed him a little “What is this all about?”

“I…I’d never realized what this was…you and me” He started “And when I did, on that day at Nathan’s, I didn’t really know what the fuck was going on with me” He laughed “I had to be away from you. I’m a man who gets himself into all kinds of trouble and I was suddenly scared of what I felt for a woman”

“Of what you felt for me?” You asked

“After fifteen years in prison, it’s not like you get experience with relationships…I mean, I have to learn how these things work” He scratched the back of his head “Don’t make me talk about my feelings”
 He said and tried to move away but you hugged him, resting your head on his chest.

“I know” You said “I feel the same I just thought that well, you could have any girl and…”

“Hey, baby…no. None of them would be you, that’s what I understood on that night” He kissed the top of your head and you smiled. Not in your wildest dreams had you thought he felt the same way you did.

You looked at him again and brought him to another kiss, you could never get tired of this, you could kiss him forever for all you cared.

“You can stop being all romantic now” You laughed and he joined you “You got the girl already”

“So…maybe I could show you my other tattoo now” He gave you that little smirk you loved, pulling you close to him by your waist 

“Oh wait! Wait!…Another tattoo? What and where is it?” You asked

“Oh baby, I’m not spoiling the surprise”

“My car is just outside” You said, sounding more eager than you would like to

You left the house and walked together to your car but before you got into it, you looked at him as you finally understood what had happened.

“You got a call from Elena too, didn’t you?” You asked

“Nathan” He smiled

“Do you think they….”

“Planned everything? Of course they did”

Monsta X React to you blowing soap bubbles from your hands

Shownu: He would think that it was kind of childish that you did this, but at the same time would find it cute in a strange way. “Jagiya, I would ask how bored were you the day you discovered that you could so this, but I’m not sure that I would want to know.” He’d tease, chuckling, and earning himself a soapy smack on the arm from you.

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Minhyuk: He would want to know how that was possible to do such a thing. “(y/n) CAN YOU TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT?!” He would exclaim excitedly. Laughing you would nod, and spend the next half hour teaching him how to do that, until one of the other members found you two covered in soapy water and laughing hysterically.

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Wonho: He would find it weird yet adorable that you were so amused by something like that. “Let me show you how it’s done, jagi!” He’d say smugly and proceed to failing miserably, causing you to laugh hysterically. “That was just practice!” He’d say with a light pink washing over his cheeks. You’d poke his cheek, causing him to laugh lightly.

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Kihyun: He would be the one to find you using up all the soap in the bathroom, “What the heck are you doing, (y/n)?” He’d ask very puzzled. “Check this out!” You’d say excitedly before you turn towards him and blow a huge bubble in your hands. “Woah! What just happened?!” He’d say shocked and laugh, “You are something else.”

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Hyungwon: He would just stare at you in confusion after watching you do that. After some time, a light smile would cross his lips and he would chuckle. “Jagi… you are just—too cute sometimes.” He’d say finally and walk up to you and pat you on the head, causing you to laugh as well and a light blush would appear on your cheeks.

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I.M.: He would think that you were adorable for finding something so simple and kind of childish fun, but at the same time he would find it kind of crazy how good you were at it. “How… How do you do that?” He’d ask after watching you, you’d laugh and offer to show him causing him to become like an excited little kid as well.

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Jooheon: He would think that your talent was weird but entertaining. “Okay okay, do it one more time, please?” He would beg, causing you to laugh. “Guys come see this! (y/n) is doing something that I don’t understand how is possible!” He would yell for the other members. “Somebody, video this please, put it on instagram!”

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(Okay this gif is obviously a little bit of an exaggeration but I couldn’t help but laugh at it!)

I hope this is what you were wanting! 

~BangtanBunnie <3

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MX reaction when you're bored and you keep bothering them such as making weird noises, poking them, dancing weirdly around them, etc. ^^

Monsta X Reaction to you bothering them because you’re bored

Shownu: He was in the kitchen eating lunch, he had a schedule later that day. You wanted to feed him and when he said no you teased him and took his fork out of his hand when he was trying to put the food in his mouth. “Jagi, I’m trying to eat, what do you want?”. When he noticed that you weren’t going to leave him alone he stopped eating and asked you what you wanted to do. You two ended up going to the park.

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Lazy Day

#5- “Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do?  I’ll be mentally and emotionally scarred for years!”

Phillip Hamilton x reader

requested by anon

trigger warnings: none


It was a lazy day, and you were insanely bored.  You never liked having nothing to do, you always preferred keeping yourself busy with something.

Phillip was sitting on the couch, busy writing on his laptop.

“Philliiiiip,” you said, throwing yourself across his lap.  “Let’s do something, I can’t sit here doing nothing for another second.”

“Like what?” he responded, still typing away.

You inched up closer to his face and scrunched up your nose, forcing him to stop writing.  “You’re cute when you’re trying to get me to do stuff,” he said, a grin spreading a cross his face.

You stuck out your bottom lip and fake-pouted.  Phillip giggled and set his laptop on the table.  “ALRIGHT, okay, fine, let’s do something.  Mario Kart?”

“Okay, but you should know that I’m gonna kick your ass,” you said, smiling sarcastically.

“Well, we’ll see about that.”

Sure enough, you finished first, with Phillip coming in second right behind you.

“Oh, come on!  You totally cheated!” he shouted, laughing.

“How would I cheat at Mario Kart!?” you giggled, laughing at his exasperation.  “I didn’t cheat, you just suck at this game!”

Phillip was full on cackling now.  “Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do?  I’ll be mentally and emotionally scarred for years!” he exclaimed in fake-shock, pulling you close to him.  You laughed, leaning in to kiss him.  “At least you’re a better kisser than you are a driver,” you mumbled sarcastically.  He laughed, pulling you into his lap and pressing his lips to yours.

in other news……rob asked me to accompany him to his friend’s wedding in two weeks


TItle: Love You a Long Time

Warnings: Fluff, cuddles, cuteness

Word Count: 589

Summary: After your last hunt gone badly you were stuck in the bunker with Castiel, mentally not ready to fight some monsters. So instead you cuddle and relax with Cas.

A/n: @willowing-love MY BBY!!!! This is for you!!!! <3 I hope you get better darling! Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you need help.


You were drop dead bored, and that was a dangerous thing. When you got bored, you got to thinking, and when you got to thinking… Last time you had done that the boys had to put their hunt on a pause because you nearly killed yourself going on a hunt alone in an attempt to distract yourself.

You let out another sigh and closed the book you were reading- slamming it down on the library table and throwing your head back against the seat. You closed your eyes and stayed that way for about two minutes before you forced yourself to get up and do something. Your eyes landed on the TV and you began to smile, closing your eyes as you began to pray for Cas.

Not even a moment later he was there- looking around to see what the problem was.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and you grabbed his hand- leading him over to the couch.

“I’m bored, and I don’t want to be by myself anymore… is that okay?” You asked uncertainly, looking over at him as you prepared to sit on the couch. He nodded and smiled softly, and you relaxed, plopping down on the couch and turning the tv on- going straight to Netflix. He sat down beside you and you put yourself under his arm- resting your head on his chest as you clicked on the movie Prince of Egypt.

After the Prince of Egypt you watched Joseph King of Dreams, Spirit, then Spirited Away, and then halfway through Princess Mononoke you began to doze off. By now Castiel was lying down on the couch, and you were grateful that the couch was wide enough that all your weight wasn’t on him. You were laying on your stomach, your face now resting on Cas’s shoulder as you softly dozed away, one arm hanging off the couch while the other rested on Cas’s chest- which had been previously tracing designs but was now still.

Cas had an arm around your waist- making sure you stayed on the couch- as you slept away. He knew how you had been having some irregular sleeping patterns lately- and though you really should’ve waited till tonight to go to bed he wasn’t about to stop you from getting some rest.

Once Princess Mononoke ended he looked down at you, smiling softly and kissing your forehead before staring at the ceiling. He had no need to sleep- so he would just lay here, holding you and feeling like one of the luckiest Angels ever.

You snuggled closer to him- one leg resting in between his legs as your arm resting on his chest wrapped around him- pulling you closer to his side. He softly smiled and adjusted his own grip, closing his eyes just to relax. This was one of those days that were simply blissful, and perfect.He would trade almost anything to be here with you like this for eternity- relaxed and blissful, not a care in the world.

“Mm, Love you Cas.” You murmured, and he opened his eyes to find you staring up at him- your (e/c) eyes sparkling with love. He reached up with his right hand, pushing some hair out of your face and stroking your cheek with his thumb softly.

“I love you too, honeybee.” He said, and you giggled at his nickname for you- wiggling up to place a sweet kiss on his lips before laying back down, closing your eyes. Yea, this was definitely one of those perfect times.

Joyride (Natasha x Reader)

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  “Nattie!” you exclaimed as the redhead entered the common room. It had been three days now without a mission and you were getting bored. And with that new amusement park right out of town calling your name it was difficult to stay in the tower.

  So, the only logical thing to do was to ask your badass crush to join you. She would win you plushies and you would get to spend more time with her.

  “What is it, (Y/N)?” Nat looked up from the book she was reading. “I was thinking, you know if you want, to go to the new amusement park.” you said almost blushing under her gaze. “Ok. Let me get ready.” she replied with a smile and headed to her room. You grinned and waited.

  “I am ready to go.” the Russian said as she entered the room, startling you. She was gorgeous as always. She wore a loose cami shirt and her dark blue shorts, she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she looked extra cute.

  She rode you both to the amusement park as you sang the songs that radio played making her laugh at your expressions and she even joined too.

  The roller coaster was the first ride and you both giggled and yelled with excitement, you had never seen her that happy before and you felt proud of yourself as you adored her. Her cheeks were crimson red and her hands on the air as she giggled.

 She picked the next ride and of course she picked the house of terrors, being a scary-films-lover she couldn’t resist. You had gripped her arm and she half affectionately, half jokingly patted your head.

  The ride wasn’t that scary but you heard some children screaming behind you and Nat laughed as the only scary was how cheap those rag dolls must have been.

  “Nattie?” you said with puppy eyes as you walked out of the house of terrors. “Do you want a teddy bear?” she said with knowing eyes. Your eyes widened as you shook your head. “With your aim, we could get every teddy bear in here.” you mused and she laughed.

  “Is there any specific that you want?’ she asked and you scanned the area with your eyes. “This!” you pointed to the fluffiest teddy bear you had ever laid you eyes upon. “I had a feeling.” she said and got your hand in hers as she headed to the booth that the giant marshmallow teddy was sitting, waiting for you. Your heart rate increased and you felt your heat rising as well by the simple move.

  “Are you sure you got this, girl?” the middle-aged man who owned the booth  said to Nat as he smirked sarcastically. You were enraged by the way he treated her but she winked at you. “Oh, I don’t know.” she said innocently, fighting back her signature smile. “But, I would like to try.” she said and extended her hand towards him waiting for him to give her the baseball, he snickered and he gave her the small ball.

  She stuck her tongue out as if she was trying to concentrate and threw the ball. The ball knocked down all the stacked tin cans and then rebounded to the wall and knocked the cap the man was wearing off his head. His shocked look made you chuckle.

  “I shall take that big, fluffy one.” Nat said not dropping her act. The man still shocked quickly gave it to her and she waved him ‘goodbye’ as she got your hand again, bear in her hug and walked away.

  “Thank you!! You were awesome back there. Well, you always are, but this was so cool. You handled him so perfectly. Wow,” you rambled. She laughed and gave you the teddy bear and you hugged her tight. Damn that teddy was sure fluffy as hell and made the hug thousand times better.

  “Let’s go to the ferry wheel.” she said not letting go of your hand.You smiled wide and followed her.

  As your cubicle stopped to the highest spot you looked around and then to Nat. She was already looking at you, smirk on her lips, glimmer in her eyes. “What?” you asked. “I won you a teddy bear. Now, I want a favour.” she said as she grinned wider. “O-Ok. What is it?” you asked with curiosity.

  She got closer to you, making the distance between you smaller and smaller. Her minty breath was hitting soflty your face. “Kiss me. I want you to kiss me.” she replied, your eyes widened but before you could react she had already her lips on yours.

This was undoubtedly the best day. You had returned home with a fluffy bear and a even fluffier girl to your arms.

You guys-----

I made a new Nezhead friend and he saw THE PRISON BALLET in the 70s and I’m gonna try to get him to go to our next discussion bc he is really cool and I want him to tell us all about it?! THE PRISON BALLET WAS REAL. THIS GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE.

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Prompt: Hello😊 I hope you’re having an awesome day/night haha I just wanted to ask you if you would be interested in writing an imagine using your last headcanons on how Roy would act around the person he had a crush on? Like the part where he finds casual ways to have contact with the reader or anything really😂 By: @lovekenya24 Based on these headcanons

It’s a little on the shorter side, but I really like it so I hope you guys do too!!

Summary: Something about Roy has changed, and it’s driving you crazy about him.

You sprawled out on your couch, mindlessly scrolling through your phone. It was a typical summer day, 8000 degrees and you were bored out of your mind, trying to come up with something to do, but all you could think about was whether or not your friends Roy was into you. It was weird. When you first met Roy, you thought he was just a quiet, stoic guy. He would sit back and let you talk during conversations, so you just assumed that he wasn’t big on talking. Boy, were you wrong! Lately, you seemed to not be able to shake him. He kept butting into nearly every conversation you had around him-not that you minded. He was a cute guy, and you had kind of developed a crush on him during the time you spent together. Still, it seemed like something changed about him.

Take last week, for instance. You had told a completely lame joke, (you told him that he should get free Big Macs because he looked like Ronald McDonald) and he laughed about it for like, twenty seconds straight. Now, you would be the first to say that your jokes were hilarious, but even you would admit that that joke did not deserve twenty seconds of laughing. He even put his hand on your shoulder to steady himself, which, while definitely unnecessary, was not unappreciated. Everytime he touched you it felt like a jolt of electricity, and you loved it.

It happened quite often, too. It seemed like he was always touching you, albeit it a completely platonic, non-threatening way. Three days ago, you told him that you were sad that you reached the end of your favorite show on Netflix and didn’t want to wait for the next season, and he put his arm around you and told you that it would get better. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought that he was trying to come up with reasons for physical contact. You had thought that maybe that was it, but pushed it out of your mind. Still, it would explain why yesterday, he responded to you excitedly telling him that you got three books for the price of one at the bookstore by picking you up and spinning you around.

All in all, the way he had been acting around you lately was driving you mad. It would’ve been fine if you didn’t like him so much, but it seemed like he was doing everything in his power to make you like him! You kept telling yourself that wasn’t true, but it was hard to come up with another reason as to why every single thing he did lately drove you wild.

It seemed like you could never catch him at a normal moment anymore! You walked into the room in all the worst moments (or best, depending on how you looked at it). The two of you had gone to some diner together and you left to go to the bathroom, and when you came back, he was flexing for the waitress. You hated to admit it, but you were definitely jealous when she started squeezing his bicep. He smirked at you when you sat back down, but you decided not to say anything. Pretty much everything he did left you on the brink of insanity, and you felt like you would go mad if you didn’t find out his feelings FOR SURE soon.

You were pulled out of your thoughts by the vibrations coming from your phone. Excitedly, you checked your texts, a smile breaking out when you saw who texted.

Hey, I’m sure you’re doing something boring and I’m about to go do some training. Wanna come shoot things with me? ;)’  

While you wanted to respond with something like ‘OH MY GOD OF COURSE I WOULD AND THEN ALSO LETS MAKE OUT WHILE IM THERE AND THEN GET MARRIED’, you opted for a subtler approach: ‘Yeah sure. I’ll meet you there :)

You made your way to the makeshift shooting range he had set up in his backyard, but you stopped in your tracks the minute you stepped in. There he was, bow raised, string pulled back, muscles taut, with a thin sheen of sweat shining on his features from the sun beating down on him.. He looked like Apollo or something. But like, a shirtless Apollo, because his shirt was nowhere to be seen and you couldn’t help thinking how amazing his abs looked.

Of course, he only stayed in that position for like a second, since that was all it took for him to get a bullseye. You let out a small gasp, and he turned to look at you. “Hey (Y/N). What’s up?” God, that smirk. He knew how good he looked, and you were infuriated. He set his bow down on a table he had set up and took a sip of water.

Walking up to him, you asked,“Where’d your shirt go?” You tried to sound casual, as if every bone in your body wasn’t telling you to jump on top of him, but you weren’t sure it worked.

“It’s too hot for a shirt today! I checked the whether, you know. It’s supposed to be like 90 degrees.”

“That’s not fair! If I have to suffer through today with a shirt you should too!” You argued sarcastically.

“Who says you have to wear a shirt?” He flirted, and your insides felt like they had turned to jelly.. Why did he have to be so cheeky all the time?

“Uhhhh, society?” You tried to come up with something witty to say, but it felt like your brains were fried.

“Ah society. Always getting in the way of fun,” he joked. Usually, you would’ve laughed along with him, but something inside of you had snapped. You’d reached your limit. He was too hot, too fun, too…well, perfect for you to have to deal with not being with him.

“Don’t say that!” You exclaimed.

“Oh, uh, sorry? I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I swear,” He started, obviously assuming that you were turned off by his flirting.

“No, I’m not uncomfortable! You don’t have to apologize! It’s just hard to think rationally when you talk to me at all, and it’s really hard when the guy you’re into is shirtless and literally looks like a god or something, but it’s absolutely impossible when he starts making jokes about taking your clothes off!” Your eyes widened immediately when you realized what you said, but you made no effort to take it back.

Luckily enough, he broke into an enormous smile. “Wow. So you think I’m a god?”

“I never said that! I said you looked like a god, those are too different things, don’t give yourself that much credit,” you laughed, although you felt like you might puke.

“Okay, okay. So you think I look like a god? And I’m the guy you like?”

You wanted to bury your face, but instead you answered, “Well I didn’t mean to tell you, but I think I just made it pretty clear! And to be honest, this conversation is getting really awkward because you haven’t said how you feel about me and you’re still not wearing a shirt.”

He burst into laughter. “I thought I made it pretty clear how I felt about you! A guy doesn’t make up as many reasons to touch a girl as I have if he’s not interested!”

You crossed your arms. “I thought maybe you were just really affectionate with all of your friends,” you grumbled defensively.

“Not even close. I’ve known Oliver for years and I have never once tried to pick him up and spin him around because of a book sale,” He paused for a minute, and the two of you grinned at each other. “And here’s another thing that I’ve never wanted to do with Oliver, just to clear things up for you.” And with that, he crashed his lips against yours.

When you pulled away, you slapped his arm. “You know, you could’ve just told me, instead of making me go partially insane whenever I saw you for months!”

He smiled before answering, “You made me go fully insane, I guess,” and pulled you back into another kiss.

Matt and Cupcakes

(This was a prompt sent to me, it just wasn’t sent to the ask box. But hey! Now I can tag it!)

You were amazingly bored.
It was spectacular, really. Honestly.
Starting a new life in a new town was exciting. Your new job? Not so much. Maybe if you got to actually bake things.

But no. You were a cashier and, from time to time, cleaning lady for a newer bakery.
You groaned. From 9-11 was the slowest hours for the shop, and frequently those happened to be either your first or last hours. If they were your last, it was easier. You would be tired from the morning rush.

Today, at ten sharp, you had been working for exactly one hour.
You prayed someone, anyone, would walk through that door.

God must have heard you, because only a few minutes later a man walked in. He wasn’t the tallest man, but he had striking good looks. A mass of curls bounced to and fro as he walked.
His entire countenance was one of amicability and friendliness.

“Welcome to the bakery. How can I help you?” You blasted the autopilot saying at him, furious with yourself. Couldn’t you at least have said it flirtily?
His blue green eyes darted along the shelves. He shook his head. “What would you recommend?”

You thought for a moment. “The strawberry tart is popular.”
“Is it your favorite?” His eyes were steady on your face.
You shook your head. “The cupcakes are my favorite.” Even thinking of them made you smile. They were simply the best.

The man pointed at something on the shelf. “The mini ones? How about one of each flavor?”. He was smiling, and you thought that it was the sweetest thing you’d ever seen.

You quickly got out a box, put each flavor in, and deftly tied it up.
Matt watched as you rung him up. You tried to hand the box to him. “ No. Those are for you.”. You blinked a few times. “Excuse me?” You asked, unsure you’d heard him right. “For you. Thats why I wanted to know your favorite.”. Matt was clearly a little nervous now.

Apparently, he had walked by the shop several times since you had started work a few months ago. Each time, you had caught his eye, he explained. He had wanted to come in sooner and ask for your number, but every time he was in town he was swamped with work. So, today, finally having a free moment, he went for it.

You were really flattered by him.
You had caught HIS attention?
For that long?

You felt light headed. You jot down your number for him, trying to be cool about it. “ So…wanna grab dinner sometime?” He asked, looking at the paper.
“I’d love to.”
He laughed, a contagious, infectious sound. You agreed on a day and time. Before he left, you insisted he take one of the cupcakes. He popped the small thing into his mouth. “Mmm! I see why its your favorite. You have good taste!” He winked at you, and left.

You had never had a more exciting work morning, even if you weren’t working dead hours.