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Favourite Albums - From Under The Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy (2005) (Part 1)

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I’m that friend. (+)

One thing that you were positive you were talented at was the art.. of sleeping. Thankfully, you were one of the lucky people in the world that managed to pass out in less than three minutes - As long as you were buried under countless fluffy pillows and soft duvets, you’d be alright. 

Harry, on the other hand - he obviously liked to sleep as well - But he was a lot more active than you were. Some would say that the two of you were complete opposites, which was absolutely true given the circumstances. Harry liked going out for breakfast, while you preferred to go out for dinner. Harry liked going to the gym in his spare time, but you would much rather snuggle up on the couch with a snack and with your eyes glued to the TV screen. It wasn’t like you were lazy, no! What was wrong with being a homebody? 

“Y/N. I told yeh we were goin’ out fo’ brunch today.” Harry sighed, peeking into the room to see you still curled up under the sheets. 


“You said no to breakfast, which I totally understand, but you had a little more time to prepare for brunch!” He groaned, walking into the room before making his way over to the foot of the bed. “If you don’ get out o’ bed, I won’t ever take you out again.” 

Mm.” You grumbled, your brows furrowing when you caught a glimpse of the sunlight streaming through the blinds. Sometimes you wondered if you were a vampire in any of your past lives. 

“Do yeh not wanna go out then? I’m all dressed up jus’ for you.” Harry teased, poking your bum through the sheets and laughing lightly when you poked your head out from underneath the blankets to glare at him. “C’mon, plum. Don’ be like tha’.” 

“Just gimme five mo’ minutes.” You slurred, voice still scratchy with sleep. Keep in mind it was already 11:30 and Harry’s favourite brunch place was about to prepare for the lunch rush. You found it odd that Harry didn’t respond - The silence was freaking you out a little. Maybe he left to go have brunch by himse-

“A’right, tha’s it.” You shrieked with the blanket was ripped off you, goosebumps erupting on your skin at the sudden invasion of cool air. “Get out o’ bed!” 

“Harry!” You whined, bursting into giggles when Harry grabbed you and swung you over his shoulder, giving your bum a light tap. “I’ll get ready, put me down!” 

“I’m gonna watch yeh get ready to make sure you don’ sneak back under the covers.” Harry grinned, laughing when you pounded at his back. 

“The things I do for you.” 

“The things you do fo- You mean getting out of bed?! Laziest girlfriend in the world, I tell you.”


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Dead Natural {4}

Reader x ?

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 2,740

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mentions of Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

Are we ready for the fun? I guess we’ll see. As promised, and I remembered! Here you go guys! @jodyri, @bucklebunny89, @animefanatic1728, @samwinchesterswifey and last but definitely not least @jotink78. Enjoy Guys!

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skyrim ramblings

so i was just kidnapping some goats mindin my own business then this guy is just like “hohoho go to BLOODSKAL whateverthefuckitscalled and KIL de VAMPIREEE” so i was thinkin like ‘wtf is in this for me’ so i google the quest and apparently i get a kick-ass sword thats almost as strong as wuuthrad and shoots lasers so i was thinkin 'fuck ye’ so i gathered up the fantastic 5, me inigo serana jzargo and some dawnguard dude and we were goin to kill the vampire so i fast travel to solstheim and im headin over and of course a dragon decides to attack. so we gotta deal with the dragon and it keeps hiding and them im like omg these redoran guards have sweeeet lookin armor so i kept running around trying to indirectly get them killed and finally after awhile it happened and i got the armor and was so happy bruh. and then im goin over to bloodskal barrow or whatever its called and i see some people and theyre hypnotized and im just like 'wtf??? miraak what u doin bro’ so i keep walkin and then i see the ultimate challenge. a rock. so i climb over but if you didnt know followers cant navigate for shit so i gotta wait as my squad of 4 tries to make it over a rcl, and serana dg guy and jzargo are all over but inigo fell into water and is trapped bu waves. and if that wasnt enough some fuckin BANDITS start shooting us. and one is just like “nyeh nyeh nyeh SHEOGORATH” so of course i whip out me trusty wabbajack and blast that mothafucka right in the face and then he turns into a fucking DREMORA so me and the crew slice him up then i gotta use my cross bow to snipe some banditos so inigo will stop shooting and can finally get across, then i get a lag spike so i pause for like ONE FUCKING SECOND, and i fall asleep in my chair

relationships where you were good friends with the person for awhile but you both were too awkward to say anything about wanting a relationship so when someone finally speaks up it feels a little like youve been together for like months are weird