were was you skills


“I just talked with Cap. We have a mission and you’re joining with me”, Clint said leaning on the wall. He looked pleased but you weren’t sure of what you felt. Being a new member of Avengers and always doubting your skills didn’t make you feel so confident. Clint saw how you hesitated and smiled at you.
“Come on, babe. You can do it, you’re amazing. Beside, remember who has been training you”, he winked playfully, wanting you to be confident because Clint knew how you felt but he also knew you and how skillful you really were. He promised to himself he’ld make you see yourself just as he saw you - talented, amazing and beautiful.

presentablypunk  asked:

Can I ask for an imagine with an S/O who tends to get underestimated, but is actually crazy strong and has trouble holding back once they get going? Like, legit berserker type deal. If not for each member of team RWBY, just for either Ruby or Yang?


  • Holy shiz
  • She can’t help but just stand there and stare the first time she sees you just demolish a pack of grimm. 
  • She knew you were skilled, but that was a level of raw fury that rivaled Yang.
  • Once she recovers from her shock she’s bouncing around you asking so many questions and gushing about how cool that was.
  • She’s a little intimidated, she thinks it’s cool but is also low key like ‘maybe try and stay calm on the battle field unless it’s necassary, okay.’
  •  If she sees you having a hard time trying to cool she’ll talk real quiet and do what she can to help.


  • She prides herself on her grace and form in battle,
  • So seeing you just take down opponents, no strategy, no form, just strength and rage is a little of putting.
  • She doesn’t mind it that much, just kind of a ‘honestly you shouldn’t just rush in every time adrenaline kicks in.’
  •  She helps you find ways to keep yourself calm.


  • Worries about you in fights.
  • Sure, you’re super, super strong but she doesn’t want you getting hurt when you’re in berserk mode and not paying attention to anything except the next opponent in front of you.
  • She’ll watch your back when you fight together so she can take out anything trying to sneak up on you.
  • She’s the best at getting you to calm down, Blake is very calm and collected so she has no trouble calming you.


  • Holy shit!
  • The only time she’s seen someone fight like that is… well, herself, especially when she’s using her semblance.
  • She loves it, she thinks it’s so freaking cool.
  • She used to worry about you, even though she knows you’re completely capable as a hunter, she couldn’t really help it though.
  • Now that she knows what you can really do, that worry is lessened to a pretty great degree.
  • Won’t hold back in sparing.
  • Probably second best at calming you down, because she knows what that feels like, to be full of adrenaline and rage after a fight.

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Hey I'm having trouble. I want to buy a new 3DS game but I don't have enough money for Sun or Moon, but I'm thinking on buying animal crossing new leaf. Do you have any other suggestions for what games I can buy? (I have 35 dollars)

I don’t think I’m the right person to be asked about this since I don’t own that much 3DS games… most of them are pokemon games for the DS. Other than pokemon moon, I have animal crossing and fantasy life.

Fantasy life is pretty good and easy game, it’s basically a RPG were you get to pick your class and learn different crafting skills. You can also play with your friends to help you with bosses and dungeons. There’s also the Legend of Zelda games for the 3DS if you are into that.

l think overall any 3DS games are going to cost you around 35-45 bucks, unless they have it on sale or bought it used. If you’re still unsure then maybe you can wait for a bit until you get more money before making a purchase.

Again I’m no good at this, so anyone have recommendation please share 

[TRANS]  Youngjae interview after Round 2 Masked Singer. I’m crying during his interview. He really deserves the best.

YJ: I was afraid back then… to do it by myself

Q: I heard that you were intimidated by the harsh comments about your singing skills

YJ: yes the comments at first i tried not to read them

YJ: no matter if there are 100 comments that compliments me that one harsh comment… I can only think about that one comment and that i guess that person is a really hardcore anti fan after reading the comment they wrote after they analyzed all my songs after reading that by myself… I didnt tell this to anyone but I was sobbing really i was in the room staring at the wall while reading that comment constantly scrolling up and down but I think I got my confidence back after coming out on this show and I feel like I gained 1 point of experience. Honestly I was really touched by what Tei sunbaenim said that I had a strong basic and correct tones so he is definitely a singer because its my first time hearing that because I still have many lacking things I plan on practicing harder.

trans by igot7_MarKP

You know… I’m rewatching season 1 of Voltron: Legendary Defender and

How tf did Keith set off those explosions in the first episode? Did he know how to make explosives? Did he steal some from the Garrison? Did he find them?


The Lords × Major Arcana | Second Part

I. The Magician wills with bolts of fire
XII. Hanged Man bows to heaven’s laws
V. Hierophant
blesses the narrow ways
XVIII. The Moon
warns of the dangerous sea
VIII. Strength of faith shuts savage jaws
XIV. Temperance blends and finds true worth

Parking Mishap

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language

Word Count: 1.9K+

A/N: Here’s a Stevie one shot for you guys, I hope you like it! :D

Your tongue stuck out in concentration as you slowly inched your way into the tight parking spot. When you thought you were too close to the car behind, you shifted your car back into drive and pulled forward a bit before repeating the process over again. It was your fault for driving into the city, knowing full well that it would be difficult to find parking, especially with your parallel parking skills. After the fifth time, you were tired. Your eyes narrowed as you watched through the back window, carefully backing up again when you suddenly felt your car bump forward. You squeezed your eyes shut and groaned. “Fuck.” 

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Keramisa’s birthday is on Feb 6, and she wants 100 Black Lion Chest Keys for her birthday. Or even more! I am here to make it happen. Commission time.

Again, only sketches (example) (and you’ve seen the stuff I did for other people)
- 10 Black Lion Chest Keys for headshot/bust
- 15 Black Lion Chest Keys for full body
+ 5 Black Lion Chest Keys per extra character
Keys go to this GW2 account: aketan.3689

What to do to get commission:
- send me a letter to aketantan@mail.ru, including your tumblr nickname and GW2 account name
- get these references ready, the more the better. tell me a bit about your character’s personality
- tell me what emotion or action you want to see on the image
- don’t throw keys at me before I accept your commission, please =w=
- I reserve the right to decline the commission if I will feel uncomfortable with drawing things you requested (this probably will not happen though)

Please, don’t send me messages ingame or in tumblr chat or in askbox. One simple letter to aketantan@mail.ru will be enough. Thank you!

P.S. I will use all the keys on her birthday and also I will get her a cake. Yay!

Not Good Enough

Request: Hi, again! Loved Jealously 😚😍 And I was just wondering if you could do one more request for me. Where Reader thinks she isn’t good enough for Bucky and thinks she doesnt have a chance, but unbeknownst to her, Bucky loves everything about her. @charlesgrey1875

Originally posted by suicidessquad

Something about the way Bucky looked at Natasha, even Wanda, made you feel less about yourself. You’ve always felt insecure about yourself and felt like you weren’t good enough to even gain the attention of Bucky Barnes.

This became all the more real for you as you watched Bucky checking out Natasha in her tight bodysuit. Your stomach sank as he walked up to her, clearly flirting. You looked away, your cheeks burning red from feeling so terrible.

It wasn’t even just your looks that set you apart and made you feel like Bucky would never give you a chance. You were clingy, you weren’t as great skill-wise, you just didn’t feel like his type. So, you kept your mouth shut and let it go. At least, you tried to.

Natasha’s burst of laughter filled the jet and you sighed, playing with a loose thread in your own bodysuit. It wasn’t as tight as Nat’s and it had more places for weapons. “Hey kid, why do you look so down?” Tony asked, sitting his helmet down on the table you sat at.

You involuntarily looked over at Bucky and Nat, your stomach knotting. “Oh.” Tony said. Tony knew you liked Bucky, he knew the first day you met Bucky. Something about him drew you in, you wanted to get to know him, and the more you did, the harder you fell. He never stole a second glance at you.

“You can do better, Y/N.” Tony said with a small chuckle. “That’s easy for you to say. You’re not in love with him.” You said quietly, giving Bucky and Nat a side glance. “Okay, gross. Thank God I’m not. But kid, if he doesn’t see how amazing you are, move onto the next one.” Tony said, patting your back. He got up and left you to watch Bucky flirt with Nat.

You sighed, ready to get this mission over with. Unfortunately, you were paired with Bucky and Natasha. You three were ordered to keep watch outside. So you all got ready and once the quinjet landed, you quickly ran out.

You were standing outside the doors, Bucky and Nat on either side of you. “So, that line in the movie you told me about, was wrong.” Bucky said, leaning sort of behind you to talk to Nat. She laughed and shook her head. “I’m telling you, he says-” You sighed. “I’m gonna scope out around the area.” You mumbled, tired of hearing them talk.

You heard Bucky call after you but you kept walking. You started thinking about everything that was wrong with you. Anything that would make Bucky not like you. Everything screamed “not good enough”. Your looks, your interests, your likes and dislikes, your- A gunshot brought you out of your thoughts and you jumped.

Turning the corner, you saw Bucky and Nat high five each other. You sighed, rolling your eyes. You walked back to them. “All clear?” Bucky asked, stealing the dead guards weapons. You nodded, standing back in your spot.

You all three stayed quiet now, having already had a guard show up. You saw movement in the woods ahead and you carefully and very slowly aimed your gun. You saw the guard approaching and you pulled the trigger, shooting him down.“Headshot!” Bucky quietly praised you, smiling down at you.

You smiled back and blushed, turning away before he noticed. “Guys, we need two of you inside!” Steve called out through the comms. You all three exchanged looks. You already knew what was about to happen so you looked at your boots. He’ll choose Nat.

“Nat let’s go.” Bucky said, leaving you outside to watch for other guards. Your heart broke but it was your own fault. The door closed behind you and you sighed, wishing you didn’t feel like this; never good enough for Bucky Barnes.

The mission finally ended and everything was taken care of. You were tired and had taken down more guards than you planned. One had come up behind you and sliced your arm just as you had whipped around to shoot him.

Steve was doctoring your wound and you winced as he cleaned it with rubbing alcohol. “Sorry.” Steve apologized quickly. “I’ve never seen a scratch on you before, Y/N. How did this happen?” Steve asked, making everyone turn to you.

You sighed, keeping your eyes on your handgun on the table. “I was distracted, I guess.” You said softly, not trusting your voice. Yeah, distracted by your extreme torture of never being enough for the guy you’re in love with. “Distracted? You’re never distracted.” Bucky chimed in, furrowing his eyebrows.

You jerked when Steve started wrapping your wound. “Sorry, again.” Steve said, feeling guilty for causing you more pain. “Y/N, why were you distracted?” Clint asked, cleaning his arrows. You looked over at him, then at everyone else, and stopped at Bucky. He looked at you, awaiting your answer.

“It doesn’t matter”, you sighed, looking away from Bucky afterwards. The quinjet got quiet and Steve finished wrapping your arm. He got up and you sighed again, getting lost in your thoughts.

As the quinjet landed, you were still sitting in your seat, staring at your handgun. Everyone had left so you let your eyes fill with tears and you sobbed. You held your head in your hands, digging your palms into your eyes as if the pressure would keep your tears inside.

“Y/N.” You heard Bucky say. You jumped in your seat, turning to face him. “I thought everyone had left.” You said quietly, sighing. “Why are you crying?” Bucky asked, taking a seat beside you. You shook your head. “I’m not doing this.” You said, standing to your feet.

Bucky followed you and caught your wrist in his flesh hand. “Doing what?” Bucky questioned, looking down at you. You inhaled deeply and let out a heavy sigh. “Y/N, just tell me what’s going on.” Bucky pushed, setting off your last ounce of composure.

You looked up at Bucky. “You really want to know what’s going on?” You asked rather harshly. Bucky nodded. “Yes.” He said. You blinked away your  tears before continuing. Bucky waited patiently, his hand never leaving your wrist.

“I love you, Bucky. And it’s killing me. You don’t see me the way I see you. I’m not as attractive as Nat or Wanda, we don’t have a connection. I’m not great at being an assassin, I’m not as smart as Nat or as clever as Wanda. I have annoying quirks about me, I clearly cry too much, and I’m-” you sighed. “I’m not good enough for you and I wish I was so you’d at least notice me in a way other than being your teammate.”

You finished your rant and turned to leave so you wouldn’t cry anymore in front of Bucky, but his grip on your wrist tightened. Bucky turned you around and you felt his lips crash into yours. Your eyes widened with shock and he held your cheeks in his hands as you started to kiss back.

You immediately pulled away, gasping for air. “W-wait a minute. What are you doing?” You asked, unsure of what this meant. Did this mean Bucky felt the same way about you? Does he just feel sorry for you? Did he do this just so you’d shut up?

“Y/N, I love you too. I love everything about you. You’re more than good enough for me. I just didn’t know you felt this way. I’m me; I don’t feel good enough for you.” Bucky said, looking down at you, his lips plump from your kiss.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “What?” You asked, not believing what Bucky was saying. Bucky sighed and picked you up, placing you on the table in the quinjet. “I. Love. You.” Bucky said, staring into your eyes. “I just didn’t know how to tell you.” Bucky said, looking down at you sadly.

You bit your lip anxiously. “What about Nat? Don’t you like her? I mean, you could’ve asked me to go inside with you.” You said quietly. “No, I don’t. I was trying to make you jealous but I ended up hurting you. And I wanted to keep you safe. It was much worse inside. But, I see that you still got hurt.” Bucky said, frowning.

“So, you like me and not Natasha?” You asked, still unsure. “For all that is good and holy, just listen to the man speak! Hear his words!” You heard Sam yell into the intercom in the quinjet. You and Bucky both jumped at the sudden outburst.

Bucky chuckled and shook his head. “I love you, Y/N. I think you’re perfect and more than good enough.” Bucky said, kissing your forehead. You blushed and wrapped your arms around Bucky. Your heart felt whole now and you couldn’t believe Bucky felt the same way.

Maybe you could have your happy ending afterall.

Note: YOU’RE ALL GOOD ENOUGH FOR BUCKY BARNES! you’re all good enough period! I hope you like this! feedback is welcomed! thank you for the request, babydoll! .c

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It’s been over a week now and Bernie Wolfe has failed to answer Serena’s email. This does seem a bit odd considering that regardless of anything else that’s afoot, Bernie is Serena’s co-lead for the Trauma Unit. Are the email servers at Kyiv General down? Is this a simple case of her reply getting electronically lost? These are the important questions of our time and as such, @thepurrbutton and I have put together a couple of lists of potential reasons for Bernie’s radio silence.

Read part one here.

While Bernie was in the middle of a particularly extensive and tricky surgery, one of the overhead lights in theatre fell and smashed her in the head. She’s fine but has a small case of amnesia and can’t remember who anyone is at the moment. “Serena??? Who??”

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Character: Newt Scamander

Prompt: (Specific Request)

A/n: I really had to go on whim about what would make this absolute fluff of a character get angry apart from hurting his animals, which I couldn’t bare to have the reader do. So I understand if it’s a little random :,)

One of the things that originally drew Newt to you whenever you first met, was your great enthusiasm for his work on magical creatures. You were more skilled with crafting charms, but you always enjoyed your Care of Magical Creatures class.

After initially meeting in Bulgaria, the two of you continuously exchanged letters before seeing each other again in Ireland.

That was whenever Newt insisted that you join him on the rest of his journeys since your charmwork would be beneficial to his work.

However, the more truthful reason would be that Newt wanted to keep you around as a companion of sorts.

Charms helped with entertainment during the long amounts of time you spent traveling. One of Newt’s particular favorite was whenever you charmed his teacups to have legs so they waddled and danced around.

And when there was a considerable amount of downtime, you helped him with casting silent spells, something he never quite mastered.

As time went by, Newt began developing feelings for you and shortly after that, you were together.

It worked really well between the two of you, since the both of you were gentle beings so arguing was a scarce thing.

However after awhile, you became increasingly more worried about him.

You still encouraged his profession as a magizoologist, it’s just that with the amount of dangerous escapades he went on, you were starting to fear for his safety. The amount of times you used healing charms and your vast knowledge on healing to save his life has reached uncountable measures.

Of course, you had no idea how to bring this up to him without it causing some kind of rift.

So you opted to keep quiet on the matter, instead waiting in the case for Newt to return and heal whatever he had managed to injure his time.

You sat at one of the stools in Newt’s shack as you waited yet again.

You managed to managed to find yourself some company with Niffler, a creature who had become rather fond of you ever since Newt showed him to you.

He stood on the edge of the desk, looking up at with you curious eyes as he noticed how gloomy you were starting to become.

You reached out and pet it’s head. “Don’t you worry, I’ll bring it up eventually.”

“Bring what up?” Came Newt’s voice suddenly from behind you, causing you to nearly fall off your chair.

Newt smiled, momentarily pausing to place a kiss on your lips before he removed his coat.

You returned a smile, though it was much fainter than his and you mentally sighed at seeing the scratch marks on him.

“Another rough time?” You asked quietly, standing up as he took off his waistcoat, setting along with his coat.

“Not really, I lost sight of the Griffin for a moment and then it surprised me.” He explained, slightly grimacing as you cut the fabric around his wounds, trying to ignore the painful pull whenever you had to remove it.

You frowned immediately upon seeing the deep scratches, the bleeding wasn’t as bad as usual but seeing it along with the plethora of scars that lined his back.

Again, you silently held back your thoughts, refusing to start an argument it.

“Are you alright?” Newt asked, immediately noticing the heavy atmosphere around the two of you. “You seem very quiet.”

You waved your wand, fixing up the final scratch as you sighed heavily. “Nothing for you to worry about it.” You answered, placing your wand on his work table.

“Please tell me?” He asked, taking your hand lightly in his after changing into a new shirt.

You sighed again, taking your hand out of his as you tried to form a way of explaining it to him without upsetting anyone.

“I…don’t think you should go on as many of these creature hunts anymore.” You said hesitantly. “At least not on your own, it’s just that it’s dangerous and-”

“You don’t think I can handle it.” He finished, starting to become upset.

“No! It’s just that in the last month I have reset the bones in your arm at least five times, and all the scratches and bite marks have gone beyond concerning.”

“I didn’t realize that it had been such an inconvenience for you, I won’t ask for your help on it anymore.” Newt said plainly, turning away from you.

You didn’t know what had gotten into him, perhaps it was the severe loss of sleep that made him more agitated. “That’s not what I said.”

“Then what is it that you’re trying to tell me?” Newt whirled around to look at you again. “Because it sounds like you want me to stop doing the thing that makes me happiest.”

“What? No I’m not-”

“Sometimes I forget why I asked you to join me in the first place.” He said sharply, obviously not stopping to think before he spoke.

You went quiet as you stared at him, eyes slightly widening at his comment.

The both of you looked floored, and Newt’s face instantly turned into one of regret.

“I-I didn’t mean-” He started, attempted to take a step towards you but you kept the distance.

“If I really have been such an inconvenience to you then I am sure I can find somewhere else to go.” You told him calmly, reaching out for your wand.

Newt’s hand instantly stopped you from doing so, latching onto it desperately. “I’m sorry, I-I am so sorry.”

You didn’t look at him, keeping your eyes fixated upon your wand.

“I don’t know why I said that, you were just trying to help and-” He stopped himself, looking at the upset look on your face. “I really am so incredibly sorry, it was unnecessary.”

You let out a long exhale as you looked up at him for a second before casting your eyes elsewhere again. “Yes it was.”

Newt held back a sigh of relief, finding a simple sentence better than the silence. “I didn’t mean what I said, and I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me. I would never, ever want you to leave me.”

You kept quiet for a few more moments, finally meeting his gaze again. “I suppose I’ll forgive you this once.”

A smile formed his face in relief as he quickly pulled you into a tight embrace, kissing the top of your head. “I really am sorry.”

You wrapped your arms around him, noticing that Niffler had returned to his spot. “Next time I can’t promise I’ll be as forgiving.”

Newt rested his head ontop of yours. “There won’t be a next time, I swear.”


Today on “Badly Timed Party Banter”….

We’re lying in bed, about to have sex, we have been making out for a few minutes, our clothes are off.

I’m insecure about my body and my skills in bed, you were the first person I ever had sex with and I can count on my fingers how many times we did it.

You got frustrated with me, I was confused about where to put my hands and how to please you; after guiding me 3 or 4 times, you just got mad.

You questioned my sexuality, asked me if I really do like girls. Offered to be just my friend, said we don’t need to have sex, asked again if I really do like girls, if I really am attracted to you.

That hurt me, I had been questioned about my sexuality before, but never by you.

I was so hurt, so embarrassed, my insecurities had gotten the best of me. They kept me from being with you.

You are skilled in bed, and you know it. You even boast about it.

I am not, you knew I was unsure about that, you knew you were the only person I had ever been with, even the only person who had ever seen me naked.

I ran off from the bed and the bedroom, I couldn’t formulate another answer other than “I love you, of course I’m attracted to you.” I couldn’t tell you that I lose my breath when I see you naked, that I dream and fantasize about your body. That you heat me up just by saying good morning (that also warms my heart and soul).

I went into the bathroom and turned the shower to the hottest setting, started crying like crazy. I was humiliated, I was hurt. I couldn’t tell you half the things I was feeling; my mind had too much running through it.

You came in.

I was shocked.

You’re always so respectful, you always knock and ask.

This time you didn’t.

You walked right into the shower, hugged me, touched your forehead to mine, apologized.

My heart was full. I had known before you were the one I wanted for the rest of my life but there, right then, I knew I loved you more than ever. My heart exploded with happiness.

We washed each other, I washed your hair and found out you don’t like using shampoo to wash your ears. We made out, made fun about how our bellies touched because they’re not perfectly trimmed.

It’s one of my happiest memories with you.

Looks (Klaus Mikaelson Imagine)

Based off this gif set: http://all-about-that-fandoms.tumblr.com/post/136395815572/imagine-the-different-ways-klaus-looks-at-you

    Klaus Mikaelson was a puzzle. A frustrating, long as hell puzzle with so many pieces you were overwhelmed at the complexity of him. He was evil, you knew that from the moment you met him. Everyone whispered about the power of the original werewolf vampire hybrid. They spoke of how cruel and manipulative he was. How he had lived for so long, and done so many terrible deeds he no longer had a soul. They never talked about his passion, the way he put his all into everything he did. His determination and skill were frightening when you looked at the destruction caused with them, but when you stood back and just looked at the man, he was amazing. Never had you met someone so dedicated and faithful. His loyalty matched no other, he was morally the most corrupt person on earth, but when he found something to hold onto, he held on tight. Maybe that was what drew you to him from the first place, but honestly, it could just as well have been his undeniable good looks.

    He did not have a good history in romance. All those he had allowed himself to love had a habit of breaking his trust and, in that, his heart. So when he first met you, he didn’t allow himself to get swept up in your good looks, he just watched as waited for you to fail. You were a wide eyed and bushy tailed kid who had never been exposed to anything dark until you met Klaus and the rest of the vampires in New Orleans. So Klaus waited for you to screw up, end the night dead in a ditch or something. He waited and waited, watching you while you explored and unknowingly letting you get closer to him. Somehow you ended up in his house, looking through his paintings, babbling on about how beautiful they were. And somehow Klaus found himself watching you in a different way, admiration shining bright in his eyes rather than a simple curiosity.

    Within the next few months you found yourself well acquainted with the Mikaelson’s home. You met Hayley and Elijah, spent your days walking around the property or sitting in a quiet room with Klaus, reading his vast array of books. Time well spent you would say. Your days were calm and enjoyable other than the days when the family would have vampire business to take care of, those days were more lonely than anything. Something good came out of everything though, you would definitely argue that the night you stayed at the Mikaelson’s house to have dinner with Klaus was something good. It was when he barged in the room with more anger than anything in his eyes everything seemed to go into array. When he saw you, standing in the kitchen with an apron tied around your hips, you saw his anger change into something much different. His eyes were dark with lust and hunger, two emotions he had never looked at you with. When he pinned you the the cold fridge door and a shiver ran down your spine, accompanied with a small whimper, you felt the air change. Any awkwardness was replaced by the thick sexual tension as his mouth pressed against your neck. From that night forward, not only could you not stand to look at the kitchen counter the same, memories of yourself spread over it were too hot to constantly be reminded of, but you had to deal with every smug smirk of Klaus’s. When he had to buy a new bed frame because you had screamed “Harder!”, or when you woke up with two bruises in the shape of hand prints on your hips, and especially when you hand to limp, or worse, ask Klaus for help walking to the living room in the morning.

    The combination of the sex you had and the long amounts of time the two of you would just sit and talk about anything just to hear each others voice took a toll on Klaus. His feelings were something he couldn’t hide nor could he simply hold back when he was with you. His behavior changed, the possessiveness over you was something new but oddly enough, you found it rather endearing. It felt good for someone to want to have a claim over you, and Klaus was the most powerful being you had ever met, so it more flattered you than anything. Somehow, as more time passed, Klaus felt more for you than he had allowed himself to feel in a long time. He felt the admiration, for your beauty and your kind soul, but he also felt the lust and hunger for you. Deep down he even felt something he didn’t want to admit he still could feel. Love. While you had come to terms with your own feelings for the hybrid, he had simply not been able to fathom he could feel something for such a mortal.

    Though he refused to say it out loud, every night after his panting body would roll off of yours or you would fall onto the bed beside him and curl up to his chest, your clammy skin against his making him feel more powerful as his arms wrapped around your shaking figure, he would wait until you fell asleep. With your head on his chest, breathing softly and unconsciously rubbing your hand across his chest every once in awhile, he would lean down and softly whisper the words against your forehead. “I love you,” and somehow, he never came to know about the nights you would pretend to sleep so you could hear the faint whisper.


Now that I think about that part of my education, I often wondered what benefit my teachers thought I’d get from learning how to address a baroness or how to dance a late 18th century regency ball quadrille.

As it turns out, as I sit here writing a period style romance novel, quite a lot.