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Fred Weasley Imagine: “Thinking out loud”

Hi, I wanted to request an imagine were Fred heard the reader singing Thinking Out Loud in the shower and he sing that 4 her on their wedding, when she ask him how did he remembered that he says: bc u were naked,ur voice is beautiful and I love u thx

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Today was the best day of your life. You were no longer [y/f/n] [y/l/n], but [y/f/n] Weasley. You still couldn’t believe Fred Weasley was your husband. The ceremony had been simply magical. Your family, the Weasleys and some friends had attended it and filled the day with happy tears and bright smiles that you’d always keep in your heart.

Everybody had already gone home, leaving you and Fred alone. The musicians weren’t there either, but that didn’t prevent the Weasley twin from holding you by the waist as your arms draped over his shoulders. You were dancing without music on, but you couldn’t care less. You didn’t want this perfect moment to end. Suddenly, Fred leaned in and hummed lowly in your ear,

“When your legs don’t work like they used to before

And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?”

His voice wasn’t the best, yet the fact that he tried made you simper like a fool. The prankster could be a hopeless romantic when he wanted.

“How do you know I like this song? It is muggle…” you breathed out in disbelief, your heart pounding strongly in your chest at the realization that he probably memorized the lyrics solely to surprise you.

Fred smirked then, and your knees went weak. You felt thankful he kept supporting as you swung across the dance-floor. Otherwise, you would have fallen down. He simply had that effect on you.

“Well, babe, you sang it the other day in the shower…”

Confusion was plastered on your face. You weren’t the one to sing, after all. Your eyes narrowed, trying to remember the exact moment that happened. When you finally did, your cheeks turned scarlet in embarrassment. You sang that song in the shower, indeed. You thought there wasn’t anybody else home, so you let go and sang from the tops of your lungs this one special song that had been stuck in your head for weeks.

“I thought I was alone,” you whispered timidly. “You had just left…”

Fred’s rich chuckle sent shivers down your spine.

“I forgot something and when I came back you gave me quite the performance, Mrs. Weasley,” he revealed amused.

Your cheeks were burning by then. However, there was something that moved you: he remembered. He remembered that muggle song you sang a month ago.

“How can you remember it?”

“You were naked, [y/f/n]… I think that is self-explanatory,” he teased, rolling his eyes.

You stopped dancing abruptly and hit his shoulder playfully as you bit your bottom lip in order to restrain yourself from calling him something you might regret later. Your reaction only made him chortle. Once the laughter subsided, he brought you closer to him and you rested your head on his shoulder.

“I remember it because your voice is beautiful and because I love you.”

His honest response left you breathless. Thankfully, he wasn’t expecting any answer. He simply kept singing, his voice echoing in the free-of-guests room.

“So, honey, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

Maybe we found love right where we are”

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hi omg i know youre prolly annoyed by these asks at this point, but i just wanted to say that in the '[ENG] Kaisoo's actual conversation from Kolon Sports making(BTS)' video, the way kai said "am i an idiot?" felt almost kinda...dirty?? like i cant explain it, but it was like he was trying to be like 'what are u gonna do about it?' IDK that esp felt very flirty, i mean look at the way he's eye-fucking soo when he says it. and the tone?? DO U SEE IT TOO OR IS IT JUST ME LMAO

WHAT NO ANON *STOPS U* id talk abt it forever tbh but the kaisoo tag is full of my posts im thinking yall must be getting tired of me 🙂🔫 and ok yeahhh i watched it again bc i like that video so much i could marry it men>>>>> that video  i think the reason why u (and me and everyone I’m sure theres a lot of us) think that way is cause he says it in a tone intended to rile ksoo up and I’m sure thats what he was doing i mean, he was probably expecting ksoo to like shove him and argue with him in like a flirty way. and waht do yOU MEAN THAT WAS ESPECIALLY FLIRTY??? THE WHOLE VIDEO WAS FULL OF FLIRTING HFKSDH HE LITERALLY STARED THROUGH HIS SOUL FOR TEN DECADES i bet if it were just the two of them then… you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) also not to go into full analysis mode but whenever ji talks he lowers his head while maintaining contact (flirting signal, submission) and ksoo too he tilts his head (flirting signal) so really no ones losing here kaisoo wins, love wins, kaisoo shippers win, we all win ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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50- Vax/Gilmore pre-breakup

I will always love you, or anyway I will always have loved you now. (And you will always be someone who was beautiful, once.)

this definitely does not fit the prompt but i tried hwjkfdnasf

As cliché as it might sound, you remember the first time you saw him as if it was yesterday.

It was a slow day, the one or two customers in the shop browsing idly through your not-insignificant shelves for the past hour or so when they entered. The bell above your door chimed incessantly as eight of the most colorful personalities in all of Exandria stepped through. The bright red dragonborn (how curious. not many of them ever really stepped outside of Draconia, and your merchant’s eye noticed the intricate brocade trim that adorned the dragonborn’s robes with some interest) and the tall woman with antlers (antlers) made a beeline for the shelves stocked with ingredients. The two gnomes and… was that an actual goliath behind them? meandered about in idle curiosity, occasionally picking things up (and almost breaking them, in the goliath’s case) as they did. The tall, bespectacled fellow somewhat awkwardly shuffled his way towards the shelves with tomes on the more obscure histories, thumbing his way through the dusty pages with rapidly growing interest (Sherri was already making her way towards him, fiery determination in her eyes. We are not a library!)

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The baby changeling never died, and only temporarily merged with Odo, both restoring his powers and allowing it to heal in a sort of incubated state. Once it was healthy, they separated, Odo retaining his powers, and the baby ready to make better progress toward maturity. Also: imagine Weyoun 6 babysitting the changeling.

Ohh anon, I love this, I have to draw it !

I love dad!odo so much… Also imagine Odo finally getting the chance to link and shapeshift with the baby, getting to teach it all his favorite forms, giving it the childhood he wishes he’d had ;;

And the baby growing and discovering its own identity, choosing its own name and gender (if it wants!) and learning to live amongst humanoids without fear,,,

And also, weyoun just being completely Unable To Handle the cuteness. He’d probably let it do whatever the changeling equivalent of staying up til 3am eating ice cream and watching scary movies is :>

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And as for muck ups... 😂 Sam once told me that it was rarer things go right than wrong. I've seen Gabs mic not work and them have to reset the show before Breathe. Sonny loses his hat like a good 3/5 shows when he shouldn't. The apple Johnny throws to Reiss in the first song once ended up in he lap of an audience member. A dead mouse fell from the ceiling. Someone didn't put the flags out for Carnaval so they had to do and entire song about flags with no flags...

Omg and you know Vas gives the Piragua to someone in the audience? Well on the last night he didn’t give it to anyone, he just kept it. But one night I saw him give it to a girl and then take the popcorn from the guy next to her and start eating it as he walked off stage :’)

i’ve seen reiss drop all the money he needed to buy a piragua and then one of the girls picked it up and bought it instead

and i’ve seen it where when everyone stormed out after dinner gaby didn’t shut the door and it swung right back open,, which i’ve seen happen with sam at the end as well, but it only opened a little that time and he just had to shut it again

and i’ve seen it where juliet missed the dust at the start of enough so there was no cloud and the noise was very small because she hit the wrong place on the barrel,, but enough was still amazing because damn shes good

and ive seen sam johnny and damian all lose their hats in the same show,, hats man you cant work with them

and vas and the piragua is always an experience :D one time i saw it where there was only one woman sitting on the front row so he leaned over to give it to a little girl in the second row and then sat with his arm around this woman for the rest of the song and when sam came out at the end he just looked at them like “uh okay???”


anonymous asked: So in Nora’s extra content she says andreil go on dates to resteraunts/walks on the beach etc, could you maybe right about their first real date?

  • okay so the first “date” of theirs is while they’re still at palmetto
  • the food at the dining hall was going to be shit that night and everyone was getting on neil’s nerves and he was gonna lose it if they stayed there so andrew just looked at him and was like “we’re leaving”
  • neil immediately agrees and texts kevin that they won’t be at night practice
    • cue “what the fuck neil” text that prompts neil to turn his phone off
  • they get into the maserati and andrew just drives for a couple hours, headed southeast
  • the drive alone is enough to relax neil, but then they get into charleston and neil starts to get curious (and a lil excited) about what andrew is planning
  • they left as soon as they were done with class in the afternoon and there wasn’t much traffic, but the drive was almost three and a half hours, so neil is hungry enough to eat dinner
  • andrew just glances over at him and maneuvers through the city, eventually turning right onto a street with a bunch of restaurants and saying “pick one”
  • neil, after all his years on the run, is really really good at knowing instinctively which restaurants are going to be good but not too expensive, so he scans the road before naming one
  • the place isn’t anything special, it doesn’t stand out among any other american diners, but neil was right and the food is really good
  • they chat about a little bit of everything: of all the cities neil had been with his mother, charleston was never one of them, so he rambles off some observations about the buildings and the grid of the city that he didn’t realize he had noticed on the drive in
  • andrew is amused enough to pay attention, and in exchange he recounts a story from high school where nicky dragged him and aaron to charleston for the weekend to try to bond but it didn’t exactly go well 
  • they finish eating but neither of them want to leave yet so they end up wandering the streets
  • they end up walking on a sidewalk parallel to the beach, and the smell of the salt water surprisingly doesn’t remind neil of his mother, at least, not in a bad way
  • “have you ever been to the beach? for fun?” neil asks
  • andrew considers the question as he smokes. “a couple times. cass took me for a day trip once.”
  • that was more than neil was expecting to get, and he smiles as he looks out over the waves
  • “i think the last time i went for fun was when i was a kid. maybe 4 or 5 years old? my mom somehow managed to convince my dad that she could take me. i think he sent some security with us, but still.”
  • “sounds better than the last time you two were at the beach together,” andrew says, partially bc he’s a dick but also because he can tell neil was already thinking about it
  • neil nods but doesn’t say anything, but the next time there’s a walkway leading down to the sand he turns to take it, stepping out of his shoes to carry them in his hands
  • behind him he can hear andrew sigh loudly in protest but he follows him down the wooden planks, stopping to remove his shoes as well
  • they walk up and down the beach, kicking at the sand and occasionally stepping into the waves washing against the shore (and taking breaks to make out since somehow they’re the only people on the beach)
  • it’s all very cute and gay
  • eventually the sun has set and both of them are tired enough to know they should leave now if they want to make it back to campus
  • andrew gets them back to the car much faster than neil could, and neil low key falls asleep in the passenger seat on the drive home
  • he wakes up when andrew pulls into the parking lot of fox tower, and yawns as he walks inside with andrew
  • neil asks for permission when they walk through the door to the building, and andrew raises his eyebrows before nodding and neil just takes his hand and holds it as the elevator door opens to take them to the third floor
  • andrew rolls his eyes but doesn’t let neil’s hand go
  • they share a bed that night bc neil can’t be bothered to climb into his loft
  • none of the foxes know where they went, and none of them ever find out, and neil and andrew like it that way. they like that this is their own thing and start doing it more and more frequently, just going to different cities and exploring them for the first time, together

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Im so confused as to what Allura was doing in the last ep? And how? I mean its gonna come up as plot in the future but STILL it seemed a liiiiil bit too convenient and dare I say? OP

i mean, haggar is altean, haggar is a super powerful villain that they need to EVENTUALLY match in power in order to prevail, it’s perfectly within reason for allura to start unlocking similar powers to hers, since allura is one of the rare alteans that can manipulate energy/quintessence.

it may seem a bit “too convenient” but i mean….so are most event in tv shows and movies and stuff. and really it wasn’t “too convenient” it was barely convenient enough to push back haggar a bit so they could get the hell out fo there. it’s not like she immediately defeated haggar after unlocking powers or anything. and the only reason she did unlock them is cause haggar hit her with her powers which probably cause a surge that unlocked “or broke open) the ability within allura.

she was just barely able to push haggar back. she still has to learn how to use (and possibly like, mentally come to terms with) these powers, and the reason she unlocked them falls in line with how powers are unlocked in like, half or more of superpower tropes (think hunterxhunter for example, they can only begin to unlock their nen when their instructor floods them with his own nen to activate/trigger the ability).

like there’s literally nothing op or too convenient about it.

shiro’s ability to - apparently - phase through solid matter? now that’s op.

but hey *shrugs* it’s a kids show about a giant lion robot saving the universe, there’s gonna be a few things that are op purely because of the massive scale (literally universal) that it is on.

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Head cannon where Luke tries to get with annabeth and Percy gets angry

Oooh this could potentially be in an AU where Luke still saves Olympus, but doesn’t die:

Imagine after the war, Luke comes up to Annabeth, thanking her for pulling him back to reality. She blushes, claiming that it wasn’t too hard. Luke brushes his hand against her cheek, smiling, “We could be perfect, us two.” 

Imagine Percy seeing all of this, anger boiling up inside of him. Fists clenched tightly, he comes in between them. “No,” he says, “You don’t get to do that, Luke. You played with her feelings, you manipulated her, you almost let her die. I know you saved Olympus, but you do not get to do that.”

Imagine this being the start of a new side to Percy, a side that no one, not even Annabeth, had seen before. A dark version of Perseus Jackson.

Rmr when my url was badaam-buffness and id get anons being all sassy like “pistachios are better” like bih excuse u? Did i ask?