were they homeless

talesfromcallcenters: "I'm totally not a sex-offender. Oh, my social is [social.] What do you mean, you found my profile and you know I'm a sex offender?"

(*During my job at 211, I worked with a few sex offenders who were homeless and needed a place to stay. There are three different types of sex offenders in Ohio, tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. The gentlemen in the story was a tier 3 sex offender.)

Me: “Thanks for calling [agency] how can I help you today?”

Man: “I need a place to stay.”

Me: “OK, what’s your full name please?”

Man: “It’s [not his name.]”

Me: “OK.” Not knowing the man, I pull up nothing in the database. Me: “Sorry, I’m not finding you. Can I have you repeat the spelling of your last name?”

Man: “Sure, it’s [still not his last name.]”

Me: “OK, let me check one more thing. Can I have your social please?”

Man: “Sure, it’s [number.]” Pulls up profile

Me: Reads profile: all info is erased but social and name, and all information is replaced with: TIER 3 SEX OFFENDER, BANNED FROM ALL SHELTERS. He would still be allowed at the winter shelter, but that was not yet open.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that we don’t have any shelters open that you can attend—”

Man: “I’m NOT a sex offender!”

Me: Blinks “I’m sorry?”

Man: “I’m not a sex offender! I need a place to stay. I’ve stayed at name of shelter before.”

Me: “Just a moment.” I put him on hold and called the shelter he’d stayed at before. It had just been a day. It turns out he’d lied to the first rep who had gotten him, but the shelter had somehow found out the truth and immediately evicted him, as the *shelter was near a school.**

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t serve you at any of our current locations, and our winter shelter won’t open for several more months now. I can try and—”

Man: “No! I need a SHELTER! I am not a sex offender. She deserved it!”

If it had hit me with what he’d said, I’d have terminated the call there, but at that point I was used to strangeness, so nothing phased me for good and bad. Me: “I understand that, sir, but we don’t have any options HERE–”

Man: Click.

[He called back several times, getting multiple people. Each time he would refuse any other resources, swear he was someone else, and would give his correct social. He always seemed amazed when we found him in our database.]

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one thing abt those “rethink homelessness” ads theyre always showing white people holding up signs like “i had a business/i was a dentist/i had a scholarship/i went to harvard”

like thats great.. good for them. but what about the homeless people who never “achieved” anything?

what about the homeless people who came from broken homes, got pregnant at 15, dropped out of high school, got addicted to drugs, never went to college, worked at mcdonalds since they were teenagers

“rethink homelessness” wants to show you the homeless people who were “worth something”. the “good” homeless people so you can look at them and think “oh look i guess all homeless people arent worthless bums after all! i should start caring about some of them!!”

those “rethink homelessness” ads seem to only promote homeless people who “made something of themselves” but then life took a tragic turn for them. as if theyre the only kind of homeless people who deserve empathy and respect

protect and respect ALL homeless people. even the ones who never got even a little close to being “successful”. even the “bad ones” who are the stereotypical homeless people

just because a person never “made something of themselves” doesnt mean theyre beneath you

“rethinking homelessless”?? more like subtle classism imo


March 9th 1945: Bombing of Tokyo begins

On this day in 1945, the bombing of Tokyo by the United States Air Forces began. There had been raids by B-29 bombers since November 1944, but this was one of the most destructive in history. The raid on the night of March 9th saw 334 B-29s take off in Operation Meetinghouse, with 279 of them dropping around 1,700 tons of bombs. 16 square miles of the Japanese capital were destroyed, around a million were left homeless and around 100,000 people died as a result of the firestorm. Tokyo saw many raids such as this, with over 50% of Tokyo being destroyed by the end of the Second World War. However the firebombing on the night of March 9/10th was the single deadliest air raid of the war; the immediate deaths were higher than seen at Dresden, Hiroshima or Nagasaki as single events.

“Killing Japanese didn’t bother me very much at that time… I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal…. Every soldier thinks something of the moral aspects of what he is doing. But all war is immoral and if you let that bother you, you’re not a good soldier.“
- Curtis LeMay, the American general behind the firebombing campaign

I feel like people don’t understand that Jewish tradition holds that the acts of Sodom that were so bad were 1. Rape 2. Starving homeless people for fun 3. Covering foreign women in bee honey and letting the native insects eat her alive in the public square 4. Cutting off people’s limbs for the lolz 5. Being a mega douche to anyone different from them 6. Ect

And the act banned in Leviticus is, according to us Jews, not the ~gayness~, but rape, as done as a military conquering tactic.

Source: years of Jewish schooling in orthodox and conservative environments, growing up in an orthodox community, ect

Been thinkin, and , the Teen Titans, when they first meet up in the show- where do they go after? Like- there wasn’t a Titan’s tower. Were they homeless? Did they live in a motel for the like, year it would take for them to build their Tower? What about Money- sure Batman would probably help out, inevitably- but they still need to buy food and shit.
Also, clothing- costumes?
Is it during this tome period that Cyborg realizes he doesn’t have a penis and can just walk around naked?
WhaT happens after the origin episode?
WhAt happens after the origin episode?

Today, I fucked up... by stealing Yugioh cards from walmart and served 2 months in jail for it.

This happened last year, but decided to make my first fuck up post. This one is worth the share now that i look back on it. Let me give a bit of background about myself before i share this story with you guys. Me and my buddy were homeless, and the way to pass time after we got off work, was to play with Pokemon and Yugioh cards in fast food places.

I was working at Walmart at the time, and decided to steal three big fucking boxes of yugioh cards. The boxes was worth $25 each. After i got off work, i went to the card aisle, and casually looked left and right, and ripped the security tag sticker off of the boxes, and just walked out with it. I at the time, was not under the influence of any drugs, so I did this stone cold sober.

I have no idea what was going through my head when i committed this heinous crime, but apparently I gave no fucks. So I get out the doors, and the alarm didn’t go off, so I thought to myself “Holy shit, I did it!” I sprinted towards my buddy sitting in the car with excitement.

I proceed to get in the passenger seat, shaking in amazement. I tell him “dude lets go to mcdonalds and try these decks out” Hes just as excited as I am. We leave Walmart, and head to Mcdonalds. We play 3 Games, before my girlfriend calls, and says “I need you to bring my car back to my work, Im about to get off” so We did.

We pack up our new presents, and head to her work. We are sitting in the car, smoking weed, laughing, and playing Yugioh. Im 19 when this happened, and hes 27. A police car pulled up on us, and my friend went from “dude im so happy and high ” to the most paranoid person on the planet in 0.2 seconds. He cups the blunt in his hand to hide it, and i can tell its hurting him. The cop gets out and walks to the window, and He says, “Where were you guys earlier?” I get struck with paranoia and fear. My mind is racing to come up with an intelligent answer, because im sitting here with the fucking evidence all over my lap, on top of the middle console, and the dashboard. I could only come up with, “uhm we…we just got back from mcdonalds playing a trading card game o…officer” he replied with what i expected “Where were you before that?”

Im sweating and nervous as fuck and scared all at the same time. I knew i was going to go to jail, because this would be my third offense petty larceny, and in my state, 3 petty larcenies get amended to a Grand larceny. Anyways, the officer and I are going back and forth about are whereabouts, and i couldn’t take the immense pressure, so I said “I was at Walmart and stole these cards sir” He asked me to get out of the car and I did. Another officer was coming up and found the pot in the car, it was about a gram. He didnt charge me with that tho. My Girlfriend comes outside confused as fuck and starts crying “what did you do!?” the whole restaurant workers there knows me as well, and are right behind her. At this point, i’m so ashamed and embarrassed because they see that im getting put in handcuffs over some Yugioh cards.

I get taken back to walmart in the Loss prevention room, and sign some papers, and got fired, and can never work for walmart again. As expected, I was charged with Grand Larceny. I go in front of the magistrate and to my surprise, got out on my own recognizance. Went to court plead guilty, and the felony was dropped to a petty larceny, and served 2 months in jail. No one in jail knew why i was there. I would not dare tell them the truth. So there ya go. Thats one of my biggest fucks up. If there are any errors, i apologize.

TL;DR Stole yugioh cards, served 2 months in jail for it.

Edit: Forgot to mention how the cop knew where we were and knew we stole. So Walmart watched me steal the cards, i think it was a secret shopper, if you dont know what that is, Walmart pays Loss Prevention employees, to walk around and pretend there shopping, but spying on customers to make sure there arent stealing. When i left, they went on the cameras, saw the license plate, called the police, then the police went to my girlfriends dads house, because the car was in his name. Her dad told the police where my girlfriend works and they showed up at her work to ask her if she knew where i was, little did he know, it was I, waiting for the cop, but no seriously, I was already at her work when they came.

Help me not be homeless!

As some of you may know me, my partner, and my pets were set be made homeless on the 24th of January(my birthday) however I have managed to plead with the landlord to let us stay in our house for another month. This is great as it means I’ll be able to work at my new job without interruption until I’m actually earning.
The only condition of this is that we pay the full rent for the month, £750, by Monday. That’s only 5 days away.
I have no way of getting that money on my own, I’ve only just started my new job and I’m not scheduled to be paid for another 2 weeks.
If you are able to help please send what you can to mystrothedefender@gmail.com you can commission me or whatever if you want and if you can’t help please please spread this post.

Imagine Going to Buy New Suits With Sam

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You paced through the halls of the shopping mall, Sam holding your hand in tow, as you stopped in front of a store.

“These look nice,” you smiled, admiring the suits the mannequins were wearing. “What do you think?”

“I like this one,” your boyfriend said, pointing to the black silk suit on the right. “It’s classy.”

You scoffed at his imitation of what you said earlier about ‘finding a classy suit’ since all of his were either torn apart from fighting in them or didn’t fit anymore, hitting his shoulder with yours, hands still tangled with the other.

“You need shirts,” you mumbled, half to yourself. “And pants, yours look like they were from a homeless man.”

Sam smirked, looking at you from the corner of his eye. “Y/N, you gotta stop staring at my pants.”

“Shut up,” you laughed, “should we get in, then?”

“Let’s go.”

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Homelessness in the U.S. declined over the past year. Even so, there were large increases in several cities, including Los Angeles and Seattle.

Overall, almost 550,000 individuals were homeless on a single night earlier this year, according to a new report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. (This report will be available online after 10:30 a.m. ET) That’s a 3 percent decline from 2015, and continues a downward trend in homelessness over the past few years. The numbers are based on a count conducted in January by communities across the country.

There were also declines in almost every homeless category, including veterans, families and the chronically homeless.

Homelessness In The U.S. Was Down Slightly Over The Past Year

Chart: Alyson Hurt/NPR

Imagine Balthazar taking you, a homeless teenager, in.

“This is where you live?” you asked in shock. The room was a lot different than the homeless shelter where you spent most of your life. This was much bigger and the decorations were incredible. Classical paintings littered the cream colored walls accompanied by a large rug on the hardwood floor.

The man who threw you a lifeline nodded. “Correct, but now this just isn’t my home. It’s yours too.”

“I-I can’t believe this…are you sure you want me here? I could always go back to the shelter and-”

“Nonsense, Y/n! I want you here with me, that is if you want to stay. I can promise you that I am not a threat or mean you any harm. I know what it’s like for your parents to abandon you.”

You furrowed your brows and cocked your head to the side. “You were homeless too?”

He shrugged followed by a sharp sigh. “That’s not exactly how it was, although, my dad was absent for my entire life and still is.” Pain surged through you only to strike your broken heart. “I want to give you a second chance in life. Show you what it’s like to have a family who loves you. I want to give you everything I never had.”

“T-This,” you stuttered, “is too much. I-”

“Just take your time. Think it over. And get some rest, okay? I’ll come to check on you in the morning, but don’t be afraid to ask me if you need something.”

With that, he walked off down a hall where the smell of tea came floating down. This was your chance to succeed in life. This was your moment to get off the streets and out of that crowded shelter you called home for too many years. The mysterious dude that just saved your life and didn’t even know it, opened his house to you and took you in like his own. Maybe you should stay…not just for you…but for him. It was obvious he wanted a family to love him just as much as he wanted to provide you with one, so you would give him one. It might be a small family for now, but at least there was one more person that loved him for him. Even though he wasn’t related to him by blood, you would love him like he was.

The way Vex hoards money is actually pretty upsetting if you consider that (excluding a few years in Syngorn) she and Vax grew up peasants, and that for a time after leaving their father, they were essentially homeless. For most of their lives, money meant food and shelter, and a lot of times not having money meant going hungry or sleeping in unsafe places. 

Not having money is probably a terrifying thought for her. 

Take with a grain of salt.

  • Group of Clowns appear on a live broadcast on TV.
  • Clowns appear from different department stores and from public facilities at the same time.
  • Head office of the ‘Tenyawanya’.
  • Investigators are headed towards this area, it is then revealed that the Clowns were pretending to be homeless people.
  • Branches with less people are being attacked by the actual Clowns.
  • On top of investigators being killed, clerks, communication staff and other people part of the general affairs department have been killed.
  • CCG falls into dysfunction in one go.
  • All the reserve Quinques in the CCG have been destroyed.
Not A Happy Ending

Paring: Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: #49: Sometimes stories don’t have a happy ending.

Words: 597

Warnings: Heartbreak

Triggers: ??? If I missed one please let me know!


You felt numb.



He didn’t tell you.

He didn’t tell you he was already arranged to marry someone back in France.

He was courting you and now he had to go back to France and marry someone else.

You felt betrayed.

Everything was going wrong.

He didn’t even tell you anything.

John had been drunk and spilled it all.

You were homeless now on top of everything with no food, money, job, or anywhere to go.

You were really hungry and needed something. Anything.

Deciding to sing a small song for the chance to get some coins, you climbed up on the bench singing a small lullaby that your mother used to sing to you.

You had gotten a few coins, enough to get something to eat and found a resting place for the night.

Lying down on a bench later on you started thinking about how you meet your darling Frenchman.

Scratch that. He’s not yours anymore.

Anyway you had been at Hercules tailoring shop waiting for your father’s coat to be finished.

He had come barging in, almost knocking you straight to the ground. The both of you started talking while Hercules finished up and the rest was history. The two of you hit it off great and started your courtship.

And everything was going great until now.


Knowing that you had no more chances with Laf completely broke your heart.

Your brain was telling you to confront him, but your heart was telling you just to leave. You were already building walls.

His family wouldn’t let you be together no matter what.

You didn’t have much of an education. You didn’t have a title, money, or anything but this one bag of belongings you now carried with you.

You didn’t want to come between him and his family. Family is one of the most important things in life, even if yours was gone at this point.

The both of you come from completely different worlds.

The only solution that you could come up with was to leave New York and go somewhere else.

After a couple days of looking around you found a small job as a caretaker to a family with 5 children. They were on a vacation here and their old caretaker had gotten married and left.

You would be traveling all the way down to Williamsburg with them in two days time.

But you knew that you would need closer. And a letter was the perfect way to do it.



Why didn’t you tell me? We can’t be together! You are already engaged. We come from two completely different worlds. I can’t be a part of yours.

I do love you. It hurts me to say this but I’m going to leave. Family is so important in our lives and you don’t need to lose yours like I have lost mine.

We had a good go. I loved and enjoyed every moment of it. I never felt anything but happiness. But happiness doesn’t always mean a happy ending.

I don’t want to hurt you. This is hurting me more than you know.

I wanted this relationship with you, but I realize that it won’t work. You will need to realize this as well.

I have no title, money, or education. Now I don’t even have much food and shelter.

I don’t even speak french.

I know that you wanted this to work. I wanted it too.

But there is a moral to this story.

No matter how much you want it,

Sometimes stories don’t have a happy ending.