were the old people who couldn't get it right


In which Derek is technologically inept and needs help clearing his browser cache and history, recruiting his new bff Kira to help him with the task.

anonymous asked:

Fellow disabled!anon to chime in about people yelling at you for parking in handicapped spots because you're young and don't "look disabled". One old woman straight up told me I "couldn't be disabled" because I was a teenager. The weird thing was there were at least three other handicapped spots open right by my car. And I was getting in my car to leave.

why do able-bodied people feel the need to evaluate people who are disabled so they can properly assess whether or not they should be in a certain parking spot

i mean most of the time it will be people who are eligible to park there but even if it’s not it’s a fucking parking spot no one thinks you’re cool for harassing people over it