were the kids your parents warned you about

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For late night talks with friends

  1. If could relive childhood all over again without being able to change anything, would you?
  2. Looking at your current level of intelligence and attractiveness, which would you choose to increase/improve?
  3. Which have you thought about more, your wedding or your funeral?
  4. If you knew you would never meet your soulmate or be happy in a relationship, would you choose to still get married/settle down with someone?
  5. Do you take what you can get, or are you “all or nothing"
  6. Have you ever thought you had a mental health issue/illness?
  7. Which are you most like and why -a river, a lake, or an ocean?
  8. If your partner/you were to get pregnant at this current moment, would you keep or abort the baby?
  9. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made
  10. What do you feel is your biggest personality flaw?
  11. Which do you admire more -your mother or your father?
  12. Who do you spend more time trying to impress?
  13. What is something that you do often, but almost always regret?
  14. Have you ever fantasized about having sexual relations with someone in this room?
  15. Do you prefer to be the big spoon or little spoon?
  16. Do you prefer to be tied up or do the tying? (bondage)
  17. Do you have a martyr complex?
  18. What is something you wish you were complemented on a lot more?
  19. If you just met someone and found out they were a psychopath, if you knew they would never harm you, would you like to be their friend?
  20. Have you ever admired a manipulator?
  21. What is something that if someone does it, they immediately lose your respect?
  22. What would having sex with the person to your right be like? (Characteristics)
  23. What do you think the person to your left thinks their best quality is?
  24. What do you think people your age’s biggest insecurity is?
  25. What do you think makes you the most different compared to everyone else in the room?
  26. What do you think makes you the most different compared to everyone else your age?
  27. What personality characteristic gets you in trouble the most
  28. What personality characteristic gets you the most friends?
  29. Pick a personality characteristic from the person to your right that you would want to have
  30. If you were   a relationship with the person on your left, what do you see them doing that would end the relationship?
  31. What characteristic makes you a bad girlfriend/boyfriend?
  32. What characteristic makes you a great boyfriend/girlfriend?
  33. Ask the person opposite you why they think you are single
  34. Which person in the group do you feel the most chemistry with?
  35. Have you ever fantasized about anyone in the group?
  36. What would make you leave your partner?
  37. What would your parents have to do to lose your love?
  38. What would your parents have to do to lose your respect?
  39. What about growing up has been the hardest for you?
  40. How do you deal with bad memories?
  41. How good are you at reading people?
  42. What is a weakness you have in your relationships?
  43. Do you think it is/will be easy for you to say “I love you” or difficult?
  44. If you had a daughter, what would you tell her about boys?
  45. If you had a son, what would you tell him about girls?
  46. Which do you think you are stronger in? intelligence or emotional awareness?
  47. Are you more of a long-term or short-term relationship person?
  48. What scares you the most about being in a relationship?
  49. Are you attracted to happy people or broken souls?
  50. Have you ever had an incestuous thought?
  51. What do you blame your parents for?
  52. List five ways in which you are, after all, quite difficult to live with?
  53. The chief problems in my relationship with my mother were…
  54. The chief problems in my relationship with my father were…
  55. If someone likes me a lot, I start to feel…
  56. What did you learn about relationships from your parents?
  57. What slightly unhealthy things feel attractive in a partner? How might this relate to your opposite sex parent?
  58. What slightly unhealthy things feel attractive in a partner?
  59. If you could consider yourself dispassionately, what might you warn a friend about if they were thinking of starting a relationship with you?
  60. If I were to explain a bit more to people about how I felt about things, they would…
  61. What are, or would be, my faults as a parent?
  62. What would hurt you the most, in terms of what your kids do/are like/think?
  63. What would be the biggest disappoint you in the kids?
  64. Name three sexual scenarios that especially excite you.
  65. When do you cry or want to cry (as an adult)?
  66. List five things that are the important to you in your life. How much of your time do you give to each of these?
  67. What things do you often end up buying that don’t – on reflection, much of the time – actually satisfy you that much?
  68. What are you trying to say through your clothes?
  69. Name three works of art (music, literature and visual art/architecture) that mean a lot to you.
  70. What are you a little addicted to? Porn, alcohol, shopping, arguing…
  71. What negative character flaws do you fear – in your worst nightmares – that other people have spotted about you?’
  72. ‘If I knew I couldn’t fail, in my professional life, I’d try to…
  73. Rank in order of importance for you in your career: Money, Status, Creativity, Social Impact, Colleagues.
  74. What sort of things have made you envious recently?
  75. When my partner disappoints me, I:
    1. Explode/get angry at them
    2. Withdraw
    3. Re-evaluate our relationships
    4. Other -
  76. What often impairs your decision making process? Lack of confidence, impatience, desire to please, over-excitement…
  77. Choose four adjective to describe yourself. Ask three good friends to do the same for you.
  78. What are you currently lying to certain people around you about?
  79. If a really kind person wanted to praise me, they’d say…
  80. If a really tough person assessed me, they’d say…
  81. Are you dominant or submissive sexually? And in the rest of your life?
  82. What things would deeply alarm your loved ones if they knew them about you?
  83. If you could create your ideal pornography, what would it feature?
  84. What would you ideally like someone to feel compassionate towards you for? What would it beautiful if they could forgive?
  85. What did you most enjoy doing as a child? Do you get those feelings now?
The one where it’s too late.

The fourth addition to the Divorce Series AU. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

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Dating Montgomery De La Cruz With Chubby!Reader

Request: Maybe could you please do a Monty x Chubby!Reader headcannons please?

A/N: I hope you like this :) Sorry for the delay.

Warnings: Self-consciousness.

Dating Montgomery De La Cruz With Chubby!Reader…

  • You were the new student in school, and your parents were making you go to every extra curricular activity for the first couple weeks to help you try and find friends
  • It was at a baseball game that you met Monty. You were just wandering around the side of the grandstand, not exactly wanting to sit somewhere by yourself where you could be a target to the other kids
  • Monty spotted you on his way into the field. Something about you sparked his interest, and he continued to check you out while you made small talk. Eventually he lead you on your way to sit with Sheri and Jessica, and he made sure you were all well on your way to being friends when he left


  • You grew closer to the jocks and cheerleaders as a whole, and Monty had certainly made no attempts to leave your side. You didn’t exactly understand why it was you he liked, and you were a little alarmed when he asked you out, but you said yes anyway, and words couldn’t describe how happy you were when you finally realised he was genuine
  • He made you feel beautiful
  • There were so many sweet kisses
  • He’s always kissing your cheeks


  • Wrapping you up in his arms when you kiss
  • Always kissing you in the school halls
  • Being super overprotective of you
  • Threatening anyone who so much as looks at you wrong

  • Everyone is too scared to say anything bad about you
  • Always reassuring you of how beautiful you are
  • And he absolutely expects you to wear his jacket no matter how much you argue that it won’t be flattering
  • He’ll buy himself bigger clothes if it means you’ll finally start taking them and wearing them

  • His hands are all over your curves all the time
  • Tucking yourself into his chest when you feel self-conscious
  • And he runs his fingers through your hair and whispers reassuring things to you
  • Monty always smiling like an idiot at you when you’re completely carefree

  • Cuddling together all the time
  • He snuggles up in your chest, or he’ll spoon with you and give you soft kisses
  • He loves to see you in lingerie
  • And when he does he’ll kiss every part of your perfect body

  • He crushes every insecurity you have the second you mention it, because he swears you’re just perfect
  • Monty just adoring you and never letting you think badly of yourself

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Avenge This

Steve Rogers/ Reader

Originally posted by naih-reedus

Words: 1,560

Summary: In a matter of minutes, the storefront you worked so hard on gets destroyed by those Avengers and their fights. If only you could believe that Captain America could truly make things right.

Prompt: I am feeling lazy to write a captain America idea will you write it so I can read it ? | “I accidentally destroyed your shop in a super villain battle and that was your livelihood and you’re so pissed and I’m so so sorry, here, let me make it up to you somehow.”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess

Requested by: @natalienicole12347

Author’s notes: Hire me @ marvel. this request is like a month old lmao bless up

This can’t be real.

No, no, no, you refuse to believe what your deceitful eyes are telling you.

You watch as the firefighters take out broken pieces from your clothing boutique after an attack in the city. Your parents even warned you about the potential threat of having this happen and here you are, immediately regretting not listening to your parents when you first moved out here.

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anonymous asked:

meow there! maybe something like... the rfa and mc meeting briefly when they were children? And maybe now they recognize each other at the RFA after not meeting for a long time, or they were childhood friends, or they hated each other, etc? (Depending on who it is lol) not sure how you'd write this ^~^"

( ᐛ )و Meow there! (So cute!) I have an idea. If it’s not what you meant feel free to tell me!


-You were one of the few childhood friends he actually had

-Besides his brother, you were the only one who supported him and told him he wasn’t ugly

-You two only were able to see each other at school, but he had such a cute little kid crush on you

-But you moved suddenly- No explanation or warning

-As he grew up, he occasionally wondered about you, especially as he got more lonely.

-When he finally sees you in person, he can’t believe it’s actually you!

-He instantly hugs you so tightly, almost doesn’t even let go for a while

-Just constantly he’s hugging you or holding your hand

-”Maybe we were meant to be?”


-When the two of you were kids, you hated each other

-You thought he was such a jerk, and he thought your taste was bad. The two of you constantly fought each time you saw each other

-But one day you weren’t in the neighborhood? Weird.

-Turns out you moved, and your family lost a large amount of money.

-You weren’t poor, just not as well off

-When the two of you finally meet, you laugh as soon as you realize. It explained why he was being called a robot in the RFA chat. 

-He’s slightly surprised. Do you still hate him? Do you still have bad taste?

-”I remember you being….Very temperamental.”

-”I thought that’s how you were supposed to flirt as a kid!”

-Oh…My god. You even liked him then?? He’s very flustered.


-When the two of you were younger, you two were neighbors.

-He remembered you being very shy and hiding behind your parents- He remembered you the most for your pokemon shoes

-He wasn’t into games back then, but when your families met up for dinner every now and then, you were too shy to talk- Always playing a handheld or reading a book

-He developed a kid crush on you about the time you moved.

-When he sees you at the party he just can’t stop smiling. 

-”You’re not so shy anymore, are you?”

-”Oh my god, Yoosung!”

-After a tight hug, the two of you spend a lot of the time at the party and afterwards catching up

-He’s so happy you’re doing well, and that the two of you found each other again


-When he went to church, you were one of the people who always managed to sit beside him.

-He never talked about himself much, but you liked sitting next to him and brought him apples from your family’s apple tree.

-You were very nice, one of the few people that actually tried to talk to him

-After he left, he always wondered about you. Were you okay? Did you help others as a kid?

-He recognized you when doing the background check, but he didn’t want to admit it was you. He played stupid. Acted completely different. Did you know who he was? Did you forget?

-But when he found you in person….

-He gave you such a tight hug. You softly hugged him too, admitting how worried you had been about him ever since he left.

-He thanked you for everything, even though you never did much, but it helped him so much as a kid.

-Wants to keep you as safe as possible, you were so precious to him


–The two of you were friends as kids. You’d play pretend, and the two of you were pretty close

-But one day…Jaehee just left. Without any warning.

-Your parents tried to explained what happened, but it was still hard for you to deal with it.

-When the two of you met at the party, she was so shocked

-She even had tears in her eyes. You were her first friend! She was wondering what had happened to you!

-She’s so happy someone even remembers her from so long ago

-After a tight hug, the two of you make a night of going to the local cafe to catch up after the RFA party.

-She. Just couldn’t be happier. She’s so glad to have a friend again, she cries so much when the two of you are alone

-”Thank you so much for remembering me.”

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Mr. Pain in the Ass

A/N: Ahhhhh, I’m so excited about this! I’ve never written anything for Anthony before and I thought what better time to than First Time Day! Teacher!Anthony is my aesthetic. Hope you enjoy! Watch me switch tenses like a boss.

Pairing: Anthony x reader

Prompt: The teacher in the classroom next to you is so annoying, but he’s just so dang cute.

Warning: cursing :o

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Mr. Ramos was a pain in the ass, to say the least. He didn’t know how to control his students, he blasted his music during planning periods, he always had to ask you for pencils for his students to use, half of which came back chewed up. You can digress slightly, but only because he’s super cute. His freckles, his shy smile, his curly hair–god, why is he so cute? However, “cuteness” can only get him so far, especially after all the shit he put you through this past week.

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Saccharine (Happy x Reader)

Thank you @xxmooseoncrackxx​ for this request. I’m sorry it’s taken me about 100 years to finally get on this. <3 My muse is slowly coming back to me! 

Originally posted by arkhangelsks

Playlist: Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

Happy Lowman. That was a name you’d always known. He was the boy from around the corner. The one who’s mom was widowed. The one who was always getting into trouble. The one who every other parent warned their kids from hanging out with. The one that all the parents spoke in hushed tones about. His poor mother. That woman is doing her best. Working those long nights. By the time you entered middle school, all your girlfriends were fawning all over him. Every girl in the school was scared of him, but that didn’t stop them from having him star in their dreams every night. Oh the joy of adolescent hormones. You were always too focused on your school work to really put any stock into the kid from around the way. He was also two years ahead of you. You weren’t even vaguely interested.

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status/frases wpp em inglês
  • curious mind, adventurous heart - mente curiosa, coração aventuroso
  • she’s the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile -  ela é o tipo de garota que pode ser tão magoada, mas ainda pode olhar para você e sorrir
  • be the one to guide me, but never hold me down - seja o único a me guiar, mas nunca me segure
  • your lies were my favorite - suas mentiras eram minhas favoritas
  • she didn’t  want to be sad - ela não quer ser triste
  • I got a war on my mind - eu tenho uma guerra em minha mente
  • I just want to go somewhere where nobody knows my name - Eu só quero ir para algum lugar onde ninguém sabe meu nome
  • how many nights have you wised someone would stay? - quantas noites você desejou que alguém iria ficar?
  • and all the good girls are at home with broken hearts - e todas as boas meninas estão em casa com o coração quebrado
  • I see things that nobody else sees -  Eu vejo coisas que mais ninguém vê
  • I’m not good with feelings - eu não sou bom com sentimentos
  • I love the things you hate about yourself - eu amo as coisas que você odeia sobre si mesmo 
  • we are the kids our parents warned us about - nós somos as crianças nossos pais nos alertavam sobre
  • my cigarettes are better for me than you are - meus cigarros são melhores para mim do que você é
  • I guess I’m just a mess - eu acho que eu sou apenas uma confusão
  • you were the song stuck in my head - você era a canção presa na minha cabeça
  • he was her favorite drug - ele era a droga favorita dela
  • I want to write poems on your skin with my lips - Eu quero escrever poemas sobre sua pele com meus lábios
  • is my soul too dark for you baby? - minha alma é muito escura para você baby? 
  • life’s too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don’t care - a vida é muito curta para beber café de baixa qualidade e chorar por rapazes que não se importam
  • we all do things we said we would never do - todos nós fazemos coisas que dissemos que nunca faríamos 
  • you don’t understand and I can’t explain - você não entende e eu não posso explicar
  • all those fairytales are full of shit - todos aqueles contos de fadas estão cheios de merda
  • this wold sucks, so I made my own - este mundo é uma porcaria, então eu fiz o meu próprio
  • he’s so bad but he does it so well - ele é tão ruim, mas ele faz isso tão bem
  • just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to - só porque eu deixei você ir, não significa que eu queria.
  • you’re always in my mind. Am I always on yours? - você está sempre na minha mente. Estou sempre à sua?
  • you save everyone, but who saves you? - você salva todo mundo, mas quem te salva?
  • paradise is where I am - paraíso é onde estou
  • don’t say maybe if you want to say no - não diga talvez se você quer dizer não
  • we try to hide our feelings, but we forgot that our eyes speak - tentamos esconder nossos sentimentos, mas esquecemos que nossos olhos falam
  • everything I like is temporary and it fucking sucks - tudo que eu gosto é temporário e isso é uma merda
  • maybe I’m just too fucking complicated for anyone to love me - talvez eu seja complicada pra porra para qualquer um me amar
  • but she can’t be what you need if she’s seventeen - mas ela não pode ser o que você precisa se ela tem dezessete anos
Shut Up and Kiss Me

Anonymous said: Hi!! Can you write an Adam imagine where the reader is a hunter with Sam and Dean and Adam was pulled out of Hell but the reader volunteers to stay out of hunts to look after Adam? But then Adam starts to fall in love with the reader and she with him?

Thank you for the request! I think Adam’s a wonderful character who deserves lot of love and to be pulled out of hell.

Word count: 743

Relationship:  Adam/Reader

Warnings: none.


The door of a bedroom creaked, making you sit up. Apparently you weren’t the only one having sleep problems.

You slipped some shoes on and opened the door of your room, bumping into a tall figure.  

“Sorry,” Adam said, his green eyes staring into yours.

Adam was the half-brother of Dean and Sam Winchester, who you had been spending about a year with after your dad had been killed by a shapeshifter. Your mother had died when you were just a kid, and your parents were your only family. So you did what anyone in their right mind would do—you begged the Winchesters to take you with them.

After a lot of tears and promises, they agreed. They took you to the Bunker and from then on you had been on every single hunt you could with them. And then one night Adam turned up at the bunker. Like his brothers, he had also been at hell.

Castiel, angel of the Lord, somehow managed to pull him out of the cage; the place where he had been stuck with Michael and Lucifer for some centuries. Adam was a mess, and after a quick discussion with Sam and Dean, you had agreed to stay in the bunker to take care of him. True, you missed hunting, but over the last eight months you had found out that you really liked spending time with Adam.

As if not enough, Castiel took most of Adam’s memories from hell away at his request, almost killing himself in the process. He would still have flashbacks, and for the next few hours after that it was as if he had just gotten back all over again.

Pulling your head out of your thoughts, you smiled tiredly.

“It’s okay,” you replied, entering your bedroom once again and shutting the door after Adam came in. He sat on the bed and you took his hand.

He could manage to control his mind in the day, but never when he went to sleep. For the past couple of weeks he had woken up screaming or crying, and so you convinced him to come into your room every time he had a nightmare.

“It’s okay, Adam,” you whispered, “you’re back. I won’t let anything hurt you.”

 You and Adam had a sort of… intimate relationship. You could share everything with him and vice versa, but there wasn’t anything romantic going on between you, or well, at least from his side. It had been a few months since you had accepted the fact that you loved Adam. After all, you could only convince yourself that you were blushing because of the heat some many times. But you knew he didn’t like you in that way, how could he?

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” Adam says, looking at the floor. “I keep waking you up because of my stupid problems.”

“Hey, don’t say that,” you reply, moving your hand to his cheek.  “I don’t care that you have to wake me up every night if it means it’s easier to cope with the…things you went through.”

“You shouldn’t be doing this,” he frowns. “I’m not your responsibility. Why do you care so much about me?”

He said this in a fragile voice, much like a child’s. You were instantly filled with love for him, for the boy who had been through so much and stilled managed to be sweet and caring. And he deserved to know that you were there for him.

“Because I love you,” you say easily. “I do. A lot. And I know that it’s stupid because I don’t even think you like me romantically and much less love me but I-”

 You were cut off by Adam’s lips on yours, first a little hesitant, but then more comfortable. You kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck as he put his hands on your waist. You sat there for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of Adam’s body against yours, but eventually had to separate for air.

“I love you, (Y/N),” Adam said once he had regained his breath. “I love you so much, and I have no idea of what I would do without you.”

You smiled, biting your lip.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you either,” you confessed, your forehead touching his. “You are amazing, Adam Milligan, and I love you with all my heart.”

“Shut up and kiss me,” he replied cheekily in a Winchester manner.

Carpet Burn

Sam x Reader 

Warning - Smut! Some Dom/Sub

Word count - 1952

Enjoy ;)

 You stand to behind the bar at the roadhouse, spinning a wet glass around a towel. You smirk to yourself watching Jo flirt with Dean, the girl has it bad. 

You’d known Jo since you were kids, your parents were killed in a hunt and Ellen took you in. You often teased her about her crush on Dean, but it was light hearted she knew that. 

You glance over at Ellen who was putting the chairs onto the tables, she was less impressed by the two’s bonding.  

“Jo! You gonna leave Y/n dry those glasses alone?” She slams a chair down with extra force, stopping Jo’s laughter

“Oh, sorry Y/n….I hadn’t even realised you were back…” you chuckle lightly

“Oh it’s fine Jo, I’ve only been back for 15 minutes” you wink, watching Ellen retreat to the back room, bidding you goodnight, shutting the door behind her. You glance at the clock behind the bar, it was passed midnight.

“Go, it’s fine. These won’t take long” you add whispering, pushing her back towards Dean. Knowing her mother wouldn’t reappear. 

She throws her towel at you. A smile bright on her lips as she retreats back to Dean. You couldn’t blame her Dean was a good looking guy, but he wasn’t your type. You watch the pair move to the pool table. 

You glance over to the corner table that held Sam Winchester’s laptop, but no longer help Sam Winchester.  You frown to yourself that you hadn’t noticed him move, maybe he had gone to the bathroom or something. 

You turn around to place your dry glass under the bar and jump in fright. 

“Sam! You gave me a heart attack!” You laugh, you hand jumping to your chest. He chuckled, leaning towards you taking Jo’s towel from your shoulder where you’d thrown it.

“Thought you could use some help” he grinned, his cute dimples appearing as he picked up a glass from the pile on the bar. 

You feel butterflies in your stomach. Now that’s the kind of man you wanted. Sweet, funny, caring, sexy and a little dangerous. 

The two of you finished off the glasses, stealing the occasional glace at each other. Smirking at the sight of Dean and Jo. The latter suddenly appeared at your side. 

“We’re going for a walk” the look of glee unmistakable on her face. You shake your head at her laughing

“Sure, ‘a walk’. Just be quiet until you’ve passed you’re mom’s window. Oh and take your keys!” she hugged you before slipping out of the back door with Dean in tow. 

You roll your eyes at them, turning back to Sam who was mirroring your expression. You both snort in laughter. 

“Drink?” You offer holding up the closest whiskey bottle, he nods. You grab two glasses and pour. 

After a few drinks you pull the youngest Winchester over to the pool table. You rack up the balls and grab a cue.

“Y/n, I don’t really play….” you decide to tease him into it

“Hmm, ok. Guess I could always wait for Dean….” you see his eyes harden and his fists clench

*Woah that hit a nerve* 

He steps forward and takes the pool cue from your hands. Lining up his shot, you watch intensely as he hits the ball hard send three balls an straight into the pockets. He looks up at you, his eyes a shade darker

“Liar” you smirk at him. You watch him pull off a few trick shots

“This is hardly fair, you’re hustler Sam Winchester. How’s a poor girl like me meant to play fair?” You bend over the table slowly catching his reflection in the mirror as you line up your shot. 

You see his eyes drift down your legs and back up to the denim skirt you were wearing, licking his lips as they fell back to your rear.

You bit your lips to keep from laughing as you make your shot. You miss your next, sighing dramatically.

He clears the table in record time, beating you easily.

“Not one to go easy on a girl huh?” You laugh, watching him. You both silently decide against another game. Suddenly Sam checks his watch, your heart drops thinking he’s going to leave. 

“It’s getting late” he didn’t elaborate, you look at the clock and sure enough it was gone 2am. 

“Yeah” was all you replied with. Your eyes burning into his. 

“You tired?” He asked, you didn’t miss asked beat in replying no

“Me either” you smile at him, you see his muscles tense. His eyes darker, the look he sent you making you ache with need.

“Good” the words barely left your mouth, he stalked towards you slamming his lips to yours.

You gaps but respond eagerly, raising to your tip toes to push further into him. His hand dives into your hair as he walks you backwards. Your ass hits the pool table, his hands drop to your thighs, squeezing roughly before lifting you onto it effortlessly. 

You part panting heavily, his head resting on yours. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” he whispers, you whimper in response.

“Not as long as I have Sammy” you raise your lips to his ear adding wickedly

“But that’s not all I wanted to do”

You hear a growl rip from him. He grabs your hips pulling you forward until your hips slam into his. The outline of his hard cock straining against his jeans. You moan and roll your hips. 

“Upstairs?” You shake your head reminding him of Ellen. 

“Car?” He murmurs against your neck, teeth grazing the skin

“You forget who went outside an hour ago?” You smile pulling his face to yours. 

He swears and drops his head to your shoulder. It seemed hopeless, it’s not like you could fuck on the pool table….could you? 

You wiggled you hips on the wooden surface, testing it’s stability. It barely moved, you grinned suggestively at Sam who was watching you in awe.

“You serious?” He asked his voice strained,  as if he was holding back from ripping your clothes off at the suggestion. 

“Why not? You’ve already screwed me over this table once tonight” You wink, referring to the beating you took at by our previous game. 

He’s on you in a second, lips roughly devouring yours. You whimper against him, who knew Sam Winchester could be so dominant?  God you liked it, you’d always had a kinky side, and right now Sam was bringing it all to reality. 

“Lie back” he ordered, you obeyed without question. The rough surface of the pool table likely to leave you with carpet burn, but you didn’t care.

He shoved up your skirt bunching it around your hips. He ripped your panties off, shoving them in his pocket.  You moan as he drops his head to your core, licking lightly up the centre. 

“Quiet or I’ll stop, understand?”

“Yes sir” You slam your hand over mouth the second the word fly from it,  cheeks burning with embarrassment.  

You hesitate to look at Sam but when you do the sight almost made you come right there. He was panting,  eyes burning. Sam wasn’t just a little dominant, Sam was a Dom! And right now you were his oh so willing Sub. 

The look in his eye tells you he hasn’t had chance to play in long while, and neither had you. Tonight was going to be memorable for you both. 

“Good girl” he smiled, dropping his head back to your slick core. You keep as quiet as you can, Sam’s tongue driving you closer and closer to oblivion. 

“Please, Sam. Can I come? Please?” You beg, you submissive side taking over. 

“Such a good girl, asking me so sweetly. I want you to last another minute. Then I’ll let you come. Understand?” His praise making your mind hazy. But you manage to answer him with a “Yes sir”

He continues to assault your clit, drawing patterns over the swollen bud. But then he dips his fingers into you. You gasp in surprise and pleasure as you fight hard against coming. 

“Almost there, another 30 seconds” You close your eyes trying to think of anything other than your need to come and Sam’s long talented fingers. You feel his fingers curl against your g-spot and you almost lose it.

“Oh God! Sam please, I cant” you beg fighting off your approaching orgasm

“Do you want to come Y/n?“ He asks teasingly

“Yes! Please, Sam please let me come. Please” you beg unashamedly. 

“Ok, since you asked so nicely” you don’t have to be told twice,  another flick of his finger and your fall apart. 

“Sam! Oh fuck!” You convulsed against the table

“Good girl, listened so well.” He praised,  you see him shift to stand, but you were too high on pleasure to pay attention. 

 You come back down with a crash when you feel him pull your hips to the very edge of the table and the tip on his impressive length against your opening. 

“This what you want Y/n? You want my cock buried in you?”

“Yes! Sam please, fuck me!” You plead reaching for his shirt balling it in your fist. He growled and thrust forward sheathing himself fully in your dripping core.

You cry out in pleasure,  throwing your head back against the hard surface. 

“Sit up” you do as he says and he tangles his fingers in your hair, pulling your face to his capturing your lips in a rough kiss.

He starts pumps in and out of you fast and hard, the angle hitting your sweet spot constantly. You thrust your hips as much as you can to meet his. 

“So fucking tight, you’re so fucking perfect Y/n” you whimper at his words. Your senses overwhelmed by pure bliss. 

“Oh god! Sam…so close…” you mewl, feeling yourself start to tighten around him. 

“Don’t come until I say you can” He grunts picking up speed. 

You squeal desperately as you try to hold back, you hand winding into his hair gripping it tightly making him growl. 

He slams into you impossibly harder, your bare ass cheeks dragging along the fabric of the pool table. You feel the sore burn there, knowing you’d have issues sitting tomorrow.  

You hear the pool balls clang off each other as the table shakes under the force of Sam’s thrusts. You’re unable to take anymore

“Please baby, please I need to come, please….” you beg, you head spinning with need

“Come for me baby” he whispers leaning his lips to your ear. 

“SAM!” You cry out in ecstasy, pulling him over the edge with you as he slams into you. Your sight goes white, the last thing you saw was the look of awe in Sam’s eyes. 

Your body goes lifeless, drowning in pleasure. Sam pulls you to him, holding you tightly. As you both come down from your ecstasy filled high. You kiss deeply. 

“Y/n that was amazing, it’s been a long time since…” you nod understanding, you’d both had nothing but vanilla ‘relations’ for a while

“Trust me Sammy I know” you kiss him tenderly. 

“Problem is, I don’t think I’m going to be able to let you go” you smile at the honest look in his eyes

“Well eventually we will have to get down from the pool table….my ass is kinda sore” he spanks your rear lightly for teasing him, making you gasp in pleasure and bite your lip

“Not what I meant” he glares down at you playfully

“I know” you smile teasing him, you reach to kiss him again. 

“I’m not going to be able to let you go either Sammy”


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||Ordinary|| Joker x Reader

Joker x Reader

((A/N: request for @chrisxsebastian
I hope you like it!))

daddy kink

Everyone has their bad days, right? The problem with those days is no one wants to be receiving the backlash. Let me tell you something, kid, you do not want to be at the end of the Joker’s ‘bad day’. The Joker is like getting coal on Christmas morning, it’s what the parents warn the children about.

No one warned you about him.

You were a completely ordinary girl, ordinary life, ordinary grades and ordinary everything. Pale (s/c) from being inside a few days too many. Gorgeous but dull (e/c) eyes, lacking any emotions. Plain (h/c), (hair style) just the way you liked it. A solid black t-shirt underneath your army green bomber jacket, blue jeans and black doc martins to go with it. You normally didn’t wear makeup but today you put on mascara and added a little gloss to your lips. A small smile on your lips as you held the warm (fav coffee) in your hands. The sudden burst of confidence today had you in the best of moods! All the while, a certain someone was on the opposite end of the mood spectrum.
You couldn’t hear the footsteps behind you due to the earbuds blasting (fav song). A little dance in your step, you mouthed the words as you made your way home. You didn’t notice the sun went down until the streets were cleared. The warmth of the coffee was stripped from you as your (h/c) locks were yanked into an alley way by three goons all wearing the same outfit.
“We got one!” One shouted into an earpiece. Hands covered your mouth from screaming, you were too petrified to squirm but more hands held you still anyways.
“You get their ass back here RIGHT NOW!” a voice shouted back, loud enough to break the man’s eardrums. The man holding the walkie talkie glared at you, grabbing your hair once again and slamming the side of your head into the brick wall.

You woke up with a gasp, gasping again in pain while holding your head. Immediately you knew you didn’t have to see your hand to know your fingertips were covered in blood. You were laying on the concrete floor, torture devices all around you. Your (e/c) eyes welled up with tears as the fear settled in. You backed into the corner of the room and held yourself for a form of comfort. A lot of footsteps could be heard echoing the hallway outside your room so you weren’t scared of the sounds. That is until they stopped in front of your door. You started to hyperventilate as hot tears poured down your cheeks.

This was it.

You were going to die.

The door was unlocked and you heard the song “I Started A Joke” was playing on repeat as the door opened. You ducked your face into the crook between your knees and chest. Footsteps slowly walked the long ways around the table, towards you.
“Well, well, well!” An uncomfortably soothing voice started to laugh.
“What have we here?” Your hair was gripped and you were yanked to your feet, a cry escaping your lips. Your head was pulled back, making you face the most terrified villain in Gotham history. Your (e/c) eyes were wide in shock as you came face to face with The Joker. Tears continued to fall as you realized you were about to die in a more painful way then you had hoped for. His red lips curling into a smile, revealing his grill suddenly disappeared. He dropped you immediately, turning to whoever came in the room with him. You cowered back into your corner, rubbing your head where it hurt. “What the hell is this?!” Mister J growled, stomping one foot like a child not getting their way.
“Sir?” The voice was calm and monotone.
“Why would you bring her to me?! She’s so.. so.. boring!” J growled, lacking the word to describe you. You frowned at the word. You didn’t think you were boring. Maybe according to him and his tastes but you were normal! You lived a normal life! His lifestyle wasn’t exactly your forte.
“You said anyone, sir.” The voice sounded shaken.
“Did I?” The Joker immediately picked up on this change, “Anyone? In that case..”
You heard a gun cock and whimpered, thinking this would be your last breath.
You heard The Joker chuckle and pull the trigger. You flinched at the sound of the gun firing. Yet. The pain never came. You slowly lifted your head just in time to see the man talking to the criminal fall, blood pouring out of the wound directly where his heart is.
You flinched again at the feeling of someone gently patting your head. This earned you another chuckle.
“I won’t hurt you…” Joker quickly dropped to kneel in front of you, becoming eye level. Your (e/c) eyes filled with tears and fear.
“W-what?” You tilted your head
“Your name.” He gripped a fistful of your hair but a smile on his lips as he looked at you.
“(Name).” You whispered. The Joker began to stroke your head again, almost like he was rewarding you.
“(Name)…” He repeated, “You can call me J, babydoll.”
“Let’s have a little fun, babydoll.” The crazed look in his eyes returned. Your lip quivered as he pulled you by your (h/c) locks to your feet again. Before you knew it you were strapped on the table in the middle of the torture room.
“Now, (Name), this isn’t anything personal,” J purred, holding your chin gently and making a pouty face, “I’m just bored of boring! If we’re going to play, I need you to not be so ordinary! So. This may sting a little.”
You couldn’t see anything, with your head strapped to the metal table and whatnot, but before you knew it, you were being electrocuted. Your body seized and your eyes rolled up to the ceiling. The pain was excruciating and it seemed like it would never end. At last, J made it stop.
You unclenched your teeth and gasped for air. Your body felt as if you had just run a marathon, you were stripped of any energy you might have had. Then the shocking feeling returned. This continued for an hour.



Catch your breath.



Catch your breath.

J released you from the straps and stared at you for a while. You realized he was shirtless and started to giggle, pointing a shaken finger at him.
“What’s so funny?” J growled, not liking that he didn’t know the joke.
“You’re cute.” You said as if it was obvious. J smirked and fixed his hair, happy he was complimented. You were hoisted into his strong arms, eyes threatening to shut at any moment. You were brought to a room similar to the one you were just in but all torture objects were removed. This room also came with a bed and bathroom.

Every day at 3pm J would come into your room, talk to you as you confided in each other for years, then would take you to the other room and electrocute you. He would bring your limp body back in here, lay you on the bed and listen to your mumbled thoughts. This continued for weeks. You think anyways, you can’t really remember.
Today you found yourself singing a song you thought was familiar. Whenever you messed up, you would start to giggle. You didn’t hear the door opening as you continued to try and remember the words. J walked in with a grin on his face as you lied there singing with your eyes closed.
“Oh, (Name)~” The green haired criminal sang, interrupting you. You stopped singing and looked at the man puzzled. J was in the middle of talking when you started laughing like a mad man.
“Who are you!” You asked, unable to stop laughing. J took a step back, thinking maybe he had gone too far.

You woke up holding your head. It throbbed and ached like a hangover but you don’t remember drinking. You rolled into your stomach, hiding your face in the pillow to avoid the light when you realized these sheets were much nicer then you remembered. Satin red sheets? You sat up and tilted your head. You looked around and gaped at your surroundings, the room you were in was beyond extravagant! You smiled but it turned to a frown as you looked in a mirror. You crawled off the glorious bed, stumbling towards the long mirror hanging on the wall. You sat in front of it and touched your now pale (s/c) skin, untouched from the time without sunlight. You had certainly lost a few pounds. Your (length), (h/c) hair unkept and greasy. You began to tear up, frustrated with this person you were looking at.

This can’t be what you look like.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. The green haired man entered the room, his white shirt covered in blood. He walked right past you, growling. Suddenly he stopped and put on a smile just for you,
“Babydoll! I’m so glad you’re awake!” He knelt down and held his arms out. You jumped back and J flinched at your action. He sighed deeply and smoothed his hair back after he did.
“Baby, come here, Daddy ain’t gonna hurt ya.” He cooed. You smiled at his words, slightly remembering him. Feeling safe, you slowly crawled into his lap. J sat on the floor and crossed his legs, wrapping his arms around you. He purred and you nuzzled into his chest, loving the sound. J lifted you in his arms with ease, standing up and heading towards the bathroom. You looked around, giggling which made J laugh as well.
“How about a bath with Daddy, baby?” he purred, a seductive smile on his lips. You blushed and swayed your body, innocently at the thought.
“Ok.” You said, biting your lip as you smiled.
“No, baby. It’s 'ok, Daddy’.” J poked your nose, making you giggle more.
“Ok, Daddy~” You purred.
J moaned and pulled you into a rough, yet sweet kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, hesitantly kissing back. You silently hoped he was enjoying the kiss as much as you. Finally, J pulled away, giving a quick nip at your bottom lip before he did.
“Oh, babydoll, were going to have so much fun together” He smirked.

Baby’s first Christmas

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Request -  Ooooh! Could you write a Tj Perkins about your first Christmas with your 6 month old son? Thank you so much!

WordCount - 1,779

Warnings - Fluff

A/N - Hey lovelies, I’m currently taking requests. 

There were presents everywhere. Everywhere you turned there were presents. When your parents warned you that everyone would go out and buy Y/S/N presents you thought they were kidding. They really weren’t. TJ had thought you were kidding when you told him just how many presents Y/S/N  had already received, this didn’t include the gifts that you and TJ had decided to buy for Y/S/N, of course, TJ had wanted to make hi first Christmas extremely special. Apparently so did everyone else and hence why your house had turned into something resembling Santa’s grotto.You looked at the time, excitement building within you. It was time for you to pick up TJ from the airport, he would finally understand what you had been talking about. You picked up your son’s car seat and began heading out. Your six-month-old son still fast asleep.

When you arrived at the airport you waited with baited breath. It had been a few weeks since you had seen TJ and when WWE granted him the time off so he could have the time off for Y/S/N first Christmas. As a crowd full of people began walking towards you, you noticed TJ walking through the crowd almost instantly. His pace increased when he noticed you holding Y/S/N who had just woken up from his sleep and wasn’t too happy about it. His quickened pace so turned into a jog as the need to comfort his son increased. Once reaching you, he dropped his bags and wrapped his arms around you both. You wrapped your spare arm around TJ as he kissed your forehead and Y/S/N. Y/S/N was still crying from his abrupt waking from his sleep. Whether it had been the noise of the people around him or something else he couldn’t be quiet sure.

Regardless of what had startled your son, TJ was intent on cheering up his son. TJ took Y/S/N out of your arms, cradling your son, TJ began a mixture of swaying and lightly bouncing. Whenever he was home TJ had come up with a weird sort of dance and Y/S/N seemed to react to it positively every time. Noticing your thankful glance, he sent you a playful wink.  

“Little man, is it true that I’ve heard you’ve been getting lots and lots of presents? I think Mummy is exaggerating just a bit. So why don’t we go home and find out?” With an eyebrow raised, you held TJ with his bags beginning to make your way home so you could prove your point. 

When you eventually made it home and TJ had dropped his bags down in the hallway as he entered the living room he certainly noticed you had not been kidding and TJ had presents in his suitcase from some of the guys. 

“Okay, I take it back. How on earth? I thought we told people not to go crazy.” TJ asked you, you simply shrugged still bewildered that people had chosen to ignore your request. 

“They must have thought we were wrong when we asked everyone not to go crazy. There’s more in the cupboards.” TJ looked down at your son who was fidgeting around in your arms. 

“There’s more in my bag. Kiddo you have some serious Christmas present opening to do. When everyone warned us about Y/S/N’s first Christmas they weren’t kidding. Thankfully we’ve got all day. Love, have you wrapped all of Y/S/N presents yet?” 

“Not yet. But your’s all definitely all done. Now you definitely can’t hunt around the house trying to find them.” You teased, TJ was certainly one of those people who would do anything to try and find out what he was getting for Christmas so while he was away one of your priorities were to get TJ’s wrapped up. 

“But what’s the fun in that, I’m sure whatever you’ve got me I’ll love, you know you could always put a bow on yourself and you could be my present.” TJ wrapped his arms around the both of you once again. He leant in and kissed your lips lightly

“I could, you’ll just have to wait and see what Santa brings you. So when are we going to finish up wrapping everything?” 

“What about tomorrow night once we’ve settled his little guy down. It will be Christmas Eve, we can make sure everything’s prepared for tomorrow. Our little man’s first Christmas, it’s going to be so neat. Reminds me I have to get the camera’s charged and sorted out.” You were beginning to think that TJ was more excited for Christmas than Y/S/N.

Y/S/N was finally asleep tucked up in bed with a very festive Christmas onesie. TJ quickly and very quietly took a photo of your son who was fast asleep in his crib. Grabbing hold of the baby monitor you both headed your room where you had decided to do the rest of your Christmas wrapping. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute. 

“So everyone is coming over on Boxing Day to see Y/S/N. Do we have everything for that?” TJ asked as you began to put several rolls of wrapping paper on the ground.

“Yes, all of their presents are in the cupboard under the stairs. We have food stacked up in the fridge and pantry. We have enough alcohol and soft drinks for everyone’s that coming. Everything’s going to be fine T. I promise you” You reassured at times, TJ could panic a little when it came to preparing for things. TJ and yourself soon began to wrap up the remainder of Y/S/N presents. 

“Y/S/N is not going to know what is going on tomorrow?” TJ commented as you wrapped up on his presents. 

“Teej we’ve got all day, we don’t have to rush. Tomorrow is Y/S/N first encounter with presents I’m wondering how he’s going to react. Now come on and help me wrap up the remainder of his presents because we’ve got any early start tomorrow.” 

As quick as you closed your eyes Christmas Day seemed to arrive. Hearing your son’s cries come from the monitor, you pulled the covers off of you, silently leaving TJ to get a few extra moments rest. Picking up Y/S/N you picked up his blanket bringing it with you.  

“Merry Christmas baby boy. Let’s go and sit in Mummy’s and Daddy’s bed just for a little while and then we’re going to open presents. Santa has spoiled you rotten.” Y/S/N gave you a gummy smile as you headed into your bedroom where TJ was still sleeping soundly. You gently placed Y/S/N down on the bed in-between you and TJ, Y/S/N pulled at the duvet that you covered both of you with once again. Y/S/N began blabbing away about something but you couldn’t be quite sure as to what when you notice a small smile begin to grow on his face, as he began to wake up, Y/S/N turned his attention to TJ as he began moving closer towards TJ. TJ’s eyes fluttered open. 

“Good morning buddy. Good morning beautiful lady.” TJ picked up Y/S/N placing him on his bare chest, giving you room to move closer towards him, his other arm wrapped around you.

Good Morning love.” TJ kissed your forehead and then your nose before finally reaching your lips. Your eyes fluttered shut as you felt passion flowing through your body. TJ’s kisses were always so loving and gentle. Feeling a little hand on your face you and TJ pulled away to see Y/S/N gurgling away. 

“Why don’t we get up and open some presents?” TJ suggested as you both slipped out of bed with Y/S/N. 

After the coffee was put on, TJ put the Christmas tree lights on, sitting down on the ground, once TJ had gotten himself comfortable on the floor, you passed Y/S/N down to TJ who sat Y/S/N on the floor in-between his legs  before sitting in front of the pair of them. 

“Babe, what do we let him open first?” TJ asked you, right you never thought about that. Moving out of the way, you looked at Y/S/N before looking at TJ. 

“Why don’t we let Y/S/N decide?” TJ got to his knees as he began to move closer towards the presents hoping Y/S/N might follow, eventually, he did, once he was in front of the tree. You and TJ began to place presents around Y/S/N waiting for him to find something that caught his eyes. To your and TJ’s surprise, it happened to be one of flatter presents one that you and TJ had gotten him. Watching Y/S/N touch the paper at first and try to grab hold of it, Y/S/N was not quite too sure what to do with himself. 

“What ya got there buddy? Do you want to see what’s inside?” TJ leant forward as he tore a piece of the paper, showing Y/S/N what to do. Y/S/N grabbed the torn off corner that TJ had started for him, pulling the paper away after a few attempts, Y/S/N was proud of himself as he begun to clap. Both of you clapped alongside Y/S/N trying to encourage him. Soon enough with his tiny hands, Y/S/N began to tear away at the present and finally the present was revealed. TJ had got him a replica of TJ’s shirt Y/S/N size. 

“Whoa look at that bud, you can be just like Daddy now.” You spoke yet Y/S/N was already moving on to the next present. 

“Is it too big headed to ask to get him dressed in my shirt later,” TJ asked and you rolled your eyes.

“Of-course it’s not.” 

After several hours of present wrapping, you and TJ decided that you were going to half the presents down so everyone could watch Y/S/N open presents tomorrow and besides Y/S/N was highly invested in playing with a box. Not the toy that came in the box, just the box. You laughed as you watched TJ and Y/S/N play peek a boo using the box.  You were excited for tomorrow to see all of your friends and family interact with Y/S/N. You also had some very important news to tell everyone. 

“Y/S/N tell Mummy to come over here and stop staring at her new shiny ring.” Y/S/N had no idea what was going on but was still gurgling away. 

“I’m coming love.” You called out, taking hold of the two freshly made coffees.

“Love? Don’t you mean future husband?” TJ teased as you placed his coffee on the table. 

“Okay, future husband, finance, love of my life, Father of my son. There are many names I could call you.”  

“There is only one thing I want to call you and that’s my wife.” Y/S/N’s first Christmas was pretty magical. 

Meet the Parents


Request: Can you write one where the reader is going to visit her family for the holidays, and she’s ahunter and theyre nt, and they keep trying to get her to stop?

Request: How about one where the reader visits her parents and brings the boys, but she told them she had a boyfriend so one of them has to pretend to be dating her? And then they end up liking each other???(I’d prefer Dean, but you can do whoever!)

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Love in the Time of HYDRA (Part 4/4-Final) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 3

“Snap out of it, Rogers! You need to remember who you really are, and you’re going to even if I have to beat it into you!”  Tony’s fist connected with Steve’s face after every sentence, but he didn’t even flinch.  He was still restrained and couldn’t fight back, but it almost appeared like he felt that he deserved it.

“If she doesn’t make it through this, I promise you, that you will regret being alive every single day of what’s left of your life,” Tony sneered, “am I clear?”

“Tony, stop!”  Natasha ran up to grab his arms and firmly pulled them behind him and straightened his posture.  “You can’t just beat on him and expect it to work!  What are you thinking?”

“This is all your fault, Steve,” Tony whispered harshly with a dark tone, “I’m never going to let you forget that.  I don’t care if you’ve been HYDRA zapped or not.  Never.”

Tony stormed out of Steve’s holding room to return to wait for you to come out of surgery, leaving Nat alone with the Captain.  She stood silently and looked at him for nearly an hour before she thought to speak, but the words were escaping her.

“You want to say something, Romanoff.  So say it already.”

“How could you let them catch you?” she whispered, still staring at him.  “How did they get in?”  

“Don’t you mean, how could you let them catch me?”

Natasha’s eyes widened with shock and a hint of guilt, hearing the words that she had said to herself over and over in the months that he had been missing.  “Steve, we didn’t know until it was too late.  We searched everywhere before-“

“Before you left me behind, right?” he spat venomously.  “You left me there, with them, and this is all your fault, Natasha.”  Steve pulled against his restraints but found no give at all, finally relenting and lying on the table motionless.  “I remember. I remember all of you.  I’ve just been shown that the way SHIELD and the Avengers do things is really, really wrong.  HYDRA has been right all this time, and we never realized it.”

“Steve would never say that.”

“I am Steve!” he shouted, loud enough for her to jump. “I’m just a new and improved Steve, that’s all.  You’ll see that soon enough.  When you see, you’ll understand.”


Tony sat in your room, leaning back in the uncomfortable hospital chair with his feet resting on your bed, trying to catch a few minutes of sleep now that he knew you were going to pull through.  He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept, which usually translated into about three full days.  His soft snore was just enough to wake you, and as much as you wanted to talk to your dad for the first time since your injury, you didn’t have the heart to wake him.

The nurse had seen your eyes open and came into the room to check on you, but you quickly raised a hand to keep her from talking too loudly.  “I don’t want to bother him,” you whispered, “if I know him, he hasn’t slept in days.”

“I just have to check a few things, then I’ll go,” she whispered back.

“I’m awake, but nice try. Really, great effort,” Tony mumbled in a heavy and sleepy voice, sitting with his eyes still closed.

“Hey, dad.  Sorry.”

“For what?” he said with a yawn, standing at your side to stretch the fatigue from his body, “waking me? Trying to die?  Scaring me to death?”

The nurse looked down at you, scolding you with her eyes; she must be a parent too, because she’s perfected that look enough for even you to feel guilty.  “Um…all of the above?  Ow!” you grimaced at the needle pushing through the skin of your arm and into your vein, without so much as a warning.  “I hate needles,” you mumbled as you sucked in a harsh breath and held it.

“Hey, breathe, kid. You pass out, remember?”

“Distract me, okay? How’s Steve?”

Tony’s demeanor changed immediately at the name, now looking down at the floor with an angry expression. “Don’t worry about him.  It’s being taken care of.”

“Dad, what’s being taken care of?”  You were nervous now, knowing that Tony would be overreacting as a parent would, and his judgment would be clouded by his emotions.  “Dad,” you said angrily as you pushed the nurse away and sat up, blood running down your arm from where her needle had been.  “What are you doing?”  

“Honey, stop it.  Lay down and let her do her job.”

“Not gonna happen.  I need to see Steve.”  You began pulling monitors and IV lines from you, making machines scream and beep all around you.  Both he and the nurse tried to grab your arms but you easily evaded their grip and pushed past them to go find your friend.  “Tell me where he is…dad…ugh…dammit.”  Your progress was short-lived when the pain in your side caught your breath so harshly that you couldn’t move any more than to lower yourself to the ground.  Tony was at your side and holding your entire weight before you realized what was happening.

“I’m only gonna say this once.  Stay in bed.”

“Fine,” you sighed, still grimacing in pain as he set you down on your bed, “then tell me what you’re doing with him.  Details, dad.”

“Banner is scanning his brain as we speak, hoping to find something, any kind of clue as to what they did to him.  We hope to have something to go on any minute now.  He’ll figure it out,” he said with a small nod, trying to convince himself as much as to convince you.

You looked at the nurse, who’s disapproving gaze only worsened after you had tried to leave, “could I go to him if I agree to a wheelchair?”

“Are you going to stay in it?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am.  I promise.”  You stood up slowly, wincing slightly at the pain in your side as you felt the stitches pull with the weight shifting to your feet.  The nurse pushed the chair behind you and directed you to sit, but Tony leapt forward and grabbed you by the arms, carefully leading you into it so you didn’t cause yourself any more pain.

“(Y/N), why are you so hell bent on seeing the guy?  With what’s going on, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”  Tony reached down and straightened pieces of your hair with his hand, thoughtlessly playing with the strands as he had done when tiny curls had appeared as a child.  “It’s a lot of stress, which you don’t need.”

“I need to see Steve, dad. Put yourself in my place; if it were Pepper in there, what would you do?”

Without missing a beat, he answered with blunt honesty, “I would do anything I could to get in there. Just like I did with you.  I love you guys.”

“Exactly,” you whispered, looking down at your hands as they rested in your lap.  It didn’t matter what Steve’s feelings were; yours were hopefully strong enough to help to bring him back.  

“Oh.  I didn’t…I didn’t know.”

“He doesn’t either, but that’s not going to stop me from trying to help.  Now come on, roll me out.”


“Hey, Buck, how’s he doing?”

“It’s a waiting game, (Y/N). But I’m gonna wait as long as it takes,” Bucky said, standing to greet you as you entered the room.  “More importantly, how are you?”

“I’ll live,” you deadpanned, your voice flat as you stared at Steve, lying motionless but awake and staring at the ceiling as if to avoid conversing with anyone.  “Steve?  Steve, are you gonna talk to me?”

“Only if they all go.”

You nodded at Bucky and Tony, signaling them that you would be okay alone with Steve.  He was still restrained, after all, so he couldn’t do much other than talk.  You pushed the chair closer to him and set your hand over his.  “Steve, look at me.”

He turned his head and looked at you, but the coolness in his eyes didn’t change.  There was no warmth or depth in them like you would normally see, and the sight brought an ache to your chest.

Bruce pushed the door open and surprised you enough to pull your hand from Steve’s and to lean back into the chair to widen the gap between you.  “(Y/N), can I show you something?”  He pushed your chair to the corner of the room and held up a tablet with images of Steve’s brain highlighted on them.  “See this area here?” he said, pointing at an area of the brain that seemed darker than the others, “it’s like this part is suppressed somehow, there’s almost no activity there, like they just shut it off.”

“So if we can just turn that back on, Steve will be himself again?  Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah, I think maybe so,” he sighed, running his hand through his hair nervously, “I’m going to administer a medication that promotes the regrowth of neural pathways and stimulates neuron response.  It should kick start his brain.”

“And if this doesn’t work?”

“Well,” he paused, looking from Steve and back to you, “then this is the new Steve.”


After hearing Bruce’s plan, the team had gathered outside of Steve’s room, watching silently through the window as he injected the medication into Steve’s vein.  You still sat at his side, refusing to leave until you knew the outcome.  Your hand was again resting on his, but he continued to lay motionless and silent.

“Okay, now we wait,” Bruce sighed.  “I don’t know how long this might take, (Y/N), if it even works.”

“I’ll stay.”

“(Y/N), you’ve been injured, and you really need to rest-“

“Bruce, I’m staying. I get enough of that from my dad, thanks.”

He raised his hands in defeat and made his way out to the rest of the group, who were still standing silently and watching for any sign of change.  Tony had his eyes solely on you, worried about what this would do to you if they couldn’t recover Steve’s true personality.  He didn’t know the depths of your feelings and was worried that you would try to stay at Steve’s side even with this change in place; that you would try to help him on your own and risk your own safety.

You could feel Tony’s eyes on you, but you tried to keep your focus on Steve.  “Hey,” you whispered, “I’m staying here, and I’m alone. Will you talk to me?”


The coolness of his tone unnerved you, but you had to push forward.  “Nat said that you told her you still have your memories of us.  Is that true?”

“I know who you are.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

His head finally turned to look at you, but this time you were hesitant to look him in the eye. You didn’t want to hear that he had forgotten the memories that you shared, that he was your best friend, and that he was about to become more.  “I remember who you are, and that you and I are close.  I can feel that.  But specifics…no, I don’t remember.  I was allowed to keep only basic information so that I could blend back in.”

“Thank you, that was very honest,” you whispered, again looking away.

“I’m always honest.”

Your head snapped back quickly to look at him, hearing the words that you had heard him say so many times that it was almost his catch phrase.  “What did you say?”

“I’m always honest.”

“That’s what I thought you said.”  You were trying hard to not be overly excited about this, not knowing if it were a residual part of his personality that he was allowed to keep, or if this could be the start of his recovery.  Before you could make that determination, you would need more.

“This stuff is giving me one hell of a headache,” he groaned, “I’ll have to thank Banner the next time he comes in.  If this is anything like those headaches that you get, I’ll think twice about making you work through them.”  His fists were clenching and a grimace grew across his face, shutting his eyes tightly.

You pushed yourself to the door and turned off the lights, quickly returning to his side.  “Does that help?”

“Yeah,” he sighed, relieved slightly, “it’s better, thanks, (Y/N).”  

The feeling was coming over you that this was beginning to work.  The way he spoke sounded different, and the cold rigidity of his posture was beginning to fade.  Bruce’s voice kept replaying in your head, warning you to not be too eager and to not get your hopes up, but something inside of you was sure of this.  Steve could be trying to trick you, but it sure didn’t feel that way. 

“Steve, when is my birthday?”

He looked at you, slightly confused, as if he were searching his brain for the answer with a desperation to find it, stumbling over his words, “(Y/B/D)?

“Yeah,” you smiled, “and you still owe me a gift.”  

His expression changed to surprise and you swore you could see a sparkle returning to his eyes.  “I do not!  I got you that ridiculously big book of Shakespeare that you wanted so badly! I had to look for weeks to find that!”

Please don’t let this be my mind playing tricks.  Please let this be working.

“Okay, okay,” you chuckled, “you got me there.”  With a deep breath, you slowly removed one of the wrist restraints and took his hand in yours, feeling a small squeeze from him.  “But you do still owe me a date.”

“I never came back from that mission, so I that can’t be held against me, (Y/N).”

“Oh, I’m going to though.”

Steve turned away to look at the ceiling again, taking a slow breath and closing his eyes, “how can you trust me after this and after what I did to you?  Why are you so quick to forgive me?”

“Love makes us do stupid things, I suppose.”  You reached over and took his chin in your hand, turning him to face you.  “Like trying to make me join HYDRA, for example.”

“I came for you first because I needed you.  I needed you to get me out.  I could feel that it was wrong but I couldn’t control my own mind, or my own body.”  He pulled his hand from yours and reached up to put it on your cheek.  “Even if you couldn’t save me, I took you first so that I could have you there, and I’m sorry for being so selfish.  Living without you wasn’t an option, no matter which side I was on.”

“And whose side are you on now, Steve?”  You held your breath, waiting for the answer, trying to prepare yourself to receive an answer that you didn’t want.  

“I’m on yours.”

Save Me {Oneshot}

Yoongi x Reader BadBoy!AU

Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary: The world wasn’t perfect. But with you in it, Yoongi thought it got pretty damn close.

Word count: 4,044

Notes and content warnings: Reader-Insert//strong language, violence

This is for @jiminmusings​’ contest! Congrats on 3k (: Also, thanks to @teal-n-turquoise​ and @ivechangedforabit​ for the support and help (:

Yoongi had always been problematic, but he had also always been your friend… sort of.

You met when you were kids in an orphanage. You were put there before you were old enough to retain any memories about your parents, so you didn’t know anything about them other than what the orphanage told you. But it didn’t really bother you, your lack of memories.

When you had someone like Yoongi to compare yourself to, you seemed very lucky. He was from a broken, abusive home and had been removed from his family by the state. He had memories, and you weren’t put into the system because of your home situation. You knew which condition you preferred. You were able to move on from your past. He wasn’t. You were able to adapt and become a functioning member of society. He wasn’t. You were adopted. He wasn’t.

He wasn’t able to be.

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So in honor of my birthday and Christmas/New Years, as well as me surpassing my 400th follower, here is a gift from me to you. Here are 10 plots inspired by BADLANDS by Halsey. (because who doesn’t love halsey?)


In a dystopian country, Muse A is a member of the upcoming resistance who has been tasked to kidnap one of the political leaders’ child, Muse B. To everyone’s surprise, Muse B goes willingly, tired of the regime for its illusion of peace and compromise to the other nations.

Muse A is incredibly wary of Muse B and even jealous of all the attention they’re getting back at base. Muse A was supposed to have stories to tell the others about swooping in and taking Muse B as hostage for their cause, but now it’s all to dust with Muse B taking all the glory for giving intel to the resistance. Whether Muse B is actually on the side of the resistance or a mole to report back to the regime is up to the players.


Muse A is a new student at Muse B’s high school. Both are seniors and Muse A is rather reluctant to make an effort to participate in school activities because they’ll be gone next year for college anyway. Muse B is class president, team captain, and an officer for three different clubs. Because of their outstanding social standing in school, Muse B is tasked with showing Muse A around school.

Over the next few months, Muse A and Muse B grow closer and have become best friends. They spend virtually all of their time together, from school to studying to hanging out at each other’s house on the weekends. Now Muse A thinks of Muse B as home, but they each got accepted into schools on opposite sides of the country.


Muse A and Muse B have just graduated from high school. While in the same friend group through school, Muse A and Muse B have not been as close with one another as they are with the others. When the rest of their friends make plans for the summer traveling with family or taking up internships in the city, Muse A and Muse B are left to hang out together the few months before leaving for university.

Over time, Muse A and Muse B grow incredibly fond of each other after spending so much time together. They soon realize they have feelings for one another, and decide to pursue a relationship, even though Muse A will be going away for school. How they deal with the eventual separation is up to the players.


Muse A has just moved into their new house an find that it is haunted by Muse B. A kind soul, Muse B only appears to Muse A, seeing as Muse A has moved into Muse B’s old bedroom. At first, Muse A is apprehensive towards Muse B, but Muse A eventually warms up to Muse B and forms a friendship with the spirit.

Muse B is looking for closure in the form of solving their murder. About twenty years ago, Muse B was kidnapped and their family was left clues as to Muse B’s whereabouts and what was happening to Muse B at the time. It’s up to Muse A to find what happened to Muse B’s body in order for their friend to go on.


Muse A and Muse B are best friends that have been incredibly close for years. Muse A is completely in love with Muse B and thinks that Muse B shares these feelings after the two drunkenly kissed each other at a party. Muse A starts letting their feelings get in the way of the two being friends–getting jealous whenever Muse B “looks” at another person, over-analyzing whatever Muse B says in regards to them and thinking that every time they go out together is an unspoken date.

Muse B is oblivious to it all, thinking that the kiss the two shared made things weird between their friendship. Soon, Muse B begins actually dating someone else and Muse A is left in shambles. Heartbroken, Muse A starts to pull away from their friend and what happens next is up to the players.


As part of a bet with their friends, Muse A, a brash delinquent type, goes after the seemingly innocent and timid, Muse B. At first Muse A plays the act well, after all, it is $500 to take Muse B to bed and make them fall in love with Muse A. But while getting to know Muse B on their dates, Muse A falls in love with them.

However, unbeknownst to Muse A, Muse B knew about the bet and has been playing Muse A the whole time. Insulted and angry, Muse B plans to use the fact that Muse A is in love with them to get revenge on Muse A and their friends because another person’s being and feelings should never be a game.


Muse A and Muse B were once in a very passionate relationship until Muse B had to leave suddenly and broke Muse A’s heart. A couple years later with no contact with one another, Muse B shows up unannounced at Muse A’s doorstep claiming to be back for good and with a mission to take Muse A back.

Unfortunately, Muse A had moved on from their relationship and was now dating someone else, though the relationship is more because of a safe choice since Muse B. Though Muse A keeps insisting that they have a new significant other to love, seeing Muse B around just reminds them off all of the good times they’ve had regardless of their break up.


Muse A is an A.I. android who was set to be disassembled for being ‘defective’ in initial screenings. However, before Muse A could be shut down permanently, an assembly operations manager uploaded artificial memories into Muse A’s software and set them free. Muse A does not realize that they are an android and lives their life out with a full human drive to experience what the world has to offer.

A year after Muse A’s introduction to the world, they run into Muse B, a programmer at the company that builds androids similar to Muse A. While the newer android models are updated and are different from Muse A’s original manufacture, Muse B can still recognize Muse A’s design. Muse B approaches Muse A and after a very awkward encounter full of asking questions Muse A has no idea how to answer seeing as Muse A didn’t know they were an android, reveals to Muse A what they really are. What happens next is up to the players.


Muse A is a thousand-year-old demon who has been bound to Muse B, a human, when they were 14 years old to save their life from a terminal illness. Their relationship is symbiotic. Muse A uses Muse B’s mortal form as a tether to the physical world and often wreaks havoc as Muse B, while Muse B can only stay alive because of their bond to one another.

While Muse A is not a physical being, because they are bonded to Muse B, Muse B is able to see them separately from their own body. After years of sharing a body together, Muse A has become a bit overprotective of Muse B, and may be a bit jealous whenever Muse B spends time with other people. Muse B, on the other hand, is still not used to being pushed side whenever Muse A pleases, and has chastised Muse A many, many times for it, however Muse B has found a strange companionship in Muse A.


Muse A is the delinquent kid your parents always warned you about crossing. Muse B is the promising ingenue your parents called up to babysit you. No one would have known that after graduation, Muse B would be caught up in Muse A. Not only are they dating, but Muse A and Muse B have become accustomed to robbing banks and mugging people at gunpoint.

The two have a Bonnie and Clyde stint going, and have been running away from the cops that the ties of the small town they were both from. But while Muse A and Muse B are currently at the top of their game, Muse B finds out that their beloved father had recently died. Grief stricken, Muse B wants to go back home if only for a few hours to witness their father’s funeral, however Muse A won’t let them go, thinking it’ll be too easy for the feds to catch them there.

This voice was submitted anonymously. The poster requested to not be contacted if you recognize them. Thank you for your understanding.

Trigger warning for mention of molestation

I’m not a shipper— I’ve never been attracted to hero/villain relationships, I’ve never actively been immersed into a fandom until TFA, but I know all about an older man grooming you, showering you with praises and compliments until you do what he asks you to do. And before I continue, let me tell you that it’s not why I started shipping Reylo, but this is why I want you to hear my voice today.

I was five-and-half when I was sent to a boarding school. My parents’ profession required them to travel all over Europe and this was the common solution for schooling among ‘my people.’ My cousins and my older sister attended before me so it wasn’t a scary prospect to leave my home, plus I was looking forward to meeting people my age since I was a precocious child and used to socializing only with adults.

Meddling with children was an exciting yet terribly disappointing experience. Kids at this age are not very bright, they’re whiny, and they pee their pants. After a week separated from my family, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like kids very much.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write one where you're sitting beside badboy!michael (who everyone is sorta afraid of) and you fall asleep on his shoulder and he later lays his leather jacket on you bc he thought you were cold

Big Bad Wolf

This is going to have both Y/N’s POV and Michael’s. Just a heads up. 



Masterlist // PT2 PT3



You were halfway through the week, only two more days until Friday, that was the only thing that kept you going. As you walked into the cold damp Science classroom taking your seat in the back, right in the corner you noticed your teacher Mr. Woodhead writing students names on the board, not giving any clues as to why then you he wrote you name next to Michael Clifford’s. Michael was known as the schools bad boy, he was the kid your parents warned you about. He was over six foot tall with bright colored hair, tattoos that poked through his worn out band shirts and an black eye brow piercing. To say he was intimidating would be an understatement, he always wore the same warn out leather jacket, smoke and alcohol lingered on it. 

Loud heavy footsteps were heard coming from the corridor outside of the classroom, you knew that sound anywhere, it was Michael. Right on cue he came strolling in, taking a quick glance at you before heading to the other side of the classroom in his regular seat, as he walked past our Science teacher Mr. Woodhead called on Michael before shaking his head and signalling him to go sit down before mumbling under his breath. Both you and Michael were confused by this. 

By this time the entire class had arrived and taken there seats, Mr. Woodhead turned to face the class “we’re starting a class project today” before he could finish his sentence the room filled with groans “alright, settle down. I’ve picked the partners, when I call your name take a seat next to your partner” he added before calling off names, the room filled with the sound of squeaking chairs making your science teachers voice barely heard above it. You silently prayed you wouldn’t be stuck with one of the more popular kids, knowing they won’t put in any effort to help you. 

“Michael, you’re with Y/N” your breath hitched at this, you didn’t want a popular kid but one of the most intimidating kids in the school wasn’t what you wanted either, you didn’t need to look to know he was heading towards your desk his footsteps were enough. You expected him to move to the edge of the table like most kids did, he slumped down in the chair next to yours inches away from you. The teacher continued to assign partners as exhaustion began to take over your body, regretting staying up until four am playing video games as you chugged energy drinks like they were water, leaning back in your chair your eyelids felt heavy as you drifted in and out of consciousness before it took over completely. 


Michael’s POV

I felt something against my shoulder as I struggled to concentrate on what Mr. Woodhead was draining on about, looking over I found Y/N fast asleep, a small chunk of her hair fell in front of her face as her soft breathing fanned my arm. She looked so peaceful, that is until I noticed the goosebumps rising on her arm, maybe she’s cold? using my free arm I grabbed my leather jacket from behind me, careful not to wake her before placing it over her shoulders. She sighed before nuzzling her face further into my arm, I silently chuckled at how sweet she looked. I’m know as the schools bad boy, a no good misfit that wants nothing more than sex, drugs and alcohol. I choose to go with it, people leave me alone that way. I’ve always felt the need to watch over Y/N, protect her almost, she’s innocent and I intend to keep her that way. I snapped out of my thoughts as Mr. Woodhead placed a piece of paper in front of me, shaking his head as he looked over at Y/N, not daring to say anything. 



The sound of the school bell rang through your ears, you shot up cussing yourself out for falling asleep, most of the other students had already left. Reaching for your book you noticed a leather jacket draped across your shoulders, the smell of smoke filling your nostrils. Looking up you found Michael giving you a sheepish look as he rubbed the back of his neck “you fell asleep on my shoulder and you looked cold so I thought my jacket might help” he shrugged, you felt your cheeks heat up with embarrassment “I’m really sorry, thank you for the jacket but I am really sorry” you began mumbling apologizes, shrugging his jacket off and handing it back to him “it’s okay really, bring the jacket when you come over tonight to start this project” he winked before sauntering out of the classroom and into the crowded hallway. A small smile grazed your lips as you put his jacket back on before walking to your next class. Maybe he isn’t as bad as everyone thinks.   

I live for badboy!michael omg. I’m sorry I took so long I was too busy squealing over how cute this idea is. I hope you like it! thank you for requesting my love x

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Annyeong, authornim! A scenario where you like Mark and he is your best friend, but he likes someone else? That 'someone else' cheated on him and you comforted him then he realized you were the one for him? Jesonghamnida for a long-detailed~ Saranghaeyo~~

Teardrops ~Mark~

School was never easy. In fact, there is probably no one in history that can truly say that their school life was a pleasant one. That includes you.

    School sucked.

    And what made it ten times worse is that the one guy you had a massive crush on was your best friend, Mark. Even though some people would argue and say falling for your best friend is cute, it really isn’t.

    What sucked about it was that Mark saw you as a best friend and only a best friend. Because of this, he wasted no time in falling head over heels for the most popular girl in school, Jay Johnson.


    You stopped playing with your tray of food and looked up to see Mark plop down in the seat across from you. He looked more giddy than usual, and you didn’t quite know whether to worry or tease him.

    “Hey,” you greeted. “What’s up?”

    “I’m gonna do it,” Mark said quickly, glancing behind him once before turning back to you. “I’m gonna do it, _______.”

    “Gonna do what?”

    “I’m gonna ask her out.”

    Your heart sunk. “Ask who?” But something inside you was sure of who he was talking about.

    Mark reached out and snatched the bottle of milk from your tray, just like he always did. “I’m going to ask Jay out,” he answered. “I heard that she likes me too, so I thought that I would find out today by asking her out after school.”

    “Don’t you think that asking her out probably isn’t the best way to know if this rumor is true or not?”

    “Oh well. I’m going to do it anyway. If she says no, then I’m going to be crushed, but I can still fantasize about us dating. And if she says yes, I will be ecstatic.”

    You sighed and bit your lip. You didn’t know how or when, but you felt like Jay would only break Mark’s heart. What he didn’t know is that the two of you used to be really close when you were little kids, since your parents used to work at the same place together.

    But by the time you reached middle school, Jay had somehow been sucked into the popular crowd in school and has stayed there ever since. She spread rumors about you, made fun of you, and made your entire middle school experience awful in general. That’s what caused the two of you to never talk again and practically become enemies.

    Mark didn’t know that side of her.

    And no matter how many times you warned Mark, he wouldn’t listen to you. He just continued to like her.

    And right now, something inside you was telling you that Mark was setting himself up for heartbreak.

    Mark gulped down half of your milk and then set the bottle on the table. He saw the worried expression on your face and furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “You don’t look too happy.”

    You wanted to warn him. You wanted to tell him she wasn’t the one for him. You wanted to tell him that you were the one for him.

    But none of it came out.

    All you did was shoot him a pained smile and stand up. “Good luck,” you said before walking away, leaving Mark flustered at the lunch table.


    It turns out Jay did somehow return the feelings for Mark. You didn’t hear it from him directly, but you heard the news from everybody else in the school, since it spread like a wildfire from the moment Jay said “yes”.

    You weren’t going to be overdramatic and not talk to Mark at all now just because he was with Jay. There was literally nothing in this world that could stop you from talking to Mark, even if he was dating the one girl you hated most in this world.

    “Good morning.” Mark strolled over to your locker and shot you a bright smile. “Ready for that algebra test today?”

    You slammed your locker shut a little too forcefully and stuffed your books into your bookbag. “I’d feel a little more confident if my study partner had showed up yesterday,” you replied.

Mark raised his eyebrow at first, clearly confused by your words. But then it finally hit him when he remembered that the two of you would always meet each other at Starbucks to study for major tests. And last night was the one time in years that he didn’t show up for your usual study session.

“I’m so sorry,” Mark apologized. It was clear by the look on his face that he was genuinely sorry, but that didn’t really ease you at all. “I was just a little busy last night, so I forgot.”

You narrowed your eyes and started walking. “Busy with Jay?”

“Maybe,” he admitted and followed your trail. “She showed up at my house yesterday and said she wanted to go out.”

“So does this mean you didn’t study at all for the test?”

“Well no, but-”

You stopped and spun around. “But what?” You shook your head. “Algebra is probably the one subject you suck at, and you ditch studying just because Jay told you to?”

Mark frowned. “Hey, it’s not Jay’s fault.”

“Oh, my bad,” you said. “I’m sorry for insulting your precious girlfriend.” You turned and stomped away before Mark could say anymore. You were fed up with him and Jay already.


What was particularly aggravating about Mark’s relationship wasn’t even the fact that he chose Jay over you. No, that probably was the least frustrating part of it, surprisingly.

The most frustrating part was that Jay knew about your feelings. You didn’t know how she found out, but you knew that she did. You knew by the way Jay purposely smirked at you whenever she touched or kissed Mark that she knew about your crush on him.

And she used that to her advantage. Mark probably tried to argue with her on the night he blew your study session off, but Jay insisted since she knew it would hurt you. Whenever you and Mark were in the middle of a conversation, Jay would somehow “accidently” bump into him and then steal him away.

She knew your secret and she used it to slowly break you.

But it was that one Saturday night where she threw the hardest blow. And the harm wasn’t even directly done to you.

It was pouring out, and you were sitting in the living room with a blanket wrapped around you comfortably. Your parents were out of town for the weekend, so you were spending your entire weekend on the couch, watching Netflix movies all day.

You were watching a sappy Nicholas Sparks movie just for the fun of it, making fun of your nonexistent love life.

The doorbell rang suddenly, which surprised you since it was the middle of the night and it was pouring.

You kept your blanket wrapped around you tightly as you sauntered over to the door. You twisted the doorknob and opened it, revealing a soaking wet Mark standing there.

Mark?” you said in disbelief. “What are you doing here?”

Mark’s breath hitched, which somehow made you pay close attention to his face. His eyes were red, and you were suddenly wondering whether those were raindrops or teardrops on his face. “C-Can I come in?” he asked.

You didn’t even need to answer, you just stepped aside and motioned for him to come inside. He did so and marched right to the couch in the living room, not even bothering to take off his shoes or anything.

Once you shut the door, you scurried over to the couch and sat a few inches away from him. “Mark,” you said softly. “What happened?”

Mark’s gaze was on the floor for a few moments as he let several things run through his head. Your worry for him was only growing more and more as the seconds passed by with absolute silence.

“She cheated on me,” he finally choked out, looking up to meet your eyes. Your heart broke in half when you saw how sad his eyes were. “I-I saw her after school,” he continued. “I was going to pick her up at her locker, but I saw her making out with that new kid. And it didn’t even look like she was trying to pull away. She was enjoying it.”

At that moment, you wanted to slap Jay. You wanted to go up to her and scream at her for letting go of such an amazing guy. She didn’t deserve him at all, and she didn’t know what he was worth.

“I’m so sorry, Mark.” You closed the gap between the two of you and reached out to hug him. You hugged him tightly, and he hugged you back, crying a little bit into your shoulder.

You pulled away at one point and took the blanket off of your body, draping it over him instead. He looked like he was freezing from all that rain. “She doesn’t deserve you,” you muttered. “She never did, and she never will. And right now, you shouldn’t even be wasting your tears on her because she isn’t worth it.” You hesitantly reached out and wiped away one of Mark’s tears.

You couldn’t deny the electricity you felt when you touched him, but you tried your best to hide it.

Then Mark surprised you at that moment by laughing. He laughed quietly and shook his head. “You know what’s funny?” he said. “At first, I was obviously heartbroken. I was really upset over it, but I can honestly say that I didn’t shed a single tear for her..

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. You had assumed that the reason Mark was crying was because Jay, since that seemed like the only answer, but now you had no clue what he meant.

Mark grabbed your hand and laced your fingers together. Then, he smiled and admired the way your hands seemed to fit against each other perfectly. “I cried over you, _______,” he said. “I cried over you for hours because I finally realized how much of an idiot I’ve been and the huge mistake I made. When I got home, I was still sad over Jay, but I felt nothing for her anymore. The only person I thought of was you. And I hated myself for going for Jay when you were always the one I really loved… A-And I broke down because I couldn’t even imagine all the pain you must’ve gone through when you saw me with her. I hated myself for hurting you.”

You stared down at your locked hands and teared up as well. You were at an absolute loss for words at this moment, since everything seemed to be happening so fast.

“You’re the only one I want to be with,” Mark said. He grabbed your other hand and pulled you closer to him, slowing closing the gap between the two of you. Without another word, he placed his lips on yours and kissed you.

You were shocked, but you wasted no time in kissing him back, because this was exactly what you have been waiting for now for a long, long time.

Mark was finally yours.