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Written In The Stars

The reader is a super smart Ravenclaw and is helping Newt study for his astronomy exam. SUPER FLUFF!

Word Count: 1555

Warnings: None

A/n: this is part 2 to this fanfiction, but the first was more of a very descriptive opening and can probably be skipped if you just wanted to read this part.

It was a week before exams started and Newt’s stress levels were soaring. He was sat in the library trying to memorise a certain constellation when he looked up to see you waltzing in with a wide smile. His breath hitched in his throat as he saw the marvellous sight; you strutting down the aisles of books, blue embellished robes swaying with your hips as you picked up your pace coming towards him. You placed your books down as you took a very close seat next to the already flustered boy, crossing your legs as you scooted over. He experienced a complete sensory overload. Your bodies touching, although with a layer of clothes between you, had sent his skin on fire. As you leaned down to look at what he was working on his nose caught the scent of your lilac and vanilla perfume that you always wore. You murmured a soft “hello” that made his ears perk up in delight.

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For the exterior shots of Gatsby’s estate in The Great Gatsby (2013) the former St. Patrick’s Seminary in Sydney was used, ‘with faux ivy applied to the first two floors and a temporary fountain constructed in the courtyard. In postproduction, soaring turrets were added digitally’.


A Series of Unfortunate Events Meme
↳ [4/4 locations] — Count Olaf’s house

The children looked from the well-scrubbed house of Justice Strauss to the dilapidated one next door. The bricks were stained with soar and grime. There were only two small windows, which were closed with the shades drawn even though it was a nice day. Rising above the windows was a tall and dirty tower that tilted slightly to the left. The front door needed to be repainted, and carved in the middle of it was an image of an eye. The entire building sagged to the side, like a crooked tooth.

L E A V E.

I’ve got this habit of asking people to leave me before I get too attached.

Because they can’t handle me.

I’d talk for hours about the things that fascinates me,
I’d be annoyingly noisy which I’m absolutely aware of but I can’t always control it,
I can be rude especially when you’ve gone too far,
I could be sensitive and cold in one day, you can’t tell.

But you weren’t listening. You were stubborn. You stayed. I told myself that it’s fine, I won’t lose this game.

Then one day, I was shivering. I was scared. Why? Because I’m losing. All the things that you were doing weakened me. You were soaring and I was falling.

I told you I’m giving you a chance. You took it. You took the chance to finally destroy me. Then you left me bleeding.

Fool. I should’ve pushed you away like I always do.

Because nobody could handle me. Not even you.

- I’m done // via iwroteyouthis

You were never supposed to be given a label.
You were supposed to be free.
But they caught you and caged you and snipped off your beautiful wings.
And oh, honey, I know how much it hurt.
Because now you’ll never know what you could’ve been;
How far you could’ve flown,
How high you could’ve soared.
—  you were never meant to be defined /// k.h.l.

they told me the right way to fall in love, but they only ever told me how to tumble and not how to fly;

icarus, what do you do when you’re handed wings but they don’t work? what did you do when you were soaring on waxen hope and the cusp of eternity?

icarus, entombed in his saltwater grave, holds my hand as i watch the earth spin like a kaleidoscope around me. he whispers, “oh, child, don’t you know?

the flying comes first. you don’t fall until it’s over.”

—  icarus kisses my forehead and apollo cries // (h.q.)
seraphic || xiumin

Originally posted by xiu-angel

he’s the boy you often look forward to seeing every morning. he’s always standing there with a smile on his face and a polite compliment to hand out. he’s what the world needs in a crisis like this.

1637 words; normal verse!au; xiumin/reader scenario; fluff

The first time you saw him was on a bright and sunny day.

The sky was clear and the sun was proudly sending out its rays to the surface below. The birds were soaring and the flowers were blooming. All in all, it was a day to be filled with happiness.

The early morning provided a bounce in your step as you made your way to your usual bus stop. You held open doors and accepted each thank you like nothing. You even helped a few seniors to cross the main streets because it was nothing like a perfect morning.

As per usual, your stop was empty.

So you took a seat on the bench and pulled out a book. The bus was due in fifteen minutes; you had plenty of time to spare.

“Good morning,” a sudden voice spoke up and you let out a yelp of surprise. After being far too intrigued by your book, you had failed to notice the approaching footsteps of a stranger.

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request: “@dannylopez1d: Can you make a Peter Pan image based on the song “Wild” by Troye sivan please!!?? Thank U”

WARNING: fluff/ooc pan

You had been on Neverland for sometime now.

Long gone was your concern about Neverland, replaced with pure joy and infatuation. You had lived a blue life, boring and all, longing to be free of your blue neighborhood. A quick ‘I Believe’ and you were off, soaring among the stars to Neverland.

For as long as you had been here, Pan had been distant, but remained mutual. Not cruel, but he didn’t seem to care for you.

A girl on Neverland was not his ideal situation. However, though his conscience told him otherwise, he could help but notice your fire. The energy you had was unmatchable, and your beauty was impossible. You had quite the tongue, and you were bold and unafraid. He admired your fire and desire to succeed, he adored the no-nonsense attitude you had. He saw something in you - even he couldn’t describe it.

You were driving him crazy.

Regardless, he remained civil and treated you as the other boys. You would train, hunt, play the games and dance just as the other boys would.

Tonight, you were celebrating the arrival of a new boy, so the celebration was joyous and rambunctious. You leaped and twirled around the fire with the boys, laughing, care free.

Pan sat, playing his flute, watching over the festivities. His eyes kept watch on all the boys, until they fell upon you. A genuine smile plastered on your face, he watched as you happily danced along to the flute’s melody and the percussive rhythms of Neverland. The fire cast a haze upon your hair,  igniting your whole being. The dirt that had stuck to your face didn’t bother him, it made you look just as wild as your inner spark was. 

Pan couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of you.

Your eyes met, and you signaled the boy king to dance with you. Something in him wanted to dance with you, be up beside you and feel your soft skin against his. He pulled himself up from his previous seated position, and began to feel the movement of the Lost Ones.

Your laughter engaged his senses, and your internal flame began to warm his cool heart. You were running on the music and the high if the night.

No longer could he withstand his desire. His lips met yours in a frenzied pull, and your soft lips moved in harmony with his. The Lost Ones around you froze, startled by the action.

Pulling away, he released a heavy breath. “I was such a fool, (Y/N), for denying the spark we made. You drive me wild.

His words made your heart shake, it was a beautiful hurt. “I have never agreed with you more.”

I remember being normal, once upon a time. I remember when a chair was just a chair. I remember when a window was just a window. I remember when birds were flying instead of soaring. I remember when I didn’t care about anyone’s feelings, but my own. I also remember caring about sex more than I did a relationship. I remember how the contents of a pill made for excitement and how the numbness of the day was all part of the plan. I remember being normal, once upon a time. I remember when a window allowed me to see outside instead of seeing the whole world slowly falling into my palms. I remember grabbing that razor because I didn’t want to feel that pain so I used this pain to counter it. I remember many things, but I also forgot a lot. I forgot how to be a good person and it has been a constant battle to free myself from my own thoughts. It has been a struggle to write about absolutely nothing, while feeling everything the stars sliced into my veins. I remember squeezing butterflies so tightly that they wanted to return into the pit of my belly. I remember leaving my heart on the blue ocean floor, but drowning was not always for me. I remember her tattoo and what it meant to me. I’ll never forget any of those things. A chair we used to write stories. A window we used to break away at the chains. A galaxy we poured into our mouths. A universe we trapped into ourselves. We never meant to love in this way.

But we did.

And everything changed.

Nothing was the same,
I am not the same,
the poetry is always changing
and well–

I would like to thank the poetry she left for me.

Prompt 8 | Lullaby

(late….  and i swear to bejeezus i’ll write the other prompts i’m missing because gawddammit i’m gonna do them all!)

The plane trembled as it pushed off the cement and raised itself into the sky.  Zuko sank into his seat, gripping the armrests with white knuckles and a flared nose and clenched eyes.  He tried not to think about how, as each second passed, he was farther and farther away from solid land, and the only thing between him and certain death was a giant metal machine with a target on its wings for karma or luck or the universe to strike.

And yet, despite all the signs and gut feelings, there they were, soaring above the clouds.

Zuko felt his breakfast climbing up his throat; even though he gritted his teeth and chanted mantras in his head, he was unable to stifle the growing groan of anguish.

He leaned against the window, hoping for a stable surface, but he shook with every rush of wind and shift of orientation.  Morbidly, he mused how his body would look when it hit the ground — no, wait, he’d probably explode with the plane in flames.  Maybe if he was lucky, his uncle could get an arm to bury and mourn properly.  Hopefully it was his left arm — that was the better one.

A hand touched his shoulder.  “Zuko, are you okay?”

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Get On Your Knees, Part 2.

A/N: This is a follow-up to a previously posted imagine titled Get On Your Knees which can be found here.

I sat impatiently on my couch, waiting for Marco to appear and when a knock finally came to my door I nearly jumped out of my seat to run over and bring it open. There were so many questions soaring through my mind as I didn’t know what he had planned. Was he going to end this break? I wasn’t sure. He hadn’t given me a slightest clue since leaving me standing there in that club. He continued his night dancing carefree and talking to his friends without even looking back in my direction again.

Meanwhile, my eyes were stuck on him as if he was the only one in the room.

I pulled the door open and he immediately began to walk to in without even a hello, hug or a glance my way. “Hello to you too,” I grumbled while I shut the door behind me. So far it wasn’t often to a good start.

“Yeah hi,” he groaned and found a space comfortably on the couch. I simply remained standing a bit further off, my hands crossing my chest. The last thing I wanted was an argument. I wanted us to be good again, back to the old of us but I didn’t know how to get there. “So what did you want to talk about?”

Marco simply shrugged and looked at me. “I don’t know. You were the one with all the questions. Ask away,” he gestured and sat back comfortably on the couch, his hands behind his head. I chuckled in a bit of disbelief at the cocky air that emitted from him. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Oh, but you love it,” he proudly spat with a large grin on his face that only made me tick. “Ha. I’m starting not to.”

The smile retreated from his face as soon as he realized I was serious and I was. I was finding more moments of anger with Marco than I was genuine love and happiness like I was used to. I wanted to get down to serious conversation and stop avoiding the issue at hand. “Look, I just need to know what this break is for and how long should I expect this to last. Is this some sort of break that’s gonna eventually be a breakup? I need to know these things. You can’t just expect me to sit around waiting for you, Marco. You’re out here parading with a group of women in clubs and I’m supposed to just be like that’s okay, he’s not technically my boyfriend right now? Bullshit.”

“Woah wait. You were out too so don’t pin that all on me like you weren’t dancing all up on some guy.” I immediately rolled my eyes. Just like him to put something on me too rather than just taking responsibility for his actions.

“What was the reason for this break, Marco?”

“I just needed space. You know that. We were arguing everyday over nothing. That’s not healthy and that’s not what I want to be dealing with. I’m stressed out enough. I don’t need anything adding on to that. You used to be my stress relief but…I don’t know. I guess we’re past that honeymoon stage of the relationship.”

In the beginning it was all so peachy. There were flowers at my door at least once a week, we went on surprise dates, I’d show up at his training unexpectedly just to say hello. It was nice and it felt like so long ago now as the flowers began to die out and the dates became seldom.

“I don’t want to do this, Marco. I can’t stand being on this break and seeing you made me realize that even more.”

His expression softened and he sympathetically nodded. “I get it.” There was a brief moment of silence as I searched for something else to say to try to get us on the right path. Marco held out his hand and motioned me closer. “Come here.”

Reluctantly I moved my steps towards him until I was right in front of him. Not satisfied with where I was, he pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me, never breaking eye contact as he spoke. “I’m sorry. I should have thought of a better way to work through our issues than running away from them. I’m not perfect and this whole serious relationship is new to me but I swear I’m trying. Let’s just start over.”

“Start over?”

I could see him beginning to retreat from what he said. “Okay, maybe not all the way over. Maybe from the first time we had sex,” he smirked.

“I can’t remember. Was that at your place or mine?” I teased.

“Definitely your place. In the shower. You had on those teal lace panties so get up,” he smacked my ass playfully and motioned for me to get up. “Go find those and I’ll start the shower.

“Seriously?” I got off of his lap and Marco got up as well.

“Seriously. Come on.” He left me behind as he jokingly ran back towards my bedroom and my bathroom.

Third Wheel (Final Fantasy XIII Snippet)

Lightning leaned back into Fang and bit back a moan as the other woman cupped one of her breasts with one hand while her other hand began to trace a path down from her stomach to the juncture of her thighs. When Fang leaned forward and bit the place where her shoulder met her neck, Lightning couldn’t stop herself from crying out, but the sound was carried away by the wind.

“Don’t worry about keeping quiet,” Fang growled, lavishing attention on the mark she’d left on Lightning’s skin. “No one can hear us up here.”

Lightning swallowed thickly, her hips jerking as Fang’s fingers traced lazy patterns across the front of her underwear. Fang was right. No one would be able to hear them, not when they were soaring through the air with nothing but the cloudless night sky above them and rolling plains below them.

“Stop talking,” Lightning replied as she reached up and back to pull Fang’s head toward her. 

“I’ll talk if I want to.” Fang’s hand dipped past Lightning’s underwear, and Lightning was unable to contain a gasp of pleasure. “You’re not in charge now, Lightning -”

A low rumble came from below them, and Lightning froze. Fang was wrong. There was someone up here who could hear them: Bahamut. They were flying through the sky on top of the Eidolon. No, they were about to have sex while flying through the sky on top of the Eidolon.


“Yeah?” Fang tried to continue with what they were doing, but Lightning grabbed her wrist.

“We need to stop.”


Lightning winced. “I don’t think Bahamut likes us having sex on his back.”

“Oh.” Fang made a face. “Yeah… yeah you might be right about that.” She was about to reach down and pat Bahamut with one hand before she realised where that hand had been and switched to the other one. “Uh, sorry, buddy. We’ll wait until later.”

The mighty Eidolon could only give another low, rumbling growl. At least they’d remember this time. 


Enoshima (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

I took these photos from the observation deck on Enoshima :D
Although I took the last 2 on my way around the island :3

I like this place and I wish to go back there :3
It is a funny place since it is connected to the mainland by a bridge but it feels like entering a very different place :D
It could be an island far off the coast which makes it a great place to relax :3

Also there is great food (๑ ॣ•͈ٮ•͈ ॣ)♡
   /\ /\
  (u_u)s  <=the cats on this island seem to agree with me on the food :D

One of the most amazing things to see were the eagles soaring over the island and fighting with each other :o
Just imagine 2 of those rushing towards each other and colliding in a small skirmish then diving down still entrenched in one another and letting go and either each going their own way or attacking again :o
It is a very impressive display of skill and power :o

The landscape is very impressive too :3
It is quite rugged and the waves are crushing onto the coast constantly.
The whole island feels like it had some fierce encounters with the sea which the very impressive wave breaking wall on the sea side of the island bears witness to :)
I have to think of the big storm in the movie Ponyo every time I look at my photos of Enoshima and travel back to this place in my daydreams (o^-^o)

I liked the shrine too but I didn’t take too many photos of it (^-^;)

Aaaaand of course a photo of one of the very kind inhabitants of Enoshima :D
They seemed to be very happy but also quite sleepy because it was summer back then :D
I cuddled and petted another cat that seemed sad when I left and followed me for a short time… I wish I could have taken it with me ( ミΦﻌΦ)ฅ
I would have named it ポテト(poteto) ( ミΦﻌΦ)ฅ

Last week was quite nice :)
I went to a Wintermarkt (it is just like a Weihnachtsmarkt :D and to a Japan Stammtisch (thanks to @ninjalinslondon for recommending me meetup.com :)
I also went to a English Stammtisch to practice English for my TOEFL test :3
It was really nice and it is great to meet people with similar interests although I feel like I’m kind of a unique/weird person (^-^;)
Also I got told that I’m handsome (o^-^o) although I don’t really think I’m but still I enjoyed getting complimented :)

I worked on my kitchen shelf but I didn’t complete too much work as I nicked a plane blade by truing a used planes sole (>_<;) I should have used a scraper first to remove the first layer of wood and dirt :D
Anyway I finished resharpening it now and I hope to finish the main part this weekend :)

Also I’m quite busy at my internship :)
I hope I won’t disappoint anyone (^-^;)
I’m trying my best but I’m also very aware of my flaws and my head is a wonderful place for analyzing things but I have troubles communicating what is going on inside of it…
So sometimes all people can see is a single tree in the mist while there is a forest behind the veil of moist air.

Also I got a wonderful package from a very dear Japanese friend


I wish everyone a great week and sweet dreams and lots of fluffy cats (^-^)/


For the request for a Cas x reader based on Terrified by Katharine McPhee

(I chose the version that had Zachary Levi in it because he is bae ^^)



As an angel, Cas had seen a multitude of… well, everything. Good, bad, light, dark. There were times when it seemed the darkness was overtaking the light and it pained him to see the Earth suffering so.

But then, amidst the clouds, you shone through.

Your optimism impressed Cas and made him feel light and airy. Your smile broke through the shadows, making it seem as though everything was going to be okay. Anytime you looked at him or spoke to him, Cas felt as though he were soaring through the universe, flying among the stars.

Cas would watch you as you went about your daily life, finding wonder in every small movement. He liked to watch your hands—the movement of your fingers was captivating and hypnotic. He loved listening to you hum to yourself, a different song every day.

“Cas, stop being a creep.”

Cas turned his gaze to Dean. “I do not understand.”

“Stop staring at Y/N and just go talk to her already.”

“I have nothing to say.”

“Well, how about you start with, ‘Hello, Y/N. How are you today? I’m in love with you’.”

Cas cocked his head to the side. “I do not think that is what I feel.”

Dean shot a look to his brother before turning his gaze to the angel. “Okay, Cas. Do you think Y/N is pretty?”

“Her physical features are attractive.”

“Is seeing her the highlight of your day?”

“I enjoy seeing her, yes.”

“Does your heart start to race when she speaks to you?”


“Is her smile one of the best things you’ve ever seen?”


“Does she–”

“I’m scared, Dean.”

This surprised the hunter. “What do you mean?”

Cas sighed. “What you’re saying… it’s true. I believe that I am in love with Y/N. But… there is no way she can return the sentiment.”

“You’re wrong, Cas.”

The angel turned to Sam. “What do you mean?”

“I guarantee that she likes you, too.”

“That does not sound like something that you can–”

“She told us so when she was drunk!”

Cas’ brow crinkled.

“She wasn’t drunk,” Dean said, hoping not to tarnish the angel’s view of you. “Just a little tipsy. We cut her off before she did anything she’d regret.”

Cas looked back out into the living room, gazing at you. You were sitting on the couch studying an old book. Your teeth were on your bottom lip, your eyes were squinted– an adorable, studious look.

Cas turned back to the Winchesters to find them both staring at him. “Do you really think–”

“Yes!” both Winchesters said.

Cas nodded once. “Very well.” He stood and walked over to you, his heart pounding in his ears.

He stood behind the couch, watching you. He liked the way your hair was piled on your head—it looked pretty even though it was in what he thought was called a ‘messy bun’. He noticed a few strands of your hair had fallen from the bun and were framing your face.

At that moment, you looked up. “Cas!” you said with a smile. “You startled me.”

“I apologize.”

“You’re fine,” you said, your smile growing. “Come. Sit.”

Cas stepped around the couch and sat gingerly on the edge of the cushion.

“Something on your mind?” you asked.

Cas studied you. He wanted nothing more than to wrap you in his wings and claim you as his. You were fantastic and he wanted to keep you safe, to keep you from the horrors he’d witnessed. “You are a very special person, Y/N.”

“Thanks. I think you’re pretty special, too, Cas.” You cocked your head to the side. “Are you okay, Cas?”

“No. I’m terrified.”

Your brow crinkled. “Of what?”

“Of feelings. Of the feelings I have about you.”

Your face showed surprise, but surprise was better than horror.

Cas looked at his hands, clasped tightly in his lap. “You make me feel strange, Y/N. You fill me with wonder and happiness. You make me feel light. You make me see that there is joy in this world still.” Cas sighed. “But you also make me feel on edge. I feel the need to protect you. I feel the need to… to touch you, to know that you’re safe. You have taken over my every thought. I have never felt this way and I… I am scared.”

Cas watched as one of your bewitching hands snuck over and landed on his. It radiated warmth, the soft skin a comfort. He turned his gaze to you, finding your eyes piercing into his. A rosy blush was crossing your cheeks and you gave him a tiny smile.

“I… I feel the same way,” you said quietly.


“I love you, Cas.”

Cas felt a smile spread across his face. He didn’t understand it, but he leaned forward, feeling driven to do so. He pressed his lips against yours and he finally understood why the pizza man had seemed to take so much interest in doing the same to the babysitter (but he knew better than to try to do the other thing the pizza man had done).